Here are all the concerts I've been to.... I think.


Ween (all):            13 (10 for Carolyn?) (8 Ween+Gene Ween+Gene Ween Band+Gene Ween 1-man show+Freeman+Dean Ween; 1 Moistboyz show NOT counted)
Voltaire:               9 (10 for Carolyn.)

Ween (proper):          7
Gwar:                   6 (5 for Carolyn)
Church, The:            6 (5 for Carolyn)

They Might Be Giants:   5 (7 for Carolyn)

Ministry:               4
Rammstein:              4
Kreator:                4 (3 for Carolyn.)
Sisters Of Mercy:       4 (3 for Carolyn?)

Type O Negative:        3 (4 if you count the Carnivore show)

Bad Religion:           3
Danzig:                 3 (including Danzig/Samhain show, and Danzig w/Doyle, but not Samhain-only show)
Freezepop:              3
My Life With The...:    3 (...Thrill Kill Kult)
NoFX:                   3
NoMeansNo:              3		
Slayer:                 3
Violent Femmes:         3 [or maybe 4 because this number said 3, but there are only 2 listed as of 20160621]

D.R.I.:                 3 (2 for Carolyn)
KMFDM:                  3
Testament:              3 (2 for Carolyn)

Agent Orange:           2
ALL:                    2 (have also seen Descendents 1X)
Atari Teenage Riot:     2
Celtic Frost:           2
Chemlab:                2
Dethklok:               2
Megadeth:               2
Marilyn Manson:         2
Nine Inch Nails:        2
Pixies:                 2
Primus:                 2
Rob Zombie:             2
Screeching Weasel:      2
Voivod:					2

Descendents:            1 (have also seen ALL 2X)


Agent Orange, All, Anacrusis, Anthrax, Atari Teenage Riot, Bad Religion, Babes In Toyland, BabyMetal, Carnivore, Celtic Frost, Chemlab, The Church, Danzig, Descendents, Dethklok, D.R.I., Freezepop, Gene Ween, Gene Ween Band, Gwar, John S. Hall (King Missile), KMFDM, Kreator, Marilyn Manson, MC Chris, Meg Lee Chin, Megadeth, Metallica, Ministry, The Misfits, Moistboyz, Murphy's Law, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Nine Inch Nails, NoFX, NoMeansNo, Ozzy Osbourne, Pixies, Primus, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Sabbat, Samhain, Screeching Weasel, Sisters Of Mercy, Slayer, Smashing Pumpkins, S.O.D., SoulFly, Testament, They Might Be Giants, Tryptikon, Type O Negative, Violent Femmes, Voivod, Voltaire, Ween, Wrathchild America.


(opening acts, stuff that wouldn't have drawn me there on its own, stuff seen with parents--some stuff I like, some stuff I don't like)

1349, 16 Volt, Annihilator, Biohazard, Cult,The, Dead Milkmen, Goatwhore, Moody Blues, Morgoth, Otto Von Schirach, System Of A Down.


Carnivore - 2006, Jaxx, Springfield - RIP Peter Steele Celtic Frost - twice in 1 year or so [then they broke up again; very brief opportunity] Descendents - Riot Fest 2011 Pixies, The - Doolittle tour / reunion Samhain - Danzig opening for himself (and better, too). Twice, even. Screeching Weasel - 2012 S.O.D. - after 15 years or so Ween - after 7 years


pick, guitar, Agent Orange, 20071024?. Jaxx, Springfield, VA.  Orange pick. [Orange]
pick, guitar/bass?, Slayer, Anthrax/Megadeth/Slayer, 20101006. 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD.  [Triangular]
pick, guitar, D.R.I., 20101011. Jaxx, Springfield, VA.  Given by bassist. [this is probably the yellow one with the asterisk carved out of it)]
pick, guitar, Voivod, 20160213. Black Cat, Washington, DC. Given to Clint by the guitarist. [Black with InTuneGP GrippX. Signature on back. "Chewy" maybe]
drumstick, Chemlab, 20071213. The Sonar, Baltimore, MD.  Met Jared. Carolyn got a hat.
drumstick, autographed, NoMeansNo. 20060929. Rock & Roll Hotel, DC.
*stickers -- at most They Might Be Giants shows, they give them away
*setlists -- too many to list for now, but including Freeman 20141002
*autographs -- too many to list for now
*pictures -- many, including pictures with Nic Endo * 2 concerts, NoMeansNo, Chemlab, All/Descendents:Stephen Egerton, All:Scott Reynolds
*mics -- have sung into mics on occasion, such as the 2011 Atari Teenage Riot show

SUCCESSFUL SONG REQUESTS (from most to least impressive):

got Ween to play Sorry Charlie (9:30 Club)
got Freezepop to play Science Genius Girl (20090416) (not as impressive because MANY people were asking for this, so it almost doesn't count)
got D.R.I. to play Snap (20120513)


Carolyn on stage during Voltaire SMB concert (20090815)
Clint on stage during Atari Teenage Riot:Revolution Action (20100924)
Clint on stage during Atari Teenage Riot:Revolution Action (20110918)


(special album-specific concerts kick ass!)

(11 albums total + 1 album seen twice = 12 album performances)

Church, The - The Blurred Crusade Church, The - Starfish Church, The - Priest = Aura Church, The - Untitled #23 Megadeth - Rust In Peace -- TWICE!
Pixies - Doolittle
Slayer - Reign In Blood
Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
They Might Be Giants - Flood
Testament - The Legacy
Samhain - Initium


Guitar Hero songs I've seen played live: 11 (9 by the original artist). Bad Religion:Infected, Danzig:Mother, Dead Kennedys:Police Truck (covered by Agent Orange), Dethklok:Thunderhorse, Diamondhead:Am I Evil? (covered by Rob Zombie), Freezepop:Get Ready 2 Rokk,More Talk Less Rokk,(also, their 2 songs from Frequency and Amplitude) Jane's Addiction:Stop!, Megadeth:Hangar 18, Megadeth:Symphony Of Destruction, Rob Zombie:Thunderkis 65



  1. Moody Blues. 19881027. Patriot Center, VA. Taken by my parents. Kind of a lame first concert! Had I not gone, my first would have been Metallica! :)
  2. Metallica/The Cult. 19890728. [DATE UPDATED, THIS MAY BE WRONG: Capital Centre, Landover, MD]. And Justice For All tour. Damn did The Cult suck in a bad way. Hetfield played a riff that was Twist Of Cain by Danzig. I'd never heard it at the time. They had a Misfits shirt on, too, I think. That is pretty much how I got into The Misfits, who became my favorite band ever for 10+ yrs, until they were co-tied with Ween and Atari Teenage Riot. Neck sore for 5 days.
    1. The Ecstasy of Gold (Ennio Morricone song)
    2. Blackened
    3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
    4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
    5. Harvester of Sorrow
    6. The Four Horsemen
    7. Bass Solo (including To Live Is To Die jam)
    8. Master of Puppets
    9. Fade to Black
    10. Seek & Destroy
    11. ...And Justice for All
    12. ENCORE 1: One
    13. Creeping Death
    14. Guitar Solo
    15. Battery
    16. ENCORE 2: Last Caress (Misfits cover) (preceded by The Frayed Ends of Sanity jam)
    17. Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover)
    18. Damage, Inc.
    19. ENCORE 3: Breadfan (Budgie cover)
  3. Testament/WrathChild America/Annihilator. 19891117. Ritchie Coliseum, College Park, MD. Annihilator opened, followed by WrathChild, with Testament headlining. Practice What You Preach tour. Somewhere in College Park, MD. Assaulted multiple times by some loser BBSer, pratically broke my back once and my neck the other time. Dad hung out in the parking lot the entire time because he was my ride. Damn did I need a driver's license.
    1. Candy from a Madman
    2. Hell's Gates
    3. Silent Darkness (Smothered Life)
    4. Climbin' the Walls
    5. Time (Pink Floyd cover)
    6. Hernia
    7. London After Midnight
    8. Day Of Thunder
  4. Kreator/BioHazard/Morgoth - Kreator headlining. 19910318. The Bayou, MD. Morgoth opened, their first American show. Dad insisted on going so I made him wear a Danzig shirt. He stuck out like a sore thumb and made people do double-takes. We found someone's wallet, looked around for them, and gave it to the club. <Butt-head>They thought he was cool, huhuhuhuh.</Butt-head> As an update, Dad says my friends bailed on me, and I had no one to get there. I don't remember it that way at all. If only I could find out the date of this show, I could find out whether I had a driver's license then or not. I got my license in 5/1990. As an update to the update [entered on 20150728 by Carolyn], this show was in March of 1991, so Clint did have his driver's license, so he has no idea what happened.
  5. The Church. 19900608. The Citadel, Washington, DC. Gold Afternoon Fix tour. Forgot who opened. Somewhere in Adams-Morgan. Hung out with fellow TJHSS&T people while there. Still in 10th grade but some stranger bought me beer.
    1. Pharaoh
    2. North, South, East And West
    3. Terra Nova Cain
    4. Hotel Womb
    5. Fading Away
    6. Transient
    7. Destination
    8. Don't Look Back
    9. Under The Milky Way
    10. Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Group cover)
    11. Grind
    12. Russian Autumn Heart
    13. An Interlude
    14. Essence
    15. Reptile
    16. ENCORE 1: Myrrh
    17. Tantalized
    18. ENCORE 2: Metropolis
    19. You Took
  6. Anacrusis/D.R.I. 1991. I think this was around D.R.I.'s Thrash Zone album though really I'm only a fan of their first 2 albums (Dirty Rotten EP and Dealing With It). I hadn't heard Anacrusis until I moshed to "Terrified" at the show, but I was very impressed and was into them afterwards (although each successive album got lighter and lighter until it become sucky). I met the D.R.I. singer, he happened to be sitting at the bar next to me. I got his autograph, but eventually lost it since I had it in my notebook that I used for class.
  7. Bad Religion/All. 19920721?, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. This must have been 1992, maybe late 1991. Internet records indicate they played at 9:30 club on 19920721 and 19920722, so it was probably one of those. All's Percolator tour. Bad Religion opened for All, who played about 1/3rd Descendents songs much to my happy surprise. Before the show I listened to Stephen Egerton of All talk about how cool it felt to see their video on a vidscreen in a club. It was cool just hanging out with a band member. Later, in the back of the club, I ran into Descendents/All founder Bill Stevenson and got him to autograph several All stickers. He was with some woman, he told me he hadn't seen her in like 10 years. The fact that they remembered each other made me wonder if she was one of the females significant enough to have had a Descendents song written about her. This show was cool because I ventured out to the 9:30 Club all by myself for the first time, cuz no one wanted to go to the show with me. At the time I had never heard Bad Religion. I chatted with fellow BBSer Trailblazer while there. Drove around and looked at whores afterwards, fun for a highschooler.
  8. spoken word: singer of King Missile ... and a couple other speakers. It was in the movie theatre of Squire's Student Center, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, freshman year (1992-1993). The King Missile singer, John S. Hall, appeared without his band and performed many spoken-word acts. Some of these were King Missile songs, like "Martin Scorcese", or "Too Many Socks!". (I want to say one of the other acts was Jeneane Garafolo, but really it was this chick who was in a spoken-word-to-music video that Beavis And Butt-head watched. John S. Hall was nice enough to notice this list, and tell me that it was Maggie Estep! Awesome!)
  9. Gwar/Murphy's Law. Peppermint Beach Club, Virginia Beach. 19930129. Didn't know Murphy's Law was opening until I saw them perform! Pleasant surprise! Lost my shoe in the pit, but found it again. I had to go into the mosh pit hopping on one leg! I managed to get the show, but was moshed into so hard it flew out of my hands (and I flew a few feet as well). Hopping on one foot, managed to get it again, and hop out of the pit and put it back on! Of course "Sex-Offender Doug" was there. Had one of the most memorable nights of intoxication following the show. For instance, I was at the beach (in Pungo I think), but I never managed to see it. We drove a minivan between trees, in the woods (randomly avoiding trees), etc. Doug MacKenzie ("Werewolf Doug") ran in front of the minivan while we were driving in the middle of Norfolk -- how did he know we were there?!?! In all of Norfolk?!?!? He was like a werewolf! I wish they'd played "Have You Seen Me?". Gwar only played like an hour. But the juggling of fire by Slymenstra Hymen was exquisite. Slave blood? Yeah some.
  10. Violent Femmes. Squires Student Center Auditorium. 1993. They talked about how they were going to go to college, but formed a punk rock band instead.
  11. Smashing Pumpkins. 1993-1994ish. Salem or Roanoke Civic Center, near Virginia Tech. Siamese Dream tour. AWESOME lightshow, probably the best I've seen to date (as of 5/24/2000). They had color-cycling, zooming animated fractals set to a laser show and fog.
  12. Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson. 19940811. Patriot Center.
    On the way back from Ocean City. Had never heard of Marilyn Manson at the time; it seemed like the most awful crap I'd ever heard and practically drove Brent and Me insane (Though I like Marilyn Manson now!). NO ENCORE! Trent is a prick. The crying during "Something I Can Never Have" was a bit too melodramatic -- am I supposed to be buying it?? It was still a great show, of course! But they did not play long enough...
    1. Pinion
    2. Terrible Lie
    3. Sin
    4. March Of The Pigs
    5. Something I Can Never Have
    6. Closer
    7. Reptile
    8. Wish
    9. Suck (Pigface cover)
    10. Ruiner
    11. Burn
    12. The Only Time
    13. Down In It
    14. Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
    15. Help Me I Am In Hell
    16. Happiness In Slavery
    17. Head Like A Hole
  13. NoMeansNo with Alice Donut, Ultra Bide. 19951013. 9:30 Club.
    [setlist] They finally came this far south! I bought my first Hanson Brothers (Ramones-sounding NoMeansNo side-project) CD here. I remember they played a messed up version of "Big Dick" that lasted like 10 minutes, and included band associates getting up on stage and playing weird instruments (horns, etc). I wonder if this was the "Big Dick (Extended Version)" that showed up on the "Would We Be Alive?" EP a few years later?
    19951013 - NoMeansNo w Alice Donut - ticket stub - Black Cat
  14. Misfits. 19970703 (1996-1997ish). (new) 9:30 Club. Finally most of the band reunites and plays their old 1977-1983 songs! Of course without Danzig, they are not The Misfits, but just Misfits. With no creative head. And whatshisface Graves is a good Danzig poseur, but there was no substitute for Danzig's songwriting ability. At least they only played 3 or so songs from the new album. Why wont they play Theme For A Jackal? This was my first chance to see some of my favorite songs performed since my parents wouldn't let me go to one of the last Undead concerts before they broke up (they re-formed later, though, but with a lighter sound of course. I got drunk my first time ever, right before turning 16 on 1/13/1990, due to my anger at parental units). Incomplete setlist:
    1. The Hunger
    2. From Hell They Came
    3. Speak Of The Devil
    4. Static Age
    5. TV Casualty
    6. Hybrid Moments
    7. Last Caress
    8. Dig Up Her Bones
    9. All Hell Breaks Loose
    10. 20 Eyes
    11. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
    12. London Dungeon
    13. Astro Zombies
    14. Attitude
    15. Skulls
    16. Devil's Whorehouse
    17. Hatebreeders
    18. Hate The Living, Love The Dead
    19. Shining
    20. Don't Open 'Til Doomsday
    21. We Are 138
    19970628 - Sisters Of Mercy - ticket stub - The Electric Factory
  15. Sisters Of Mercy. 19970628. The Electric Factory, Philadelphia, PA. With Brent. Farthest I've gone (so far) for a concert. At first we we're looking eye-level at all the buildings going "Where the hell is it?". Then we looked up and saw this huge factory-looking building. Well DUH, The Electric Factory is the big factory-looking building. This show was much better than the D.C. show (3 concerts later). They played "Under The Milky Way" by The Church as an interlude. ANDREW ELDRITCH LOOKED JUST LIKE MY DAD, but with blonde hair. FRIGHTENING. I ended up having nightmares about people from Delaware sabotaging our vehicles so we couldn't escape, and being part of my family, and part of a secret society consisting of all my distant relatives, all conspiring against me to keep me imprisoned in Delaware forever.
    1. Fly And Collision Of Comas Sola (Tangerine Dream song)
    2. Vision Thing
    3. Ribbons
    4. Come Together
    5. Train / Detonation Boulevard
    6. Giving Ground (The Sisterhood cover)
    7. Amphetamine Logic
    8. On The Wire / Teachers
    9. Body Electric
    10. Dominion/Mother Russia
    11. Under The Gun
    12. Summer
    13. Alice
    14. Anaconda
    15. War On Drugs
    16. Flood II
    17. Temple Of Love
    18. ENCORE 1: Comfortably Numb / Some Kind Of Stranger
    19. First and Last And Always
    20. ENCORE 2: Something Fast
    21. This Corrosion

  16. Sisters Of Mercy. 19980131. The Ballroom, Washington, DC. We don't remember this concert, but we found the ticket stubs years later. We don't know if it actually happened, or if it was canceled or something.
  17. Rammstein. 19981031. Patriot Center, GMU. Also playing: Korn, Ice Cube, Limp Bizkit, and 2 more -- but we didn't see any of that. Three damn songs before the evil and pervasive Fairfax County Police had to arrest the band for obscenity! Despite the fact that many people there had paid $36 ($12 a song) specifically to see Rammstein! Not Korn! They suck! Damn poseurs! Why didn't they get arrested??? I wish Rammstein would have been headlining cause there probably would have been a riot. :)
    1. Rammstein
    2. Tier
    3. Bestrafe Mich
    4. Weibes Fleisch
    (The 3 songs were Rammstein, something else, then Weisses Fleisch.)
  18. Slayer/Clutch/System Of A Down. 19980615. Nation. Went with Wayne & Shehab (at least). I was the only one who didn't think System Of A Down sucked to see live -- though I never liked them outside of that one night. It was a one night stand :)
    19980615 - Slayer ticket stub - 930 Club
    1. Hell Awaits [opening song]
    2. Spirit In Black [2nd song?]
    3. Black Magic [order unknown for rest of set]
    4. Die By The Sword
    5. Captor Of Sin
    6. Altar Of Sacrifice
    7. Jesus Saves
    8. Reign In Blood
    9. South Of Heaven
    10. War Ensemble
    11. Dead Skin Mask
    12. DittoHead
    13. Sex, Murder, Art
    14. Death's Head
    15. Stain Of Mind
    16. ENCORE: Chemical Warfare [1st]
    17. Mandatory Suicide
    18. Angel of Death [last]
  19. Ween. 19990102. Washington, DC. 9:30 Club. Met Gene Ween and got his autograph on the back of a Wal-Mart receipt I had. They played a few country songs, a few songs from "White Pepper" (was released a year later)... "Now I'm Freaking Out" was their 2nd song. Great show. I downloaded the MP3s off some Ween FTP site too, so I can listen to the show again anytime I want. I think I hear myself doing my brrrreeep noise in the beginning of one of the songs. Anyway, because I have the MP3s I know the exact set list:
    1. What Deaner Was Talking About (opening song)
    2. Now I'm Freaking Out
    3. Buckingham Green
    4. Take Me Away
    5. Waving My Dick In The Wind
    6. Freedom Of '76 - Mark I got kicked out during this
    7. Pandy Fackler
    8. Golden Eel
    9. She Wanted To Leave
    10. Voodoo Lady
    11. The Grobe
    12. Homo Rainbow (short)
    13. Dr. Rock
    14. 1999
    15. Frank
    16. Tender Situation
    17. Spinal Meningitis
    18. Piss Up A Rope
    19. Aids (HIV Song)
    20. Fluffy
    21. Mollusk
    22. Drop The Bomb Rap
    23. Pony
    24. Mr. Richard Smoker
    25. Stroker Ace
    26. U Fucked Up
    27. The Blarney Stone
    28. The Enabler
    29. Billy Joel Medley
    30. Baroque Jam
    31. Gay Disco Party Rap
    32. Poopship Destroyer (with bullhorn)
    33. Hot For Teacher (closing song)
    And at some point they played Piano Man, but it was only a verse or so.
  20. Rammstein (Nation). 19990601. Nation. Finally they are allowed to complete their set! Thanks for the nation's crappy murder capital for having more free speech than Republican Virginia does. Talk about an awesome show. Whereas Smashing Pumpkins had had the best light show, Rammstein had the best show, period. They were comparable to Gwar in their theatrics. Cybernetic looking laserpointer helmets, fire you could FEEL, flamethrowers manually setting off explosives near the roof, the ejaculating dildo that would not stop, the fire-suit with the singer singing "Rammstein" while on fire. AWESOME show.
    1. Spiel Mit Mir
    2. Heirate Mich
    3. Weibes Fleisch
    4. Bestrafe Mich
    5. Klavier
    6. Sehnsucht
    7. Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)
    8. Asche Zu Asche
    9. Tier
    10. Du Hast
    11. Bück Dich
    12. Du Riechst So Gut
    13. Engel
    14. Rammstein
    15. Laichzeit
    16. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen?
    19990601 - Rammstein - ticket stub - Nation
  21. Sisters Of Mercy. 19990923. Washington, DC. 9:30 Club. Not the best show. Didn't recognize some of the songs, even though they haven't really had a real new album. A few were some of the 4 new songs I'd heard from the Visions At The Forum bootleg live show (CD purchased by friend in Tokyo), such as "Giving Ground". The show was a disappointment to me, personally, who wanted something more like the Philly show.
    1. Vision Thing
    2. Train / Detonation Boulevard
    3. Come Together
    4. Amphetamine Logic
    5. Giving Ground (The Sisterhood cover)
    6. We Are the Same, Susanne
    7. On the Wire / Teachers
    8. Will I Dream
    9. Body Electric
    10. Dominion/Mother Russia
    11. Summer
    12. Ribbons
    13. Bei Mir Bist Du Schon (The Andrews Sisters cover)
    14. Romeo Down
    15. Flood II
    16. Temple Of Love
    17. ENCORE: Something Fast
    18. First and Last and Always
    19. This Corrosion
    19990923 - ticket stub - Sisters Of Mercy - 9:30 Club

