Episode Guide

NOTE: This is as complete as I could make it.  It is not your
typical episode guide, because there was so little press on
this show, that for a while, I wasn't sure it actually
existed.  Anyone who has an addition or correction, please
contact me at

Special thanks goes to PH0EBUS, SciNut, Presti, and Jeff
Toschlog for helping me compile this list.  I couldn't have
done it without you!



     "Lewis Vendredi made a deal with the devil, to sell
cursed antiques.  But he broke the pact, and it cost him his
soul.  His niece Micki, and her cousin Ryan, have inherited
the store, and with it, the curse.  Now, they must get
everything back, and the real terror begins."
     This short narrative appeared at the beginning of
certain episodes, depending which station was broadcasting
the show.  It just set up the basic plot, and showed scenes
from the first episode.


Regular and Semi-Regular Cast:

(Louise Ann) Robey.......................Micki Foster
John D. LeMay (1987-89)................. Ryan Dallion
Chris Wiggins........................... Jack Marshack
Steve Monarque (1989-90)................ Johnny Ventura
R.G. Armstrong.......................... Lewis Vendredi


Cast Filmography:

Chris Wiggins

_King of the Grizzlies_ (1969)
_The Neptune Factor_ (1973) [Captain Williams]
 aka _The Neptune Disaster_, aka _An Underwater Odyssey_
_High Ballin'_ (1978) [King Carroll]
_L' Homme en Colere_ (1978)
_Murder by Decree_ (1979) [Doctor Hardy]
_An American Christmas Carol_ (1979)
_Why Shoot the Teacher_ (1979) [Lyle Bishop]
_Fish Hawk_ (1980) [Marcus]
_The Bay Boy_ (1984) [Chief Charles McInnes]
"Mariah" (1987)
_Ford: The Man & The Machine_ (1987) (Made-for-TV-Movie)
_Desert Blades:  The Escape from Iran_ (1990)
_Married to It_ (1991) [Dave]
_ A Cry in the Night_ (1992) (Made-for-TV-Movie) [Clyde]

John D. LeMay

Recurring role in "Tour of Duty" (????)
Recurring role in "Over my Dead Body" (????)
Guest spot on "Eddie Dodd" (????)
Guest spot on "Gabriel's Fire" (????)
"The New Twilight Zone" episode "Aqua Vita" (????)
"The New Twilight Zone" episode "Roadway to Hell" (????)
_Jason Goes to Hell:  The Final Friday_ (1993)


Born: 1960, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Educated throughout Europe

Brief recording career with: Louise and the Creeps, and under the name Robey
Has modeled for Paris "Vouge"
_Raw Deal_ (1986)  [Lamanski's Girl]
_The Money Pit_ (1986)  [Female Vocalist]
_Play Nice_ (1992)  [Jill/Repunzel]
_The Unearthling_ (????)
    aka _The Pod People_ (On MST3K)
Early morning 5-9 AM spot on a San Fransisco radio station,
KBGG 98.1 FM     (Currently)

Steven Monarque

_No Small Affair_ (1984)  [Larry]
_Sixteen Candles_ (1984)  [Jock]
_Under the Boardwalk_ (1989)  [Reef]
_Treacherous_ (1994)  [Honeymoon Groom]

R.G. Armstrong

Born: April 7 1917

_No Name on the Bullet_ (1958)
_From Hell to Texas_ (1958)  [Hunter Boyd]
 aka _Manhunt_ (1958)
_The Fugitive Kind_  (1959)
_Ten Who Dared_ (1960)
_Ride the High Country_ (1962)  [Joshua Knudsen]
_Major Dundee_ (1965)  [Reverend Dahlstrom]
"T.H.E. Cat" (1966)  [Capt. MacAllister]
_El Dorado_ (1967)  [Kevin MacDonald]
_The McMasters_ (1969)  [Watson]
_Angels Die Hard_ (1970)
_The Great White Hope_ (1970)
_The Ballad of Cable Hogue_ (1970)  [Quittner]
_Hec Ramsey_ (1971) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_J.W. Coop_ (1971)  [Jim Sawyer]
_The Great Northfield, Minnesota Raid_ (1972)  [Clell Miller]
_The Legend of Hillbilly John_ (1973)
_Running Wild_ (1973)
_Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid_ (1973)  [Ollinger]
_Reflections of Murder_ (1974) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_My Name Is Nobody_ (1974)
_Manhunter_ (1974) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_Race with the Devil_ (1975)  [Sheriff Taylor]
_Boss Nigger_ (1975)
    aka _The Black Bounty Killer_ (1975)
    aka _Boss_ (1975)
_Dixie Dynamite_ (1976)  [Bank Manager]
_Stay Hungry_ (1976)  [Thor Erickson]
_Kingston_ (1976) (Made-for-TV-movie)
    aka _Kingston: The Power Play_ (1976) (Made-for-TV-movie)
    aka _The Newspaper Game_ (1976) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_Mean Johnny Barrows_ (1976)  [Richard]
_Mr. Billion_ (1977)  [Sheriff T.C. Bishop]
_The Pack_ (1977)  [Cobb]
    aka _The  Long, Dark Night_ (1977)
_The Car_ (1977)  [Amos]
_Texas Detour_ (1978)  [The Sheriff]
_The Time Machine_ (1978) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_Heaven Can Wait_ (1978)  [General Manager]
_Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell_ (1978) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_The Legend of the Golden Gun_ (1979) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_Fast Charlie, The Moonbeam Rider_ (1979)  [Al Barber]
    aka _Fast Charlie and the Moonbeam_ (1979)
_Dear Detective_ (1979) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_Steel_ (1980)  [Kellin]
    aka _Look Down and Die_ (1980)
    aka _Men of Steel_ (1980)
_The Pursuit of D.B. Cooper_ (1981)  [Dempsey]
    aka _Pursuit_ (1981)
_Reds_ (1981)  [Government Agent]
_Raggedy Man_ (1981)  [Rigby]
_Evilspeak_ (1982)  [Sarge]
_The Shadow Riders_ (1982) (Made-for-TV-movie)  [Sheriff Miles Gillette]
    aka _Lewis L'Amour's The Shadow Riders_ (1982) (Made-for-TV-movie)
_The Beast Within_ (1982)
_Lone Wolf McQuade_ (1983)  [T. Tyler]
_Hammett_ (1983)  [Lieutenant O'Mara]
_Children of the Corn_ (1984)  [Diehl]
_The Best of Times_ (1986)  [Schutte]
_Red-Headed Stranger_ (1986)  [Scoby]
_Predator_ (1987)  [General Phillips]
_LBJ: The Early Years_ (1987) (Made-for-TV-movie)  [Lyndon's Father]
_Jocks_ (1987)
_Bulletproof_ (1988)  [Miles Blackburn]
"War and Remembrance" (1989) (TV mini-series)  [Gen. Fitzgerald]
_Dick Tracy_ (1990)  [Pruneface]
_Crazy Joe_ (1992)
_Warlock: The Armageddon_ (1993)  [Franks]
_Payback_ (1994)  [Mac]
_Dead Center_ (1994)  [Art Fencer]

Family Matter

Below I've briefly listed the family members of the leads:


Mother was Irish ("Shadow Boxer")
Father was English ("Shadow Boxer")
Mothers name is Catherine ("Pipe Dream")
Both parents still alive ("The Long Road Home")


Parents are divorced ("Pipe Dream")
Younger brother, Jimmy, killed at age 10 ("The Prophecies, Part 1")
Mother left after Jimmy's death ("The Prophecies, Part 1")
Father killed by cursed pipe ("Pipe Dream")


Had a son, Peter, who was killed when he entered a young girls dream plane
("Bottle of Dreams")
Father disappeared for a few years, came back, though he had been dead for a
while.  ("Midnight Riders")


