EEK Season 1

1 Misereek
Eek, feeling unappreciated at home, runs away to live with
a sweet old lady who nearly kills him with kindness when she accidentally
takes him to the zoo instead of the vet.
2 Bearz in the Hood
When Wendy Elizabeth is home sick, Eek goes to the mall to
get an autographed photo of her favourite TV stars, the Squishy
Bearz. Unfortunately, Eek and the Bearz all wind up fugitives
when a gang of rats disguise themselves as the Bearz in a plot
to hold the mayor's statue for ransom.
3 Catsanova
A lovely 200 lb. cat named Annabelle moves next door, and
Eek falls in love. However, thanks to the deadly shark dog that
shares her home, Eek needs the help of a nerdy, one-winged Cupid
(voiced by Buck Henry) to meet her. Cupid's glad to help: If Eek
kisses Annabelle, he'll earn his other wing.
4 Cape Fur
Eek rescues a cute little pink bunny from a storm, only to
discover that he's really a huge, tattooed psycho bunny from hell
with plans to do away with the family and frame Eek for his crimes.
5 Eek vs. the Flying Saucers
When an alien invader abducts Annabelle (with much difficulty,)
Eek stows away on a space capsule to rescue her, not knowing that
the capsule is doomed crash into a nuclear weapons stockpile when
it returns to Earth. The Monkeynaut #1 is Phil Hartman, and Shardy
is in this episode.
6 Halloweek
When separated from J.B. and Wendy Elizabeth while trick or
treating, Eek meets Cryptie, a cute little ghost tourist who's
looking for his family. Little do they know their respected loved
ones have been kidnapped (or ghostnapped) by a beautiful but evil
7 Whining Pirates of Tortuga
After being freed by Sharkey, Eek entertaines the neighborhood
kittens with a tale of his kittenhood adventure on the high seas
helping a band of grousing pirates find treasure. Watch for the
pirate named Peg.
8 Eek's International Adventure
On route to Uncle Vic's potato farm with Mom and the kids,
Eek is mistaken for a secret agent called the Cat
by Sasha, a beautiful enemy spy who falls in love with him. She
leads him to the Brain, a disembodied evil mastermind
out for revenge.
9 Hawaiieek 5-0
Annabell's wish for more admirers come to night-marish
life when she gets sucked down the drain of her filthy swimming
pool and winds up on a South Seas island where she is worshipped
as the Goddess Annbolla. Meanwhile, Eek and intrepid sea explorer
Jacques LaDuck fend off Sharkey to make a rescue attempt.
10 Great Balls of Fur
When rock'n roll legend and cat food pitchman Melvis fakes
his own death, his shifty manager convinces Eek to impersonate
him to please the King's many fans. First appearance of
11 The Eekcedental Tourist
When Wendy Elizabeth's geography grades need improving, Mom
takes the family on a cross-country trip to discover America while
she spouts off some hysterical misinformation. Eek gets left behind
at their first stop and tracks the family station wagon from Washington
DC to the Golden Gate.
12 It's a Wonderful 9 Lives
In this touching X-mas story, told completely in rhyme, Eek
recovers a package dropped from Santa's sled and sets out to deliver
the parcel to an orphan, stopping along the way to bring holiday
cheer to a lost family of dachshunds and a pig who's scheduled
to be a nasty farmer's X-mas dinner.
13 The Eeksterminator
Eek gives Wendy Elizabeth a Squishy Bearz termite farm for
her birthday, which becomes a nightmare for everyone involved
when the glass breaks and a pair of hungry spiders menace the
hapless termites. The lone escapee, Termee, asks Eek for help.

EEK Season 2

14a Shark Therapy
Sharky gets hurt in an accident involving Eek, a rake and
a lawnmower. Eek takes it upon himself to ensure that Sharky gets
the appropriate medical care, rest and relaxation.