    (Carolyn went to They Might Be Giants on 19991015, but I didn't go)
    19991015 - They Might Be Giants - ticket stub - 930 Club
    1. Drinkin'
    2. Masshole
    3. James K. Polk
    4. She Thinks She's Edith Head
    5. Mr. Klaw
    6. Your Racist Friend
    7. Birdhouse In Your Soul
    8. Why Does The Sun Shine?
    9. Finished With Lies
    10. Cyclops Rock
    11. Don't Let's Start
    12. S-E-X-X-Y
    13. Man, It's So Loud In Here
    14. Whistling In The Dark
    15. Meet James Ensor
    16. She's Actual Size
    17. She's An Angel
    18. Older
    19. Twisting
    20. The Guitar
    21. Particle Man
    22. The Famous Polka
    23. Doctor Worm
    24. ENCORE 1: Spy
    25. Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan cover)
    26. Counterfeit Faker
    27. New York City (cub cover)
    28. ENCORE 2: Maybe I Know (Lesley Gore cover)
    29. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (The Four Lads cover)
  22. S.O.D. 199911. First show in 12 years! Nation. Songs from new album "Bigger Than The Devil" and also from the original 1980s album "Speak English Or Die". They made fun of Type O Negative, who I would have gone to see if S.O.D. wasn't playing opposite their show. They played some non-standard ballads of different dead people than usual. For an encore, the audience was forced to chant "Captain Kirk" over and over again until they came back on stage. Scott from Anthrax was one of the band memebers. I didn't realize that til I saw his trademark goatee.
  23. Misfits/Gwar. 199911. 9:30 Club. We messed up and they sold out, a friend knew a friend (by the way, Sue--You suck and you're a snob) who got us in, but we had to run around and I had to exchange services for this privelege. We got in near the end of Misfits and only saw the last few songs. Gwar came out during the last Misfits song (which was Die, Die My Darling I think). It was AWESOME when they were both on stage playing with each other (that sounds bad, but this is Gwar we're talking about).
  24. Samhain/Danzig. 19991113. Nation. Hatebreed/Samhain/Danzig. Awesome show.

    Danzig kinda sucked, only played 6 songs I knew and about 6-8 more i didn't [too much Danzig 6].

    But Samhain was possibly the first band I've ever seen where I knew EVERY song being played, because they don't have any new album. Danzig didn't play the guitar when playing as Samhain, even though that's always how it was in the 80s. "Play the guitar you pussy!" -Yelled by me a few times.
    19991113 - Samhain & Danzig - ticket stub - Nation
    Samhain played their version of The Misfits's All Hell Breaks Loose and Halloween 2.
    Danzig opened with a song from Black Aria -- how pretentious. He played Mother and Twist Of Cain from Danzig 1. Long Way Back From Hell and Her Black Wings from Danzig II. Dirty Black Summer from Danzig 3. One song from Danzig 5. And a bunch of stuff from 6 that no one had heard or cared to hear.

    The audience was completely still at points, unlike at every point during the Samhain portion of the show, where there was some of the craziest audience energy I've ever seen.

    Danzig closed with "Earth A.D." by The Misfits, because he knows nothing he'll ever do in his solo career will match his 2 previous bands -- even if it is awesome stuff.

    Suffice to say, the highlight of this show was not Danzig, but Samhain. Danzig is damn lucky he's in both bands :D

  25. Ween. 20000522. 9:30 Club. Ween was the only band, and played for 3+ hours... No country songs this time. Finally played "Sorry Charlie" which I had requested many times at the 19990102 show. Also played the other request I kept yelling out, "Sketches Of Winkle". Some moshing to that. They played a version of "Johnny On The Spot" that was seriously heavier during the musical interludes between verses. Another song was heavy-fied too, not sure which one it was. Played The Blarney Stone as a closer -- "I've got cancerous tumours on my nutsuck, and my pee pee is all red" lyrical variation -- hadn't heard that particular variation in any of the bootleg Ween recordings. Encore closed (I think) with "Buenos Tardes Amigo". Played a version of "Push Th' Lil Daisies" that was different enough to not be recognizeable at the very beginning. Also "Dr. Rock".
    1. The Grobe
    2. The Mollusk
    3. Piss Up A Rope
    4. Take Me Away
    5. Wavin' My Dick In The Wind
    6. Even If You Don't
    7. Bananas And Blow
    8. Voodoo Lady
    9. Buckingham Green
    10. The HIV Song
    11. Back To Basom
    12. Awesome Sound
    13. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
    14. Up On The Hill
    15. Stroker Ace
    16. Dr. Rock
    17. Pandy Fackler
    18. Ocean Man
    19. Roses Are Free
    20. Push Th' Little Daisies
    21. Flutes Of Chi
    22. Baby Bitch
    23. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
    24. Sorry Charlie
    25. Right To The Ways And The Rules Of The World
    26. Frank
    27. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
    28. Sketches Of Winkle
    29. You Fucked Up
    30. The Blarney Stone
    31. ENCORE: Freedom of '76
    32. Mister Richard Smoker
    33. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
    34. Buenas Tardes Amigo

    20000522 - Ween - ticket stub - 930 Club
  26. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. 20000729. 9:30 Club. Can't believe I missed Meg Lee Chin who opened. They didn't announce she was playing or put her name on the ticket or anything!! Bastards!! I'm more interested in seeing her than Thrill Kill Kult!! Saw the last 10 seconds of "Thing", then they ended. Didn't get there early enough. Very pissed. Later, Meg came and watched Thrill Kill Kult standing next to Carolyn, and elbowed her in the tits at one point. :D
    The MLWTTKK portion of the show, however, was pretty cool. They played 7 songs I knew. They also played: A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Remix) (at one point, this was my favor song EVER, though not the remix version), Waiting For Mommy, The Days Of Swine & Roses, Cooler Than Jesus (impressive live), Ride The Mindway, A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover...'Cuz It's Hot, Sex On Wheels.
    20000729 - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Meg Lee Chin - ticket stub - 930 Club
  27. Meg Lee Chin. 20001023 or so. The Cage. We got robbed while we were at this concert. They took Carolyn's 8-day old AIWA CDC-MP3 cd-player (plays mp3-cdroms--10 hrs per disc) plus the leather jackets we have both worn since 1992 or so. About $700 loss if you include the installation of the stereo.
    Anyway, the concert was decent. They opened with Heavy Scene I believe, played Sweat, Nutopia, Thing, Swallowing You, London, Deeper. I think they also played a few new songs from Junkies & Snakes, which I bought for $5 after the show.
  28. NoMeansNo 20001118. The Black Cat. A great concert, as always, but it could be considered kind of disappointing in some ways: For example, they only played 1 song from "The Day Everything Became Isolated And Destroyed", and "0 + 2 = 1". Nothing from "Mama" either but that doesn't bother me as much. At the end of the show, we walked away with half of one of the set lists. Not the whole set list like we obtained when they played on 19951013.
    For an encore, they also played 2 Hanson Brother's songs, Jack Off and You Can't Hide The Heino.
    20001118 - NoMeansNo - ticket stub - Black Cat

    First section is from the set list, second section is the other songs we remember them playing, third section is the encore songs we remember. [setlist]
    1. Graveyard Shift
    2. Oh No! Bruno!
    3. The Day Everything Became Nothing (only song from that album...grrr)
    4. Red On Red
    5. This Story
    6. Hello Goodbye
    7. The Fall
    8. Angel Or Devil?
    9. Dark Ages
    10. Under The Sea
    11. Sex Mad
    12. ...
    13. Two Lips, Two Lungs, And One Tongue
    14. The Fall
    15. The River
    16. I Need You
    17. Humans
    18. ...
    19. ENCORE: Hanson Brothers:Jack Off
    20. Hanson Brothers:You Can't Hide The Heino
    21. guitarist plays/sings "The Love Boat" theme
  29. Type O Negative. 20001121. 9:30 Club. This show seemed kind of short, but I think that is partially because Type O Negative (formerly Carnivore) has VERY LONG SONGS. They played for about 1.5-2 hours or so. The encore was only 2 songs.

    I have trouble figuring out which songs they played from "October Rust". So this song list is definitely short. Also, "World Coming Down" is an album that, at this point, I only know the sound of, not titles.
    1. Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infideltiy (I Know You're Fucking Someone Else)
    2. Prelude To Agony
    3. Christian Woman/Body Of Christ (Corpus Christi)/To Love God/J.C. Looks Like Me
    4. Black No. 1
    5. Death In The Family (??)
    6. Kill All The White People
    7. Cinnamon Girl
    8. Wolf Moon (including Zoanthropic Paranoia) (??)
    9. Everyone I Love Is Dead
    10. World Coming Down
    11. All Hallows Eve (??)
  30. Voltaire. 20010723 (approx). The Black Cat (?). Comic-book signing / 1-man show. (Voltaire with guitar only, no band.) Got autographed "Oh My Goth!" comics. Opened with "Ex-Lover's Lover". Played "When You're Evil", "U.S.S. Make Shit Up", among other songs. Voltaire Read Top 13 lists from "Oh My Goth!" including "Top 13 Reasons You Know You're A Second Rate Goth" (too many of which applied to me, because I don't care about conformity enough to even conform to a group of nonconformists--WHOOPS, sue me.) We stood in the front row. Carolyn danced alot. The rest of the room, being full of goths, had as much motion as a glacier. The guy next to Carolyn actually said, "I'm tired. Leave me alone." It was as if the characters Voltaire parodies in his "Oh My Goth!" comic books had come to life.
  31. Rammstein (Nation). 20010731. Nation. Second Rammstein show at nation; Probably as awesome as the first, but they blend together. I just remember feeling more heat from fire than anywhere else in my life other than MGM Studios or camping, and wondering if it's safe to manually set off pyrotechnics with a flamethrower. This was before the Great White concert disaster (which I think would make a great video game).
    20010731 - Rammstein ticket stub - Nation
    1. 5/4
    2. Mein Herz Brennt
    3. Links 2-3-4
    4. Feuer Frei!
    5. Rein Raus
    6. Adios
    7. Mutter
    8. Heirate Mich
    9. Zwitter
    10. Weißes Fleisch
    11. Sehnsucht
    12. Asche Zu Asche
    13. Du Hast
    14. Stripped (Depeche Mode cover)
    15. ENCORE: Rammstein
    16. Sonne
    17. Ich Will
    18. Pet Sematary (Ramones cover)
  32. Ween #3. 20040610. 9:30 Club. I can't believe its been 3 years since I've been to a show! Seriously, I can't. This was a good show, but Gene was way off. He seemed overly intoxicated or overworked. Speaking of overworked, I was in a major deadline crunch and had to go back to bed afterwards.
    But that didn't stop me from FAINTING and HITTING THE FLOOR WITH MY HEAD before Ween ever even came onto stage! I don't know what my problem was. I was well-prepared for the show, and Carolyn and I ordered 2 whiskey sours each which were downed in about 10 to 15 minutes. Then we stood by the stage. Very hot. Very crowded. Lots of bright lights. We bummed a cigarette. Lots of anxiousness waiting for the show. I started to not feel so good. I told Carolyn. Finally she had me hold onto her neck. That's about the last thing I remember. Then I thought I was laying in my bed and Carolyn was waking me up because it was time to go to work. Something wasn't right, and my next thought was along the lines of "This isn't a mattress! It's a wooden floor! ... Wait ... There's feet around me ... it's really noisy ... This isn't bed, this is the 9:30 Club!"      Apparently while I was out, Carolyn lifted my head, slapped my face, and let it fall back on the ground again. So I had 2 bumps that hurt for several days. <sarcasm>Thanks for the excellent first aid Carolyn.</sarcasm> Once awake, I sprang right up because I knew they would probably try to kick me out. I looked alert, looked around, was a bit surprised that the stage was on the oppositte side of the room -- man I was disoriented. Got up, walked to the side wall, sat down, and Carolyn got me some water. The band started about 20 minutes later and I stood up and moved to the side. I still didn't have the energy the cheer or dance. I just opened my mouth and pretended to cheer. By the end of the show, my energy was back, but it was VERY gradual.
    The highpoint of the concert for me was the first 4 songs of the second electric set (after the acoustic set).
    Everyone I know who went (except me) got to meet or hang out with members of the band. This includes three separate parties (Aaron Evans, John the Canadien, Jeff). If only I didn't have to work...
    20040610 - Ween ticket stub
    1. ::electric set begins::
    2. What Deaner Was Talking About
    3. Spinal Meningits
    4. Happy Colored Marbles
    5. Piss Up A Rope
    6. Take Me Away
    7. Don't Get Too Close To My Fantasy
    8. Transdermal Celebration
    9. Ooo-Va-La
    10. Voodoo Lady
    11. Spring Theme
    12. Push Th Little Daises
    13. The Mollusk
    14. Buckingham Green
    15. Albino
    16. Sunburn Girl
    17. Final Alarm
      ::acoustic:: (Gene & Dean seated on stools)
    18. Mutilated Lips
    19. She Fucks Me
    20. Help Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain
    21. Joppa Road
    22. Tried And
    23. True
    24. I Don't Want It (with a killer Gener electric solo at the end)
    25. You Fucked Up
    26. Fat Lenny
    27. Going Gets Tough
    28. Johnny On The Spot
    29. Zoloft
    30. Pandy Fackler
    31. Ocean Man
    32. Someday
    33. Gonna Be A Long Night
    34. Ace of Spades (by Motorhead) (Dave on vocals)
    35. LMLYP (see picture)
  33. Violent Femmes. 20040716. 9:30 Club.
    • Blister In The Sun
    • Please Do Not Go
    • Prove My Love
    • Promise
    • Gone Daddy Gone
    • Good Feeling
    • Gimme The Car
    • American Music
    • Country Music Death Song
    • Jesus Walking On Water
    • Out The Window
    • I Held Her In My Arms (1993)
    • Fat
    • Add It Up
    • [encore] Kiss Off
  34. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult / Ministry. 20041025. 9:30 Club. Good show. Lots of chaos. Very glad to finally see Ministry after over 10 years of wanting to. Met Paul Barker (without realizing it until days later). We got 2 sets of official lyrics that were used for the show -- apparently they don't know the lyrics to own hit songs, so they tape those up. They were for "N.W.O." and "Hero". They were printed out, with orange blacklight-responsive tape marking the tops -- As if they are so f'ed up that they can't even find their printed lyrics! They now reside on the inside of our pantry doors.
    20041025 - Ministry & My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult ticket stub
    Thrill Kill Kult:
    • A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover... 'Cuz It's Hot
    • A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Remix)
    • Sex On Wheels
    • Cooler Than Jesus
    • After The Flesh (from Crow soundtrack) (last song)
    • Deity
    • Jesus Built My Hotrod
    • Just One Fix
    • So What
    • Thieves
    • N.W.O
    • Hero
    • Psalm 69
    • Supernaut (encore)
  35. Bad Religion. 20041026. 9:30 Club. Phew! Two concerts 2 nights in a row! Opening band: Rise Against. Phew, two concerts in a row. This one may have been a mistake. It was very fun, but we only knew 5 of the songs played. Too much emphasis on new material, and soooo much old material to choose from. Not sure which ones they were, one of the songs listed below probably wasn't played at the concert (but I am confused because we were listening to Bad Religion in the car on the way up).
    20041026 - Bad Religion ticket stub
    • The Answer
    • Do What You Want
    • 21st Century Digital Boy
    • Generator
    • Punk Rock Song
  36. Gwar. 20051022. 9:30 Club. Killed George Bush doll, chopped of Sharon Osbourne doll tits, cut off Michael Jackson's face.
    20051022 - Gwar ticket stub
    1. Horror Of Yig
    2. Krosstika
    3. Love Surgery
    4. Whargoul
    5. Womb With A View
    6. The Salaminizer
    7. Immortal Corrupter
    8. Babyraper
    9. Bring Back The Bomb
    10. Gor-Gor
    11. The Road Behind
    12. Hell-O Medley
    13. Death Pod
    14. Ween. 20051027. 9:30 Club. Awesome 35-song almost-3-hour set! It was -- as usual -- an awesome show. Ran into Aaron Evans, who helped us get to the front (and took some pictures) (and gave his "Home Rainbow" video using Rocky footage to Deaner after the show). Also ran into John The Canadien, who failed to sell his extra ticket...Again. (Did the same at a Rammstein concert years ago...)
      They played 35 songs over an almost 3 hour span:
      1. What Deaner was Talking About
      2. The HIV Song (nothing like a whole club of people shouting "AIDS!" with glee)
      3. Spinal Meningitis
      4. Happy Colored Marbles
      5. Piss Up A Rope
      6. Take Me Away
      7. Waving My Dick In The Wind
      8. Mr. Richard Smoker
      9. Transdermal Celebration
      10. Voodoo Lady
      11. Mutilated Lips
      12. Bananas And Blow
      13. Leave Deaner Alone (new song)
      14. You Fucked Up
      15. Puerto Rican Power
      16. Touch My Tooter
      17. Nan
      18. Springtheme
      19. Push Th' Little Daisies
      20. The Mollusk
      21. Light Me Up
      22. Dr. Rock
      23. I Can't Put My Finger On It
      24. Buckingham Green
      25. Boys Club
      26. A Tear For Eddie
      27. Zoloft (very long, drawn-out version)
      28. Ocean Man
      29. Sorry Charlie (used the megaphone for this, since they didn't play "Awesome Sound")
      30. Fluffy
      31. Dont Get 2 Close (To My Fantasy)
      32. Going Gets Tough From The Getgo
      33. In The Mood
      34. Johnny On The Spot
      35. Mr. Would You Please Help My Pony?
      36. Never Squeal On The Pusher (sick extended jam, Claude drum solo)
      It's always a pleasure to see Ween. Although the over-zealous 930 security decided to grab the wrists of some couple that was trying to leave and dragged them into the back, I think just for taking the set list. (Like the ones I have above.)
    15. Moistboyz. 20060224. Fletcher's Bar, Baltimore. Short one hour set.
      1. The Great American Zero
      2. That's What Rock N' Roll Can Do
      3. The Tweaker
      4. U Blow
      5. Lazy And Cool
      6. Officer Please
      7. White Trash
      8. I’m Gonna Kick Your Ass
      9. 1.0 (Fuck No)
      10. Keep The Fire Alive
      11. The Year Of The Maggot
      12. Captain America
      13. My War (by Black Flag)
      14. Roy
      15. The Spike
      16. Fuck You

      Blog post:

    16. They Might Be Giants. 20060426. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Well, Wednesday we saw They Might Be Giants at the 9:30 Club. Good times. I found a setlist from, a good site that meets a definite demand.

      I was saddened that I didn't know most of the songs. I had just spent the past few weeks learning the Spine album really well, and was hoping they would play a lot of songs off of it. They only played 2.

      Instead they played what they claimed to be a lot of very old songs, "songs so old even we forgot how to play them". Man, the one time I know more newer material than older material, the band has to go play older material. Meanwhile, I go to see all these other shows looking to hear their earlier songs that I love, and they always play stuff from the newest album(s) instead! (Particularly guilty: Sisters Of Mercy, and, at times, Type O Negative, and most other bands too, those are just the ones that pop into my head at the moment.)

      I never realized the two-singer-ness of the band until I saw them live. They switch off a lot, though I definitely think the main singer (the one who plays keyboards) is the one whose voice sounds more like what I imagine TMBG sounding like. I definitely like him better.

      I should also add Carolyn looked extremely hot that night.

