Samhain: A Cool Cat

I love animals. Our cat Samhain is the coolest cat of all. He is very laid-back (the result of being raised by me and my husband, Clint). He's friendly, he doesn't mind other animals THAT much, and he will do whatever we ask (as long as we have treats on hand.. :) ) I've taken many many pictures of him over the years.

Samhain up in a treeTree
This is Samhain eating out of the bucket of food that my mother kept on top of a cabinet.
No other animal that has ever lived there figured out that the food was right there for the taking
Samhain proving that he is smarter than any other animal
Samhain as a kittenjust hanging out
In this picture, he is asleep on his back on my leg...taking a quick nap
My husband, Clint, Samhain, and our roommate's cat, KiKi
BIG yawn!!!Wanna sleeeeeep!