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                 Aeon Flux Series Episode Guide
                             (sourced from MTV's list)

     episode 1: utopia or deuteronopia

          Trevor attempts to create a pocket of space within a
          comatose ambassador's body, where he fantasizes a private
          existence with aeon. Aeon teams up witha breen named
          gildemere who brings down Trevor's Aeon-obsessed plan.

     episode 2: isthmus crypticus

          Trevor has captured two beautiful angel-like winged
          humanoid creatures (a male and a female), known as the
          Seraf-trev. Their ability to give humans sexual ecstasy is
          legendary. Ilbren, a jealous Breen, wants the female for his
          own pleasure. He hires Aeon to help him capture her. Aeon
          decides on her own to set them free, and recruits the help of
          a Monican student, una, to help her translate breen codes to
          enter the Seraf-trev's prison. Everyone wants the Seraf-trev,
          but some things are never meant to be...

     episode 3: thanatophobia

          Sybil and Onan are two Breen lovers whose only wish is to
          cross the border from Bregna into Monica. During a border
          run attempt, onan makes it across while Sybil is shot in her
          spinal column. she awakes with a maneuverable, mechanical
          waist. Trevor uses her for sexual pleasure while vehemently
          discouraging her desires to flee Bregna. Aeon, who is now
          sleeping with Sybil's former lover Onan, sympathetically tries
          to aid Sybil's cause. In the end, it is Sybil's tragic fate as she
          finds out the new state of the Bregna/Monica border.

     episode 4: a last time for everything

          Aeon teams up with Scafandra, a double agent with hands
          for feet, to make a border run into Bregna. Inside Trevor's
          lab, Aeon discovers Trevor's new fascination with cloning
          humans. Aeon allows herself to be replicated by Trevor.
          Plotting a twisted mind game, Aeon takes the place of her
          perfect double to fool Trevor into believing she has fallen in
          love with him. The master plan includes the death of the real
          Aeon in order to destroy Trevor's psyche. In the course of
          this sordid game, the real Aeon faces a dilemma unlike any
          she has ever encountered.

     episode 5: the demiurge

          Trevor has acquired a demi god, a creature of awesome
          power and peaceful intentions. While he intends to use it to
          change the face of the world, Aeon wants to see it destroyed.
          The great head of the demi god is launched into space, but
          not before it immaculately conceives itself in the body of
          young Nadir. Now a new demiurge is born, and Aeon and
          Trevor race to discover some disturbing truths...

     episode 6: reraizure

          The Narghile is a creature that produces a pellet that erases
          human memories. Rorty and Muriel, two Breen lovers, had
          their memories erased by the pellet and have vowed to rid
          the world of the creatures by launching them into the sun.
          Aeon, while trying to recover some compromising photos of
          her and Trevor, encounters Muriel who attacks Aeon and
          gets herself killed. Aeon tries to make up for this accident by
          helping Rorty with his cause. Trevor extols the significance
          of memories in this tale of trust and betrayal.

     episode 7: chronophasia

          Aeon is caught in a time loop. There is a mysterious virus
          that causes permanent insanity. Trevor and Aeon battle again
          through this paradox filled episode...

     episode 8: ether drift theory

          Trevor has devised the perfect symbiotic habitat. A
          controlled environment where all things exist in balance with
          each other. Perfect as it may seem, the price it's inhabitants
          pay is their freedom. The entire habitat is surrounded by a
          vast gelatin barrier that renders helpless anyone who comes
          in contact with it. Conscious beings float throughout it like
          wasps in ancient amber. All at once, Aeon and an ally pierce
          the gelatin and enter the habitat, Trevor plots a counter-move
          with a four-armed warrior/cyborg, and a young scientist
          discovers a way to neutralize the gelatin... The habitat is
          changed forever.

     episode 9 : the purge

          Robotic behavioral control is Trevor's scheme in this episode,
          where skeletal twig-like robots called "Custodians" are
          implanted in the navels of everyone. Purge your evils, purge
          your desires, purge your will.

     episode 10 : end sinister

          Trevor has been testing the "Aldus B" ray to expediate
          evolution. While trying to stop him, Aeon encounters an alien
          from a distant planet. This alien has received exposure from
          Trevor's ray that has traversed through the planet and across
          the stars. Using the aliens' hybernation chamber, Trevor and
          Aeon fight across time and see the changes wrought by
          Trevor's experimentation and Aeon's intervention.