      1. Why Did You Grow a Beard?
      2. Damn Good Times
      3. Careful What You Pack
      4. Everything Right Is Wrong Again
      5. Number Three
      6. New Song #1
      7. Malcolm In The Middle Theme (Boss Of Me) (full)
        I was VERY happy they played this, I had just "requested" it in Carolyn's ear about two minutes before they played it, joking that they would never actually playthis live. Sometimes I just love being wrong.
      8. Older
      9. Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
      10. Experimental Film
        (also very happy to hear!)
      11. We're The Replacements
      12. New Song #2
      13. Drink!
      14. Hollywood
      15. We Want a Rock
      16. Anaheim
      17. We Live In a Dump
      18. Dead
      19. Bangs
      20. New York City
      21. Rhythm Section Want Ad
      22. Birdhouse In Your Soul finally a song I knew again, after 11 that I didn't!
      23. Cyclops Rock
      24. Fingertips (complete) In many ways, I have to say this is the highlight of the show. "Mysteeerrrrrrrrious whisper." I never thought they would play all 21 'Fingertips' live either. Short attention-span theatre at its best!
      25. Purple Toupee (yay)
      26. Encore 1: Alphabet Of Nations
      27. Asbury Park
      28. Doctor Worm Dr. Worm was awesome to hear, and they had these cannons that shot out confetti right during the climax note of Dr. Worm. It worked out really well, they lasted in the air surprisingly long — several minutes, and we snagged a couple pieces as souveniers
      29. Encore 2: Istanbul (Not Constantinople). One of the best covers :)

      Blog post:

    17. Agent Orange. 20060428. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Well, it was really 4/29/2006 by the time they finally started playing. I was falling asleep while watching the previous band. We were very bored.
      1. Miserlou (i think)
      2. Everthing Turns Grey
      3. Too Young To Die
      4. No Such Thing
      5. A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
      6. It’s All A Blur
      7. Voices In The Night
      8. I Kill Spies
      9. Secret Agent Man
      10. Police Truck (by Dead Kennedys)
      11. Breakdown
      12. El Dorado
      13. Living In Darkness
      14. Bloodstains (Original Version)
      15. The Last Goodbye

      Blog post:
      Carolyn made a better blog about the show:
    18. Voltaire. 20060504. Nation, DC. "Goth Prom" event. We went to "Goth Prom" at Nation, where Voltaire was playing. Carolyn blogged about it here. Sadly, no songs from Banned On Vulcan were played. I would have liked to hear "U.S.S. Make Shit Up" again. The setlist went a little something like this:
      1. Rammstein - a song making fun of Rammstein, hilarious. "You. You love. You love this. You. You don't. Know what I'm singing." It was awesome because it made fun of another band I've seen play on that exact same stage before.
      2. Ex-Lover's Lover - the usual opener
        - talk: prom night
        - talk: don't lose your heads
      3. Headless Waltz
        - talk: Deady dolls
      4. Cannibal Buffet
        - talk: Maxwell Atoms
      5. Land Of The Dead - a new song for a new episode of The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy
      6. Brains - the original song created for The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy
        - talk: his arm
        - talk: bible treatment (to eliminate pus-bag, smash with bible)
      7. God Thinks
        ** The previous was the first half of the setlist, which we have a copy of. We don't have the second half of the setlist, though, so the rest is a bit shaky and probably out of order.
      8. Alchemy Mondays
      9. The Vampire Club
      10. some various other, possibly new songs we did not know and/or remember
      11. When You're Evil - it wouldn't be a Voltaire concert if they didn't close with this

      Blog post: HERE

    19. SoulFly. 20060510. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Well, I freakin' fainted again. This time I at least made it to the start of the show. (When my head hit the floor at 9:30 Club, Ween hadn't even come out to stage yet!) Those cigarettes that Carolyn's coworker bums here are strong as hell! It was too much for my overheated body to bear. I felt a lot better when I took my jacket up, and someone gave me a chair to sit on after I hit the ground, so I'm kinda glad because I was in no mood to stand. I hate standing. Song-wise, I couldn't name most SoulFly songs just by hearing them, but most of them were at least recognized. Here are the few songs I can remember:
      1. Bleed (but without the rap-ish part, I was pissed)
      2. Eye For An Eye
      3. Jumpdafuckup
      4. Refuse/Resist (by Sepultura)
      5. Beneath The Remains (by Sepultura)
      6. Back To The Primitive
      7. they played a lot of songs, but neither of us is intimately familiar with every SoulFly song.

      Blog post: HERE

    20. Ministry. 20060621. 9:30 Club, DC. Short one hour set. Mostly stuff from Rio Grande Blood, so we didn't know many songs! A review was posted on MySpace HERE. This is the one that AE got us up to the front in. Psalm 69 was particularly enjoyable with everyone throwing their hands up in the air.
      1. Fear (Is Big Business)
      2. Senor Pelligro
      3. No W
      4. Rio Grande Blood
      5. The Great Satan
      6. Waiting
      7. LiesLiesLies
      8. Worthless
      9. Wrong
      10. N.W.O.
      11. Just One Fix
      12. Thieves
      13. Khyber Pass 1st Encore:
      14. So What?
      15. Stigmata

      16. 2nd Encore:
      17. Psalm 69

    21. Carnivore. 20060908. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Read the blogpost. It covers this show, and the next,thoroughly.
      1. Carnivore (awesome performance)
      2. Angry Neurotic Catholics
      3. Male Supremacy
      4. [[[at least one song from their first album that I know, but couldn’t name the title of]]]
      5. Race War
      6. Helter Skelter (by The Beatles) (seems more like a Type O Negative choice of cover song — this was unexpected)
      7. S.M.D.
      8. World Wars III + IV
      9. Inner Conflict (my favorite)
      10. Jesus Hitler
      11. Sex & Violence

      Blog post: HERE

    22. Celtic Frost. 20060912. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Read the blogpost. It covers this show, and the previous, thoroughly.
      1. The Fall
      2. Procreation (Of The Wicked) [opening song]
      3. [[[some other song from Morbid Tales… dudududud dadadadadadaddad]]]
      4. Return To The Eve — I think, not sure aobut this one…
      5. Ground
      6. Ain Elohim
      7. The Usurper
      8. Necromantical Screams
      9. Mesmerized (he said this song was about love)
      10. Sorrows Of The Moon
      11. Into The Crypts Of Rays
      12. Circle Of The Tyrants
      13. Dethroned Emperor
      14. Synagoga Satanae (15 minutes) (closing song)
        Who do you think you are? Nine Inch Nails?

      Blog post: HERE

    23. NoMeansNo. 20060929. Rock & Roll Hotel, DC. About a two hour set! Got autographed drumstick! Got to meet John Wright! 20060929 - NoMeansNo concert - Carolyn, Clint - with autographed drumstick - (by AE) - 269550206_e60c38fce2_o
      1. The Fall
      2. Mr. In. Be
      3. In Her Eyes
      4. So Low
      5. I Got A Gun
      6. No Sex
      7. Gimme
      8. Brainless Wonder
      9. Happy Bridge
      10. Nothing
      11. The Tower
      12. Heaven
      13. Dark Ages
      14. Hawk
      15. Can't Stop
      16. Dreaming
      17. Til I Die
      18. Slugs
      19. ENCORE:
      20. Rags & Bones
      21. Big Dick
      22. Two Lips, Two Lungs, & One Tongue

      Blog post: HERE 20060929 - NoMeansNo concert - (by AE) - set list

    24. Voltaire. 20061222. Chronos @ Club Five, DC. Acoustic one-man show. Always good. Got the set list, but was too drunk and lost it on the way back to the car. Kipp came with us. Christmas-themed stuff happened. I'm pretty sure this is when we got our autographed CDs of Ooky Spooky and Zombie Prostitute, though we may have ordered them online.
      1. finally, a finished version of their song making fun of Rammstein

    25. Gene Ween (solo show). 20070329. State Theatre, Falls Church, VA. A decent ~90-minute set, consisting of MANY Ween oldies, less-played, and off-album songs. It was an amazing show in terms of exposing the listener to many live Ween songs that they don't normally play live when they play as the full band. Opening with a song that isn't on any album (which I knew)??? Priceless!
      1. The Stallion 4 - a song not even on any album, but which I know well
      2. What Deaner Was Talkin' About
      3. Pork Roll Egg & Cheese
      4. Ooh Va La - hadn't heard that before
      5. Flutes Of The Chi
      6. Alone - a great song from The Pod that you wouldn't expect to hear, live
      7. Spirit Walker - hadn't heard that before
      8. Don't Get 2 Close 2 My Fantasy
      9. Cold Blows The Wind
      10. Your Party
      11. I’ll Miss You - another good non-album song, possibly played for guy who kept screaming for it
      12. Mononucleosis - another great selection from The Pod
      13. So Long Jerry - not on any album, but I know Ween's Grateful Dead cover quite well, and it was awesome hearing it!
      14. She Wanted To Leave
      15. Space Oddity - hadn't heard that before
      16. She's Your Baby
      17. Birthday Boy - yes!
      18. Stay Forever
      19. The Grobe
      20. Reggaejunkiejew - well, about a minute of it anyway
      21. Pumpin' 4 The Man - it was a very slow, different, more-country version of it... Quite the difference.
      22. Mountains & Buffalo - hadn't heard that before
      23. ENCORE: Soul Love
      24. Gener's Gone

      Blog post: HERE.

    26. Celtic Frost / Type O Negative. 20070506. The Sonar, Baltimore. Celtic Frost only played for about 45 minutes. Type O Negative played much longer, with 2 encores, the second encore consisting only of "Black No. 1". It was good to finally hear that song played live again. I freakin' love it.
      20070506 - Type O Negative & Celtic Frost ticket stub
      Celtic Frost:
      1. Procreation of the Wicked
      2. The Usurper
      3. Dethroned Emperor
      4. Morbid Tales
      5. Into the Crypts of Rays
      6. Synagoga Satanae - at 15 minutes, this was practically 30% of the set!

      Type O Negative:
      1. Magical Mystery Tour
      2. We Hate Everyone
      3. The Profit of Doom
      4. Anesthesia
      5. These Three Things
      6. Kill You Tonight
      7. Hey Pete
      8. followed by: Kill You Tonight (reprise) [I wont count this as a whole song]
      9. Love You To Death
      10. Christian Woman/Body Of Christ/To Love God/Jesus Christ Looks Like Me
      11. War Pigs/Smoke On The Water/Aqua Lung/Der Untermensch (intros only)
      12. Black No. 1 (2nd encore)

      Blog post:

    27. MC Chris. 20071007. 9:30 Club, DC. Short opening (for Pinback) set. It all seemed to be over so fast! He talked about the girls who he didn't get to score with (including a Playboy model), among other things. Some guy was wearing the T-qualizer -- MY shirt -- WHY didn't I think of it?! He got to go on stage and stand there being an equalizer during a song! That would have kicked ass! Then, the guy in Pinback had my George Bush as a vampire biting the neck of the Statue Of Liberty shirt! It was Night Of Clint's Shirts. Damn I should have worn the t-qualizer! Also: He worked "Du Hast Mich" by Rammstein into one of the songs. Very brief, but this is THE SECOND TIME I've seen someone live who made fun of that specific song. (Voltaire does.) Besides S.O.D. making fun of Type O Negative when they played at the same time around here, this is the only example of one artist in concert making fun of another artist I've been to in concert.
      20071007 - MC Chris ticket stub (he's not on the ticket though, 'cause he opened for Pinback)
      1. The Tussin' (Robotussin)
      2. Evergreen
      3. White Kids Love Hip Hop
      4. Geek
      5. Robot Dog (according to Carolyn)
      6. Hijack
      7. Tractor Beam
      8. I Want Candy (some)
      9. Fette's Vette
      10. at least 2 songs we didn't recognize

      Blog post: HERE

    28. Bad Religion. 20071014. 9:30 Club, DC. 3rd time seeing Bad Religion! We recognized about 5 songs, but at this point I can only remember 4 of them. CONCERT FIRST: First live performance of a song featured on Guitar Hero. They actually closed with it. I was wondering: If you end up with a song in Guitar Hero, does that mean you have to close with the song for the rest of your life? Becuase arguably more people would be familiar with your Guitar Hero song than anything else, since the game is way more popular than most bands in it... Here is the setlist, with songs we knew in bold. Wish we knew more. They just have too many albums! :)
      20071014 - Bad Religion ticket stub
      1. Fuck Armageddon
      2. Supersonic
      3. Social Suicide
      4. Requiem
      5. Modern Man
      6. Generator
      7. New Dark Ages
      8. 21st Century Digital Boy
      9. You
      10. Conquer the World
      11. 52 Seconds
      12. Heroes and Martyrs
      13. Skyscraper
      14. Dearly Beloved
      15. Lookin' In
      16. No Control
      17. Recipe for Hate
      18. Come Join Us
      19. Suffer
      20. The Defense
      21. Anasthesia
      22. Generator (Slow Version)
      23. God Song
      24. Sorrow
      25. American Jesus
      26. Gonna Die
      27. ENCORE: Infected (this song is in Guitar Hero 1)

      Blog post: HERE

    29. Danzig. 20071023. Ram's Head, Baltimore, MD. "Playing classic songs by The Misfits". What the fuck?! Where were The Misfits songs? We were expecting this. I've never seen an entire audience cheer on for an encore, only to boo after the encore. I wanted a riot. I want a class action lawsuit. This was supposedly going to be a tour of "classic songs by The Misfits". I've been waiting for this over half my life. The first time I got drunk, at age 15-going-on-16, back around 1990, was because I would not get to see The Misfits songs played live (by Bobby Steele of The Undead). Then, Misfits became a band and started playing many of the old The Misfits songs, but without Glen Danzig as the singer-songwriter, they were basically a laughable cover band performing some of my favorite songs ever. With Danzig playing Misfits songs, the whole audience was waiting to finally hear The Misfits songs as they were meant to be -- sung by the original singer/songwriter. Tons of people yelling "bullshit", and hanging around for 15+ minutes after the show. Ourselves included! This was just about the biggest disappointment of any show ever!
      Still, I got to see "Twist Of Cain", "Mother", "She Rides", "Brand New God", "Dirty Black Summer", "Her Black Wings", "How The Gods Kill", and some other good Danzig songs live, so it's not like it was a total bust. "Mother" is featured in guitar hero, making this the 2nd guitar hero song I've seen live in the past 2 weeks.
      1. Skin Carver
      2. I Luciferi
      3. Black Mass
      4. Brand New God
      5. Satan's Crucifiction
      6. Do You Wear The Mark?
      7. How The Gods Kill
      8. Lady Lucifera
      9. Circle Of Snakes
      10. Crawl Across Your Killing Floor
      11. Her Black Wings
      12. Bringer Of Death
      13. Pain Is Like An Animal
      14. Twist Of Cain
      15. Mother
      16. ENCORE: Dirty Black Summer
      17. She Rides

    30. Agent Orange. 20071024. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Another interesting fact about this show: Three concerts in a row featuring guitar hero songs! Of course, "Police Truck" was originally performed by The Dead Kennedys, and I've seen Agent Orange play this song live before, but nonetheless, it is in Guitar Hero, and this is three shows in a row featuring guitar hero songs! (Bad Religion:Infected, Danzig:Mother, and this.) We obtained a picture of a set list, but they didn't stick to the setlist, so it was of limited use. I think I got a guitar pick at this one, or the last Agent Orange show.
      20071024 - Agent Orange ticket stub
      1. Pipeline
      2. Tearing Me Apart
      3. Too Young To Die
      4. Wouldn't Last A Day
      5. Voices In The Night
      6. Everything Turns Grey
      7. Breakdown
      8. This Is All I Need (not sure if they palyed this)
      9. Miserlou (instrumental)
      10. No Such Thing
      11. I Kill Spies
      12. What's The Combination?
      13. Secret Agent Man
      14. Police Truck (by The Dead Kennedys)
      15. El Dorado
      16. A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
      17. Mr. Moto or Tiki Ti (instrumental) (I think)
      18. All Shook Up (audience request)
      19. Bloodstains
      20. Last Goodbye

    31. Ween. 20071123. The Sonar, Baltimore, MD. Great show, nearly 2.5 hrs long. I unfortunately missed the first few songs. They seemed to only play 3-4 songs from each album -- but nothing from 12 Golden Country Greats or from Quebec, and only 1 song from The Pod. They did play two off-album songs I love: Beacon Light, and Booze Me Up And Get Me High (which was when I smoked my cigarette). I went alone, as Carolyn was busy going to They Might Be Giants at the 9:30 Club instead!
      1. Don't Shit Where You Eat
      2. Spinal Meningitis
      3. Now I'm Freaking Out - CRAP, can't believe I missed hearing this live again!
      4. Bananas And Blow
      5. Learning To Live
      6. Take Me Away
      7. Gabrielle
      8. Don't Get 2 Close
      9. Object
      10. Even If You Don't
      11. Voodoo Lady
      12. Mutliated Lips
      13. Buckingham Green
      14. Party
      15. Beacon Light
      16. With My Own Bare Hands
      17. Tear For Eddie
      18. Back To Basom
      19. Golden Eel
      20. The Mollusk
      21. Booze Me Up
      22. Stroker Ace
      23. Touch My Tooter
      24. Fat Lenny
      25. Did You See Me?
      26. Dr. Rock
      27. You Fucked Up
      28. ENCORE: Fiesta
      29. Nan
      30. Jonny On The Spot
      31. Licking The Palm For Guava
      32. Mushroom Festival In Hell

    32. Gwar. 20071206. 9:30 Club, DC. A bit short! First encore by 50 minutes?! Still great. The Pope, George W. Bush, and others.
      1. I Saw Yg
      2. B.D.F. (Baby Dick Fuck)
      3. The Salamanizer
      4. Biledriver
      5. Maggots
      6. Fishfuck (according to Carolyn, but Clint disagrees)
      7. ENCORE: Soul Love

    33. Chemlab. 20071213. The Sonar, Baltimore, MD. Got to meet Jared. Got a drumstick. Carolyn got a hat.
      1. Exile On Mainline
      2. Codeine, Glue And You
      3. Pyromance
      4. Vera Blue
      5. Chemical Halo
      6. Rivethead
      7. White Room, Black Eye
      8. 21st Century (I had to convince Jared on MySpace that they played it, then he/whoever maintains the MySpace said 'good call' hehe)
      9. Blunt Force Trauma
      10. Suicide Jag
      11. Summer Of Hate

    34. Ozzy Osbourne / Rob Zombie. 20080105. Verizon Center, DC. First stadium concert since Metallica in 1990, and first time at the Verizon Center. Big. Expensive. Large screens allowed us to see better. Rob Zombie had amazing things on as they played, and sexy dancers too. Ozzy preluded the show with a montage of clips from popular TV shows (including The Office[US]), with Ozzy substituted in during key scenes. Ozzy shat on the floor of Michael Scott's office. It was funny, and I would have been happy if it had gone on for 30 minutes. Amazingly, our cramming meant that we recognized the 1 or 2 songs he played off of "Black Rain", though not well enough to name them in a setlist. I was irked that no songs were played from "No Rest For The Wicked", despite Zakk Wylde being present. He's Ozzy's 2nd-best guitarist ever, after Rhandy Rhoads of course.
      20080105 - Ozzy Osbourne & Rob Zombie ticket stub
      1. Rob Zombie:
      2. Demonoid Phenomenon?
      3. (I recognized every song but it's really hard to say which were played!)
      4. House Of 1000 Corpses
      5. Ozzy:
      6. some Black Rain song
      7. Crazy Train
      8. Bark At The Moon? or Shot At The Dark?
      9. Suicide Solution
      10. The Road To Nowhere?
      11. ENCORE:
      12. Mama, I'm Coming Home
      13. Paranoid (by Black Sabbath)

    35. Ween. 20080123. DAR Constitution Hall, DC. Oh wow, a sit-down Ween concert! I've only ever been to a sit-down Gene Ween solo show, never an official sit-down Ween concert. What an interesting change of pace. A nice relaxing evening, sitting. Because with their 2.5-to-3-hour setlists, standing can get downright painful. Plus, we got to sit in other peoples' seats, people who never came. We were a LOOOOOT closer than our tickets would have placed us. And we moved during the encore too. They didn't sell out the entire DAR Constitution hall, so that was cool. But WTF with not being able to take drinks into the show? They gladly sold us 2 drinks each that we had to gulp down in 10 minutes!! Arrrgh! At least this ensured sobriety for the drive home, but we didn't BOTH need that. John The Canadien was there, got way better seats, and met up with us afterwards for drinks and cartoons.
      20080123 - Ween ticket stub
      1. Exactly Where I'm At
      2. Pork Roll Egg & Cheese
      3. Spinal Menengitis
      4. Bananas & Blow
      5. Learning To Love
      6. Voodoo Lady
      7. Back To Basom
      8. With My Own Bare Hands
      9. Take Me Away
      10. Transdermal Celebration
      11. Waving My Dick In The Wind
      12. Nan
      13. Touch My Tooter
      14. I've Got To Put The Hammer Down
      15. Object
      16. Buckingham Green
      17. Your Party
      18. Beacon Light
      19. Johnny On The Spot
      20. Zoloft
      21. Roses Are Free
      22. Spiritwalker
      23. The Mollusk
      24. Did You See Me?
      25. Ocean Man
      26. Doctor Rock
      27. Shamemaker
      28. Fiesta
      29. ENCORE: Mr. Richard Smoker
      30. Miser, Would You Please Help My Pony?
      31. Stroker Ace
      32. You Fucked Up