Father, a night watchman, was killed by a man using a cursed bomber jacket
("The Prisoner")
Brought back to life, only to be killed one final time ("Bad Penny")


Had a wife, Grace, who dissapproved of Lewis' pact, and eventually died

Soundtrack and Photos:

A soundtrack is available through GNP Crescendo Records.
CD's are $12.95, cassettes are $8.95 plus $3.00 shipping and handling
charges.  California residents add tax.  For more info, Email Buz
To order, write to:

GNP Crescendo Records
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Photos have also been found in a New York store that
specializes in old TV and film.  I believe that they do mail
orders.  For info, write:

Jerry Ohlinger's Movie Material Store, Inc.
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New York, NY. 10011
(212) 989-0869
Fax: (212) 989-1660

Color photos are $5.00, B\W $3.50

Star Tech merchendise has a huge sci-fi catalog that includes F13
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Star Tech
P.O. Box 456
Dunlap, TN 37327

Other Info:

Address of the store: 999 (The Inheritance)
                      666 Druid Ave.  (The Spirit of Television)

Licence plate on the Mercedes: 613 EDC
                               778 HLD (Crippled Inside, Midnight Riders)
                               325 CEM (Bedazzled, Badge of Honor)

When Robey was a teen, she was augoriphobic.  She thought that she was part
of a government experiment to see how much pain she could endure.

Robey smokes.

"Vendredi" is French for "Friday."  Coincidence? I think not.


Broadcast History:

Syndicated only
Produced: 1987-1990 in  Toronto, Canada
72 episodes
Ran September 28, 1987 to May 14, 1990

Executive producer: Frank Mancuso Jr.
Producer: Iain Paterson
Composer: Fred Mollin



1.1  Title: "The Inheritance"
     Object: A Doll
     Original airdate: 9-28-87
     Writer: William Taub
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast:  R.G. Armstrong.......... Lewis Vendredi
                  Sarah Polley............ Mary
                  Lynne Cormack........... Mrs. Simms
                  Michael Fletcher........ Mr. Simms
                  Ester Hockin............ The babysitter
                  Barclay Hope............ Lloyd
     This is the pilot episode.  We see how Lewis Vendredi
breaks his pact with Satan to sell cursed antiques.  Micki,
Ryan and Jack meet for the first time.  We find out that
Micki is engaged to a yuppie lawyer.  She is also a bit of a
snob, very spoiled.  At first she is disgusted with Ryan.
They meet Jack, who broke into the shop to try to collect
money from Lewis, unaware dude is dead.  Jack was the one who
selected the name "Curious Goods."  Oh yeah, the curse.  A
little girl receives a doll that kills anyone who refuses to
do what the girl wants.  In return, the girl obviously
doesn't have to put up with these people.  Example: she kills
her step-mother who tries to take the doll.
     Status: Recovered and locked in the vault.

1.2  Title: "The Poison Pen"
     Object: Quill pen
     Original airdate: 10-5-87
     Writer: Durnford King
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest Cast: Colin Fox................ Le Croix
                 Larry Reynolds........... Brother Currie
     Micki, Ryan, and Jack masquerade as monks to sneak into a monestary and
recover a quill pen being used by one of the brothers, nicknamed "The Oracle
of Death."  The brother writes out a prophecy with the pen, stating that
someone is to die, and then has only to fill in the name.  Jack names Micki
and Ryan brothers Simon and Mathew, and they are named in a prophecy, but no
harm comes to them because they are not the true brothers.  Instead, the real
brothers Simon and Mathew, in a European monestary, are killed.  The brother
who has the pen writes out a prophecy, but before he can fill in the names,
Jack points out that the paper he wrote the prophecy on is the invoice he
signed when he purchased the pen from Lewis.  A guillotine blade run amuck
kills him.
     Status: Quill recovered.

1.3  Title: "Cupid's Quiver"
     Object: Cupid statuette
     Original airdate: 10-12-87
     Writer: Stephen Katz :)
     Director: Atom Egoyan
     Guest cast: Denis Forest............. Eddie Monroe
                 Carolyn Dunn............. Laurie Warren
                 Ross Fraser.............. Hastings
                 Kevin Lund............... Bowser
                 Dennis Fitzgerald........ Harold
     This one was written by a friend of mine, so I have to
say it was good :).  Actually, it really was good.  An ugly
college man, who works cleaning up in an exclusive frat
house, finds a Cupid statue in one of the frat man's room.
When pointed at someone of the opposite sex, a tiny arrow
would hit that person, causing them to fall in love with the
owner.  The catch?  The owner must kill their "new love"
after they make love.  Micki and Ryan meet a young woman with
whom the Cupid's owner is obsessed.  She gets shot with the
arrow, but Micki overhears her conversation with the ugly
guy, and she goes in the girl's place.  Ryan bursts in just
as Micki's cover is blown.  But then the guy shoots Micki
with the arrow.
     Status:  Micki says that she loves the ugly guy, but a
pipe bursts and knocks Micki out.  Ryan chases the guy into
the rafters, where dude slips and plunges to his death.
Cupid recovered.

1.4  Title: "A Cup Of Time"
     Object: Teacup
     Original airdate: 10-19-87
     Writer: Barbara Turner Sachs
     Director: F. Harvey Frost
     Guest cast: Hilary Shepard........... Lady Die
                 Maxine Miller............ Birdie
                 Lisa Jacob............... Young girl
     An old woman recieves a teacup with a design of ivy
around the rim.  The ivy is "swapper's ivy," meaning that by
killing someone with the cup, you would recieve a wish.  The
old lady wishes herself to be a young rock singer.  The woman
kills homeless living in the park by offering them some tea
in the cup.  The ivy design becomes real (through the wonders
of animatronics), and strangles the victim.
     Status:  Teacup recovered.

1.5  Title: "Hellowe'en"
     Object: Amulet of Zohar
     Original airdate: 10-26-87
     Writer: William Taub
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: R.G. Armstrong........... Lewis Vendredi
                 Adrian Pockock........... Greta
                 Victoria Deslaurier...... Evil Greta
     Jack, Micki and Ryan have a Halloween party.  A party guest plays with a
crystal ball and accidently calls up the spirit of Uncle Lewis.  Uncle Lewis
pretending to be sorry for all that he has done convinces the gullible Micki
and Ryan to give him the Amulet of Zohar.  Once he has the amulet, he will
become alive if he can find a corpse before dawn.  Jack, Micki and Ryan
manage to delay him long enough for dawn to come.
     Status: Lewis dissapears when they open a curtain and the sunlight hits
him.  Amulet returned.

1.6  Title: "The Great Montarro"
     Object: The box of Hudan (Magicians box)
     Original airdate: 11-2-87
     Writer: Durnford King
     Director: Richard Friedman
     Guest cast: Graeme Campbell.......... Montarro
                 Lesly Donaldson.......... Lyla
                 August Schellenberg...... Fatheem
                 Martin Nuefeld........... Robert
                 Murray Westgate.......... Monte
                 Jefferson Mappin......... Tommy
     A world-renowned magician is killed while trying to do a
dangerous trick, in which he locks himself in a coffin, and
then nine huge knife penetrate the coffin, and, supposedly
it's inhabitant.  However, when a victim is placed in the
Hudan box, they are the one's who are killed, while the
magician performs the trick successfully, and lives.  Another
magician, Montarro, has the box now, and is competing in a
televised magic special, in which the winner receives
$100,000 and admittance to a very selective magicians club.
Jack enters as the Great Mad Marshack, reviving an old act he
did, the Pendulum of Death.  He is blindfolded, wrapped in a
straightjacket, chained together with padlocks, and hung
upside down over a bed of spikes.  The rope he is hanging by
is set on fire and he has one minute to get out.  Micki goes
on as his assistant, and Ryan helps with the props.  During
auditions, someone sabotages the trick, and he plunges to his
death.  However, it turns out that Jack wasn't really in it.
Micki befriends Montarro's daughter, who turns out to be
helping her father with the murders.  Micki is locked in the
Hudan box, and it's show time....
     Status:  Ryan and Jack free her just as the blades fall,
causing Montarro to be killed.  The Hudan box is returned.

