Once upon a time, there was a druggie named Joe. One day, Joe decided to
drop some acid and go to the fireworks show on ringday. He noticed
that he was trailing like a motherfucker, and had no idea what was going
up his ass, all he knew is that this was one weird
dildo. It seemed to be extra-thick, and plugged into the car lighter. Joe
then pulled out a fully-auto mac-10 and began shooting at
all of the VT faculty who were gathered for the fuckin' founders day so they
got shredded to bits by the bullets and Joe fucked every corpse like
he would fuck his pet sheep roy
And we all drunk there blood and suck them off
& then joe thought "what about aids?" so before he finished fucking he went
to cut off his testicles with a bread knife so he woulnd't get blue
So Joe cut off his throbbing penis and ate it fucking raw
Then cut off the largest cock of those whom he had just killed and
sewed it onto the center of his chest, where it was appreciated by all...
except his mom. She had grown rather fond of the real penis she was used to
sucking on a regular basis. One day, though, he pissed all over her, so she
grabbed his chestcock and rode it while he
licked his sisters' hemi-penises
Picture yourself in a boat on a river/With tangerine trees & marmelade skies
Fuck the tangerine skies! Back to the story... Then joe's mom caught his cum
in her mouth. She quite enjoyed the taste, so she decided to
suck him off again, but joe's girlfriend in a fit of fustration shoved a
hundred penises into her ass at the same time
which tore the hell out of her rectal wall, causing her anus to expand at a
rate comparable to the speed of light. Since e=mc², her ass tore apart and
looked like that flash the Enterprise does on Star Trek. This made Joe
realize this was just all a hallucinogen, from eating 4 hits of microdots.
But he continued fucking the bitch
because the fucking whore had the tightest pussy in town, better than
...any artificial orfice anyone could find!
After he fucked the bitch, he went to the 7-11 and killed some stupid Arabs
and other oppressed minorities
After that he killed all the white people cause they have no fucking rhythm!
The terra-mamas with their cellophane type-writers & (Swish! Bang!) plasti-
c inflatable women.everybody wanted a plastic inflatable joe decided
to KILL ALL PIGS. Starting with the man himself-
The new sherriff of blacksburg,being the dumbest fucking asshole on the planet
and the guy who closed The Morgue (ØZ). So they shot him, and there was
a loud hiss. Instead of blood gushing out, there was thick, syrupy CUM!
So he was teleported into a dark room with 500 homosexual black men
but they were actually 500 horny 17 year olds that
Had a bad habit of munching on cheesey looking blades of grass that smurfs
used for rolling reefers.Joe decided to pour molten glass down his rectum &
see if he could see the world through his ass...the world looked quite shitty
but that was to be expected cause it is, but back on the subject of the pig
,Joe decided to rip his testicles off. So he did, and there was blood.
And much rejoicing *yay*
Then he made a pact with the devil to kill all the gay faggots in B'burg and
other assholes who are bisexual and all gays in the military
and kill all the morons who have death fixations and all the homphobes
and anyways, he thought Keeanu Reeves was *COOL* (asshole). Smiling, he then
pulled out a fucking needle and did what he did best....
Shot up 40000 ccs of morphine and got really fucked...the fucked
Then he called Santiago, who gave him a great blowjob for free!...
Then as Santiago was about to leave, he remembered...the job was not over yet.
So he called Santiago back cause he forgot to swallow the cum on the carpet.
Santiago licked until, in walked, ETHAN HAWKE and WINONA RYDER!!
But it wasn't Winona Ryder! It was actually Boy George! BG grabbed Ethan and
Santiago, and told them to lick their assholes. Of course Santiago said yes
But then it was revealed not to be Santiago, but Lucifer in drag!
This is by far the most racist,anti-woman,juvenile "story" that I have seen.
Well by far you're the biggest fucking pussy on this shitty bbs bitch!
Then the so-called Lucifer ripped off his mask..whats this?Its Lestat!He had
a fucking six foot fiddle in each hand, beside him was Sabrina who
brought her friend Johnny with her, who told the devil "I'm the best fiddle
sucker this side of the Mississippi...Then she proceded to lick up and down
your mother's cunt until she came! Then some guy rammed her with his 12" cock!
In the meantime...Tim Colvin was on his knees under Lux's desk sucking Lux's
small 4" dick while Lux was fingering Santiago's asshole. Santiago liked to
lick Dre's asshole all over. Amd then...all 4 of the homosexual lover began
to leave the room.Dre then shot all the fags and went out to kill some more!
Then a cop came and shot his ass. How ironic, ha ha. The cop decided to let
Dre go, if only Dre could repay the cop's favor with another favor, so Dre
bent down and gave the pig what they like to call a "doughnut job". huh?
He licked and sucked all day. And then tongued his balls,not once but twice.
Then they got high...
But then Dre the man fucked all of your fucking mother not twice but thrice!

On Earth As It Is In Hell ... R.I.P.