NOTE: Not counting 'Knight Time' or 'World's Finest' as Batman episodes.
      They have both Batman AND Superman.

BTAS - Batman: The Animated Series

Compiled by: JH (1-65) ( & _Vengeance_ (65+)

Episode Guide

 #  Title                  Major characters/villains    Original air date
 1  THE CAT AND THE CLAW   Catwoman & Red Claw                9/5/92
 2  ON LEATHER WINGS       Man-Bat                            9/6/92
 3  HEART OF ICE           Mr. Freeze                         9/7/92
 4  FEAT OF CLAY           Clay Face                          9/8/92
 5  FEAT OF CLAY Part II   Clay Face                          9/9/92
 6  IT'S NEVER TOO LATE    Rupert Thorne & Arnold Stromwell   9/10/92
 7  JOKER'S FAVOR          Joker                              9/11/92
    PART II                Catwoman & Red Claw                9/12/92
 9  PRETTY POISON          Poison Ivy                         9/14/92
10  NOTHING TO FEAR        Scarecrow                          9/15/92
11  BE A CLOWN             Joker                              9/16/92
    ALLEY                  Roland Daggett & Nitro             9/17/92
13  P.O.V.                 gangsters                          9/18/92
14  THE CLOCK KING         Clock King                         9/21/92
15  THE LAST LAUGH         Joker                              9/22/92
16  ETERNAL YOUTH          Poison Ivy                         9/23/92
17  TWO-FACE               Rupert Thorne & Two-Face (origin)  9/25/92
18  TWO-FACE Part II       Rupert Thorne & Two-Face           9/28/92
19  FEAR OF VICTORY        Scarecrow, Robin                   9/29/92
    BASEMENT               Penguin                            9/30/92
21  VENDETTA               Killer Croc                        10/5/92
22  PROPHECY OF DOOM       Nostromos                          10/6/92
23  THE FORGOTTEN          Kidnappers                         10/8/92
24  MAD AS A HATTER        Mad Hatter                         10/12/92
25  THE CAPE AND COWL CONSPIRACY        Josiah Wormwood       10/14/92
26  PERCHANCE TO DREAM     Mad Hatter                         10/19/92
27  THE UNDERDWELLER'S     Sewer King                         10/21/92
28  NIGHT OF THE NINJA     Kyodi Ken, Robin                   10/26/92
    BRUCE WAYNE            Hugo Strange, Robin                10/29/92
30  TYGER TYGER            Catwoman & Emilio Dorian           10/30/92
31  DREAMS IN DARKNESS     Scarecrow                          11/3/92
32  BEWARE THE GRAY GHOST  Mad Bomber                         11/4/92
33  CAT SCRATCH FEVER      Roland Daggett & Catwoman          11/5/92
34  I AM THE NIGHT         Jimmy the Jazz Man, Robin          11/9/92
35  ALMOST GOT 'M          Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, Catwoman
                           Killer Croc, Poison Ivy            11/10/92
36  MOON OF THE WOLF       Milo                               11/11/92
37  TERROR IN THE SKY      Man-Bat                            11/12/92
    JOKER                  Joker, Robin                       11/13/92
39  HEART OF STEEL         Carl Rossen & HARDAC               11/16/92
40  HEART OF STEEL Part II Carl Rossen & HARDAC               11/17/92
    WHY AREN'T YOU RICH?"  Riddler, Robin                     11/18/92
42  JOKER'S WILD           Joker                              11/19/92
43  HIS SILICON SOUL       HARDAC duplicate Batman            11/20/92
44  OFF BALANCE            Vertigo                            11/23/92
45  WHAT IS REALITY        Riddler                            11/24/92
46  BIRDS OF A FEATHER     Penguin                            1/8/93
47  THE LAUGHING FISH      Joker                              1/10/93
    BATMAN                 Syd The Squid, Thorne, Joker       2/1/93
49  ZATANNA                Zatanna, Monteque Kane             2/2/93
50  BLIND AS A BAT         Penguin                            2/22/93
51  DAY OF THE SAMURAI     Kyodi Ken                          2/23/93
52  SEE NO EVIL            Lloyd Ventruss                      2/24/93
53  HARLEY AND IVY         Joker, Harley & Poison Ivy         1/18/93
54  THE MECHANIC           Penguin, Robin                     1/24/93
    Part I                 Ra's Al Ghul, Robin                5/3/93
    Part II                Ra's Al Ghul, Robin                5/4/93
57  READ MY LIPS           The Ventriloquist/Scarface         5/10/93
    Part I                 Robin, Tony Zucco                  2/7/93
    Part II                Robin, Tony Zucco                  2/14/93
60  FIRE FROM OLYMPUS      Maxi Zeus                          5/24/93
    Part I                 Two Face, Robin, Batgirl           9/13/93
    Part II                Two Face, Robin, Batgirl           9/14/93
63  MUDSLIDE               Clay Face                          9/15/93
64  THE WORRY MEN          Mad Hatter                         9/16/93
    DOCTOR                 Rupert Throne, Matt Thorne         9/17/93

