The episodes are (in order):
 1 Beast Wars: Part 1
 2 Beast Wars: Part 2 (Dinobot switches to the Maximals)
 3 The Web
 4 Equal Measures
 5 Chain of Command
 6 Power Surge
 7 Fallen Comrades (Tigatron's first appearance)
 8 Double Jeapordy (BlackArachnia's first appearance)
 9 A Better Mousetrap
10 Gorilla Warfare
11 The Probe
12 Victory
13 Dark Designs
14 Double Dinobot
15 The Spark (Airrazor's first appearance)
16 The Trigger: Part 1
17 The Trigger: Part 2
18 Spider's Game
19 Call of the Wild
20 Dark Voyage
21 Possession (features Starscream; a decepticon)
22 The Low Road
23 Law of the Jungle
24 Before the Storm
25 Other Voices: Part 1
26 Other Voices: Part 2

   American Episode Schedule:
   The Low Road - Feb. 10th
   Law of the Jungle - Feb. 17th
   Before the Storm - Feb. 18th
   Other Voices, Pt. 1 - This is messed up, it keeps changing, it's
   currently March 31st
   Other Voices, Pt. 2 - Likewise, April 1st

   Canada's Beast Wars schedule:
   Directly from Mainframe Entertainment, all you Canadian fans may be
   interested in this new schedule adjustment:
   YTV has changed the "Beasties" schedule - BEASTIES AIRS ON MONDAYS &
   "Victory" will repeat the week of March 31st...

   In the US, Beast Wars runs on the Power Block. In Canada (where it is
   called Beasties), it runs on YTV. In "Other Voices" there will be
   another G1 cameo, I couldn't tell you who yet except that it's not the
   Quints... There have been twenty-six episodes produced in total for
   the first season. There will be another season produced if the
   producers think that the show has been well recieved (keep your
   fingers crossed).Visit their site.


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