14b Meat the Thunderlizards (TTL)
An introduction to the major characters of TTL. The Terrible
Thunderlizards are released from jail to perform a service for
the dinosaurs of Jurassic City - Eradicate mankind
who have been evaluated to be the greatest threat to dinosaur

15a EEKs Funny Things That He Does
Mom wants to learn Sladamese (the name sounded different from
Spangalese) so Johnny and Wendy Elizabeth set up a lemonade stand
to raise money for a language-a-matic tape. After he allows a
mouse to drink the jug of lemonade, Eek must find more lemons.
Unfortunately, the lemon tree is beside Sharky, who is watching
his favorite programme, Patriotic Warriors. Sharky is in love
with Platinum, one of the stars. After the failure of the inflatable
mailman diversion, Eek uses a remote controled car, which takes
Sharky on a trip through Bills Barbed Wire Barnyard, and Doug's
Diaper Depository, before collecting Eek as well, crashing off
an uncompleted motorway bridge, into the Patriotic Warriors show.
Eek fights mighty Bro Ken Collarbone and wins, makes a beautiful
speech in favour of world peace in front of an audience of 25
million people, before being attacked by Sharky. Eek is beaten
but saved by Platinum and so wins a consolation prize of a Sladamese
language-a-matic tape.

15b Always Eat Your Spinach (TTL)
The Thunderlizards track Bill and Scooter to a dinosaur suburban
home. Disguised as exterminators, they attempt to complete their
mission. In the process they have some problems with a Spinach

16a Speed FrEEK
Eek and Annabelle go to the speedway to see the increadable
Elmo race Dakota the terribly disfunctional turtle (elmo needs
to win to have money for his little brother Timmy's operation.)
We aso see Wilber the Wonder Weasle attempting to drive over 130
odd soda cans with his radio turned off!

16b Lava Your Life (TTL)
WRONG: It's "The Lava My Life"
The evil Thuggasaurs have kidnapped the President's daughter.
They are happen upon by Bill, Scooter and the Thunderlizards with
explosive results.

17a Rocketship to Jupiter
After watching a Squishy Bearz episode in which the Bearz
become endangered by a crashing A-6 Intruder fighter-bomber, Eek
gets conked on the noggin and finds himself saving the Bearz from
the crashing airplane, the Giant Who Thinks the Bearz Might Taste
Good, and a rocket ship accidently deflected from Jupiter into
the Sun.

17b Thundersaurus Wrecks (TTL)
Scooter attempts to build a wheel-less
automobile, and in the process saves a young bat from a nasty fall out of a
tree.  The grateful mother flies Bill and Scooter from the scene just as
the TTL's launch a bee grenade sneak attack.  The TTL's pursue in a
pterodon-shaped fighter.

Bill: I sure do love flying!  It'll be even more fun when I invent

18a Eekpocalypse Now
In a parody of Apocalypse Now, Eek heads up McTropolis
River to bring back Sharky the Shark Dog, who has gone wild as
the leader of a gang of bad dogs.

18b Tar & Away (TTL)
The humans discover tar, save a couple of alien chairs from
the Thuggasaurs and disintegrate large parts of Jurassic City
- all in a days work.

19a Night on Squishy Mountain
Eek and family go to Squishy Bear Amusement park. Kids get
separated, mom takes up with audioanimatronic Hoyte Gunterkrust,
creator of the Squishy bears.

19b Let's Make a Wheel (TTL)
Scooter invents a wheel -- it's better than Bill's
because it's round so it rolls, see? Bill rides the wheel, crashing
into the TTL's secret hidden base camp.

20a Eeking Out a Living
Eek and Sharky seek work at Elmo's Employment agency in order
to buy glue to repair Anabelle's damaged fountain statue. (What
are your qualifications? I can stare at nothing for
hours and make figurines of important people out of hair balls,
and Sharky can fit a whole truck tyre into his mouth. I
have just the job for you -- air traffic controllers!)

20b Ice Age Kapades (TTL)
When an experimental Ice Weapon destined for the Thunderlizards
is dropped into the Humans hands by mistake, Things get chilly
as the weapon accidentally fires off the Ice Age. No worry for
the Thunderlizards - How much damage could a slow moving
mountain of ice do?

21a Quadropedia
A musical tribute to the Who, Monty Python, Queen, Jesus Christ
Superstar, and more. Two witch cats are jealous of Annabelle's
wholesome good looks, and kidnap her. Eek to the rescue.

21b The Frying Game (TTL)
Bill and Scooter find themselves stranded in the desert, dying
of thirst. The Thunderlizards, giving chase, come across a Thuggasaur
plot to cause widespread mayhem with a missile aimed at Jurassic

22a Eex Men
When SuperPersonMan goes on vacation, Eek is left with a magical
cape and forced to battle the evil menace Garbage Man and his
evil henchmen in his place. Look for Garbage Man's sidekick, Drippy
the Maggot.

