People think we live on a farm

My family has always had many pets. When I was growing up, we had many birds, cats, dogs, ducks, and even a pony.
Currently, my mom and dad have 2 dogs (Moon & Sunny), 2 cats (Brownie & Rabei), 2 birds (dunno their names), and 2 goats (Kurt & Courtney).
Hmm.. My sister's page no longer exists. Now I need to find my own pictures of the goats.

My sister has 2 dogs named Jimmie & Henry, a ferret named Rugrat, and a cat named Stench.

My parent's labrador Midnite (R.I.P.) & Samhain
My parent's fox terrier Foxy (R.I.P.) & Samhain
My sister's greyhound mix Jimmie
My parent's cats Brownie & Samhain
Brownie has her arm around Samhain.
My parent's cats Rabei & Toaster (R.I.P.)
My parent's cat Toaster (R.I.P.)
He just finished eating a mouse that was running around in our kitchen
My parent's cat Brownie & Samhain
They're a bit worn out.