XXX MASK OF THE PHANTASM (movie)  Phantasm, Joker             12/25/93

066 HOUSE AND GARDEN       Poison Ivy                        05/02/94
067 SIDESHOW               Killer Croc                       05/03/94
068 AVATAR                 Ra's Al Ghul                      05/09/94
069 TRIAL                  almost all of them                05/16/94
070 HARLEQUINADE           Joker, Harley Quinn               05/25/94 S2E5
*** Title changes to "The Adventures of Batman and Robin".
071 BANE                   Bane, Thorne, Killer Croc         09/10/94
072 SECOND CHANCE          Two-Face, Thorne, Penguin         09/17/94
073 RIDDLER'S REFORM       Riddler                           09/26/94
074 BABY DOLL              Baby Doll                         10/01/94
075 TIME OUT OF JOINT      Clock King                        10/08/94 S2E10
076 HARLEY'S HOLIDAY       Harley Quinn                      10/15/94
077 MAKE 'EM LAUGH         Joker                             11/05/94
078 BATGIRL RETURNS        Catwoman                          11/12/94
079 LOCK-UP                Lock-Up                           11/19/94
080 DEEP FREEZE            Mr Freeze                         11/26/94 S2E10
081 THE TERRIBLE TRIO      Terrible Trio
082 SHOWDOWN               Ra's al Ghul
083 CATWALK                Catwoman
084 A BULLET FOR BULLOCK                       S2E14

Some people consider #87 to be #1 of the 'new' Batmans.
But I don't. Same voice actors. Same company, diff network. Same series.

087 Sep 13/97 Holiday Knights
088 Sep 20/97 Sins of the Father
089 Oct 11/97 Cold Comfort
090 Nov 01/97 Never Fear
091 Nov 15/97 You Scratch My Back
092 Nov 22/97 Double Talk
093 Feb 21/98 Joker's Millions
094 Feb 28/98 Growing Pains
095 Apr 25/98 Mean Seasons
096 May 09/98 The Demon Within
097 May 23/98 Over the Edge
098 Jun 13/98 Torch Song
099 Jul 11/98 Love is a Croc

Season Four - The New Batman Adventures Ep. Airdate Title
100 Sep 14/98 The Ultimate Thrill
101 Sep 18/98 Cult of the Cat
102 Sep 19/98 Critters
103 Sep 26/98 Animal Act
104 Oct 03/98 Old Wounds
105 Oct 10/98 Legends of the Dark Knight
106 Oct 17/98 Girl's Night Out
107 Oct 24/98 Chemistry
108 Oct 31/98 Judgement Day
109 Nov 07/98 Beware the Creeper
110 Jan 16/99 Mad Love

Television Show Cast & Credits
Episode Guide
The Batman Adventures
Batman:The Animated Series Merchandise
The Future of Batman: The Animated Series SPOILERS
FAQ Credits


This contains information, much of which is frequently requested by
readers of usenet, about Batman:  The Animated Series.  I try to keep it
as complete and up-to-date as possible.  Please notify me if any corrections
are necessary, or if there is any information you think should be added!  (Or
just let me know what you think!)