22b All About Babs (TTL)
The Dino Scientists have a new plot to destroy the humans
- Babs, the first female human - complete with homing device in
her purse. The purse is smashed and the plan fails, and Bill becomes
the first human to get dumped when Babs goes in search of more
intelligent life - like darter snails.

23a Star TrEEK
A parody on Star Trek - Captain Eek and the crew of the Starship
Shoesuntied accidently enter the Sharktarian Galaxy. Fooled by
a Green Space Babe, Eek and his companions (Mr Sock and Mittens)
are captured by Sharky, leader of the Sharktarians and destroyer
of other peoples stuff.

23b T-Rex, Lies and Video Tape (TTL)
The TTLs place video cameras to track the mankinds, but meantime
uncover a plot by the Thuggasaurs to destroy Jurassic City with
exploding flowers. The mighty dinosaur civilization is brought
to its knees when the two humans discover survellience cameras
left behind to record their habits, and invent the situation

24a The Great Eekscape
Eek and Sharky get sent to the pound when Eek looses their
wallets and licenses. Eek and Sharky escape by digging out.

24b Eek Goes to the Hot Spot
Eek gets killed by a truck. Conned by another dead cat, Eek
winds up in hell and must deal with Fido, ruler of the hot spot,
to win his freedom.

25a Mountain Groan
Eek, Anabelle, Elmo, and the Squishy bears go camping. They
meet Bigfoot and a mysterious kidnapper.

25b A Sharkwork Orange
In a parody of A Clockwork Orange, Eek takes Sharky
to Dr. Elmo's animal psychiatric clinic for a little attitude

26a Something's Abyss (TTL)
Scooter invents bungy jumping and sends Bill into the deep
Doomsday Cavern. The TTL pursue, somewhat reluctantly. Captured
by the inhabitants of the cavern, Bill and Scooter face having
a boulder dropped on their head, but only after their toes are
to be nibbled by carniverous earth worms, they are to be dragged
through hot lava until their nose hairs melt, then turned inside
out, but things suddenly get worse when Bill faces marriage to
the princess of the subterranean slimey slugs. Intervention by
the TTL allows their escape. TTL flee in the face of an attack
by the slugs. Squat Lets come back when we're more stupid.

26b Unbearable Lightness of Being Scooter (TTL)
TTLs are issued with Flechette, a pittosaur to track down
the humans. The Thugosaurs plan to sneek over Jurassic City in
an inflatable dirigable disguised as an advertising blimp, and
pelt it with bee bombs. The TTLs stumble on the plan. Scooter
accidently inflates with the gas from the blimp, which enables
the humans to escape from Flechette by flying away. Scooter invents
the yo-yo, using Bill. The TTLs use a new highly accurate disc-shaped
bee bomb that bears an uncanny resemblence to a frissbee. Flechette
retrieves it....

27 Eek Christmas Special

EEK Season 3

Missing Episodes
We have some TTL and EEK episode titles that are homeless.  If someone can
tell me where they are supposed to go I would be happy to oblige.
 Primordial Saps
Babs gives Scooter a 'magic twig' in exchange for his
winter supply of food, whilst the TTL's launch into orbit to wipe out the
humans with Dr. Steggy's latest invention, a photon laser cannon.  The
thuggasaurs stow away on board the shuttle in an attempt to use the weapon
against Jurassic City.  Watch for a brief appearance by the robot from
'Lost In Space'.

 Planet Of The Crepes
A satire of the Charleton Heston film 'Planet of the
Apes' finds Heston's film character Taylor time-warping back to dino times,
whereupon crash-landing he runs into Bill and Scooter.  Meanwhile, the
TTL's attempt both to blast the humans with their new 'audio-grenade
launcher' and to  thwart a thuggasaur plot to level Jurassic City with a
sub-launched missile.

 Postcards From The X-Zone
The TTL's try to drive the humans out of the
cover of the forest using a 'PU-14' stinkbomb, but Squatt and Kutter would
rather see the annual Fossil Day Festival And Parade.  Cutter: "I'm looking
forward to the jungle slug and marsh grub pie bake off; man, I could eat a
million of those things!".  The thuggasaurs try to sneak into the parade
under disguise of a float and release a 'giddy gas' on Jurassic City.
Meanwhile, Scooter invents the 'vacation'.

 Lord of the Fleas
It's Eek vs. Sharky for control of a group of renegade penguins who are
rampaging through a mall.