1.7  Title: "Doctor Jack"
     Object: Scalpel
     Original airdate: 11-9-87
     Writer: Marc Scott Zicree
     Director: Richard Freeman
     Guest cast: Cliff Goran.............. Dr. Howell
                 Elva Mae Hoover.......... Jean Flappen
                 Doris Petrie............. Dr. Price
                 Michael Copeman.......... Jim Bronson
     Jack, Micki, and Ryan trace a cursed scalpel to a doctor in a
hospital.  While trying to steal the scalpel, Jack falls down an
elevator shaft and needs emergency surgery.  The doctor does not realise
his patient is Jack until he is in the operating room.  Not wanting to
ruin his reputation as the miracle doctor he performs the surgery.
     Status: Micki and Ryan get the scapel back by zapping the doctor
with electrical paddles as he tries to slash them with the scapel.

1.8  Title: "Shadow Boxer"
     Object: Boxing gloves
     Original airdate: 11-21-87
     Writer: Joshua Daniel Miller
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: David Ferry.............. Tommy Dunn
                 Jack Duffy............... Manny King
                 Philip Akin.............. Kid Cornelius
                 Nicholas Pasco........... Tonny Terrific
     A boxer kills the owner of a boxing club for gloves that
let him win all of his fights.  Jack, Micki & Ryan had talked
to owner prior to his death to get back the gloves.  They
begin to investigate when they find out that he has been
murdered.  When the boxer uses the gloves, the shadow of the
boxer goes out and kills someone while he is in the ring.
Micki flirts with him and manages to get the gloves but he
comes to the store.  While he holds a knife to Micki's neck,
Ryan goes to get the glove and Jack stays with Micki and the
boxer.  When Ryan comes back, he hands the boxer one glove.
The other glove he's wearing and has it hidden behind his
back.  Ryan hits Jack which kills the boxer (remember you
have to hit one person and another dies).
     Status:  Jack is bit irritated with Ryan.  They agree
never to use any object for any reason.  Micki is okay, and
the gloves are returned to the vault.

1.9  Title: "The Root Of All Evil"
     Object: Portable mulcher
     Original airdate: 11-28-87
     Writer: Rob Hedden
     Director: Allan King
     Guest cast: Rico Colantoni........... Adrian
                 Jack Mather.............. Smitty
                 Barclay Hope............. Lloyd
                 Ian White................ Charles
                 Kay Tremblay............. Amanda
                 Rita Tuckett............. Mrs. O'Conner
     A mulching machine turns bodies into cash.  A greedy
gardening assistant gets a hold of this machine.  When bodies
are fed into it, money comes spewing out.  The more
prosperous and wealthy the person was, the more money you
got.  Llyod, Micki's fiance also came back.  Micki was
planning on going home with him, but at last minute decided
she couldn't go through with it.
    Status: Mulcher recovered, and Llyod is out of the

1.10 Title: "Tales of the Undead"
     Object: Comic book
     Original airdate: 1-25-88
     Writers: Alfred Sole and Paul Monette
     Director: Lyndon Chubbuck
     Guest cast: Ray Walston.............. Jay Star
     An old comic book granted the power to turn the person
using it into Ferrus, an armored superbeing.  Lewis bought it from the
artist, Jay Star.  Ryan goes to speak to him about it, and finds a bitter old
man who sold the rights to his comic "Tales of the Undead" from which Ferrus
came from.  Star goes to search for the comic to get revenge on the
publishers who cheated him.  He became Ferrus who was supposedly
indestructable.  But Star, years ago, had written a comic in which Ferrus is
killed off.  Micki and Ryan find out how to do it, and kill him.
     Status: Object recovered.

1.11 Title: "Scarecrow"
     Object: A scarecrow
     Original airdate: 2-1-88
     Writers: Larry B. Williams and Marc Scott Zicree
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: James D. Douglas......... Charlie Cobean
                 Patricia Phillips........ Marge Longaker
                 Nicholas Van Bureck...... Jordy Meeno
     If you pin a picture of someone to the chest of this
scarecrow, he will murder them.  In return, the owner would
recieve an exceptionally good harvest.  The owner owned a B&B where
Micki and Ryan were staying. The scarecrow's owner overheard their
conversation about the scarecrow.  The owner stole Micki's drivers
licence, but Ryan managed to grab it off just in time.  The scarecrow
stumbled backwards, and hit the wall.  A picture of the owner fell on
to the scarecrow, and she was decapitated.
     Status: The scarecrow was locked in the vault.

1.12 Title: "Faith Healer"
     Object: Glove
     Original airdate: 2-8-88
     Writer: Christine Cornish
     Director: David Cronenberg
     Guest cast: Miguel Fernandez......... Stewart Fishoff
                 Robert Silverman......... Jerry Scott
     A phony faith healer obtains a white glove that has the power to
heal a sick person.  However, the afflictions that he heals in other
people begin to effect him so he must find a victim to touch with the
glove.  Touching someone transfers all the sickness to the victim's
body.  Somehow in the end, Jerry, a friend of Jack's, who has made a career
out of debunking faith healers and is terminally ill, locks the healer in a
car so that he can get the glove and heal himself.  However, he has no one to
transfer the sickness to, so he dies.  Jack is depressed about this (and the
fact that Jerry held Jack hostage to kill later) and he and Micki exchange
some very cruel words.  Ryan breaks it up before too much is said, and Micki
and Jack gang up (jokingly) on Ryan.
     Status:  Glove recovered and returned to the vault.

1.13 Title: "The Baron's Bride"
     Object: Broach
     Original airdate: 2-15-88
     Writer: Larry Gaynor
     Director: Bradford May
     Guest cast: Tom McCamus.............. Frank Edwards
                 Kevin Bundy.............. Abraham
                 Susannah Hoffman......... Caitlin
                 Diana Barrington......... Marie Simmons
     The broach was used on a black velvet cape worn by a `vampire' who
becomes irresistable to women.  When you put blood on the broach, it took you
back in time to England.  Micki and Ryan got sucked into the curse and helped
Abraham hunt down the guy with the broach.  Abraham is skeptical about Micki
and Ryan's vampire tale.  After his wife is killed by a vampire, he
refuses to see them again.  When Micki and Ryan go out to hunt the
vampire, they are cornered by him, and Micki falls under his spell.  The
vampire begins to choke Ryan, but Bram comes up and stabs the vampire.
Micki and Ryan use their own blood to get back home.
     Status: Broach returned to the vault.  Jack suspects that Abraham was
Bram Stoker.

1.14 Title: "Bedazzled"
     Object: Brass Lantern
     Original airdate: 2-22-88
     Writers: Paul Monette and Alfred Sole
     Director: Alexander Singer
     Guest cast: Alan Jordan.............. Jonah
                 David Mucci.............. Tom
     The episode opens with Jack and Ryan snatching the
lantern from a diver after a successful dive.  The lantern
allows the owner to locate sunken treasure (the lantern's
beam points to the treasure underwater).  In return, the
owner must kill the diver that brings the treasure up, by
shining the lantern's beam on them, burning them alive.  Jack
and Ryan return it to the store, and then go off to an
astrology convention, leaving Micki in the store alone, until
one of her friends leaves her son, Richie, there to be
babysat.  Meanwhile, Jonah and a henchman had followed them
back to the store, and after killing a phone repairman, the
impersonate him and talk their way past Micki into the
basement, where they try to break into the vault.  Richie
discovers their true intentions, and the killers hold Micki
and the boy hostage while they try to open the vault.  She fools them and
gets the lantern out of the vault.  I call Jonah "Dude that won't die"
Because he got hit in the head with a heavy piece of iron, was electrocuted,
hit on the head again with a waffle iron, fell over the second story balcony,
and STILL lived.  Micki had to kill him by reflecting the lantern beam at
     Status: Lantern returned to the vault, and Richie will probably need
heavy psychotherapy for years to come.  Jack and Ryan return home, and when
asked what she did when they were out, says she did nothing exciting...