    36. Marilyn Manson. 20080124. Ram's Head, Baltimore, DC. Another show stolen by Baltimore! Freak magnet: We attract photography by "really high" foreign guy who makes no sense, gets into a tussle with someone else, and it looks like they removed that someone else from the club when perhaps they should have removed the foreign guy who was doing things such as squirting the communal ketchup into the communal sauerkraut. Then we ran into Todd & Jenn & Kat from Bound. Then I ran into a [now ex-]co-worker of mine, dressed in a gothy leather shirt. She recognized me but wasn't sure it was me at first due to my now much-longer hair and beard. We talked for awhile, and Todd from Bound talked to her a lot too (he kinda swoops in. annoying.) So my co-worker friend pulled us over to where they were standing, at which point the show started, and people started to surge. Things got pretty tight, and there really wasn't any way to move in any direction at all. Then I attracted the whiny douchebag cunt fat bitch who decided, much to my chagrin, to fuck with me. After saying "excuse me" literally 50 times trying to get past me, I had exhausted all avenues -- there was no place for me to excuse to. Yet she was completely determined to make ME move, even though I COULDN'T. There was no place to go. She was just mad at the world because she was short and fat -- I mean like 250-300 lbs fat. So what does she do? She turns around, puts herself back to back with me, locks her knees, and literally lays down at a 45 degree angle on my back. I couldn't move, and I could not even turn her around to make her stop. She knew what she was doing. I made eye contact with a nearby hot chick, to verify that something appalling was happening .. And the chick looked at me, then looked at the fat bitch leaning on me, and conveyed a very obvious, "What the hell is this bitch doing?" look. Anyway, I was in pain from the extra weight of holding this girl up, and had no other recourse than to decide to pour my drink on her head. Which I did. I could have doused the whole cup on her, but I poured slowly, allowing her a chance to get the hell off me as soon as possible without having to be totally doused. Of course she tried to grab my drink and pour it on me, but I held on tight and pulled down on the drink. This caused drink to fly upwards, and hit everyone around us except for me. At this point, fat batch was in my face, but nearby hot-chick was also in her face, "Why are you spilling drink on my boyfriend?" She saw how it started, so I knew she was on my side even without her boyfriend getting wet. Of course, the drink was my SPARE ICE CUP, and I didn't lose any alcohol in this. In fact, I kept sipping for a good hour after that. So I got to pour a drink on somebody AND keep drinking my drink. It was like having my cake and eating it too. Then later some other douchebag comes up and is like.. having conversations with me about the government, how the guy's "666" shirt in front of me is cool, and just being really annoyingly friendly. Then he started talking about Hillary in 2008, and I was like no way, and then he was like, "What, we can't have a brother in there?" And then I had to try a lot harder to ignore him. And of course I was paranoid that I'd get sucker punched by some friend of fat-bitch throughout the show, so I had to "watch my back", marring the experience. Real fun. But we got to talk to Kat and her girlfriend a bit later about this guy who's first question after sex with Kat was "Do you have an iron?", because he had to go back to work. The other girl was adamant that she would never fuck a guy who said that again. We bummed a cigarette from them, I gave them my lighter, and then we left.
      1. Cruci-Fiction In Space
      2. Disposable Teens
      3. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
      4. Great Big White World
      5. mOBSCENE
      6. If I Was Your Vampire
      7. Heart-Shaped Glasses (When the Heart Guides The Hand)
      8. Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) (Eurythmics cover
      9. Rock n Roll Nigger (Patti Smith Group cover
      10. Tourniquet
      11. Little Horn
      12. The Love Song
      13. The Dope Show
      14. Rock Is Dead
      15. The Fight Song
      16. Coma White (w/ Coma Black a) Eden Eye outro
      17. The Reflecting God
      18. ENCORE: The Beautiful People
      19. ENCORE: Encore: 1996

      Blog post: HERE

    37. Voltaire. 20080204. Spellbound (Recessions), Washington, DC. One-man acoustic show with a single-speaker amp and a single red light. Never been to Spellbound; what a strange location for a club -- seemingly in the middle of an office building, with offices adorning the hallway that you go down to get to the club. Strange. We arrived 15 minutes before Voltaire started, and stood 2 feet away from him as he performed. He seemed to stare at my Ministry - Rio Grande Blood shirt a lot. Also, during Hell In A Handbasket, when he says everyone is going to hell, and says "you", he gave me eye contact while saying "you", so now Voltaire says I'm going to hell! Awesome. Some girls requested that he play Anastasia, which would have been really cool, but he forgot how it went! Voltaire, you gotta play your album#1 songs too!! We stole the selist. This time I wasn't so drunk that I dropped it without realizing it. And we went up to Voltaire's booth afterwards, explaining that we already owned everything he was selling (except his book, which my sister has). So we got him to autograph both pages of the setlist, as shown HERE and HERE. The setlist was 2 pages. Carolyn got page 1 ("For Carolyn!"), Clint got page 2 ("DC Show part 2! This is always the best part because I'm drunk! For Clint!"). Carolyn saw that I was getting a longer autograph on the setlist, and said, "Oh, you're writing him a book!" Voltaire's response was that Clint was so sexy.
      1. Dead
      2. Rammstein
      3. Ex-Lover's Lover (setlist then says "dead girls no more")
      4. Zombie Prostitute (setlist then says "U.K.")
      5. "Crispy" - really good song that he supposedly ad-libed when he was asking the sound guy (who kept rolling his eyes at him) to make the sound more "crispy". ("Crispy.. like a deep-fried Jew")
      6. Land Of The Dead
      7. BRAINS!
      8. Happy Birthday (new song)
      9. Comin' Out For Christmas
      10. Death Death (Devil Devil Devil Devil Evil Evil Evil Evil Song)
      11. Cantina (won Star Wars/Star Trek audience vote)
      12. The Sexy Data Tango (played his Star Wars song anyway because the applause level was high for both franchies)
      13. The Vampire Club
      14. Bomb New Jersey (unsure when in the set, as it was a request)
      15. When You're Evil
      16. Hell In A Handbasket

      20080419 - Sabbat concert at Jaxx - 155-5501 - All of our stuff
    38. Sabbat. 20080419. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Great show! Got to meet band members and get autographs! 18 year wait for this!
      1. A Cautionary Tale
      2. Hosanna In Excelsis
      3. The Clerical Conspiracy
      4. Behind The Crooked Cross (not the Slayer song by the same title)
      5. Do Dark Horses Dream Of Nightmares?
      6. I For An Eye
      7. The Best Of Enemies
      8. How Have The Might Fallen?
      9. The Church Bizarre
      10. ENCORE: Wildfire
      11. For Those Who Died

      Blog post: HERE

    39. Ministry. 20080426. Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD. "Final" tour. Goddamn Ram's Head Live is a shit venue. Great show, of course. We found the "secret" high-up seats and sat there. The distance was a lot -- could not really make out Al Jourgensen's face. But we could see the entire band play without any crowd getting in our way, so that was nice. Really, though ... A 2nd encore of covers only? The last Ministry song I will ever see play... a Rolling Stone's song? That doesn't sit quite right with me. Still, though, the last Ministry song that I got to hear them play was Thieves -- which was also the first Ministry song I ever heard -- played on the old 9:30 Club loudspeakers in between Bad Religion and D.R.I. during their 1991/1992-ish concert. 17-ish years later, an era is over. Ministry is done. ):
      20080426 - Ministry ticket stub
      1. Let's Go
      2. Watch Yourself
      3. The Dick Song
      4. No W
      5. Waiting
      6. Worthless (bled into Wrong)
      7. Wrong
      8. Life Is Good
      9. Lieslieslies
      10. Senor Peligro
      11. Rio Grande Blood
      12. The Last Sucker
      13. Khyber Pass
      14. ENCORE #1: N.W.O.
      15. Just One Fix
      16. Thieves - the earliest song they played, and the first Ministry song I ever heard (9:30 Club, in between Bad Religion and All, c.1992)
      17. ENCORE #2: Just Got Paid (by ZZ Top)
      18. Under My Thumb (by The Rolling Stones)

    40. Type O Negative. 20080518. Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD. (Jagermeister Tour) We were late! My fault!! Sorry Carolyn! We apparently missed close to 3 out of the 8 or so songs they played! DAMN! And SCREW Ram's Head Live ONCE AGAIN! Doors opened at 6:30, and when I called at 7:30, they said the first band was about to go on, ours was the 3rd band, and the first two would play for an hour each with 20 minutes in between. That would place Type O Negative at 10:10PM or so. We arrived at 9:30PM having missed most of it! RULE OF THUMB for Ram's Head Live: Even if there are two opening bands, you still need to leave within 30 minutes of the first band playing to see the 3rd band playing. I'm tired of clueless clubs that are simply ticket factories that don't even know when their own acts are going to occur!
      20080518 - Type O Negative ticket stub
      1. Kill You Tonight (mostly missed by us)
      2. Christian Woman / Body Of Christ / To Love God / Jesus Christ Looks Like Me
      3. Some Stupid Tomorrow
      4. Black No. 1
      5. (short song I recognized and knew but can't identify)
      6. Halloween In Heaven

    41. Dethklok. 20080626. Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD. Awesome show! Brendon Small rocks the house! We almost didn't make it, due to Carolyn's car overheating. But we let it cool down, poured our drinking water in the radiator, drove to a gas station, and bought TWO containers of coolant to put in (and more water, just in case). Made it just in time to get our 2 drinks and find a place to stand! CONCERT FIRST: First show by a virtual band. Also: 4th Guitar Hero song (Thunderhorse) seen live.
      20080626 - Dethklok ticket stub
      1. Deththeme (Metalocalypse theme)
      2. Birthday Dethday
      3. Awaken
      4. Bloodrocuted
      5. Go Forth And Die
      6. Detharmonic
      7. Hatredcopter
      8. Murmaider
      9. Into The Water
      10. Dethjingle (Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle)
      11. Thunderhorse
      12. Fansong

      Blog post: HERE

    42. Freezepop. 20081010. AnimeUSA, Hyatt Regency, Arlington, VA. CONCERT FIRST: First show by a band I heard of through a video game. Also: 5th and 6th songs I've seen live that are from a Guitar Hero song.
      1. Boys On Film
      2. Parlez Vous Freezepop
      3. Science Genius Girl (diff mix than Frequency or Freezepop Forever versions)
      4. Bike Thief
      5. Get Ready 2 Rokk
      6. Frontload
      7. Super-Sprode
      8. Brainpower
      9. Plastic Stars
      10. Stakeout
      11. Less Talk More Rokk
      12. ENCORE: The Final Countdown (by Europe)

      Blog posting with pictures and video: HERE

    43. NoFX. 20081024. Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD. Ram's Head said they were playing at 11:30, so we aimed to get there at 10:30 by leaving at 9:15. Turns out that, as usual, Ram's Head has no clue what is going on in their own club, and they started playing around 10:50 instead. We barely managed to get our drink on (not counting the 8oz bottle of mixed drink we consumed in the parking lot) before they started playing. Pretty good timing. Their set was closer to 1.5 hrs than 1 hr, and we recognized every song. A couple of them took a thorough search to find the proper title of (Shut Up Already, Linoleum). We were really surprised that Linoleum seemed to be the song the audience knew the most -- it certainly wasn't for us. Would have liked to have heard Vanilla Sex and perhaps more songs from Pump Up The Valuum, but overall, it's really hard to go wrong with a 17 song setlist. (Unless you're Ween; Ween plays closer to 30 songs, AND their songs are longer on average; 17 for a Ween show would be a ripoff!)
      1. Dinosaurs Will Die
      2. Brews
      3. Murder The Govt - with alternate lyrics, talking about Bush gagging on Obama's dick
      4. Fuck Da Kids - while they flicked off some 10 yr old kid brought by his meathead dad. When the show was over, they sent the guitar into the crowd. The 10 yr old kid returned it, but then NoFX gave it back to the kid and let him keep it for good
      5. Eat The Meek
      6. The Moron Brothers
      7. (Herb Albert cover)
      8. Bob
      9. Kill All The White Man
      10. Linoleum
      11. Radio (by Rancid)
      12. Louise
      13. Quart In Session
      14. Whoops, I OD'd
      15. Shut Up Already
      16. Bottles To The Ground
      17. last: Theme From A NoFX Album (last song) - and then the guy kept playing the accoridian for like 5 minutes while everyone else left and put away their equipment

    44. Sisters Of Mercy. 20081105. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Wow, Sisters Of Mercy fans are definitely an older crowd. This band's fanbase is not being replenished with young people. Unlike the Philadelphia Sisters Of Mercy concert, or the previous D.C. one, we got to stand RIGHT by the stage. It was like going to Jaxx. SOMEbody had really bad breath. Our seats were so good that Carolyn didn't rule out Andrew Eldritch as a suspect. But realisticly it was not him. Would have liked to have heard a few more songs from First And Last And Always. The music was NOT as loud as any other concert I've been to there. Carolyn had to take her ear plugs out. An annoying girl talked on her cellhpone for awhile, and it was actually hard to hear. Other people also seemed to be annoyed. Douchey bro-types kept screaming "turn it up!!" in between every song, as if it was suddenly going to work the 27th time they screamed it. This was **definitely** better than the previous D.C. show, which was a big disappointment. Or the time they canceled the concert altogether due to illness. It was also better than the Philly show in that Andrew Eldritch no longer looked just like my dad. (Last time, it gave me nightmares about a secret society formed of distant relatives who were conspiring to keep me from leaving the state of Delaware.) You really couldn't understand any of Andrew Eldritch's talk to the crowd -- and being 5-10 feet away didn't help at all. All in all a good time, of course!
      1. Ribbons
      2. Anaconda
      3. Detonation Boulevard
      4. Giving Ground
      5. Something Fast
      6. Flood I
      7. Marian
      8. This Corrosion
      9. First And Last And Always
      10. Alice
      11. ENCORE: Dominion / Mother Russia
      12. Lucretia, My Reflection
      13. Vision Thing
      14. Temple Of Love

      Blog post: HERE

    45. They Might Be Giants. 20081128. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Full performance of the Flood album. (See blog for show details.)
      1. Theme From Flood
      2. Birdhouse In Your Soul
      3. Lucky Ball & Chain
      4. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (by The Four Lads)
      5. Dead
      6. Your Racist Friend
      7. Particle Man
      8. Twisting
      9. We Want A Rock
      10. Twisting
      11. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
      12. Hearing Aid
      13. Minimum Wage
      14. Letterbox
      15. Whistling In The Dark
      16. Hot Cha
      17. Women & Men
      18. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love
      19. They Might Be Giants
      20. Road Movie To Berlin
      21. 2ND SET: Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal
      22. S-E-X-X-Y
      23. The Mesopotamians
      24. West Virginia (by John Linnell)
      25. Why Does The Sun Shine?
      26. The Sun Is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma
      27. Dinner Bell
      28. Unsupervised, I Hit My Head
      29. She's An Angel
      30. Damn Good Times
      31. Whithered Hope
      32. Seven
      33. Doctor Worm
      34. Clap Your Hands
      35. Mr. Me
      36. ENCORE: Older
      37. James K. Polk
      38. Fingertips (yes, all 21 mini-songs)
      39. ENCORE 2: Drink!
      40. Graveyard
      41. Alphabet Of Nations

      Blog post: HERE

    46. Gene Ween Band. 20081212. Black Cat, Washington, DC. Mostly songs I didn't know. The most disappointing Ween-related show yet. This was not at all like Gene Ween's show last year. Adding the word "Band" to his name makes it suck, in comparison to real ween shows. Radha was there with us.
      1. Intro
      2. It's Not Cool
      3. Thanks and Praise
      4. Band Introduction
      5. Blue Balloon
      6. Kite Flying Man
      7. Stallion Pt. 4 (again!)
      8. DC
      9. Stay with Me Daddy
      10. Now be Thankful
      11. Sledgehammer (by Peter Gabriel)
      12. I Fell in Love Today
      13. Mr. Sandman
      14. Kansas City Star (never seen live)
      15. Baby Don't Be Afraid
      16. Boing
      17. Memory of a Free Festival
      18. Hang Onto Yourself
      19. Wild Ride
      20. Like You Know
      21. Mountains and Buffalo
      22. The Chancy Boys
      23. Crowd
      24. Encore: Let's Get Divorced
      25. Eye In the Sky
      26. It Freaks Me Out
      27. So Long Jerry
      28. Greg the Bunny (last song, never seen live)

      Blog post: HERE

    47. Gwar. 20081214. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Arguably my most enjoyable Gwar show since #1 in 1993ish. Fights w/McCain/Obama/Hillary. We were close. Carolyn got pink highlights. Sleazy P. Martini returns!
      1. The Salaminizer
      2. Bring Back The Bomb
      3. Crack In The Egg
      4. Ham On The Bone
      5. Slaughterama
      6. Biledriver
      7. Rock 'N Roll Never Felt So Good
      8. The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo (with Bozo Destructo instead)
      9. Sick Of You

      Blog post: HERE

    48. Freezepop. 20090416. Chief Ike's, Washington, DC. Smallest venue EVER. The band was just hanging around like normal people. I basically had my foot ON the stage most of the show... if I'd fallen I'd probably have messed up the performance haha. They pretty much solely did requests. They played 15 songs -- 3 more than their AnimeUSA show. I requested Freezepop Forever, but they said they can't do that without Cassan Croker. I also requested Robotron 2000 but Liz was like "We haven't practiced that in 3 years!" or something. After the show, I was interviewed with a fancy huge camera -- in part because my T-Qualier shirt and trippy outer shirt got their attention. I got to sign a model release and everything! They gave me their card and had recorded 35 hours of total footage so far. They liked my shirt so they said I'd probably make the final cut. It was also the birthday of one of the members, so there was cake. Which was shared with the audience! (Unfortunately it was coffee cake.) I also talked to Liz Enthusiasm a bit afterwards, and said "Bye Jussi!" to kind of freak her out that I knew her real name :)
      20090416 - Freezepop concert - (by Christian) - ticket stub - 3492392127_c741d2d75b_o
      1. Stakeout
      2. Science Genius Girl (from Frequency) [at my and several others' request]
      3. Plastic Stars [at my request]
      4. Frontload
      5. Tenisu No Boifurendo
      6. Super-Sprode (from Amplitude)
      7. Parlez-Vous Freezepop?
      8. Ninja Of Love
      9. Get Ready 2 Rokk (from Guitar Hero)
      10. Lady Spider
      11. Thought Balloon
      12. Tender Lies
      13. Brainpower
      14. Less Talk More Rokk (from Guitar Hero)
      15. ENCORE: The Final Countdown - video here

      Blog post: HERE

    49. Voltaire. 20090424. Club Orpheus, Baltimore, MD. My 5th time seeing Voltaire. Carolyn's 6th. We were 2 feet in front of him, as usual. First time with a full band: Voltaire with guitar, plus drummer, violinist, cellist, and accordian player. (Melissa... So I did a Mercyful Fate "Melissa" parody when they announced her name.) 18 year old girl next to us who waited 6 years to see Voltaire due to age requirements. She had one drink and was so drunk I thought she might vomit on us. They played the Dresden Dolls "Coin Operated Boy" song at the club before Voltaire came on, which showed us how Voltaire's song "Coin Operated Goi" is actually a parody song. We snagged the setlist which was on the back of an official tour poster. We got it autographed, as well as his latest CD "To The Bottom Of The Sea" autographed.
      1. Ex-Lover's Lover
      2. The Headless Waltz
      3. Tempest
      4. Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend) - to "Jen" in the crowd
      5. Coin Operated Goi
      6. Death Death (Devil Devil Devil Devil Evil Evil Evil Evil Song)
      7. Brains
      8. Zombie Prostitute
      9. Day Of The Dead (in Spanish)
      10. When You're Evil
      11. Shalom
      12. ENCORE: Land Of The Dead
      13. To The Bottom Of The Sea

    50. Kreator. 20090517. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. This was the 2nd time I've seen Kreator, and the 1st for Carolyn. We arrived just in time, almost missing it because Jaxx has no clue when their own bands go on and gave us conflicting info (11PM, then 10PM). More description, plus videos, at blog post below.
      1. Intro: Choir Of The Damned
      2. Hordes Of Chaos
      3. Phobia
      4. Terrible Certainty
      5. Betrayer
      6. Voices Of The Dead
      7. Enemy Of God
      8. Destroy What Destroys You
      9. Pleasure To Kill
      10. The Patriach
      11. Violent Revolution
      12. Extreme Aggression
      13. Coma Of Souls
      14. ENCORE: Warcurse
      15. Flag Of Hate
      16. Tormentor

      Blog post: HERE

    51. Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction. 20090609. Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD. We met up with Darren & Debbie up there. Darren lost his glasses lens, but Carolyn ended up finding it. Carolyn's email after the concert: "I can't believe I found that lens. I kept glancing down at the ground in hopes of seeing it, and then when I had finally given up, I noticed it by the guy-next-to-me's foot.. What are the odds??