Television Show Cast & Credits

Regular Cast:

        Kevin Conroy .......................... Batman/Bruce Wayne
        Bob Hastings .......................... Commissioner Gordon
        Richard Moll .......................... Harvey Dent*
        Lloyd Bochner ......................... Mayor Hill
        Robert Costanzo ....................... Sergeant Bullock
        Clive Revill .......................... Alfred (#8, 14 only)
        Efram Zimbalist Jr .................... Alfred (all the others)
        Loren Lester .......................... Robin

* = Only a regular for the 1st 16 episodes, after which he becomes
    the villain Two-Face

Cast of Recurring Villains:

        Mark Hamill ........................... The Joker
        Arleen Sorkin ......................... Harley Quinn
        Adrienne Barbeau ...................... Selina Kyle/Catwoman
        Paul Williams ......................... The Penguin
        Richard Moll .......................... Two-Face
        Diane Pershing ........................ Poison Ivy
        John Vernon ........................... Rupert Thorne
        Ron Pe1rlman ........................... Matthew Hagen/Clayface
        Roddy McDowell ........................ The Mad Hatter
        John Glover ........................... The Riddler
        Ed Asner .............................. Roland Daggett
        David Warner .......................... Ra's Al Ghul
        Helen Slater .......................... Talia
        Henry Polic ........................... The Scarecrow
        Jeff Bennett .......................... HARDAC
        Aron Kincaid .......................... Killer Croc
        Michael Ansara ........................ Mr. Freeze

Cast of Recurring Guests:

        Mari Devon ............................ Summer Gleeson
        Brock Peters .......................... Lucius Fox
        Ingrid Oliu ........................... Officer Montoya
        Diana Muldaur ......................... Dr. Leslie Thompkins
        Melissa Gilbert ....................... Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

Regular Staff:
        Produced by ........................... Alan Burnett, Eric
                                                Radomski, & Bruce W. Timm
        Theme ................................. Danny Elfman
        Casting & Voice Direction ............. Andrea Romano
        Executive Producers ................... Jean MacCurdy & Tom Ruegger
        Executive in Charge of Production ..... Tim Sarnoff

Post Production:
        Sound Services ........................ Monterey Post Production
        Laboratory Services ................... C F I
        Post Production Facilities ............ The Post Group
        Voice Recording Studio ................ Weddington Studios
        Sound Demension ....................... Spatializer

Animation Services:
        Sunrise, Tokyo Movie Shinsha Co. Ltd. (TMS), Akom Production
        Co., Spectrum, Dong Yang Animation, NDA Animation (Layout Services),
        Studio Junio

Ink & Paint are handled at Warner Bros.

The following is a list of writers who have written for B:TAS and what they
have written.

Beth Bornstein:       Eternal Youth
Mitch Brian:          P.O.V., On Leather Wings
Laren Bright:         P.O.V. (teleplay), The Cat and the Claw, Perchance
                      to Dream, The Mechanic
Alan Burnett:         Two-Face pt.1
Gerry Conway:         Appointment in Crime Alley
Jules Dennis:         The Cat and the Claw, The Forgotten, The Underdwellers
Sean Catherine Derek: Nothing to Fear, P.O.V. (teleplay), The Cat and the
                      Claw, Prophecy of Doom (teleplay), The Forgotten,
                      Cat Scratch Fever
Paul Dini:            Heart of Ice, Joker's Favor, Pretty Poison, Mad
                      as a Hatter, Almost Got 'Im, Joker's Wild, The Laughing
                      Fish, Harley & Ivy, The Man Who Killed Batman
Buzz Dixon:           Cat Scratch Fever (teleplay)
Henry T. Gilroy:      Nothing to Fear
Eddie Gorodetsky:     Christmas With the Joker
Sam Graham:           I've Got Batman in my Basement
Steve Hayes:          Be A Clown
Chris Hubbell:        I've Got Batman In My Basement
Marty Isenberg:       His Silicon Soul
Samuel Warren Joseph: Fear of Victory
John R. Lansdale:     Perchance to Dream (teleplay)
Elliot S. Maggin:     The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy
Dennis Marks:         Prophecy of Doom
Richard Mueller:      The Cat and the Claw, The Forgotten, The Underdwellers
Dennis O'Flaherty:    Beware the Gray Ghost
Denny O'Neil:         Appointment in Crime Alley (original story)
Ted Pedersen:         Be A Clown
Steve Perry:          Terror in the Sky, The Mechanic
Michael Reaves:       Feat of Clay, Pretty Poison, Vendetta, Perchance
                      to Dream, I am the Night
Randy Rogel:          Two-Face pt.1 (teleplay), Two-Face pt.2, The Mechanic
                      (teleplay), Robin's Reckoning
Tom Ruegger:          It's Never Too Late, Pretty Poison (teleplay),
                      The Underdwellers, Beware the Gray Ghost (story &
Mark Saraceni:        Terror In the Sky
Robert N. Skir:       His Silicon Soul
Carl Swenson:         The Last Laugh
Brynne Stephens:      Heart of Steel
Len Wein:             Moon of the Wolf, Off Balance, Blind as a Bat
David Wise:           The Clock King, If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
Garin Wolf:           It's Never Too Late, Beware the Gray Ghost (teleplay)
Marv Wolfman:         Feat of Clay (story & teleplay)