1.15 Title: "Vanity's Mirror"
     Object: Compact
     Original airdate: 2-29-88
     Writers: Roy Sallows and Ira Levant
     Director:  William Fruet
     Guest cast: Ingrid Veninger.......... Helen Mackie
                 Gwendolyn Pacey.......... Joanne Mackie
                 David Orth............... Scott Thomas
     An unpopular, homely girl, who lives in the shadow of
her beautiful and popular older sister, gets a hold of this
compact.  When she flashes it in a boy's eyes, they fall
madly, hopelessly in love with her.  They do anything she
wants, but as soon as they tell her they love her, she must
kill them.  She curses her sisters boyfriend the night of the
prom, and hangs her from the lighting fixture, allowing a
chair to brush just under her toes to give her a fair chance
at living.
     Status: Jack came in just as the chair slipped from
under the girl's feet, saving her.  The younger sister and
her sister's boyfriend ended up dancing on the roof,
culminating in the both of them committing suicide by
throwing themselves off the roof.  The compact was thrown out
of the girls purse, landing under a bush.  Micki feels
incredibly guilty about not obtaining this object.

1.16 Title: "Tattoo"
     Object: Tattoo needles
     Original airdate: 3-7-88
     Writers: Stephan Katz and Dan Distefano
     Director: Lyndon Chubbuck
     Guest cast: Leonard Chow............. Tommy Chen
                 Keye Luke................ Lom Chen
                 Dennis Akiyama........... Hai Kwan
     After tattooing someone, the tattoos would come to life
and kill the wearer, and the needles would bring good luck to
the person using them.  This was used by a young Chinese man
to help improve his gambling luck.
    Status: Needles recovered.

1.17 Title: "The Electrocutioner"
     Object: Electric chair
     Original airdate: 4-18-88
     Writer: Rob Hedden
     Director: Rob Hedden
     Guest cast: Angelo Rizacos........... Eli Pittman
                 Frank Adamson............ Warden Hobbs
     A man sentenced to death by electrocution was pronounced
dead, but somehow survived.  He later purchased the electric
chair from Uncle Lewis, changed his identity, and went to
work at a juvenile detention center as a dentist.  He would
kill kids using the chair (disguised as a dentists chair),
then the chair would electrically charge him so he could kill
the people responsible for sentencing him to death.  Micki, Ryan and
Jack anticipate who the next victim will be, and they are ready.  They
attatch some cables to him and ground him so he ends up frying himself.
    Status: Chair recovered.

1.18 Title: "Brain Drain"
     Object: Trephine
     Original airdate: 4-25-88
     Writer: Joshua Daniel Miller
     Director: Lyndon Chubbuck
     Guest cast: Carrie Snodgress......... Dr. Viola Rhodes
                 Denis Forest............. Stewart Pangborn
     A not-to-bright assistant to a scientist realizes that the chair his
boss has can drain the fluid from the stem of one person's brain and transfer
it into anothers, also transferring intelligence. He  uses it on himself and
the scientist.  He becomes brillant and takes over the research of his former
employer.  His research involves teaching a monkey brain that kept in fluid
and connected to a computer, to speak.  He continues to use the chair on
visiting scientists and eventually on a rekindled love interest of Jacks.
While Jack, Micki, and Ryan are struggling with this man, he falls into the
chair and the chair stabs him and the monkey brain.  The fluid from the
monkey brain is transferred to him.
    Status: Trephine recovered.

1.19 & 1.20  Title: "The Quilt of Hathor"
     Object: The Quilt of Hathor
     Original airdate: 5-2-88 & 5-9-88
     Writer: Janet MacLean
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: Scott Paulin............. Reverend Josiah Grange
                 Kate Trotter............. Effie Stokes
                 Carolyn Dunn............. Laura
                 Helen Carscallen......... Sarah Good
                 Bernard Behrens.......... Inquisitor Holmes
     The quilt allows whoever sleeps under it to have dreams,
or nightmares, usually about murder, and that dream will come
true.  A plain woman belonging to a religious group, the
Penitites, (think the Amish or the Kindred from The X-Files)
and she wishes to marry the leader of the group.  She kills
a string of women to whom he had been betrothed to, and
eventually becomes "thy betrothed." She then kills her
husband so that she can have control of the group.
Meanwhile, Ryan falls in love with the leaders daughter, who
is betrothed to someone else.  As Micki is leaving, Ryan says
he is staying.  He is then accused of a murder he didn't
commit.  This was a two-hour movie that I stumbled onto by
accident, but I believe it was also shown as a two-parter.
     Status: After accidently taking the wrong quilt, Micki
gets the correct one, Ryan is acquitted, and returns home.
Micki's anger at him for abandoning her and Jack disappear.

1.21 Title: "Double Exposure"
     Object: Camera
     Original airdate: 5-16-88
     Writer: Durnford King
     Director: Neill Fearnley
     Guest cast: Gary Frank............... Winston Knight
                 Catherine Disher......... Cathy
     A news reporter uses this so he can make a double of
himself.  One stays in the newsroom and does the evening
news.  The other has been dubbed the Machete Killer, for he
slashes their throats open with a machete.
     Status: Camera recovered and reporter killed.

1.22 Title: "The Pirates Promise"
     Object: Foghorn
     Original airdate: 6-27-88
     Writer: Carl Binder
     Director: Bill Corcoran
     Guest cast: Cedric Smith............. Joe Fenton
                 Bernard Behrens.......... Barney
                 Thomas Hauff............. Dewy Covington
     Micki and Ryan get an answer to a mailer that takes them
to a sea coast town for a foghorn.  The local museum owner
suggest they go to the light house where to former owner of
the foghorn worked.  However, the current lighthouse operator
has been using the foghorn to call an old dead pirate, Angus
McBride who gives him gold for the bodies of the descendants
of the sailors who betrayed him.  The only witness to these
strange rendezvous is the local drunk who nobody believes
except, of course, Micki and Ryan.  The lighthouse operator
becomes enraged when he thinks he has found all the
descendants and is due to the whole treasure but McBride says
"there's one more".  Micki and Ryan have been snooping around
the lighthouse and Micki is caught.  The local museum owner,
who is also a descent, comes to her aide and is killed.  The
lighthouse operator locks Micki in the lighthouse and takes
the body to McBride but McBride says again "there is one
more" and points to him.  Realizing that he means that he is
a descendent he runs for the lighthouse and locks himself
inside.  The door explodes and McBride kills him with his
hook and takes him away.
     Status:  Micki and Ryan take the foghorn and see the
ghost ship sailing away with McBride and his new crew.

1.23 Title: "Badge of Honor"
     Object: Sheriff's badge
     Original airdate: 7-5-88
     Writer: Roy Sallows
     Director: Michelle Manning
     Guest cast: Val Avery................ Russ Sharko
                 David Provol............. Victor Haas
                 John Stockwell........... Tim Ayres
                 Denneth McGregor......... Tom Van Der Beck
     An old love interest of Micki's wants to stay with her while he is in
town.  Ryan overhears a phone conversation and begins to suspect that this
friend is a criminal.  The friend is seen making deals with a known
conterfeit money dealer.  The dealer is also being watched by a policeman
whose wife the dealer killed.  The policeman finds a sherriff's badge, and
uses it to kill the dealer's men by making an impring on their chest, and
frying them.  In the final battle between the policeman and the dealer,
Micki's friend, who turns out to be an under cover cop, is killed, as well as
the dealer and the policeman.
     Status: The badge is recovered.