      We turned around and were like, "Oh, I guess they left" heheeh... the drive for us didn't seem bad either... We waited around in the parking lot for awhile to wait for the traffic jam die down.

      Funny story, some random guy was walking around selling t-shirts... there was a group of 3 people (2 guys and a chick) in the car next to ours. One of the guys bought a t-shirt... then like 5 minutes later, he was like, "What??? this is a sweatshirt!" He was like "What the fuck? I held it before I bought it! It was like some magic trick!!" So finally he was like "I don't want this damn sweatshirt, I'll give it to you for $5". So I was like "Yeah, medium sweatshirt.. why the fuck not?" so I gave him my $5, he gave me the sweatshirt and walked back to his car.. I opened up the sweatshirt and was like, "This isn't even a ninja sweatshirt!!! It's some dumb sweatshirt!" It said "Tattooed mom" on it. I was like "That guy totally gipped me" but Clint wasn't going to stand for that.. He went back to the guy and then the girl (Who was pretty drunk herself) was like "WTF? That's my shirt!" Turns out, the shirt the guy bought was in the car alll along... he picked up his friends sweatshirt and totally freaked out about it... hil-AR-ious!! He was nice enough to give me my $5 buck and the girl got her sweatshirt back.

      That chick was funny too.. When Clint went up to them to talk, she was almost hitting on him it seemed... then she got somewhat beligerant when Clint was trying to get the $5 back.. The guy was nice about it, but the girl was like "Don't start with me!" and then at the end when Clint had the $5 and she had her sweatshirt, she was like, "Yeah, nice try" heheh..

      Anyway, awesome show!!!" Clint "Yea, she went from hitting on me, to trying to fight me, to being like "nice try, bro", and just not really making much sense, ahha. Then they had to physically pull her out of the driver's seat.. hehe."

      Nine Inch Nails:

      1. 1,000,000
      2. Letting You
      3. Sin
      4. March of the Pigs
      5. Something I Can Never Have
      6. Echoplex
      7. The Becoming
      8. Burn
      9. Gave Up
      10. La Mer
      11. Right Where It Belongs
      12. The Way Out Is Through
      13. Wish
      14. Survivalism
      15. Dead Souls (Joy Division cover)
      16. The Hand That Feeds
      17. Head Like a Hole
      18. Hurt
      Jane's Addiction:
      1. Three Days
      2. Whores
      3. Ain't No Right
      4. Pigs in Zen
      5. Then She Did...
      6. Up the Beach
      7. Mountain Song
      8. Been Caught Stealing
      9. Ocean Size
      10. Ted, Just Admit It...
      11. ENCORE: Summertime Rolls
      12. Stop!
      13. 1%
      14. Jane Says

    52. The Church. 20090629. State Theatre, Falls Church, VA. Clint's 2nd Church concert (1st in 19 years), Carolyn's first. Clint wore his 19-year-old tour shirt, which was ripped and bleach-stained and not generally fit for public display.
      20090628 - The Church at State Theatre - 1 - GEDC0178 - ticket stubs
      1. Tantalized
      2. Block
      3. Day 5
      4. North, South, East And West
      5. Happenstance
      6. After Everything
      7. Almost With You
      8. A Month Of Sundays
      9. Deadman's Hand
      10. Pangaea
      11. You Took
      12. Operetta
      13. Under The Milky Way
      14. Reptile
      15. ENCORE: An Interlude
      16. Space Savior
      17. Hotel Womb

      Blog post: HERE Songkick page: HERE

    53. Ween. 20090716. Ram's Head Live, Baltimore, MD. Awesome almost-3-hour show! I called out "Sorry Charlie", and then they played it! Got patted on the back for making a good call! Carolyn pushed her way to the 2nd row. Surrounded by hot chicks. Blessed by a concert angel who made things more enjoyable.
      1. Hebrew Song / opening Jam
      2. I Can't Put My Finger On It
      3. Transdermal Celebration
      4. The Grobe
      5. Gabrielle
      6. Bananas And Blow
      7. Learnin To Love
      8. She Fucks Me
      9. Even If You Don't
      10. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
      11. Porkroll Egg & Cheese
      12. Boy's Club (by request; briefer version)
      13. The Stallion Part 3
      14. Your Party
      15. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot (really stretched out)
      16. Object
      17. You Were The Fool (lots of intro/outro jamming)
      18. Zoloft (with Gene on tambourine, he threw it into the back of the crowd towards the end.)
      19. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
      20. Ohio
      21. Michael Jackson Tease (Claude/Glenn)
      22. Mononucleosis (all slowed-down and just done by Gene, as Dean was taking a potty break or something)
      23. Sorry Charlie
      24. Woman And Man
      25. Slow Down Boy ("dedicated to all you lovely people in Baltimore")
      26. The Beacon Light
      27. Booze Me Up And Get Me High
      28. Fiesta
      29. ENCORE: Touch My Tooter
      30. Fat Lenny (12m33s jam version)

      Blog post: HERE Songkick page: HERE Full show via bittorrent: HERE

    54. Voltaire. 20090815. The Loft, Washington, DC. Voltaire's appearance at the Summer Masquerade Ball. We got *two* setlists this time, including an autographed "aborted" setlist that was actually the same as the normal setlist, but he re-wrote it because it was too messy. We got to talk to Voltaire for quite a few minutes before AND after the show. This was the show that had all the topless girls up on stage. He kept getting distracted. At one point he let us vote: Star Trek, or Star Wars. Star Wars overwhelmingly won, unfortunately. Carolyn wondered how Voltaire knew Star Wars was going to win, because it was in the setlist.
      1. Death Death
      2. (Drinking? Sex?)
      3. X-Lover's Lover
      4. Comin Out For X-Mas
      5. Freakers Ball
      6. Zombie Prostitute
      7. Brains
      8. (Hair)
      9. Coin Operated Goi
      10. Happy Birthday
      11. Star Trek/Star Wars
      12. Cantina?
      13. Vampire Club
      14. ENCORE: When You're Evil

    55. KMFDM. 20090923. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Eli got in a car accident but still made it, and even managed to sell his extra ticket before going in -- I made him stick it out! haha. Went with Eli & Parthena. Met up with Darren & Debbie. Violent concert! Major mosh pit, even for songs you wouldn't expect. I yelled out in pain like 10 times from being slammed.
      1. D.I.Y.
      2. Bait & Switch
      3. Tohuvabohu
      4. Son Of A Gun
      5. Hau Ruck
      6. Looking For Strange
      7. Davai
      8. (Never Say Never was on the setlist, but Lucia messed up and started singing Potz Blitz, making everybody stop. Then, they just skipped right over it! Lucia said it was her birthday, and she could fuck up if she wanted to.)
      9. Potz Blitz
      10. Attak/Reload
      11. Saft Und Kraft
      12. Megalomaniac
      13. Light
      14. Free Your Hate (Lucia's mouth was very impressive during this)
      15. A Drug Against War
      16. ENCORE: World War III
      17. Adios
      18. Godlike

      Someone else's not-completely-accurate review: HERE --> Songkick page: HERE

    56. Dethklok. 20091031. Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA. Dethalbum II tour, but they only played 2 songs from Dethalbum II despite us spending a month learning the new album. The show seemed kind of quick, but it was still 14 songs. We arrived a bit early, and actually ended up eating dinner at the Patriot Center. Their beer is way too expensive! Since it was Halloween, Clint was an inmate and Carolyn was a cheerleader. This would be the second metal show where there were cheerleader pom poms done to metal! Kreator had their "Flag Of Hate" male cheerleaders on stage. And this time, Carolyn was doing her cheerleader-costume pom poms to Dethklok! For once, *we* got to be the annoying concert people! haha
      1. Deththeme
      2. Bloodlines
      3. Burn The Earth
      4. Hatredcopter
      5. Black Fire Upon Us
      6. Birthday Dethday
      7. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
      8. Dethsupport
      9. Awaken
      10. The Gears
      11. Murmaider
      12. Thunderhorse
      13. ENCORE: Go Into The Water
      14. Fansong

      Songkick page: HERE

    57. They Might Be Giants. 20091128. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. My 3rd TMBG show, Carolyn's 5th. 2 encores. The puppets were pretty damn awesome. "I used to have ears!" I liked the last show much better. Too many of their kid songs for an adult show. The confetti burst was pretty awesome. Ran into Kevin P & his girlfriend, Kevin's brother Michael P & his fiancee, and Joel & Kristen.
      1. Meet The Elements
      2. Subliminal
      3. Dig My Grave
      4. Cowtown
      5. Birdhouse In Your Soul
      6. Clap Your Hands
      7. Particle Man
      8. Damn Good Times
      9. Shoehorn With Teeth
      10. What Is A Shooting Star?
      11. Turn Around
      12. Hearing Aid
      13. Withered Hope
      14. Why Does The Sun Shine?
      15. Science Is Real
      16. My Brother The Ape
      17. Take Out The Trash
      18. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (The Four Lads cover)
      19. Where Your Eyes Don't Go
      20. They Might Be Giants
      21. ENCORE 1: Alphabet Of Nations
      22. Meet James Ensor
      23. Museum of Idiots
      24. ENCORE 2: Dead
      25. Mr. Me

      Songkick page: HERE Online review: HERE.

    58. The Pixies. 20091201. DAR Constitution Hall, Baltimore, MD. Doolittle 20th Anniversary Tour. We couldn't get tickets for the first night, but we managed to get tickets for the 2nd show, which was announced after the 1st show sold out 10 minutes into the pre-sale. Went with Evan, Jon, and their friend Lars. $18 parking! DAR Constitution Hall sucks at not even being able to tell anyone when anything starts or if there's even an opening band. Kim Deale was definitely off slightly during Debaser, but her Into The White was even more off, especially at the beginning... Maybe that's just artistic license.. Our friends didn't recognize the b-side songs, and we did. Haha! Our seats were more or less exactly where we sat for Ween. During Bailey's Walk, Francis seemed to skip "spin" for some reason. Tame was friggin' awesome. The videos they had behind them were pretty cool, though our view was obscured by the speakers. I hadn't thought about how "Dead" was about a miscarriage, or "Mr. Grieves" was about hanging oneself. The 2nd encore started with my 4 least favorite non-Doolittle songs that I've learned for the show, but then really picked up with Where Is My Mind? (Kim Deale: Not A Keyboard) and Gigantic, which I was really hoping they'd play.
      1. Dance the Manta Ray
      2. Weird At My School
      3. Bailey's Walk
      4. Manta Ray
      5. Debaser
      6. Tame
      7. Wave Of Mutilation
      8. I Bleed
      9. Here Comes Your Man
      10. Dead
      11. Monkey Gone To Heaven
      12. Mr. Grieves
      13. Crackity Jones
      14. La La Love You
      15. No. 13 Baby
      16. There Goes My Gun
      17. Hey
      18. Silver
      19. Gouge Away
      20. ENCORE 1: Wave Of Mutilation (UK Surf Mix)
      21. Into The White
      22. ENCORE 2: Isla De Encanta
      23. Broken Face
      24. Something Against You
      25. Vamos
      26. Where Is My Mind?
      27. Gigantic

      Onion AV Club review of the 1st show: HERE Songkick page: HERE

    59. Voivod/Kreator. 20100303. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Jaxx told us on repeated phone calls that Voivod would start at 10 -- but they started at 9. Very annoying. Came in and missed the whole set except for the last 3 songs, 2 of which we knew: Both from NothingFace: One a Pink Floyd cover, the song Astronomy Domine, which is the song that got me into Voivod based on their music video shown during Headbanger's Ball circa 1990. At least we got to see the whole Kreator set, but I've seen them 3 times now, and was more interested in Voivod. Jaxx does not communicate with peope, put useful information about start times on their website, or answer the phone with accurate information. It's like you HAVE to either stand around waiting forever, or miss something. At least we only missed 1 Nothingface song.
      2. Voivod (the song)
      3. Nothingface
      4. Ripping Headache
      5. Ravenous Medicine
      6. Overreaction
      7. Tribal Convictions
      8. Global Warming (first song WE saw)
      9. Missing Sequences
      10. Astronomy Domine (by Pink Floyd)
      12. Intro: Choir Of The Damned
      13. The Pestilence
      14. Hordes Of Chaos
      15. Phobia
      16. Enemy Of God
      17. Impossible Brutality
      18. Endless Pain
      19. Pleasure To Kill
      20. Terrible Certainty
      21. Extreme Aggression
      22. Coma Of Souls
      23. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
      24. Intro: The Patriarch
      25. Violent Revolution
      26. Demon Prince
      27. ENCORE: When The Sun Burns Red
      28. Flag Of Hate
      29. Tormentor

      Blog posting by Metal Chris: HERE Songkick page: HERE

    60. Megadeth/Testament. 20100315. 9:30 Club, Washington, MD. EPIC FUCKING CONCERT!!! Testament playing their best album, "The Legacy", in its entirety, followed by Megadeth playing their 3rd-best album "Rust In Peace" in its entirety. Haven't seen Testament in 20 years; have been a Megadeth fan for 22 yrs and never seen them. Chuck Billy plays mean air guitar on his mic stand! I moshed for the first time in ages. Shirtless, sweaty, drunken moshing during the closing climax of "Peace Sells". My shirt came off at the beginnign of Megadeth, haha. Amazing show! This was one of the best concerts in my life!!
      1. TESTAMENT: The Legacy: Over The Wall
      2. The Haunting
      3. Burnt Offerings
      4. Raging Waters
      5. C.O.T.L.O.D.
      6. First Strike Is Deadly
      7. Do Or Die
      8. Alone In The Dark
      9. Apocalyptic City

      1. MEGADETH: Set The World Afire
      2. Wake Up Dead
      3. In My Darkest Hour
      4. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
      5. Hangar 18
      6. Take No Prisoners
      7. Five Magics
      8. Poison Was The Cure
      9. Lucretia
      10. Tornado Of Souls
      11. Dawn Patrol
      12. Rust In Peace...Polaris
      13. Head Crusher
      14. Trust
      15. Symphony Of Destruction
      16. ENCORE: Peace Sells
      17. (during the outro, they played the end of Holy Wars...The Punishment Due again)

      Blog post: HERE Songkick page: HERE

      20100401 - blurry Voltaire setlist - (by Carolyn) - 23.01.16
    61. Voltaire. 20100401. Chief Ike's, Washington, DC. One-man acoustic Voltaire show. One thing I'd never seen: Him having to pull the plug due to noise ordinance. The closing "When You're Evil" wasn't just acoustic, it was unplugged. He walked into the crowd and walked around playing it on the guitar. Voltaire also sexually harassed me, hahaha. "Go for it, Clint!" I think I heard Jhn say from behind me, as Voltaire was bent over in front of me simulating anal sex. Haha. He also made fun of black metal lovers, then later saw John The Canadien's Celtic Frost shirt that I loaned him for the show, and said, "Uh oh, a black metal fan!" Hehe.
      1. Dead
      2. Death Death (Devil Devil Devil Devil Evil Evil Evil Evil Song)
      3. Zombie Prostitute (after talking about zombie walks everywhere)
      4. Day Of The Dead
      5. BRAINS (after talking about Danny Elfman narrating his new animation)
      6. Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)
      7. Hate Lives In A Small Town [not yet rel eased country song]
      8. All Women Are Crazy [not yet released country song]
      9. Comin' Out For Christmas
      10. U.S.S. Make Shit Up
      11. When You're Evil

      John's review: HERE --> Songkick page: HERE

    62. Freezepop. 20100406. Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC. 3rd time seeing Freezepop. Man, the Velvet Lounge is the worst venue ever. But at least the show was good. They have their QY70 again; there's a new member named Christmas, who's so friggin' cute it's ridiculous--it was her first tour night ever, in her life.; Sean P. Drinkwater walked into the crowd with his keytar, and made Carolyn hit a couple keys on it (then she recoiled); They played 3 new songs I'd never heard; Liz Enthusiasm was sick, and messed up a verse during one of the songs [but I don't fault her for it], Sean P. Drinkwater was playing with his new keytar, annoying the hell out of Liz, Even their old songs sounded better, as they seemed to have more complex arrangements: It was almost like hearing a new song.
      The best Freezepop concert was still their AnimeUSA show, where they had huge screens showing the band playing, and played to a room easily filled with 1000 or more people. Then they played at Chief Ike's, which I called the "smallest venue ever". But Velvet Lounge is even smaller than that! If they come back to AnimeUSA, I'm definitely going to see them there again, it was way more kick-ass than the other 2 tiny venus!
      1. Bike Thief
      2. Super Sprode
      3. Science Genius Girl
      4. Plastic Stars
      5. Stakeout
      6. Brainpower
      7. ENCORE: Less Talk More Rokk
      8. Get Ready 2 Rokk
      9. and closing with some Christmas song.

      Blog post: HERE Songkick page:

    63. The Church. 20100425. State Theatre, Falls Church, VA. An Intimate Space: 30th Anniversary Acoustic Tour. The Church plays one song from each album in reverse chronological order. GREAT IDEA! Show came with Deadman's Hand CD EP, and 26-page program. We got both of our programs autographed by Marty Willson-Piper.
      Clint's 3rd time seeing The Church; Carolyn's 2nd. We did not realize it was a sit-down show, so we had to sit in the balcony, as all tables were taken. Lots of banter, as usual. Steve Kilbey is almost like Voltaire with the in-between song banter. Someone yelled out to play Ladyboy -- and while they didn't, Steve remarked about Marty Willson-Piper's trip to Thailand, where he got a little bit more than he bargained for. Steve also talked about 10,000 Miles Away being written after him and Marty ate a bunch of pot brownies [I'm going to assume that was the case; he said it was stuff from Amsterdam that they ate.] Steve also talked about some cruelty to fish thing, where they went fishing, and he hung them up from trees and threw rocks at them. Or did he? He left enough plausible deniability in the story.
      Steve Kilbey did not venture into the front area after the show like he did last time, but Marty Willson-Piper did! Carolyn got one of the $25 tour shirts, but that was just too much for Clint, who already had a 1990 Gold Afternoon Fix Church shirt. Didn't wear it this time -- wore my S.O.D. shirt. At least 3 people recognized it and commented on it. I was surprised to see such metal recognition at a non-metal show. I did spend $25 -- but not on a shirt. I got one of the large Steve Kilbey art prints. It's a dude with psychedelic hair, a blue beard, eyes on his shirt, and electrcity coming out of his head. I like it more than anything else I've ever seen of Kilbey's art. Mulled over it for awhile, then finally got it. Will scan it later.
      The program back reads: "2 million and one albums! 6000 concerts, 4 drummers, 9 nervous breakdowns, 1 plane crash, 2 car crashes, 6 stolen guitars, 10 daughters, 3 sons, 21,003 broken guitar strings, 9,001 blisters, 13,947 arguments, 9 overdoses, 14 managers, 55 record companies and 3,752 moments of ever growing creative magic, The Church 30 years of heaven? Can you still dig it!!"
      Funny random thing: The stage had 2 plants on the sides, just like Zack Galafianakis's "Between Two Ferns" web series.
      1. Pangaea
      2. Space Needle
      3. Jazzy Reptile (jazz version of Reptile--very cool)
      4. Ionian Blues
      5. Unguarded Moment
      6. Appalatia (Peter sings)
      7. Invisible
      8. Louisiana
      9. Comedown
      10. My Little Problem
      11. Mistress (the turning point of the concert; every song past this is great)
      12. Metropolis
      13. Under the Milky Way
      14. Already Yesterday
      15. 10,000 Miles
      16. Fly
      17. Almost With You
      18. Tear It All Away
      19. ENCORE: Disarm (by Smashing Pumpkins) - Steve said they'd covered Reptile, so he figured it was safe to cover them :)
      20. Space Saviour
      21. Grind (killer version!)

