102: Pretzelkins /Dr. Katz analyzes Ray Ramano and Wendy Liebman
104: Cholesterol  /Laura Kightlinger and Dave Attel.
105: Everybody's got a tushy /Larry Miller and Ray Ramano.
106: Family Car /Andy Kindler and Anthony Clark.

Eyewitness.  Ben finds his true calling.

201: Bystander Ben /Kevin Meaney and Steven Wright.
202: Real Estate /Rita Rudner and Barry Sobel.
205: Bees & S.I.D.S /Dr. Katz analyzes Dom irrera and Louis C.K.
206: Drinky the Drunk Guy /Dr. Katz analyzes Ray Romano and Janeane Garofalo.
207: Sticky Notes /Dr. Katz analyzes Garry Shandling and Judy Tenuda
208: It Takes some Getting Used To /Katz analyzes Bill Brandis & Lew Schneider
209: The Particle Board /Dr. Katz analyzes Marc Maron and Eddie Brill
210: A Journey for the Betterment of People /Sandra Bernhart and Todd Barry
211: Theory of Intelligence /Dr. Katz analyzes Joy Behar and Brian Kiely
212: Henna /Dr. Katz analyzes Fred Stoller and Kevin Meaney
213: ESP /Dr. Katz analyzes Tom Agna and Ray Romano

301: ?????/Ben goes into the celebrity limo biz.Wynona Rider & Richard Jeni
302: ?????/Julie fixes Dr. Katz up on a blind date.Jeffrey Ross & Cathy Ladman
303: Fructose /Katz gets healthy with Marc Maron, Bob Odenkirk, Emo Phillips
304: ?????/Ben decides to get an earring. With Kevin Nealon and Jack Gallagher
305: ?????/Ben unearths Katz's hippie past:Kathy Griffin, David Feldman,
          Jeff Stilson
306: Guess Who /With Jon Stewart, Ritch Shydner, Dr. Harvey Greenberg
307: ?????/Ben helps Katz find his Day Planner.Rodney Dangerfield,
          Jake Johannsen
308: Mourning Session /with Andy Kindler and Margaret Smith
309: Studio Guy /with Joan Rivers, Bobcat Golthwait, and Fred Stoller.
310: L'il Helper /with Kenny Rogerson, Dave Juskow, and Lizz Winstead
311: Big Fat Slug /with Caroline Rhea and David Cross
312: New Phone System /with Andy Kindler and David Mamet
313: Reunion /with Lisa Kudrow and Dom Irrerra