1.24 Title: "Pipe Dream"
     Object: Pipe
     Original airdate: 7-11-88
     Writer: Marc Scott Zicree
     Director: Zale Dalen
     Guest cast: Michael Constantine...... Ray Dallion
     Ryan's dad, an inventor, is remarrying.  They haven't spoken in
quite a while, so Ryan's father's fiance invites Ryan, unbeknownst to
Mr.  Dallion.  Mr. Dallion hasn't had many ideas lately, but at a
convention, he meets a young man with several ingenious ideas.  Not
realizing that the pipe he recieved as a gift from Lewis was cursed, he
lights it and a puff of orange smoke kills the man.  Mr. Dallion than
takes credit for the invention, and uses the pipe to kill nosey co-
workers.  Micki begins to suspect that he owns a cursed object.  Ryan's
father catches her snooping and uses the pipe on her.  By this time Ryan
has found out and is looking for them.  Threatening his father with a
gun, he asks him about Micki.  His father replies that it is too late.
Ryan runs to where Micki is hiding and is overcome by the smoke.  Ryan's
father realzing what he has done pushes his son away and is killed by
the smoke.
     Status:  Pipe returned to the vault.

1.25 Title: "What a Mother Wouldn't Do"
     Object: Baby cradle
     Original airdate: 7-18-88
     Writer: Bruce Martin
     Director: Neill Fearnley
     Guest cast: Lynne Cormack............ Leslie Kent
                 Michael Countryman....... Martin Kent
                 R.G. Armstrong........... Lewis Vendredi
     This cradle once belonged to a woman who took a trip on
the Titanic the night it sank.  Her child floated to safety
in this cradle.  The current owners had to kill seven people
in water in order to keep their dying baby healthy.  The baby
could not be removed from the cradle until all seven were
dead, and there was a time limit the deaths had to occur in.
     Status: Both parents were killed, but their deaths
occurred in water, so the baby was safe and adopted by a
loving baby-sitter.  The cradle was locked away in the vault.

1.26 Title: "Bottle of Dreams"
     Object: Egyptian urn
     Original airdate: 7-25-88
     Writer: Roy Sallows
     Director: Mac Bradden
     Guest cast: Elias Zarou.............. Rashid
                 R.G. Armstrong........... Lewis Vendredi
     While Micki, Ryan, and Jack are having a little
celebration to all the objects they have successfully
obtained, a strange man brings in a small urn wrapped in
tattered shrouds.  While Micki and Ryan put it in the vault,
The top comes open, and strange, green gas leaks out.  The
vault seals them in, but Jack get's there just in time to see
what's happening, before the door shuts.  Jack calls Rashid,
who comes over to help.  We find out that, essentially, what
Micki and Ryan are experiencing is a "death dream." The urn
had been used to preserve internal organs of mummys.  the
death dream causes the victim to relive the most terrifying
experiences of their life over and over, until their hearts
literally burst of fear.  This is one of those usually cheesy
flashback episodes, but I feel it is skillfully stitched
together, and NOT cheesy.  Clips include scenes from "The
Inheritance", "Cupid's Quiver", "Scarecrow", "Tattoo",
"Doctor Jack", "Tales of the Undead", and "The Baron's
Bride".  We also find out about Jack's son, who died when he
was only 10 or 12 years old.
     Status: Micki and Ryan are saved, by having Jack drink a
potion and being sent into Micki and Ryan's "dream plane,"
which we also learn is how Jack's son, Peter died.  Peter had
been a clairvoyant, or something like that, and died by
entering a young, mentally disturbed girl's dream plane in
the hope of saving her from herself.

2.1  Title: "Doorway to Hell"
     Object: A mirror
     Original airdate:  9-26-88
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: Charlie Landry........... Buddy
                 Elias Zarou.............. Rashid
                 Justin Lok............... Eddie
     The mirror wasn't an actual antique for sale, but it did
belong to Lewis.  He tries to come back to the living world
through it and other mirrors belonging to him.  Micki and
Ryan get trapped in Lewis' old house, with a couple of
convicts (Nothing big, just robbery), and Jack, with the help
of his close friend Rashid, get them out.
     Status: Jack closes the Doorway to Hell, Micki and Ryan
make it out of the house, the convicts get killed, and the
mirror is smashed.

2.2  Title: "The Voodoo Mambo"
     Object: Voodoo mask
     Original airdate: 10-3-88
     Writer: Agy Polly
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: Joe Seneca............... Hedley
                 Rachel Crawford.......... Stacy
                 Suzanne Coy.............. Laotia
                 David Matheson........... Cole
     There is a festival going on (perhaps Mardi Gras?) and a friend of Jacks
daughter is to become a voodoo priestess that night.  But the four good
priests who she is to visit to have the requirements fulfilled, are being
killed off by an evil preistess using a mask.
     Status: I believe the girl died, but I know the mask was returned.

2.3  Title: "And Now The News"
     Object: Radio
     Original airdate: 10-10-88
     Writer: Dick Benner
     Director: Bruce Pittman
     Guest cast: Kurt Ries................ Dr. Kevin Finch
                 Kate Trotter............. Dr. Avril Carter
                 Stephen Black............ John Gibson
     A young doctor who works in a mental hospital is trying
to cure her patients and receive fame, her only goal.  She
does this by using an antique radio, on that broadcasts
special messages.  When leaving this radio in the room of a
patient, always one of her colleagues, patients' room, it
broadcasts a terrible fate, killing people by their greatest
phobia.  For example, a woman is deathly afraid of snakes.
When the radio was left in her room, it broadcast the fact
that thousands of snakes were loose inside the hospital, when
in reality, the snakes were just a figment of the woman's
imagination.  She essentially died of fright.  The radio then
tells of how the doctor was able to cure won of her own
criminally insane patients.  Did that make any sense?
     Status: Ryan was captured while trying to break into the
heavily secured hospital, and was nearly killed.  Micki was
attacked by a rapist\murderer, and the doctors newest case,
although Micki was okay.  The radio was returned, and the
doctor was killed.

2.4  Title: "Tails I Live, Heads You Die"
     Object: Coin
     Original airdate: 10-17-88
     Writers: Marylin Anderson and Billy Riback
     Director: Mark Sobel
     Guest cast: Colin Fox................ Sylvan
                 Bill MacDonald........... Hewitt
                 Allen Stewart-Coates..... Nast
                 Jonathan Hartman......... Tiriel
     This was a very emotional episode.  I could only bear to
watch it once.  A religious cult has a ram's head coin that
has the power to give and take life.  When flipped, it lands
in front of its victim, heads up.  It then shoots up,
branding a ram's head into its victims forehead, instantly
killing you.  Then, by placing the coin on the forehead of
the dead, they will rise again.  The soul, the personality of
the person you killed would be transferred into the person
you revive.  The reason I find it so emotional is that Micki
is spying on the cult and caught.  The leader flips the coin,
and yes, Micki *is* dead, for a good twenty minutes of the
episode :(.
     Status:  Ryan and Jack trick the cult into believing
that Micki is the chosen one they are to revive by covering
her in clay and putting her in the older corpses place.
Micki comes back as herself, and Ryan gets the coin, but the
temple begins to crumble and on the way out, the coin is
dropped.  All of the cult members are killed, and the coin is
buried under tons of rumble assumingly safe....