        Often asked on alt.comics.batman is the question, "Is 'Batman:
The Animated Series' part of regular Batman continuity?"  The answer to
this question is no.  "Batman: The Animated Series" and THE BATMAN
ADVENTURES (see Part IV) are in a continuity totally separate from the
rest of the Batman universe.  They are also in a continuity separate
from those of the two feature films as well as the original Batman
TV series.  The origins of the villains, therefore, can and often do
differ from the traditional comic book ones.

A more detailed

episode guide is availible from
A *HUGE* (spoiler-filled!) episode guide, with behind-the-scenes info
on each episode, is availible from

The Batman Adventures
In October 1992, DC Comics began THE BATMAN ADVENTURES, an on-going,
monthly comic book in the style and format of Batman: The Animated Series.
The stories aren't adaptations of the TV episodes, but are original
stories.  The series is *not* part of DC's standard continuity. (See Part II)
The following is a guide to the issues released so far.

* denotes Robin appearance
# denotes Batgirl appearance

 #  Title                        Villains
 1  Penguin's Big Score          Penguin
 2  Catwoman's Killer Caper      Catwoman
 3  Joker's Late-Night Lunacy    Joker
 4  Riot Act *                   Scarecrow
 5  Riot Act II *                Scarecrow
 6  The Third Door *             David Crenshaw
 7  Raging Lizard                Killer Croc (direct ver. bagged with card)
 8  Larceny, My Sweet            Clayface
 9  The Little Red Book          Rupert Thorne
10  The Last Riddler Story       Riddler
11  The Beast Within             Man-Bat
12  Batgirl: Day One #           Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn
13  Last Tango In Paris          Talia
14  Puglic Enemy *               The Ventriloquist, Scarface,
15  Badge of Honor               Rupert Thorne
16  The Killing Book             Joker
17  Tangled Web *                Ra's Al Ghul
18  Decision Day * #             none
19  Troubled Dreams              Scarecrow
20  Smells Like Black Sunday     Mr Nice, Mastermind
    Mad Love (Special)           Joker, Harley Quinn (origin)
    Mask of the Phantasm (adap)  Phantasm, Joker

All issues written by Kelley Puckett, except for #4, by Martin Pasko, and
Mad Love, by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.
Issues #1-3 pencilled by Ty Templeton.
Issues #4-6 pencilled by Brad Rader.
Issues #7-up pencilled by Mike Parobeck.
All issues inked by Rick Burchett.
All issues colored by Rick Taylor.
Issues #1-16 lettered by Tim Harkins.
Issues #17-up lettered by Rich ? .
All issues edited by Scott Peterson.