      Songkick page: HERE

    64. Chemlab / 16 Volt / [Left Spine Down]. 20100519. Rock 'N' Roll Hotel, Washington, DC. We arrived while 16 Volt was playing. Our 2nd time seeing Chemlab. Met up with John, saw Lauren & Andy, got moshed into by Dana McIntosh, hung out afterward with JSun & John. Jared was totally crazy! Played 2 new songs, but mostly old stuff. Jared kicked John The Canadien in the forehead, haha. He also almost knocked Clint down by going all crazy and going into the crowd. Multiple times he had his microphone so far from the stage that random people in the crowd had to detangle themselves from the cord. At the end of the show, he totally spazzed out and stood on the bar, laid on the floor, etc, etc. For someone who is totally sober, he is one of the least sober acting frontmen I've ever seen perform live!
      1. Suicide Jag
      2. Exile On Mainline
      3. Pyromance
      4. Chemical Halo
      5. Solar Max [new song]
      6. Darkroom [new song]
      7. Vera Blue
      8. Blunt Force Trauma
      9. Codeine, Glue & You
      10. Summer Of Hate

      Songkick page: HERE

      20100924 - 0 - 0101 - Atari Teenage Riot @ The Sonar - Nic Endo, Clint, Alec Empire - (by Carolyn) - IMG_666 20100924 - 0 - 0119 - Atari Teenage Riot @ The Sonar - Clint, Nic Endo, poster - (by AE) - 5030899407_10af0b3004_o
    65. Atari Teenage Riot. 20100924. The Sonar, Baltimore, MD. OMG! Totally amazing show! Got to meet Alec Empire, Nic Endo, CX KiDTRONiK, and get all their autographs, and pictures with Nic Endo. AE drove us and John The Canadien up. Even by the time we got back at 2:30AM, Carolyn blew a 0.03, John a 0.06, and Clint a 0.09. CX KiDTRONiK talked about Thu Tran. Me & John both separately called him King Of The Universe, and he talked to us both separately about it. Alec Empire posed with a Hanson poster for AE. Nic Endo carries floppy discs and music equipment with her. I asked her what was on it, and she said, "A lot." Found cigarettes during the show too! SLACK!! One of the best concerts EVER!!! Ears still ringing the next day, everyone bruised and achy, walking hurts 36 hours later... Got to go on the stage during REVOLUTION ACTION, my favorite song ever! A shitton of people were on the stage then! Alec took note of my shirt, then said, "Oh, right," as if he should have realized it was a Misfits shirt, and/or simply approves of t-shirts showing presidential assassanations...
      1. Activate
      2. Into The Death
      3. No Remorse (I Wanna Die)
      4. Atari Teenage Riot
      5. Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture
      6. Sick To Death
      7. Deutschland (Has Gotta Die)
      8. Fuck All
      9. No Success
      10. Midijunkies
      11. Get Up While You Can
      12. Too Dead For Me
      13. U.S. Fade Out
      14. Speed
      15. Not Your Business
      16. Ghostchase
      17. Revolution Action (got up on stage)
      Blog post: HERE, courtesy of JtC Songkick page: HERE

      20101006 - Anthrax-Megadeth-Slayer concert - 0 - Clint, Carolyn - tour poster - (by Debbie) - 5072917165_591f0aef7d b
    66. Anthrax / Megadeth / Slayer. 20101006. 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD. First time I've seen Slayer in 12 years (2 total). Second time I've seen Megadeth this year (2 total). First time I've seen Anthrax. These 3 bands were some of the first albums (and metal shirts) that I ever owned! What an amazing lineup! I got a slayer pick!
      1. Caught In A Mosh
      2. Madhouse
      3. Antisocial (by Trust)
      4. Indians - we arrived in the middle of this
      5. A.I.R.
      6. Metal Thrashing Mad
      7. I Am The Law

      1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due - came back in in the middle of this
      2. Hangar 18
      3. Take No Prisoners
      4. Five Magics
      5. Poison Was The Cure
      6. Lucretia
      7. Tornado Of Souls [another video]
      8. Dawn Patrol
      9. Rust In Peace... Polaris
      10. Trust
      11. Head Crusher
      12. A Tout Le Monde
      13. Symphony Of Destruction
      14. Peace Sells
      15. Holy Wars - Reprise

      1. World Painted Blood
      2. Hate Worldwide
      3. War Ensemble [another video]
      4. Blood Red [another video]
      5. Spirit In Black
      6. Expendable Youth
      7. Dead Skin Mask
      8. Hallowed Point
      9. Skeletons Of Society [another video]
      10. Temptation
      11. Born Of Fire
      12. Seasons In The Abyss [another video]
      13. South Of Heaven
      14. Raining Blood [also in the 2nd half of this one]
      15. Aggressive Perfector
      16. Angel Of Death [another video]

      John's blog review: HERE.
      Metal Chris's review: HERE.
      Metal Chris's pictures: HERE.
      Tricia Weight review: HERE.
      Songkick page: HERE

    67. Triptykon [MISSED] (and 1349). 20101008. Otto Bar, Baltimore, MD. Tom Warrior's 3rd band, after Hellhammer and Celtic Frost. BUT WE HAD TO LEAVE BEFORE Triptykon started! So we only saw 1349. Who I don't even listen to. Not a great concert for us! John the Canadien's review: HERE Songkick page: HERE

    68. D.R.I.. 20101011. Jaxx, Springfield, VA. Got an autographed 4-page cool-font setlist, to replace my lost autograph from the 1991 show. Got a black shirt (skeleton with machine gun) with tour dates on back, to replace the shirt I got from the 1991 show that my mom turned pink in the laundry. Got a guitar pick from the bassist. Felt old: When mentioning the last show to kid next to me, him telling me he wasn't alive then. They said "We have beer and you don't", and then shared their beer with everyone. And they shared some Fritos or Corn Chips with people by the stage. Kurt Brecht was 30 when I saw them in 1991, and now he is 49. The drummer is his brother. The bassist joined the band in 1999, and seemed to be the one most happy to be there. He frequently went out into the crowd with his wireless bass, did the most of the talking, and convinced Kurt to come back on stage to perform a 2nd encore of the already-planned-to-be-played song 5 Year Plan. D.R.I. formed in 1982 when Kurt was 21. He is also now in a brand new thrash band called, Pasadena Napalm Division (P.N.D.). 20110717 - D.R.I. setlist from 20101011 (autographed) - 1 - widescreen edit - IMG_3204
      1. Snap
      2. I'd Rather Be Sleeping
      3. Problem Addict
      4. Acid Rain
      5. The Application
      6. How To Act
      7. Do The Dream
      8. Commuter Man
      9. Thrashard
      10. Who Am I?
      11. Slumlord
      12. Dead In A Ditch
      13. Stupid, Stupid War [improv song decision, played while bass player was restringing his broken 2nd string, the same day we just had a conversation about how hard it is to break bass strings]
      14. Suit And Tie Guy
      15. Mad Man [he informed us that his dad is now dead]
      16. Couch Slouch
      17. Equal People
      18. Yes Ma'am
      19. The Explorer
      20. Karma
      21. I Am The Liar
      22. Probation
      23. Argument Then War
      24. Wages Of Sin
      25. Dry Heaves [did they play this?]
      26. I Don't Need Society
      27. Soup Kitchen
      28. Coffin [did they play this?]
      29. Against Me
      30. Nursing Home
      31. Beneath The Wheel
      32. Violent Pacification
      33. Hooked
      34. Abduction
      35. 5 Year Plan

      Songkick page: HERE

      20101217 - Gene Ween solo show setlist - (by Carolyn)
    69. Gene Ween (one man show). 20101217. Black Cat, Washington, DC. A one-man Gene Ween show. No band this time, just Gene and an acoustic guitar. Definitely changed the dynamic completely. We were up front. People were 86'ed for being mistaken as smoking pot when they had not. The Stallion Part 3 was done in a higher key because he didn't feel like removing his capo. Buenes Tardes Amigo had live parts that I'd never heard before. He followed his own set list, except for the encore. He played Beacon Light instead of the first 2 songs he was going to play on the encore.
      1. She Wanted To Leave
      2. Chocolate Town
      3. Tried And True
      4. Keep Your Eye 2 The Sky
      5. I Don't Want To Leave You On The Farm
      6. The Stallion Pt. 3 [in a higher key than usual]
      7. The Mollusk
      8. Your Party
      9. So Long Jerry
      10. The Argus
      11. Flutes Of The Chi
      12. The Grobe
      13. Ooh Vah Lah
      14. Light Me Up
      15. I'll Miss You
      16. Baby Bitch
      17. What Deaner Was Talking About
      18. Spirit Walker
      19. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
      20. ENCORE: Beacon Light

      Songkick page:

    70. The Church. 20110213. Birchmere, Alexandria, VA. Future Past Perfect Tour 2011. Three decades in 3 Classic Albums: Untitled #23, Priest=Aura, & Starfish all performed in their entirety in one night! Sound had problems during first album, but they fixed it after a few songs. Marty changed guitars like 4 times in 1 song during the problems phase. They had some kid playing keyboards and/or extra guitar when various songs required it. Anchorage took like 7 people, including the blonde Asian chick I thought was a roadie at past shows, but is apparently also the female backup singer. She had a Asian-style fan, too. Marty is pretty cleaned up compared to last year. Expensive place, the Birchmere. Carolyn, Mark, & I split 3 items of food, but between a pitcher, 2 beers, and the food, we spent $90. Plus tickets and a CD Mark bought that was one of the 3 missing Church releases that I don't have. Brought my Destination 12-inch vinyl single but nobody came out for signing afterward; long long concert is tiring I guess. The songs alone add up to 2 hours and 40 minutes, not counting the intermission.
      1. Untitled #23: Cobalt Blue
      2. Deadman's Hand
      3. Pangaea
      4. Happenstance
      5. Space Saviour
      6. On Angel Street
      7. Sunken Sun
      8. Anchorage
      9. Lunar
      10. Operetta
      11. Priest = Aura: Aura
      12. Ripple
      13. Paradox
      14. Lustre
      15. Swan Lake
      16. Feel
      17. Mistress
      18. Kings
      19. Dome
      20. Witch Hunt
      21. The Disillusionist - FINALLY WITH A REAL ENDING! Because it fades out on the album...
      22. Old Flame
      23. Chaos
      24. Film (instrumental)
      25. Starfish: Destination
      26. Under The Milky Way
      27. Blood Money
      28. Lost
      29. North, South, East And West
      30. Spark
      31. Antenna
      32. Reptile
      33. A New Season
      34. Hotel Womb

      Songkick page: HERE
      Ticketmaster reviews: HERE

      20110526 - Goth Prom - (by Gus Troll) - 252213_1927797952384_1165232634_31960651_989926_n
    71. Voltaire. 20110526. Town, Washington, DC. Goth Prom. Talked with Voltaire a lot before the show. Got autographed Creepy Songs For Spooky Kids CD afterward. Hearing the new version of The Vampire Club with lyrics re-worked for Twilight brought tears to my eyes. Lotsa people up on stage near the end. Played a few new songs. Would have liked more of the older stuff though. And only 10 songs? Very short for a Voltaire show. Still great though!
      1. Death Death (Devil Devil Devil Devil Evil Evil Evil Evil Song)
      2. Zombie Prostitute
      3. Brains
      4. Hate Lives In A Small Town
      5. When You're Dead
      6. Riding A Black Unicorn Down The Side Of An Erupting Volcano While Drinking From A Chalice Filled With The Laughter Of Small Children
      7. The Dirtiest Song That Ain't
      8. Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)
      9. The Vampire Club (Twilight Version) -- brought me to tears
      10. When You're Evil

      Songkick page: HERE 20110526 - Goth Prom - Clint, Carolyn - (by Putz) - AIMG-1162

      20110917 - Atari Teenage Riot @ 930 Club - 0 - Clint, Nic Endo, Carolyn - (by AE) - 6304746420_311691e559_b
    72. Atari Teenage Riot. 20110917. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. (opening act: Otto Von Schirach) Got to talk to Nic Endo for like 30 minutes after the show! Yay! Got to sing in the mic.
      1. Activate
      2. The Only Slight Glimmer Of Hope
      3. Black Flags
      4. Shadow Identity
      5. Into The Death
      6. Atari Teenage Riot
      7. Sick To Death
      8. Rearrange Your Synapses
      9. Is This Hyperreal?
      10. Codebreaker
      11. Blood In My Eyes
      12. Speed
      13. Start The Riot
      14. Revolution Action (I got up on stage again)

      My pictures: HERE
      Other dude's pictures, show everyone on stage: HERE
      AE's pictures: HERE
      IndieRockerReviews review: HERE
      We Love Music review: HERE

      20110924 - ALL concert after Riot Fest - 2 - setlist (encore not played) - IMG_3610
    73. Descendents. 20110924. RiotFest East, Festival Pier at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA. Fireworks!! Dead Milkmen played prior. SetList.FM had me pretty well prepared, but "When I Get Home" was still a surprise track for me. In a way, this represents a full circle of my techno-music career. "I Like Food" was the first song I ever played or heard on a computer as a direct sample and not some midi/fake approximation. This was with my 386 and original SoundBlaster. The 15 second song was a huge, huge file for the time. People remarked remembernig I was the first person they ever knew who had an actual song on the computer. And now I finally get to see that song live! This is the set list
      1. Descendents
      2. Hope
      3. Rotting Out
      4. Silly Girl
      5. I Wanna Be A Bear
      6. Sour Grapes
      7. Pervert
      8. I'm The One
      9. I Don't Want To Grow Up
      10. Van
      11. Talking
      12. I Like Food
      13. My Age
      14. All-O-Gistics (with Milo's kids)
      15. Everything Sux
      16. Cleen Sheets
      17. Nothing With You
      18. When I Get Old
      19. Suburban Home
      20. Weinerschnitzel
      21. Get The Time
      22. Coffee Mug
      23. I'm Not A Loser
      24. ENCORE: Bikeage
      25. Thank You
      26. Coolidge

    74. All. 20110925 (1AM, really same night as previous concert). Theatre Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA. RiotFest East after party show. Fireworks!! Dead Milkmen played prior. Show started at 1AM. Very late. The encore written on the setlist was not permitted. It was really great how it was more Scott Reynolds-era ALL, which is my favorite era of ALL.
      1. Charligan (instrumental)
      2. Crazy
      3. Dot
      4. Fool
      5. Educated Idiot
      6. Carnage
      7. Crawdad
      8. Bubblegum
      9. Cyclops
      10. Copping Z
      11. Nothin'
      12. Breathe
      13. Box
      14. Wonder
      15. Mary
      16. Can't Say
      17. Frog
      18. Prison
      19. She's My Ex

    75. Rammstein. 20120425. 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, MD. Mother of god! Amazing show! Saw things I've never seen, not even at previous Rammstein concerts! The long catwalk that lowered so they could walk to stage. The tiny stage in the back that they crawled back to during Buck Dich. The red, white, and blue glittery graffiti that shot out during Amerika, twinkling in the lights like I'd never seen in my life. Feeling the heat, even from the very back corner of the show. Switching seats more than 5 times as people stood up, ultimately having a much better seat than the one we bought The crazy parking carage with a 3-story tall corkscrew that cars go down while people walk up.
      1. Sonne
      2. Wollt Ihr Das Bett In Flammen Sehen
      3. Keine Lust
      4. Sehnsucht
      5. Asche Zu Asche
      6. Feuer Frei!
      7. Mutter
      8. Mein Teil
      9. Du Riechst So Gut
      10. Links 2-3-4
      11. Du Hast
      12. Haifisch
      13. ENCORE 1: Buck Dich
      14. Mann Gegen Man
      15. Ohne Dich
      16. ENCORE 2: Mein Herz Brennt
      17. Amerika
      18. Ich Will
      19. Engel
      20. Pussy

      Youtube videos: [rokkrchk posted the whole concert] [1st song in HD] Songkick page: HERE

    76. D.R.I.. 20120513. Jaxx (now Empire), Springfield, VA. 30th Anniversary Tour. Only seemed to be about 50 people there. The band didn't seem to play as tight that night, with members seeming to accuse others of screwing up once, and Kurt seemingly missing an entire song by not knowing what it was. (Very possible when you're an audience member, but I didn't know it was possible when you were the band member.) These criticisms sound negative, but it was actually an excellent show! Not crazy about the moshers who like to hit the backs of people who aren't moshing. Being assaulted makes it a lot harder to enjoy the music, but that's the price you pay when you insist on standing front & center. Man their roadie was hot. Also, there was the guitarist's girlfriend on a cellphone on an amp the whole time, watching the concert from the back of the stage. That was interesting. I couldn't identify every song played. But here's a playlist, NOT complete OR in order
      1. Abduction
      2. Who Am I?
      3. Slumlord
      4. I'd Rather Be Sleeping
      5. Commuter Man
      6. Manifest Destiny
      7. Dead In A Ditch
      8. I Don't Need Society
      9. The Explorer
      10. Yes Ma'am
      11. Snap (right after I requested it!)
      12. Couch Slouch
      13. Mad Man
      14. Soup Kitchen
      15. Karma
      16. Nursing Home Blues
      17. How To Act
      18. Wages Of Sin (???)
      19. The Application
      20. Beneath The Wheel
      21. Acid Rain
      22. Argument Than War
      23. (********* a few songs I failed to identify when they happened *********)
      24. ENCORE: Violent Pacification
      25. (and 2-3 of the above songs)

    77. Screeching Weasel. 20120517. The Sonar, Baltimore, MD. Awesome show, but SO MUCH PUSHING. Jesus. And the crowdsurfers/stagedivers really had it in for us because we were front & center. Had 1 or 2 people basically dive directly into my face. Yes, I tried to punch them in the balls. Parking attendant took our money, made us move to a different space -- and it turns out it was handicapped (no mark on or in front of the space!) and was a $502 ticket! FUCK BALTIMORE. I'M DONE. 2 encores. Ben joked about how "14 months ago they said my career was over, and if this is over, then I want it to keep being over" My setlist is about 9 songs short, because I can't remember everything they played.
      1. Pauline(?)
      2. Slogans
      3. 99
      4. My Right
      5. Guest List
      6. Supermarket Fantasy
      7. My Brain Hurts
      8. Carnival Of Schadenfreude
      9. Totally
      10. Every Night
      11. Joanie Loves Johnny
      12. Dingbat
      13. The Science Of Myth
      14. Totem Pole
      15. Cindy Is On Methadone
      16. Ashtray
      17. Hey Suburbia
      18. Cool Kids
      19. This Ain't Hawaii

      20120604 - 0 - Danzig with Doyle at Fillmore - ticket stub
    78. Danzig w/ Doyle. 20120604. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. FINALLY DANZIG PLAYS SOME FUCKING MISIFTS SONGS! Baltimore has been avenged! But Christ is Danzig a whiny little bitch. Whining about the sound after the first song. Then talking about how he's coming down with the flu. A few songs in, he got really pissed at the sound guy. Worse than any musician I've ever seen. He walked over to the guy to yell at him for turning down his mic. But of course the guy has to turn down his mic when he walks up to the soundboard, because it would create feedback. Which would just make Danzig more mad. Which would make him walk back over to the soundboard. So not only was there aural feedback, but also ego feedback. At one point I yelled out at Danzig, "IT'S DEFINITELY NOT YOU!", to which everyone around me laughed.

      Basically, Danzig seemed disappointed with everybody (as usual), including the audience. At another point I yelled out, "DANZIG IS DISAPPOINTED IN ALL OF US!"

      . As a sign of our age, there was a kid with his parents next to us. What did I do? Go for eye contact with the kid during "I'll rape your mother today" Last Caress lyric. Classic :D

      That kid was like 7 or 8. Who brings a whiny kid to a concert? I heard his dad tell him he was acting like an old lady for complaining about being tired of standing.

      Sammy was there, though we didn't see him. We saw Ranch-Christian though. He seemed to recognize us, but maybe he's just friendly.

      It was a good show, though the Fillmore gets really crowded for big acts. 20120604 - 0 - Danzig with Doyle at Fillmore - ticket stub

      1. Skincarver
      2. Twist Of Cain (was 4th on setlist, I thought he was skipping 2 songs but he went back and did them)
      3. Hammer Of The Gods
      4. Rebel Spirits
      5. Her Black Wings
      6. Devil's Plaything
      7. How The Gods Kill
      8. Dirty Black Summer
      9. Death Comes Ripping (by The Misfits)
      10. Vampira (by The Misfits)
      11. Bullet (by The Misfits)
      12. I Turned Into A Martian (by The Misfits)
      13. Halloween (by The Misfits)
      14. Astro Zombies (by The Misfits)
      15. Last Caress (by The Misfits)
      16. Where Eagles Dare (by The Misfits) (or so I thought!)
      17. ENCORE 1: Bringer Of Death
      18. It's Coming Down
      19. Mother
      20. ENCORE 2: Long Way Back From Hell
      21. Skulls (by The Misfits) that's it! a 2 minute encore! shortest encore ever!)