2.5  Title: "Symphony in B#"
     Object: Violin
     Original airdate:  10-31-88
     Writer: Peter Mohan
     Director: Francis Delia
     Guest cast: Ely Pouget............... Leslie Reins
                 James Russo.............. Janos Korda
     Lewis sold a cursed violin to a world renowned concert
violinist, Janos Corda.  A few months later, Corda died in a
car accident.  Every year, around the anniversary of his
death, a new Corda recording is put out, from alleged "lost
recordings."  Micki drags Ryan to the symphony, where he
falls for the second chair violinist, Leslie, Corda's widow.
There have also been murders around the concert hall lately.
Micki and Jack become convinced that Leslie is the one with
the violin, the one committing the murders.  Micki even goes
so far as to search Leslie's apartment.  But Corda didn't
really die in that car crash.  He survived, but not without
becoming horribly disfigured, his hands twisted so that he
would never play again.  Murdering people with the violin bow
fixes his hands temporarily, so that he may record a new
song.  Leslie finds out, and is horrified when she learns.
Corda forces her to help him record his newest masterpiece.  Leslie dies
saving Ryan who had fallen under Corda's spell.  Ryan awakens from his
trance and chases Corda through the rafters of the symphony hall.
Corda, bereaved by Leslie's death, leaps to his own death.
Think _Phantom of the Opera_ meets the symphony.
     Status:  The violin is returned, but I believe both
Corda and Leslie were killed.

2.6  Title: "Master of Disguise"
     Object: Make-Up Case once belonging to John Wilkes Booth
     Original airdate: 11-7-88
     Writer: Bruce Martin
     Director: Tom McLaughlin
     Guest cast: John Bolger.............. William Pratt\Jeff Amory
                 Chapelle Jaffe........... Tanya Sloane
     The shop loans some props to a movie, and Micki falls
for the handsome lead.  It turns out that he has a cursed
make-up case.  He must kill someone, and mix their blood with
the make up.  The actor is horribly disfigured, and the
bloody make-up gives his face a smooth, perfect look.  Micki
goes on a weekend trip with him, and, in his psychotic state,
mistakes her for a woman who once broke his heart, whom he
subsequently killed.  Not able to find a victim, the actor turned back
into the disfigured monster that he once was.  He made Micki tell him
that she loved him and kiss him to prove her love.  He breaks down and
cries.  Jack and Ryan break in as Micki is holding and comforting him.
     Status:  Make-up case recovered, though Micki suffered a broken

2.7  Title: "Wax Magic"
     Object: Handkerchief
     Original airdate: 11-14-88
     Writer: Carl Binder
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: Susannah Hoffmann........ Marie Chase
                 Angelo Rizacos........... Aldwin Chase
     This episode was a bit confusing.  In it, a wax sculptor
tours with a carnival, displaying his scenes of real-life
horror, such as Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, and Lizzie
Borden.  His beautiful young wife (with whom Ryan has fallen
for -- you know right off that she's doomed), suffers from
severe migraines, that occasionally cause her to pass out.
However, the headaches stop when someone is murdered.  A
Louie the XIV handkerchief, when placed on a wax sculpture,
causes the statue to come alive and kill in order to save the
young woman.
     Status: As it turns out, the wife is really Lizzie
Borden, in a sense.  The wife is wax, and she is the one in
the wax statue's clothes when the murders occur, by "Lizzie".
Basically, the wife is really a wax statue of Lizzie.  She
melts, and the hankie is recovered.  Did you get any of that?

2.8  Title: "Read My Lips"
     Object:  Silk flower (on a ventriloquist's dummy's lapel)
     Original airdate: 11-21-88
     Writers: Angelo Stea and Peter Lauterman
     Director: Frances Delia
     Guest cast: Billy Drago.............. Edgar Van Horn
                 John Byner............... Travis Pluckett
                 Linda Griffith........... Gabrielle
     Micki's friend is marrying a ventriloquist.  She has
asked Micki to be her bridesmaid.  Micki goes to a show and
notices her fiancee is very odd and argues with the dummy off
stage.  Worried, they begin checking the guy out and find out
that murders occur in the cities he has played in.  At the
wedding, the groom freaks out and is taken to a mental
hospital.  Meanwhile another ventriloquist has gotten a hold
of the dummy.  Ryan convinces the ex-manager of the first
ventriloquist to get the dummy back.  When Ryan goes to meet
the manager later to pick it up, he find a trail of blood to
the refrigerator.  Opening the refrigerator, he finds the
managers head and runs out of the apartment.  Micki and Ryan
figure Micki's friend is in danger so the go to her house
where they find the dummy and the new ventriloquist.  Enough
murders have been completed for the dummy to become alive and
he kills the ventriloquist and goes after Micki's friend.
     Status:  Micki and Ryan save the friend.  Ryan
struggles with the dummy,  pulls the silk flower out of its
pocket and it turn back into a dummy.  The flower is returned
to the vault, and the dummy is no longer harmful.

2.9  Title: "13 o'clock"
     Object: A pocket watch
     Original airdate: 1-2-89
     Writer: Rob Hedden
     Director: Rob Hedden
     Guest cast: Gwynth Walsh............. Reatha Wilkerson
     The owner of this watch must murder someone within a one
mile radius from a subway station.  If this is done, the
owner gets a free hour of time, 13 o'clock.  Time freezes,
and the owner has one hour to do whatever he\she pleases,
without worrying about the repercussions.
     Status: Recovered and locked away.

2.10 Title: "Night Hunger"
     Object: Silver Chain
     Original airdate: 1-9-89
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: Martin Lavut
     Guest cast: Richard Panebianco....... Michael Fiorno
                 Nick Nicholas............ Dominic Fiorno
                 Real Andrews............. Deacon
     A silver chain, gives owner wish fulfillment (in this
case, it helps a kid, Mikey, win drag races), and those he
kills to fuel it are the kids who picked on him when he was
young.  Mikey, and his dad, Dominic, own the hardware store
next to Curious Goods.  Our heroes are holding a sale, when
Mikey's father, Dominic, stops by looking for a present.  He
mentions that Mikey used to frequent the store when Lewis
owned it.  Our heroes believe that he might have a cursed
item, so they start checking.  Nothing is found in the
manifest.  Mikey's goal is to best one kid in particular,
Deacon, who was the one Mikey's father always compared him to
while verbally abusing him.  Deacon makes Mikey race others
first, and Mikey kills them one by one to fuel the item so he
can win the next race.  Micki and Ryan find out about the
chain, and when they chase him in a car to get it, Mikey
crashes, and the chain crawls inside him through a chest
wound and wraps around his heart.  This gives Mikey enormous
power.  Dominic realizes his mistake (abusing his son) and
finds out about the chain.
     Status:  In an act of repentance, Dominic crashes head
on with his son as he finally races Deacon.  The chain is
finally recovered.

2.11 Title: "The Sweetest Sting"
     Object: Bee hive
     Original airdate: 1-16-89
     Writer: Rick Butler
     Director: David Winning
     Guest cast: Art Hindle............... McCabe
                 Tim Webber............... Bob Tucker
                 Victor Sutton............ Ben Landis
                 Gerry Pearson............ Purdy
                 J. Winston Carroll....... Normann Hendricks
                 David Palffy............. Fred Marr
                 Elva Mae Hoover.......... Joanne Hendricks
                 Isle Von Glatz........... Dianne
     The Egyptians believed that honey could help preserve
ones youth.  This concept is brought back thru this episode,
in which a bee farmer has a bee hive that turns the bees that
live in it "vampire bees."  They will kill someone by sucking
their blood out of the victim.  In return, the farmer can
change a person into a new one.  Well, actually, that person
inhabits the body of the recently deceased victim.  The
farmer charges large amounts of money for his services.  When
investigating the farm, Micki gets caught in a swarm of bees,
meaning, what though, was certain death.
     Status: The hive was recovered, and Ryan used fire
extinguisher in his trunk to save Micki.