28a The Eex Files
During the flight to visit the family's English Uncle Vic
(and clean his castle), Eek accidently falls out of the airplane
over Area 51, the U.S. gov't's secret testing area for captured
UFOs, preventing the crash of a Zoltarian Death Cruiser after
the USAF pilot bails out. Eek befriends the last, undissected
alien, a Souvalakian, and helps it to escape in a nod to E.T.
- The Extra Terrestrial.

28b The Hurting Show (TTL)
Scooter hits upon how to help Bill alleviate his pain -- he
sets up a talk show so Bill can talk out his woes
with the creatures who've hurt him sorely: a porkupinasaurs, a
mammoth, and a giant jungle slug. Meantime, the TTLs rescue Mrs.
Galapagos from a gang of thugs on a commuter train, and in the
process, foil a Thuggasaur plot to kidnap her. Grateful, she insists
she and General Galapagos take the boys to the lake for weekend

29a The Good, the Bad, and the Squishy
In a flashback parody of just about every spaghetti Western
made, Eek gets deputized by Sheriff Mittens just in time to save
the town from approaching doom: the Squishy Brothers. Look for
Sharky as The Man with No Name, and Pierre's grumbling
over his saddle sores.

29b Birth of a Notion (TTL)
Scooter's birthday surprise for Bill gets sidetracked by Babs,
who has the boys build a shopping mall instead. The TTLs get a
nasty surprise from the sophisticated anti-theft systems built
into the mall.

30a Eek's Sneak Peek
At a loss for material, Eek takes his fans and viewers on
a behind-the-scenes tour of Eek! production at Fox.

30b The Thunder Years (TTL)
While awaiting rescue in a cave previously inhabited (and
befouled) by the humans, the TTLs reminisce about growing up together
and some of the tricks they played on then-Principal Galapagos.

31a Paw Sores
Parody of Star Wars. Sharky drops a piano on Eek's
head as Eek and Annabelle leave the theater. In a dream, Eek fantasizes
about saving the universe from Dark Lawyer (Darth Vader). Look
for Elmo-von-Schmelmo as Obi-wan Kenobi, Sharky as
Han Solo, Mittens as Chewbacca, Annabelle as Princess Layabout,
and the reluctant dryer as R2D2.

31b T-Rex and Sympathy (TTL)
General Galapagos gives the TTLs some needed help to capture
the humans -- Mr. T Rex. Needless to say, Mr. T is as hapless
as the TTLs, especially after being devoured by a carnivorous
plant that grows from the seed Bill and Scooter plant for food.

32a Paws
In a parody of Jaws, Annabelle's goldfish Bruce
accidently gets too much to eat; he grows to become the terrifying
denizen of the local wading pool's murky depths.

32b In the Line of Fur
Eek is drafted by the Secret Service to protect the hapless
Socks, the Whitehouse cat, during a public appearance at the hospital
for hurt kittens.

33a Chariots of Fur
Eek helps Elmo win a marathon; the prize will of course go
to help Elmo's little brother Timmy get that needed operation.
Dakota the Terribly Dysfuncational Turtle appears in a nod to
Aesop's fable The Tortoise and the Hare.

33b Honey I Shrunk the Cat
In a parody of Honey I Shrunk the Kids and Fantastic Voyage, Dr. Elmo
miniaturizes Eek and Sharky, then injects them into President Perot's
brain in order dislodge a raisin which is keeping the President in a
coma. Look for a miniaturized, amnesiac Elvis who think's his name is

34a Shark Doggy Dog
Sharky gets something stuck in his throat. While passing by,
Don Cornelius of the hit TV show Soul Choo-choo discovers
Shark's def sound and signs him and Eek to a multi-million dollar
recording contract. Guest stars the real Don Cornelius from Soul

34b Fatal Eektraction
Eek's new neighbor, a dog named Alice (Heather Locklear),
becomes fixated on Eek and vows to do away with Annabelle and
anyone (Sharky) who stands in her way. (This episode is really

EEK Season 4

EEK Episodes

Season #4 - 1a. Valleek Of The Dogs
WRONG, it's "Valley of the Dogs"
Among other things, Eek and Annabelle are
kidnapped by aliens intent on destroying Earth to make way for a space
superhighway in this collection of vignettes.