      Songkick page: HERE

      20121015 - Primus at The Fillmore - ticket stub
    79. Primus. 20121015. Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. The most psychedelic concert I've ever gone to. 3-D CONCERT! Aren't all concerts 3-D? NO. THEY AREN'T. NOT LIKE THIS. 3 episodes of Popeye as an intermission! Including "I Yam What I Yam", which I said aloud while driving to work that morning. With no knowledge that I'd be seeing it that night! Played from 8:15PM-11:00PM, subtracting 18 minutes for 3 Popeyes is about 2.5 hrs of playing! Inflatable astronauts with projected video of an old guy inside... just looking around. The. whole. time. The huge balls flowing out, 3-D, hitting the mosh pit. Amazing stuff. 20121015 - Primus at The Fillmore - ticket stub
      1. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
      2. Moron TV
      3. American Life
      4. Over The Falls
      5. Hats Off
      6. Glass Sandwich
      7. Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
      8. My Name Is Mud
      9. Prelude To A Crawl
      10. Last Salmon Man
      11. {intermission: Popeye: I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski, I Yam What I Yam, Shoein' Hosses}
      12. Eyes Of The Squirrel
      13. The Return Of Sathington Willoughby
      14. Frizzle Fry
      15. Lee Van Cleef
      16. Jilly's On Smack
      17. Spaghetti Western
      18. Hamburger Train (instrumnetal)
      19. Hello Skinny (by The Residents)
      20. Pudding Time
      21. Harold Of The Rocks
      23. Tommy The Cat

      Songkick page: HERE

    80. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult. 20121022. Jaxx (now Empire), Springfield, VA. Best of the 3 shows we've seen, by virtue of being up and close and personal, and actually getting to SEE everything. Damn the blonde backup singer is adorable. And the black backup singer had the extended-duration nipslip. I thought it was weird that the drummer STOOD. Plenty o' bass drum -- was that all programming? And Mimi Star -- the bassist for this tour (or more?)... Just had this crazy, detached, drugged out, expressionless gaze into nothingness most of the time. But you could clearly tell that she was *in the zone*, not missing a single note, and possibly doing the most sustained & talented work of anybody in the band. Near the end the black backup singer got in her face, and she actually smiled. Up until that point we didn't think she *could* smile. Not knocking her. She was an awesome bassist and good performer. Just very different!
      1. A Daisy Chain 4 Satan (Remix)
      2. Sex On Wheels
      3. The Days Of Swine And Roses
      4. ENCORE: TITLE
      5. A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover... 'Cuz It's Hot
      6. Kooler Than Jesus

      20130318 - KMFDM at State Theatre - ticket stub - 0998
    81. KMFDM. 20130318. State Theatre, Falls Church, VA. We got pretty close to the front -- we were in the second row. After some rushing around to get the taxes finished, and going to Vicky's birthday dinner, we ended up with plenty of time. When Carolyn called the venue earlier, they said there was 1 opening band (the website said there were 2), and that KMFDM was going on sometime after 8:30. When we called after dinner, they said there were 2 opening bands, and KMFDM was going on after 9. KMFDM went on a little bit after 10. They played until after 11:45. When we got there, the first band was still playing, but they were close to finishing up. We hung around in the quiet room by the bathrooms until the 2nd band was about to go off. We saw Rachel and Erazuu Rauu there. They had come from Ohio. We also saw Richard AD, and met his friend Sharon. We saw the KFMDM chick go to the bathroom. JSun was also at the concert, and he ended up standing next to us up front. There was a little bit of moshing, but it didn't seem as violent as last time, but maybe that is because we were in front of it. There were points of people shoving into us from behind, but it wasn't a constant thing. Lucia was hot. Some pink-haired chick kept trying to fight her way to the front. She made it there eventually. Some disgusting greasy-haired dude kept shoving his fist into Clint's back. "How can he still be bumping into me if the music isn't even playing?" - Clint said during a brief break while the band was drinking water. Clint was getting close to wanting to attack him. During the encore, a HUGE FAT SWEATY DISGUSTING DUDE shoved in next to Carolyn and started swaying into her. He kept pushing to the left until she felt trapped and finally she pushed backwards and told Clint she didn't want to compete with him anymore. He was disgusting. So we went back over to the right, and Carolyn was holding Clint's hand when she was shoved from behind, which wrenched Clint's elbow a bit. When she turned around, she saw this guy giving her this really chilling look. It made her wonder if he had shoved her like that on purpose, and it wasn't a mosh surge at all... Puke in the parking lot on the way to our car. And some was even next to the driver's side door of the car. EWWW! Carolyn almost stepped in it. 20130318 - KMFDM at State Theatre - ticket stub - 0998
      1. D.I.Y.
      2. Amnesia
      3. Kunst
      4. Ave Maria
      5. Quake
      6. Free Your Hate
      7. Son Of A Gun
      8. Rebels In Kontrol
      9. Lynchmob
      10. Pussy Riot
      11. Krank
      12. Animal Out
      13. Tohuvabohu -- here's where the concert finally got as good as I wanted it to be
      14. Hau Ruck
      15. ENCORE 1: Sucks ((partial))
      16. I <3 Not
      17. Anarchy (with the guy from Legion Within singing)
      18. WWIII
      19. ENCORE 2: Megalomaniac
      20. A Drug Against War

      Songkick page: HERE

      20130704 - Voltaire at Empire - setlist - (by Carolyn) - 20130705_014625
    82. Voltaire. 20130704. Jaxx (now Empire), Springfield, VA. Some goth nite event, but Voltaire played from 12:30AM-1:30AM.
      1. Death Death (Devil Devil Devil Devil Evil Evil Evil Evil Song)
      2. Ex-Lover's Lover
      3. Mechanical Girl
      4. Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)
      5. The Dirtiest Song That Ain't
      6. Raised By Bats
      7. Captain's All
      8. It's Bigger On The Inside
      9. The Trouble With Tribbles
      10. When You're Evil

      20130918 2133 - D.O.A. concert at the Black Cat - setlist - 213358
    83. D.O.A.. 20130918. Black Cat, Washington, DC. Small show in Black Cat room I wasn't aware of.
      1. New Age
      2. Class War
      3. World War 3
      4. 2+2 [possibly one of the 3 or so songs that were skipped]
      5. He's Got A Gun [possibly one of the 3 or so songs that were skipped]
      6. D.O.A.
      7. General Strike
      8. Race Riot
      9. Human Bomb
      10. Atheist [possibly one of the 3 or so songs that were skipped]
      11. Woke Up Screaming
      12. Marijuana
      13. Liar For Hire
      14. Waiting For You
      15. America
      16. War
      17. The Enemy
      18. The Prisoner
      19. ENCORE:
      20. Fuck You
      21. We're Drivin' To Hell 'N' Back
      22. Fucked Up Ronnie
      23. Disco Sucks

    84. They Might Be Giants. 20131012. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. This was their Nanobots tour. It was awesome!
      1. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (The Four Lads cover)
      2. You're On Fire
      3. The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
      4. Don't Let's Start
      5. When Will You Die
      6. New York City (cub cover)
      7. Tesla
      8. Cloisonne
      9. Dr. Worm
      10. He's Loco (performed by The Avatars Of They)
      11. Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
      12. James K. Polk
      13. Damn Good Times
      14. How Can I Sing Like A Girl?
      15. Rabid Child
      16. Nanobots
      17. Circular Karate Chop
      18. Fingertips
      19. Letterbox
      20. The Mesopotamians
      21. ENCORE: Ana Ng
      22. Drink!
      23. ENCORE 2: Hell's Bells (partial)
      24. Birdhouse in Your Soul

    85. Gwar. 20131117. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. John The Canadien went with us. We got even closer than last time. Sooooo much blood! We got a bit of splashing at the beginning, and then we kept moving closer and closer. During Pre-Skool Prostitute, it was absolutely drenching us with the stuff! Clint kept spitting it out, but he couldn't spit faster than his mouth was filling up. Carolyn kept her eyes closed the entire song because she didn't want the stuff to get into her eyes (she has the Lasik, so her eyes are a huge investment that she wants to take care of.) Clint turned a white washcloth and a deodorant pink this morning. They had to reuse their puppets. Oderus: "What's Vanilla Ice doing here?" "I'm Justin Beiber!" They had a bug-like creature that Clint kept saying reminded him of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. They brought out the "new" pope and killed him anyway, even though he was kind of cool.

      John's review: I'd add Oderus saying the Redskins will never win a Super Bowl, unless they change their name. it seemed to me as tho the vocal mix was a bit off at times, and maybe that was by design, b/c Oderus sounded like he had been drinking before the show. several times he either sang the wrong lyrics or just omitted them completely. I think he also said something to the effect of "this is a song about...wait, what song are we playing?" I can't remember for which song it was tho. I had to cover my face, as blood was splashing in my mouth, while I was singing along to Pre-Skool Prostitute. my glasses also fogged up a coupla times. can't forget the guy who was out of costume, wearing a loincloth, and clearing off props on-stage, while the band was still playing.

      1. Madness At The Core Of Time
      2. The Salaminizer
      3. Hate Love Songs
      4. Hail, Genocide!
      5. Metal Metal Land
      6. Bring Back The Bomb
      7. Pre-Skool Prostitute
      8. The Swallowed The Sun
      9. Ham On The Bone
      10. Jack The World
      11. Bloodbath
      12. Let Us Slay
      13. Torture
      14. Battle Maximus
      15. Happy Death Day
      16. Sick Of You
      17. Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car
      18. Baba O' Riley

      20131119 - Slayer concert - (by Metal Chris) - setlist - 10971449345_5d383da303_o
    86. Slayer. 20131119. Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. Slayer was cool. Carolyn got lost on the way there, but she really doesn't understand how she managed that. The directions are so easy! Take the Colesville Road exit, and drive until you see it, and look for Fenton Street to get to the parking garage. Somehow she ended up on Georgia Ave and there was no explaining what happened. It was like we teleported. We got there a bit early though, so there was no issue on time. Traffic wasn't too bad, either. We used the coat check since it was pretty chilly and we didn't want to walk in the cold. We saw Brad D. in the bathroom/coat check area, and then we all moseyed upstairs, but immediately lost Brad. We ended up on the left side near the bar, but not too far back. It was absolutely packed! We ended up in a major thoroughfare area, so that was annoying. At one point, Clint tried to lift Carolyn up so she can see the wheelchair moshing. She didn't know what Clint was saying so she had no idea what he was doing or what she should be looking for, so she totally missed it. It was a guy in his wheelchair surfing the crowd. Later on, Carolyn said to Clint, "Hey, there's a wheelchair over there!" and Clint said that was what he tried to point out earlier. When Carolyn saw it, it was a wheelchair surfing the crowd, with a guy behind the chair riding the crowd, but it looked like he had fallen out of the chair. Carolyn didn't see how it resolved and barely got more than a fleeting glance.
      1. Hell Awaits
      2. The Antichrist
      3. Necrophiliac
      4. Mandatory Suicide
      5. Captor Of Sin
      6. War Ensemble
      7. Postmortem
      8. Altar Of Sacrifice
      9. Jesus Saves
      10. At Dawn They Sleep
      11. Die By The Sword
      12. Spirit In Black
      13. Hallowed Point
      14. Seasons In The Abyss
      15. Strike Of The Beast (Exodus cover)
      16. Dead Skin Mask
      17. Raining Blood
      18. Black Magic
      19. South Of Heaven
      20. Angel Of Death

    87. Kreator. 20131122. Jaxx (now Empire), Springfield, VA. We saw Kreator at Jaxx again. Lots of crowd surfing. Carolyn got knocked by one so she crouched down and he kind of floated down on top of her, and Clint was pissed because he thought the guy was holding onto Carolyn and wouldn't let go. Pretty entertaining, but it was the worst of the 3 shows we saw this week (Gwar, Slayer, and Kreator.)
      1. approximate setlist:
      2. Phantom Antichrist
      3. From Flood into Fire
      4. Enemy of God
      5. Phobia
      6. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)
      7. Civilization Collapse
      8. Voices of the Dead
      9. Extreme Aggression
      10. People of the Lie
      11. Death to the World
      12. Coma of Souls / Endless Pain
      13. Pleasure to Kill
      14. Paranoia was definitely on the list
      15. ENCORE: Violent Revolution
      16. United in Hate
      17. Betrayer
      18. Flag of Hate / Tormentor

    88. Rob Zombie. 20131127. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Did Rob Zombie channel Clark Kent from a parallel universe? He changed clothes so many times and I didn't even notice ever. Huge balloons were launched into the audience. Rob Zombie danced inside the audience while the guitar solo was going on. Carolyn said, "What is everyone looking at?" and Clint replied, "Rob Zombie." Very crowded due to it being a sold-out show.
      1. Intro
      2. Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown
      3. Superbeast
      4. Scum of the Earth
      5. Living Dead Girl
      6. The Star-Spangled Banner (John Stafford Smith cover)
      7. We're an American Band (Grand Funk Railroad cover)
      8. Drum Solo
      9. More Human Than Human (White Zombie song)
      10. Meet the Creeper
      11. Sick Bubble-Gum
      12. House of 1000 Corpses
      13. Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
      14. Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover) (partial)
      15. Thunder Kiss '65 (White Zombie song)
      16. Guitar Solo
      17. Lords of Salem
      18. ENCORE: Dragula

    89. NOFX. 20131206. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. Okay... That NOFX concert was actually more visceral and violent than Slayer band or Gwar. (But not Atari Teenage Riot?). Got knocked down multiple times. Never seen those many people fall at once in any concert - A whole 'nother row or two of peeps fell on top of us (and my face). Didn't stop me from running into the thick of it during Linoleum. In a separate incident Carolyn (after her, Vicky Somma, and I got separated by impossible kinetic forces) got dogpiled by 2 stagedivers at once, only to have someone pull her out. Brian Baker, founding member of Minor Threat band and AND Samhain AND Dag Nasty / Bad Religion guitarist / The MeatMen member / Government Issue member / dude who turned down a membership offer from R.E.M. -- came on and played a song with the band. NoFX claimed Dave Brockie (i.e. Oderus Urungus, lead singer of GWAR, Holliston TV Show cast member, Fox News correspondent) was at the show and in the mosh pit. Hot brunette 19yo girl at her first punk rock show ever said she would have guessed I was 22yo... You're drunk and just threw up in the bathroom, but thank you. 2 beers per person maximum? WAT?? So for the 2nd time ever I got beer for a stranger at a show, but for the 1st time ever the person was over 21. Apparently this granted me some karma because 1) quickest beer served in any establishment in my life, 2) found a whole pack of Newports on the floor on the way out - probably like the 5th pack of ciggies i've gotten from coincert floors. Don't know why this keeps happening. Probably because I drink water bottles from the floor after shows cause i'm so dehydrated i don't care.. so I'm already looking down. Only complaint is I liked the setlist better at the show 3 yrs ago, but fuck it: Slightly less awesome is an expected variance when seeing a band multiple times. Carolyn's comments: Awesome concert!!! I think I'm going to be sore tomorrow, since I am already sore. Getting knocked to the ground up front was intense. I got knocked down when 2 crowd-surfers converged, and then immediately was surrounded and couldn't get enough bearing to pick myself up without being knocked down again. Suddenly, I saw a hand reaching for me, so I grabbed it, and the guy totally pulled me out of the mayhem! Crazy! There was a blind guy in the audience, and another guy in a wheelchair (like the Slayer concert.) The drunk 19-year-old who thought Clint was 22 also spilled beer all over me. She and her boyfriend were so apologetic about it, and I was just like, "That's ok, it's a concert!!" But then they were still so concerned about it that I said, "It's not like it's puke." Then I was like, "Wait, was this puke!?!" The boyfriend said, "it's only beer." Later, in between bands before NOFX went on, the girl came back and said she threw up in the bathroom. Vicky was like "Umm, is she going to throw up again?" I said that the girl probably got it out of her system, and wasn't continuing to drink so it was unlikely. Then Vicky said, "If I wanted to be thrown up upon, I would have stayed home with my children."
      1. 60%
      2. 72 Hookers
      3. Murder The Government
      4. I Wanna Be an Alcoholic
      5. Franco Un-American
      6. I Believe in Goddess
      7. Perfect Government (Mark Curry cover)
      8. Six Pack Girls
      9. We March to the Beat of Indifferent Drum
      10. The Decline
      11. We Called It America
      12. Eat the Meek
      13. Fuck the Kids
      14. Linoleum
      15. The Separation of Church and Skate
      16. Reagan Sucks
      17. ENCORE: Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
      18. Ronnie and Mags
      19. Bottles to the Ground
      20. Kill All the White Man

    90. Pixies. 20140126. Strathmore, Bethesda, MD. Soo many songs! New Kim Deale replacement! She's decent. At first I thought she just sounded baad, but then I warmed up to her. Or maybe she warmed up in general. She frickin' nailed a lot of the backing later on, making me appreciate old songs in new ways. Unfortunately, some technical problems with the backing vocals not being present during the first half of Bagboy.
      1. Bone Machine
      2. Wave Of Mutilation
      3. U-Mass
      4. Head On (The Jesus and Mary Chain cover
      5. Magdalena
      6. Cactus
      7. Gouge Away
      8. Bagboy
      9. What Goes Boom
      10. Monkey Gone To Heaven
      11. Crackity Jones
      12. Isla De Encanta
      13. Havalina
      14. Velouria
      15. Silver Snail
      16. Mr. Grieves
      17. Nimrod's Son
      18. Vamos
      19. Indie Cindy
      20. Here Comes Your Man
      21. La La Love You
      22. Brick Is Red
      23. Ed Is Dead
      24. Motorway To Roswell
      25. In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
      26. Andro Queen
      27. Greens And Blues
      28. Where Is My Mind?
      29. ENCORE: Caribou
      30. Debaser
      31. Hey
      32. Ana
      33. Planet Of Sound

    91. Primus. 20140629. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. First stand-up concert without custom orthotics in my boots, and damn was that a mistake. Also had a lot of dental pain from my traumatic ulcer, which I cut open with a swiss army knife after the show.
      1. SET 1: Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
      2. Fisticuffs
      3. Moron TV
      4. American Life
      5. Over the Falls
      6. Lee Van Cleef
      7. The Toys Go Winding Down
      8. My Name Is Mud
      9. Over the Electric Grapevine
      10. (Cosmic Highway tease)
      11. SET 2: Eyes Of The Squirrel
      12. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
      13. Southbound Pachyderm
      14. Jilly's On Smack
      15. Mr. Krinkle
      16. Drum Solo
      17. Drum And Whamola Jam
      18. Eleven
      19. Del Davis Tree Farm
      20. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
      21. (On The Fretted Six)
      22. Groundhog's Day
      23. ENCORE: Frizzle Fry

      Songkick page: HERE

      20141003 - setlist - Freeman - Rock N Roll Hotel
    92. Freeman (Gene Ween of Ween with new band). 20141003. Rock N Roll Hotel, Washington, DC. Saw my ex-co-worker Mark! Incredible keyboardist. We got to be right up front. Carolyn was wearing her huge platform boots, but they were unnecessary. They didn't hurt her. The only issue she had was when she stumbled and stepped on the person-behind-her's foot. Oops. 20141003 - Ween - Transdermal Celebration (excerpt) (live) (20141002) (by Mark U) (fixed) (568x320) (h264).mov
      1. Cops Are Coming
      2. All The Way To China
      3. Transitions (Ween song)
      4. Exactly Where I'm At (Ween song)
      5. More Than The World
      6. Black Bush
      7. Your Party (Ween song) (very different with keyboard and no sex, best keyboard soloing I've seen in my life)
      8. Demon Sweat (Ween song)
      9. El Shaddai
      10. Stay Forever (Ween song)
      11. Buckingham Green (Ween song)
      12. Freedom Of '76 (Ween song)
      13. The Stallion Pt. 3 (Ween song) (request; Gene only)
      14. Morning Glory (Ween song) (30 seconds / hints only / Gene only)
      15. Mountains And Buffalo (Ween song)
      16. Golden Monkey
      17. (For A While) I Couldn't Play My Guitar Like A Man
      18. ENCORE: Transdermal Celebration (Ween song)
      19. ENCORE (not played, but on the setlist): The Grobe
      20. ENCORE (not played, but on the setlist): Never Take The Place

    93. King Diamond. 20141013. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD Saw Radha after the show was over. JSun & John The Canadien were also there, but we didn't see them. Awesome show! Very theatrical! That girl was really good at dancing like a grotesque puppet.
      1. The Candle
      2. Sleepless Nights
      3. Welcome Home
      4. Never Ending Hill
      5. Let It Be Done
      6. The Puppet Master
      7. At The Graves
      8. Tea / Digging Graves / A Visit From The Dead
      9. Evil (Mercyful Fate cover)
      10. Come To The Sabbath (Mercyful Fate cover)
      11. Shapes Of Black
      12. Eye Of The Witch
      13. Cremation
      14. The Family Ghost
      15. Black Horsemen
      16. Insanity

      Metal Chris's Blog post including photos: HERE

      20141031 - Samhain - setlist with autographs - (by Elizabeth Bouras) - 1377984_10153312950958709_8008417546616476239_n
    94. Samhain. 20141031. The Howard Theatre, Washington, DC Chris Hanners went with us. He was with us at the Misfits/Gwar show back in 1999 or 2000. We also reminisced about what other shows we've been to with him. We saw Voltaire and Rammstein at Nation with him. Radha & John The Canadien were supposed to be there, but we didn't see them. We texted after the show, and John The Canadien responded that he was about to go to sleep, so it didn't sound like he was at the show. They didn't allow cameras, so security told us that if they saw a cell phone at all, you'd be thrown out. And they were serious. They were constantly shining flash lights into the crowd to single out cellphone users to the bouncers. It was so distracting and annoying. Some guy behind us finally started yelling at them to turn the lights off so we could enjoy the show.