2.12 Title: "The Playhouse"
     Object: Playhouse
     Original airdate: 1-23-89
     Writer: Tom McLaughlin
     Director: Tom McLaughlin
     Guest cast: Robert Oliveri........... Mike Carlson
                 Lisa Jakub............... Janine Carlson
                 Belinda Metz............. Sylvia Carlson
                 Wayne Best............... Brad Farrell
     Two terribly abused and neglected children receive a
playhouse from the father that abandoned them.  The playhouse
"takes care of the children" by providing food, playmates and
"love."  The catch?  The siblings must lure in a small child
for the house to "feed on," although the are not killed.
     Status:  The playhouse is recovered, the siblings are
taken to foster homes, and the abducted children are returned

2.13 Title: "Eye of Death"
     Object: A civil war era projector
     Original airdate: 1-30-89
     Writers: Peter Jobin, Timothy Bond, and Roy Sallows
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: Tom McCamus............. Atticus Rock
                 Brooke Johnson.......... Abigail
                 Bernard Behrens......... General Lee
     The projector allows one to travel back in time.
Naturally, a life must be taken first.  The projector only
burns for 3 hours, so you must come back to the present
before then, otherwise you are stuck in the past.  Atticus
Rock, the man who has the projector, travels back to
Sharpsburg, Maryland in 1862 to collect priceless Civil War
"antiques", with the intent of getting General Robert E.
Lee's sword.  Ryan follows him and is trapped in time when
Atticus tricks him and knocks him out.  Micki follows Atticus
the next time he goes back, and rescues Ryan, who confessed
to being a spy so he could get close to Lee.
     Status:  Micki and Ryan return to the present ahead of
Atticus, and blow out the projector's lamp just as Atticus is
halfway through the portal, killing him.

2.14 Title: "Face of Evil"
     Object: The afore mentioned compact
     Original airdate: 2-6-89
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: Gwendoyln Pacey.......... Joanne Mackie
                 Laura Robinson........... Tabitha Robbins
                 Monica Schnarre.......... Sandy Thomerson
                 Sandrine Hoo............. Kamichi
                 Barry Greene............. Emery Donohue
     An aging model gets a hold of the compact.  She uses it
to kill people, and in return, she receives a little bit more
of her beauty.  By flashing it the victims eyes, and then
looking into the mirror, she can see the persons murder, or,
rather, the disfiguration of their face.  But the longer she
goes without a murder, the older she looks.
     Status: The compact is returned, the model dies of
accelerated aging, and we find out that the compact feeds on
the owners vanity.

2.15 Title: "Better Off Dead"
     Object: Silver syringe
     Original airdate:  2-13-89
     Writer: Bruce Martin
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Neil Munro............... Warren Voss
                 Tara Meyer............... Amanda
                 Camilla Scott............ Linda
     This is one of the most violent episodes.  One station
even ran a "Viewer Discretion" thing before this episode, and
no other.  In it, a scientist is studying a rare childhood
disease called hyperviolence.  He accidently left an infected
needle lying within the reach of his young daughter, and she
contracted the disease.  He is now working fervently to find
a cure, if only because of his own guilt.  He seems to have
found the tiny gland in the human brain that controls our
animal impulses, makes us human, different from the animals.
He is using a silver syringe that once belonged to Jack the
Ripper to extract fluid from this gland from prostitutes, and
injecting it into his daughter, finding a temporary cure.  By
a twisted luck of bad fate, Micki's college friend is
visiting, and she is taken to be the next "donor" (No, she's
not a prostitute).  Micki's search for her friend leads her
to the scientist's lab, and in a dangerous position.
     Status: Micki's friend is dead, but Ryan and Jack save
Micki before she dies, but not before a "specimen" is taken
from her, reverting her to a temporary animal state (she was
okay by the next episode).  The little girl dissolves back
into a hyperviolent state, and kills her father.  The girl is
sent to a mental hospital, and the syringe is returned to the

2.16 Title: "Scarlet Cinema"
     Object: Movie camera
     Original airdate: 2-20-89
     Writer: Rob Hedden
     Director: David Winning
     Guest cast: Jonathan Wise............ Darius Pogue
                 John Graham.............. Blair Westlake
                 Peter Messaline.......... Professor Schwartz
                 Julie A. Stewart......... Carissa
                 John Swindells........... Taylor McDougall
     An outcast college student's greatest wish is to be come a werewolf.  He
gets a hold of an old movie camara.  When he films a person through it, that
person is killed, by a werewolf.  After three deaths, the owner gets his
wish.  But Micki, Ryan, and Jack are too close and he goes to the store to
kill them.  After practically ruining the store, he is shot by silver
     Status:  Object recovered.

2.17 Title: "The Memphisto Ring"
     Object: Ring
     Original airdate: 4-10-89
     Writer: Peter Largo
     Director: Bruce Pittman
     Guest cast: Denis Forest............. Donald Wren
                 Doris Petrie............. Mrs. Wren
                 James Purcell............ Macklin
     This was the first object listed in the Manifest, from
the 1919 World Series.  A compulsive gambler found this ring
in his mother's jewelry box.  It had once belonged to his
father, also a gambler, who was in over his head, and was
eventually murdered.  By placing it on someone's finger, the
ring would throw you around the room until you were dead.
The owner would then look into the stone on the ring, and see
the winner of a race or sporting event.  The owner's bookie
didn't trust him, so he got the crap beat out of him.  Twist
ending to this one.
     Status:  Okay, I'm gonna tell you the twist.  Turns out
that mother dearest killed her husband in '82, and then
killed her son in the present, because she couldn't get them
to stop gambling.  The ring was recovered, and Micki and Ryan
didn't call the police on the old lady because she really
wasn't a threat to anyone.

2.18 Title: "A Friend to the End"
     Object: The Shard of Medusa and a child's coffin
     Original airdate: 4-17-89
     Writers: David Morse, Scott J. Schneid, and Tony Michelman
     Director: David Morse
     Guest cast: Zachary Bennett.......... J.B.
                 Keram Malicki-Sanchez.... Ricky
     This was one of the few, if only, episode featuring two
cursed objects.  The episode begins with Ryan trying to
retrieve the Shard of Medusa from a sculptress, but he fails.
The sculptress has her model hold the shard as she draws the
preliminary sketches.  After a while, the shard constricts
the breathing and paralyzes the victim.  The sculptress then
takes the shard and stabs it into her victim, turning her to
stone, and the newest piece of art.  As he and Micki are
about to go and try again, they find Micki's nephew J.B.
literally on her doorstep.  They send J.B.  to the park to
play.  Once there, some older boys tell him that he can join
their group if he goes into an alleged haunted house and
takes a toy.  While there, he hears the voice of Ricky, the
little boy who was murdered a century ago.  The boy is alive,
though, and he and J.B.  become best friends.  Meanwhile,
Micki poses for the sculptress, but as soon as she gets her
hands on the shard, she drops it out the open window to Ryan,
waiting below.  They return to the store, where the
sculptress has a knife to J.B.'s throat, and demands the
shard back.  Ryan gives it to her and she runs.  Later, as
Micki is going through some of Lewis' old letters, she
discovers a couple who desperately wanted a child.  The were
Satanists, and bought a small childs coffin from Lewis.  When
a corpse is placed in it, the deceased returns to the realm
of the living.  However, the newly living child must kill an
adult, otherwise, he will die.  That child was Ricky.
     Status:  Micki arrives at the old hose, to find J.B. in
basement, under collapsed debris.  She runs down to help him,
but Ricky hits her and she falls.  J.B. manages to convince
Ricky that Micki was caring, and Ricky turns back into a
corpse.  The coffin is returned, but the sculptress runs to
Europe with the shard.