"The Batman Adventures" has a monthly letter-writing contest.  Each month,
the writers of the two best letters printed in the letter column win
a Mike Parobeck sketch.  The rules for the contest are as follows:

"No purchase is necessary, although, come on - don't be cheap!  It's only
 a buck and a quarter, for pete's sake!  This is how these guys make their
 living, you know!  Your entry will be placed in the running for next issue's
 contest slot!  All prizes will be awarded!  Cash value of prizes less than
 $100, but the emotional and sentimental value is virtually priceless!  All
 employees of DC Comics, Warner Bros., Time Warner Inc. and their families
 are not eligible.  Odds of winning depends on the the total number of
 entries recieved!  All photographs become the property of DC Comics and will
 not be returned!  All entrants grant to DC permission to use their name and
 likeness in DC's publications, and any related promotion and publicity!
 Decisions of the god-like judge (that's me [Scott Peterson]) are absolutely,
 completely, and totally final!  No two ways about it!  Winners will be
 notified by mail!  Winners will be responsible for all applicable taxes!
 A list of winners is availible by mail!  No substitutions of prizes!
 Federal and state regulations apply!  Void where prohibited! - S.P.!

 Welsh Publications publishes a magazine called "Batman & Superman Magazine",
 which features the heroes of the DC Universe in stories, etc. in the
 style of B:TAS.  In addition to typical kids-magazine stuff (jokes, etc),
 there is also a story by the Batman Adventures team in each issue.

Batman:The Animated Series Merchandise

I can't guaruntee that all the merchandise listed is currently availible,
but most of it should be.  (The Happy Meal toys were for a limited time,
of course).

  "Batman: The Animated Series - Shadows of the Past". (A novel)
By Geary Gravel ($4.99.  Bantam Books).

  "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" (adaptation for younger readers)
Author?  Price?  Bantam Books.

  "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm" (novel adaptation)
Author?  $4.99  Bantam Books.

  "Batman: The Animated Series" video game for Nintendo Game Boy systems.
 Made by Konami.

  BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES Trading Cards Series One, by Topps.
There are 100 cards, plus 6 special "cel" cards.  If enough people think
it's worthwhile (mail me and let me know), I'll post the entire list
of trading cards in future versions of the FAQ.

  "Batman: The Animated Series" playing cards.  Made by the United States
Playing Card Company.  The cards are as follows.

2       Two Face
3       Batgirl
4       Poison Ivy
5       Summer Gleeson
6       Mr. Freeze
7       Commissioner Gordon
8       Penguin
9       Alfred
10      Riddler
Jack    Robin
Queen   Catwoman
King    Batman
Ace     Assorted Bat-logos
Joker   Joker

  Kenner toys:
The Kenner toys were released in "waves".

Wave I:
Combat Belt Batman                      The Riddler
Turbojet Batman                         The Penguin
Robin (with hangglider)                 Two-Face

Wave II:
Sky-Dive Batman                         The Joker
Bruce Wayne (w/ snap-on suit)           Man-Bat

Wave III:
Infra-Red Batman                        Catwoman
Ninja Robin                             Scarecrow

Wave III "mega-figures", priced slightly higher:
High Wire Batman                        Bat-Wing Batman

Vehicles (released in the first three waves):
Batcycle                                B.A.T.V.
Robin's Roadster                        Jokermobile
Batmobile                               Batplane

Wave IVa:
Total Armor Batman                      Bruce Wayne Decoy Batman
Retro Batman                            Jet Pack Joker
Tornado Batman                          Phantasm

Wave IVb:
Lightning Strike Batman                 Clayface
Night Star Batman                       Poison Ivy
Anti-Freeze Batman                      Mr. Freeze
Dick Grayson                            Killer Croc

Wave IV vehicles:
Aero-Bat                                Hydro-Bat

  Batman: The Animated Series McDonald's Happy Meal toys:
Batman, Batgirl, Riddler, Catwoman (with cat) - all standing.
        In cars: Poison Ivy (maneating flower in front), Two-Face
        (changeable car), Robin (pull him back and he goes),
        and Joker (pop-out face in front).

  Die Cast Miniatures: Batman (2 poses: one standing, one hunched over),
                     Robin, Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, Batmobile,
                     Batcycle, Batboat, Batplane, Police Car, Police
                     Copter, Bruce Wayne's Limo.

I'm very anxious to add to the merchandise list, as I know there's more out
there than what I have listed, so please send any additions you can think
of to me!