      Danzig was really mean to his guitarist. "I hate playing guitar on stage because I like to jump around and shit, but I have to play this song so it doesn't sound like shit." Something like that... It was really mean... that guitarist was right there, man.

      At the end, the band members were throwing their sweaty, fake-bloody towels at the crowd. When Danzig threw his, the crowd shoved in and ended up creating a domino effect that knocked everyone back over, and this poor girl fell into Carolyn, knocking Carolyn over, boucing off of Carolyn, and hitting her head really hard on the floor. Bouncers were checking on her and other bouncers were trying to find out if Carolyn was ok, but Carolyn was just like, "I was knocked over, she's the one who's hurt." They asked if Carolyn could stand up, and that's when she realized she did need their help a bit, because of her huge-ass platform boots. She likes her boots a lot.

      Carolyn swears Danzig was chewing gum a couple of times. "That's so dangerous!"

      1. Initium
      2. Samhain
      3. Black Dream
      4. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun
      5. Macabre
      6. He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named
      7. The Shift
      8. The Howl
      9. Horror Biz
      10. Archangel
      11. Misery Tomb
      12. I Am Misery
      13. Unholy Passion
      14. All Hell
      15. To Walk The Night
      16. November's Fire
      17. Kiss of Steel
      18. Halloween II
      19. Mother Of Mercy
      20. ENCORE: Let The Day Begin

      Metal Chris's Blog post including photos: HERE

    95. The Church. 20150309. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Probably the worst of the 5 Church shows I've seen, both in setlist and acoustics. But still great. Amazing You Took, surprising The Dissillusionist. First time without Marty Willson-Piper. Saw with Amber.
      1. Is This Where You Live?
      2. Delirious
      3. Laurel Canyon
      4. Operetta
      5. Myrrh
      6. Toy Head
      7. Vanishing Man
      8. Metropolis
      9. Sealine
      10. The Disillusionist
      11. Old Flame
      12. Lightning White
      13. Block
      14. Under The Milky Way
      15. Miami
      16. ENCORE: Day 5
      17. Reptile

      20150424 - They Might Be Giants - ticket stub - They Might Be Giants - 20150424
    96. They Might Be Giants. 20150424. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. Sold out show. They opened for themselves. Fake phone calls from Mama They Might Be Giants and Papa They Might Be Giants. Some songs we only had 1-2 days to learn because Glean was just released.
      1. SET 1: Can't Keep Johnny Down
      2. Music Jail, Pt. 1 & 2
      3. The Mesopotamians
      4. Answer
      5. Number Three
      6. Bills, Bills, Bills (bu Destiny's Child)
      7. When Will You Die
      8. Older
      9. Madam, I Challenge You To A Duel
      10. Damn Good Times
      11. Man, It's So Loud In Here
      12. 32 Footsteps
      13. The Famous Polka
      14. Doctor Worm
      15. Let Me Tell You About My Operation
      16. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (by The Four Lads)
      17. SET 2: You're On Fire
      18. The Guitar
      19. Cyclops Rock
      20. Underwater Woman
      21. Alphabet Of Nations
      22. Call You Mom
      23. Authenticity Trip
      24. James K. Polk
      25. I Palindrome I
      26. Erase
      27. Why Does The Sun Shine? (by Tom Glazer)
      28. Dead
      29. Birdhouse In Your Soul
      30. ENCORE 1: Fingertips
      31. Ana Ng
      32. ENCORE 2: Robot Parade

    97. Testament. 20150428. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. Great show streamed to Yahoo live, so I got to get a copy of the stream in 720p when I got home. It looks VERY good. All songs from the first 3 albums. Really, except for "Practice What You Preach", all songs from the first TWO albums.
      1. Over The Wall
      2. The Haunting
      3. Burnt Offerings
      4. Raging Waters
      5. The Preacher
      6. Do Or Die
      7. First Strike Is Deadly
      8. A Day Of Reckoning
      9. Apocalyptic City
      10. Eerie Inhabitants
      11. The New Order
      12. Trial By Fire
      13. Into The Pit
      14. Alone In The Dark
      15. C.O.T.L.O.D.
      16. Practice What You Preach
      17. Disciples Of The Watch

    98. Ministry. 20150505. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. After their "final" tour in 2008, it's good to see them 7 years later! I guess it wasn't so final after all! Seeing Ministry for the 4th time was pretty damn awesome, but surprisingly, I enjoyed Testament and TMBG more. Al just seems tired. And it seems like he doesn't do much, live. Even 10 years ago he needed printouts of the lyrics to his most popular and successful songs. Was really happy to see Al's appearance giving the weather in El Pasa on local TV incorporated into the show, especially as we had watched it the night before. It was a bit annoying that the show could be summed as "lots of 2nd-wave Ministry songs that weren't as good", followed by "3 great Ministry songs what everyone came to hear" followed by "musical masturbation and the worst closing song of any concert in my life". Cause they closed with a song I banned at home. It's literally a bunch of noise designed to be annoying. The band wasn't even on stage. Lame.
      1. Hail to His Majesty (Peasants)
      2. Punch in the Face
      3. PermaWar
      4. Perfect Storm
      5. Fairly Unbalanced
      6. Rio Grande Blood
      7. Señor Peligro
      8. Waiting
      9. Worthless
      10. Watch Yourself
      11. Life Is Good
      12. N.W.O.
      13. Just One Fix
      14. Thieves
      15. So What
      16. ENCORE: Khyber Pass
      17. Enjoy the Quiet

      20150724 - Screeching Weasel concert - promo poster - 11539063_1054729807884280_3159193542294890959_o
    99. Screeching Weasel. 20150724. The Howard Theatre, Washington, DC. We got to see Screeching Weasel again! This show was awesome, though Clint said he enjoyed the Baltimore show more, but Fuck Baltimore nowadays. (Fun fact, the Screeching Weasel Baltimore show was when we got that bullshit $500 parking ticket and had to go to court to get it knocked down to $100 and that is why we are done with Baltimore.) Ben Weasel seems grateful that he still has fans and an audience to play to.
      1. I'm Gonna Strangle You
      2. Slogans
      3. Queen Kong
      4. Dingbat
      5. Veronica Hates Me
      6. Guest List
      7. Supermarket Fantasy
      8. My Right
      9. I Wrote Holden Caulfield
      10. Il Tremendo Fantasma (Baby Fat Overture)
      11. So Long, Mojo
      12. Things Aren't So Bad After All
      13. I've Got VD
      14. Kewpie Doll
      15. Sleeping Beauty
      16. Totally
      17. Ashtray
      18. The First Day Of Summer
      19. Hey Suburbia
      20. 99
      21. I Can See Clearly Now (by Johnny Nash)
      22. The Science of Myth
      23. Joanie Loves Johnny
      24. ENCORE: Cindy's On Methadone
      25. This Ain't Hawaii
      26. Frankengirl
      27. My Brain Hurts
      28. What We Hate
      29. Cool Kids

    100. KMFDM. 20150731. State Theatre, Falls Church, VA We saw KMFDM again! There are a lot of concerts that are happening in a short time, but KMFDM didn't have any new stuff that we had to learn real quick, and Clint looked at the setlists and we already knew most of the songs that they are playing. It was a great concert. We got to be pretty close up front on the left side. There was a fight in the mosh pit right behind Clint. Carolyn saw the after math where they were getting in each other faces and their friends were jumping between them trying to keep them apart. Security had to intervene and escort them away. There was this girl who got right up front, but she didn't move at all. She was perfectly still the whole time just staring at the band. Like, not even a head bob to the music! So weird. We saw Joe R. He commented that it's been 5 years since we've seen him, and then we moved on. We also saw Andy H in the mosh pit, and a bit after the show. We saw Parthena and Eli after the show also and talked to them for awhile while getting our D&D character sheets back from them.
      1. Money
      2. Light
      3. Ultra
      4. Rebels In Kontrol
      5. Tohuvabohu
      6. Shake The Cage
      7. Son Of A Gun
      8. Last Things
      9. Brainwashed
      10. Animal Out
      11. Terror
      12. Salvation
      13. Megalomaniac
      14. WWIII
      15. Amnesia
      16. Hau Ruck
      17. A Drug Against War
      18. ENCORE: Waste
      19. Adios
      20. Godlike

    101. Dean Ween Group. 20150827. 9:30 Club, Washington, DC. This show was awesome!!! Sooooooo many awesome song choices! 3 out of 4 band members were barefoot. Smell of weed everywhere. John and Amber saw it with us. John wanted them to play Big Jilm, but he almost didn't realize when it was on. Neither he nor Clint recognized it until I pointed it out to them and the groupie fixed the microphone that was pointed at the speaker.
      1. Dickey Betts aka Allman Sunset
      2. Piss Up A Rope (Ween cover)
      3. Don't Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy) (Ween cover)
      4. Transdermal Celebration (Ween cover)
      5. Chuggin'
      6. With My Own Bare Hands (Ween cover)
      7. Garry
      8. It's Gonna Be A Long Night (Ween cover)
      9. Booze Me Up And Get Me High (Ween cover)
      10. Help Me Scrape The Mucus Off My Brain (Ween cover)
      11. Buckingham Green (Ween cover)
      12. The AIDS Song (Ween cover)
      13. She Fucks Me (Ween cover)
      14. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down) (Ween cover)
      15. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony? (Ween cover)
      16. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot (Ween cover)
      17. Did You See Me? (Ween cover)
      18. Sorry Charlie (Ween cover)
      19. Roses Are Free (Ween cover)
      20. Superstar (Carpenters cover)
      21. ENCORE: Put The Coke On My Dick (Ween cover)
      22. Big Jilm (Ween cover)
      23. The Rainbow aka Homo Rainbow

    102. Babes In Toyland. 20151024. Black Cat, Washington, DC. Great damn show! Probably the highest ratio of girls of any show I've gone to. I didn't realize just how much they come off like the Pixies live - more so than Nirvana [not that i've seen Nirvana live] - I always thought "Babes In Toyland remind me of Hole which reminds me of Nirvana who 'ripped off' The Pixies sound dynamics" ... but now I think "Babes In Toyland straight up remind me of the Pixies, if the Pixies were aggressive in every song". Saw Glen there, alone, haha.... He looked like shit. Acknowledged each other but did not talk. Carolyn's thoughts: Awesome concert! It was about time we got to see them. Lots of chicks in the audience. At least 2 lesbian couples. Saw Glen was there, yuck.
      1. He's My Thing
      2. Bluebell
      3. Ripe
      4. Spit To See The Shine
      5. Oh Yeah
      6. Bruise Violet
      7. Right Now
      8. Swamp Pussy
      9. Won't Tell
      10. Drivin'
      11. Ariel
      12. Handsome & Gretel
      13. Spun
      14. Pearl
      15. Vomit Heart
      16. Sweet '69
      17. ENCORE: Dust Cake Boy

      20160213 - Voivod concert at Black Cat - Chewy's pick - front + back (diptych)
    103. Voivod. 201602135. Black Cat, Washington, DC. Good show. We were pretty close to the front. There was some moshing. Carolyn has a new appreciation for watching guitar players now that she's been learning how to play guitar using Rocksmith. That guy's pinky was like a whole other finger. Clint got a pick from the guitarist at the end.
      1. Ripping Headaches
      2. Tribal Convictions
      3. Overreaction
      4. Kluskap O'Kom
      5. Inner Combustion
      6. Post Society
      7. Killing Technology
      8. The Prow
      9. We Are Connected
      10. Psychic Vacuum
      11. Forever Mountain
      12. Voivod
      13. Astronomy Domine
      14. ENCORE: Order Of The Blackguards

    104. The Church. 20160414. The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA. They played The Blurred Crusade in its entirety, plus another set of other songs. We tried to save some money by only buying appetizers, so we had mozzarella sticks and nachos. It was everything Carolyn thought it would be! It was awesome! We got seats right next to the stage and it was a great vantage point. Carolyn managed to snag the first setlist from one roadie when Clint told her to check out Peter Koppes' trippy guitar pedal. Then Carolyn told Clint he was in a good position to take a sneak peak at the second half of the setlist which was on the roadie's station behind Clint. Clint asked the roadie if he can take a picture of the second setlist, and the roadie just gave it to him. The second set hadn't even started yet and that roadie gave away his setlist. Why did he even have it? Carolyn found that weird, but nice. Carolyn thinks the girl next to her was jealous that we got the setlist, but she'll just have to learn how to get setlists on her own.
      1. The Blurred Crusade: Almost With You
      2. When You Were Mine
      3. Fields Of Mars
      4. An Interlude
      5. Secret Corners
      6. Just For You
      7. A Fire Burns
      8. To Be In Your Eyes
      9. You Took
      10. Don't Look Back
      11. Life Speeds Up (the b-side of 'Almost With You' single)
      12. Set #2: Block
      13. Toy Head
      14. Metropolis
      15. Laurel Canyon
      16. Sealine
      17. Operetta
      18. Delirious
      19. Under The Milky Way
      20. Reptile
      21. ENCORE: Hotel Womb
      22. Miami

    105. NOFX. 20160430. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. This concert wasn't quite as chaotic as the last show, but that could be becasue we went up into the balcony to watch it. Vicky & Ryan were also coming, and Carolyn texted them that we were checking out the balcony. Vicky & Ryan were running late because Ryan fell asleep, and Carolyn felt her phone vibrate. She thought it was soon after they had started, but when Clint asked what time they got there, Carolyn looked at the phone, and they had actually gotten there at 10:29pm. They had missed more of the concert than Carolyn had originally thought. Fat Mike said he was hung over from last night and said he felt like shit. But he was still jumping around and seemed to have a lot of fun. Clint said he thought they were funnier this time, but Carolyn thinks they were more on point last time. (NOTE: Setlist possibly incomplete)
      1. 60%
      2. Dinosaurs Will Die
      3. 72 Hookers
      4. I Believe In Goddess
      5. Sticking In My Eye
      6. The Brews
      7. Perfect Government (Mark Curry cover)
      8. Franco Un-American
      9. Murder The Government
      10. Eat The Meek
      11. Mattersville
      12. Kill All The White Man
      13. Linoleum
      14. Beat of an Indifferent Drum (which Fat Mike said was his favorite)
      15. Moron Brothers
      16. Fuck The Kids
      17. Radio (Rancid Cover)
      18. Don't Call Me White
      19. I Am sorry Tony Sly
      20. I Am An Alcoholic (abbreviated)
      21. ENCORE: Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
      22. Bottles To The Ground

    106. BabyMetal. 20160510. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. Better than we thought, but crappy nosebleed view due to Fillmore sellout -- leaving 1h25m before showtime isn't early enough, especially for a sold out and/or very popular act. Most Asians, and thus, most face-masks I've seen at a show. It's hard to headbang and kinda-dance at the same time. Show was more enjoyable than I thought!
      1. Babymetal Death
      2. Doki Doki*Morning
      3. YAVA!
      4. Awadama Fever
      5. GJ!
      6. Amore
      7. Catch Me If You Can
      8. Meta Taro
      9. Ijime, Dame, Zettai
      10. KARATE
      11. Megitsune
      12. Gimme Chocolate!!
      13. THE ONE (English Version)
      14. ENCORE: Road of Resistance

    107. Violent Femmes. 20160621. Lincoln Theatre, Washington DC. Awesome concert! It was a sit-down show, but people stood up when Violent Femmes came on, anyway. Opener was this chick playing guitar, and then a guy playing a bass joined her later. Some of it was a haunting melody. It was interesting. Violent Femmes was great, though.
      1. Blister In The Sun
      2. Kiss Off
      3. Breakin' Up
      4. Big Car
      5. Country Death Song
      6. I Could Be Anything
      7. Good For/At Nothing
      8. Love Love Love Love Love
      9. Please Do Not Go
      10. Jesus Walking on the Water
      11. Good Feeling
      12. Issues
      13. Old Mother Reagan / Freak Magnet
      14. Gimme the Car
      15. I Held Her In My Arms
      16. Color Me Once
      17. Black Girls
      18. Gone Daddy Gone
      19. American Music
      20. ENCORE: Memory
      21. Add It Up

    108. The Suspects. 20160729. The Black Cat, Washington DC. Great show. Chris Hanners came from California for a 1-day stopover on his way to vacation in Canada. Met Chris & Sean's friend John Acosta afterwards. The cops showed up at the end and wouldn't let people exit to the street at first. Apparently, the rumor was there was a stabbing, but according to Zach Callahan, it was just someone cut themselves on some broken glass backstage and someone joked about it being a stabbing, so the cops got called. We got 2 setlists and some song lyrics (Eads Street Punks and the new song Everybody). I got to yell "1-2-3-4" into the mic during Riot.
      1. Catfish
      2. Uncle Sam
      3. Swords Of The Fallen
      4. Land Of Fortune
      5. Mind Control
      6. Graveyard
      7. Eads Street Punks
      8. My Lie
      9. From The Heart
      10. Everybody (new song)
      11. Body Parts
      12. Bondage
      13. Emotional B.M.
      14. Riot
      15. Mommy
      16. 99 Degrees
      17. Blitz
      18. Exit
      19. Ween. 20160821. Festival Pier at Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, PA. Great show! Awesome that Ween has reunited!
        1. Nan
        2. Transdermal Celebration
        3. The Grobe
        4. Mister Richard Smoker
        5. Roses Are Free
        6. Buckingham Green
        7. Did You See Me?
        8. Mutilated Lips
        9. Frank
        10. Bananas And Blow
        11. Learnin To Love
        12. Happy Coloured Marbles
        13. Your Party
        14. Touch My Tooter
        15. Gabrielle
        16. The Stallion Pt. 1
        17. Transitions
        18. I'll Miss You [Gene-only acoustic]
        19. The Mollusk
        20. Kim Smoltz Pt. 1
        21. Kim Smoltz Pt. 2: The Smoltzening
        22. Chocolate Town
        23. Tried And True
        24. The HIV Song
        25. Spinal Meningitis
        26. How High Can You Fly?
        27. Wavin' My Dick In The Wind
        28. Dr. Rock
        29. Freedom Of '76
        30. ENCORE: Big Jilm [pretty frantic version!]
        31. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
        32. Buenas Tardes Amigo

      20. Descendents. 20161015. The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD. Great show! Awesome that Descendents has reunited and has a new album, even! Surprised that nobody we knew was there. It was a sold-out show. We originally tried to go to the balcony thinking the floor would be too crowded. We finally found a spot by a rail that was barely tolerable. Unfortunately, when the show started, the people in the VIP section stood up and blocked all hope of seeing from there. So we decided to brave the floor, and that was the right call! We could actually see and be in the thick of it.
        1. Everything Sux
        2. Hope
        3. Rotting Out
        4. Pervert
        5. Victim of Me
        6. Silly Girl
        7. I Wanna Be A Bear
        8. Nothing With You
        9. My Dad Sucks
        10. Clean Sheets
        11. On Paper
        12. Suburban Home
        13. Without Love
        14. Coffee Mug
        15. Bikeage
        16. Shameless Halo
        17. Weinerschnitzel
        18. No! All!
        19. Talking
        20. Myage
        21. Get the Time
        22. I Don't Want To Grow Up
        23. I Like Food
        24. I'm The One
        25. Testosterone
        26. When I Get Old
        27. Coolidge
        28. Thank You
        29. Descendents
        30. ENCORE:
        31. Feel This
        32. Van
        33. Smile
        34. ENCORE 2:
        35. Sour Grapes
        36. Spineless and Scarlet Red
        37. Catalina

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