Season #4 - 1b. KLUTTER
An introduction to the major characters of the series.  Two
kids, Wade and Ryan, try to find a pet that their father isn't allergic
to.  A random discharge of static electricity somehow brings a pile of clothes
and junk to life as a multi-appendaged, bug-eyed creature.

Season #4 - 2a. Pup Fiction
A satire of the film 'Pulp Fiction' with Sharkey in the role of John Travolta.

WRONG, it's: "The Klutter And I (Infection)"
Wade and Ryan invite friends over to watch a late, late night horror film
and attempt to stay awake in the process (NOTE: I'm not *quite* sure of
the title of this episode).

Season #4 - 3a. Natural Born Kittens
WRONG: It's "Natural Bored Kittens"
Pursued by Sharkey, Eek and three kittens
attempt escape but are locked out of the house.  The four seek refuge in a
treehouse where Eek entertains the youngsters with stories of his own
youth, most of which involve his Scottish uncle's bizarre inventions.

Season #4 - 3b. WIZARD OF AAAHS (TTL)
WRONG: It's "Lizard of AAAHS"
The thuggasaurs try to lure the TTL's into a
blind canyon where an army of robot thuggasaurs lie in ambush.

Season #4 - 4a. TITLE UNKNOWN

Season #4 - 4b. ARCTIC BLAST (TTL)
In the Arctic, the TTL's try to capture Bill and
Scooter  using the 'Aurora Borealis' missile in this episode with a
Christmas theme.

Season #4 - 5a. Going To Eekstremes
Eek's cousin visits from Milwaukee, and goads
Eek into a variety of 'extreme sports', including parachuting.  Watch for
Eek being dragged through a cactus farm, a glass sculpture emporium and
the Grumpy Gator Distemper Clinic.

Season #4 - 5b. BIPEDATOR (TTL)
Mr. T rex returns in this episode and winds up being
carried off by a wayward guided missile.  General Galapogos has to deal
with a dirt-digging tabloid reporter in a fancy restaurant and the TTL's
try their hand at gardening (watch for Kutter's gardening outfit during
the final scenes :).

Eek and Elmo are on their way to
visit Elmo's little brother at the 'broken pet hospital' when Eek is asked
by film director John Landis to star in his latest film in the role of a
watermelon about to be crushed by a herd of stampeding elephants...Sharkey
builds a vicious mechanical bulldog with Eek as its target.

Season #4 - 6b.  FRANKENKLUTTER (K)
The kids take Klutter to a school science fair
where Klutter is kidnapped by a mad scientist trying to reanimate
inanimate objects.

Season #4 - 7a. Eek Space Nine
A distress call from a Sharktarian warship leads
Captain Eek, Ensign Mittens and Mr. Sock to a crazed Starfleet commander
intent on destroying the universe with a weapon known as the 'White Dwarf
Planet Popper', which the commander feels is the only way to save the
galaxy (and Star Trek shows) from 'politically-correct' storylines:
'There's no one left to blast anymore!'.  Look for an appearance by the
X-files' Mulder and Scully in the final scenes.

Season #4 - 7b. THE YAWN OF MAN (TTL)
Babs feels that her new 'anaconda-minium' is
superior to Bill and Scooter's cave dwelling, whilst the thuggasaurs plot
to use a de-aging weapon (the 'Infantizer') on Jurassic City, reducing its
citizens to 'gurgling, drooling infants'.

Season #4 - 8a. The GraduEek
Sharky finds his convictions severely challenged when he falls in love
with a mail carrier trainee.

Season #4 - 8b. Peanut, Klutter And Jelly
The kids find a lost little turtle on their way to school and want to
return it to the neighborhood stream to prevent it from getting
squashed. They run into all sort of obstacles, ultimately white water
rafting in raft-a la-Klutter.

Season #4 - 9a. PolitEekly Correct
Eek and Sharky threaten to destroy New Orleans as they help a confused
quail find his lost song.

Season #4 - 9b. Whatta Woild
The ThunderLizards try to stop the Thuggosaurs from blasting
the President's boat using their secret submarine which the
ThunderLizards became trapped aboard while attempting to
catch the humans at sea.

The TTL's are assigned to
work with Mr. T rex, a martial artist and a camoflauge expert to thwart a
thuggasaur attack at the X-Zone's border.

Eekstremely Dull - Not listed here. "Steven, Acorn, Gunter, and Suuusan"
Eeksy Rider      -  "  "  "  "  "