The Future of Batman: The Animated Series

Next season, B:TAS moves to Saturday morning.  FOX wants, for the
new season (premiering Fall 94): "less emphasis on its film noir, dark
angry attitude, less introspection, more humor, more larger-than-life
adventure, and more Robin."  When the show makes the move
to Saturday morning, it will be re-titled "The Adventures of Batman and
Robin".  In September of 1995 B:TAS will be back on weekdays.

What we'll see next season (semi-spoilers.. no endings given away):

     Stories featuring Catwoman, Ivy, Harley, Mr. Freeze, and Two Face.
     "Avatar" - Ra's is looking for the ultimate Lazarus pit, guarded
       by a scientific "sourceress" called Toth-Khepera
       (voice of Nichelle Nichols, Uhura from Star Trek!)
     "Baby-Doll" - An ex-child star with Systemic Hypoplasia, which makes
       her look like a child, even though she's now an adult, kidnaps members
       from her TV show.
     "Bane" - A 22 minute fight show.  :)
     "Bullet for Bullock" - An episode on the personal life of Bullock.
     "Harley's Holiday" - Harley's released from Arkham and "just can't
       stay out of trouble".
     "Harleyquinade" - Joker steals an A-Bomb, and nobody knows where he is.
       Batman gets the police to promise her parole if she helps.
       {ed: Parole from an asylum??}
     "House & Garden" - Poison Ivy wants a normal life with hubby & kids...
       her version, that is.
     "The Lion and the Unicorn" - Red Claw needs the firing code for a bomb
       and Alfred, who used to be in the British Secret Service, knows it.
     "Riddler's Reform" - The reason why the Riddler always leaves clues...
       according to Bruce Timm, "they came up with an intelligent, cool reason."
     "Second Chance" - Two-Face tries to have corrective surgery on his face.
       Rupert Thorne and/or the Penguin kidnap him from the hospital.
     "Showdown" - Ra's with flashbacks to his Wild West life.  Very little
       of Batman himself in this one.
     "The Terrible Trio" - 3 villains, bored of being rich and happy, go
       on a crime spree for the fun of it.  Batman is befuddled by their
       motive, or lack thereof.
     "Time Out of Joint" - The Clock King tries to ruin Hill (again) by using
       a device that accelerates him in time, bringing the rest of the world to
       a stop.
     "Trial"  A two-parter, which was originally intended to be TAM, in which
       Batman is put on trial by the inmates of Arkham Asylum.

Ideas that have been canned:

     A story with Hugo Strange (writers decided it was under par).
     A story with the Creeper.  Producers decided there wasn't enough time
       in one episode to explain his origin and still have a plot.
     A story with Nocturna.
     A story called "The Darkest Night" where Batman is hypnotized into
       becoming the ultimate vigilante.  {ed: He was supposed to become
       the TAS version of Azrael (for this episode only of course) but
       they wouldn't have been allowed to show Azzy things, anyhow}.

FAQ Credits

These people, not I, are the true authors of this file.

     Television Show Cast & Credits info provided by
       Wendell Hicken
       (, who deserves more credit than
       I do for all of his valuable information!!!
     Batman:The Animated Series Merchandise
       info provided by Jennifer Wand (, who also
       provided a good bit of other information!
    Episode Guide courtesy of Scott Streeter
     Batman:The Animated Series Merchandise
       provided by Chris Jarocha-Ernst (
    Additional help with Batman:The Animated
       Series Merchandise provided by James Demes

Other people who deserve recognition for their help, and have my
eternal gratitude, include:

        Kyle T. Johnson         (
        Mark Gabriel            (
        Mark W. Billian         (billian@leland.Stanford.EDU)
        Glenn                   (
        Scott Arnold            (sarnold@lotds.UUCP)
        Oony Carr               (*shrug*)
        Enrique Conty           (
        Jad R. J. Jordan        (
        Jeff Meyer              (
        Jeremy A. Moskowitz     (
        Lee Thompson            (
        Bill Henley             (

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BATMAN and all related characters are trademarks of DC Comics.
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