2.19 Title: "The Butcher"
     Object: Nazi Swastika amulet
     Original airdate: 4-24-89
     Writers: Francis Delia and Ron Magid
     Director: Francis Delia
     Guest cast: Nigel Bennett............ Rausch/Walden
                 Colin Fox................ Mueller
                 Julius Harris............ Simpson
                 John Gilbert............. Shaw
     Micki and Ryan are on vacation.  Jack had been having nightmares from
World War II, in which he had been captured, thrown into a concentration
camp, and nearly killed by a man known as "The Butcher," who killed his
victims by strangling them with barbed wire.  But the rest of his battalion
bust the place and save Jack, killing the butcher.  But the Butcher is back,
killing off members of Jacks regiment, using a Swastika amulet.  The Butcher
tracks Jack down to the story, and Jack manages to grab the Swastika.
Without it, the Butcher is powerless.
     Status: Jack manages to kill the Butcher, and the nightmares, and put
the amulet in the vault.

2.20 Title: "The Secret Agenda of Mesmer's Bauble"
     Object: A crystal pendant necklace (Mesmer's bauble)
     Original airdate: 5-1-89
     Writer: Joe Gannon
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Vanity................... Angelica
                 Martin Neufeld........... Howard Moore
                 Eve Crawford............. Mrs. Burns
                 Tony de Santis........... Roger
     Mesmer was the first hypnotist.  He used the crystal
pendant to hypnotize his patients.  The bauble was stolen
from a jewelry store, but dropped by the crooks, and picked
up by a homely record-store clerk, who was obsessed with a
sexy pop singer, Angelica.  The bauble granted wishes.  You
could hypnotize someone with it, and that person would do
whatever you ask, but you must kill them.  Once dead, the
bauble would grant you any wish, one wish per death.  The
clerk killed three people, and in the process, gained good
looks, all-access concert passes, and the love of Angelica.
But it wasn't enough.  The clerk, now working for Angelica as
a publicist, wanted to *be* Angelica.  At his apartment, he
makes a wish to become Angelica, the two of them melting
together, so the real Angelica turns into a puddle of goo.
The new Angelica goes to her concert, and sings in her place.
Micki and Ryan are at the concert, in the mosh pit, when they
see the bauble around Angelicas neck.  The bauble must be
worn at all times.  If removed, everything goes back to the
way it was before you made any wishes.
     Status:  Micki grabs the bauble as Angelica leans down
to sing to the audience.  After hideously impressive special
effects, "Angelica" turns back into the ugly store-clerk.
The bauble is returned to the vault, but Micki and Ryan can't
help but feel guilty for the death of the pop diva.

2.21 Title: "Wedding in Black"
     Object: Snowglobe
     Original airdate: 5-8-89
     Writers: Angelo Stea and Peter Lauterman
     Director: Rodney Charters
     Guest cast: Steve Meadows............ Calvin Collier
                 Guy Bannerman............ Brother Antonio
                 Carolyn Dunn............. Maya
     Micki receives a mysterious package from Argentina.  In
it is a snowglobe with a model of the Magic Castle, a tourist
trap that Micki lived near when she was young.  When she
gives it a shake, an old boyfriend comes into the store.  He
convinces Micki to go with him on a weekend getaway to a
"B&B" built as an exact replica of the Magic Castle.  One
important detail I had better mention: this ex died a year
ago.  He had sold his soul to Satan, but been killed, and was
now doing a service for Satan to prevent an eternity of pain.
Micki leaves, but then Jack gives the globe a shake.  An old
friend, a monk who had been working in Africa when he was
killed.  He had also made a pact with Satan.  Jack agrees to
go stay with his friend at the "monastery", which turns out
to be the same place Micki went, though Jack doesn't know
this yet.  After they leave, Ryan shakes the globe, and he
barely sets it down before an ex-girlfriend who broke his
heart came in.  She was responsible for the murders of
several elderly people with chronic health problems.  She
committed suicide.  Meanwhile, Jack can see and hear Micki,
but she can't see him.  Jack finds out that she was brought
here to bear Lucifer's child.  Her ex gets her drunk, for you
must accept evil before it can overcome you; unfortunately,
accepting one form of is the same as accepting another.
Ryan's ex betrays Satan, and shows Ryan the way in to the
globe.  He finds Jack, and they devise a plan to drive a
found car to the edge of the snowglobe, causing it to tip off
the desk and fall, break, and release them.
     Status:  Ryan hits the edge just as Micki is trapped and
Lucifer, or his presence is coming towards her.  The
snowglobe falls, and breaks, which I don't understand,
because cursed objects aren't supposed to break.  But our
heros are safe.

2.22 Title: "Wedding Bell Blues"
     Object: Cue-stick
     Mentioned but not seen:  Cursed snowshoes.  Ryan and Jack leave to
retrieve at the beginning of the episode.  Recovered.
     Original airdate: 5-15-89
     Writer: Nancy Ann Miller
     Director: Jorge Montesi
     Guest cast: Elizabeth MacLellan...... Jennifer
                 Justin Louis............. Danny
                 Steven Monarque.......... Johnny
                 Lolita Davidovitch....... Christy
     Johnny was first introduced in this episode.  At the
beginning, Ryan and Jack are being sent off to look for a
pair of cursed snow shoes.  Ryan mentions that he has a guy,
Johnny, out at the local bars and pool halls looking for a
cursed cue-stick.  Johnny calls for Ryan when he notices a
pool shark running hot and cold with his luck.  You must kill
someone with the stick (most effective is a sharp stab right
through the gut), and in return, you have a short streak of
good luck.  Johnny falls for Micki upon first laying eyes on
her, but drives her away with rude, self-righteous remarks
(my favorites: "Just look for the best looking guy in the
place" and "What, you don't date guys younger than you?") all
of which Micki handles coolly.  He tries to convince her to
let him help her, and she eventually gives in and tells him
about the curses.
     Status:  Turns out the pool players girlfriend, who has
been pressuring him to marry her for months, has been
powering the cue for him, so that he will have enough money
(from tournaments) and confidence to marry her.  He tries to
kill her when he finds out, but not before she comes to the
tournament, in her blood-soaked wedding dress and kills him
with a cake serving knife.  The cue is returned to safety,
and Micki, Ryan, and Jack agree to allow Johnny to help them
in their plight.  One quote that really stuck with me was,
when asked who had the cue, Micki replied "A woman.  A woman
who loved not wisely, but to well."

2.23 Title: "The Maestro"
     Objects: Symphonia (music box)
     Original airdate: 5-22-89
     Writer: Karen J. Janigan
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: Cindy Presto............. Grace Colwell
                 Colm Feor................ Anton Pascola
     "I dedicate my body and soul to the dance."  That was
the phrase uttered by several dancers, in hopes to become the
best.  Anton Pascola, a famous dancer, injured himself and
became a choreographer, who wasn't inspired.  He was
desperately trying to choreograph "Shiva," a beautiful dance
about anguish.  By placing a dancers hand on the symphonia, a
music box that played various metal discs, and having them
repeat the aforementioned phrase, they would dance to the
music of the symphonia.  Their dancing would become so
frenzied that they would die one way or another in the
middle, yet giving Anton a sequence or two of choreography.
Grace, the daughter of one of Jack's close friends, has just
been asked to join Anton's company.  She quickly becomes the
star.  Grace repeats the oath, although she shows no fear.
She knew what she was doing, or at least that is what you are
led to believe.  By opening night, "Shiva" still is missing
the final scene.
     Status: Anton stops the music, brings out the symphonia,
and signs himself over to the dance.  He finishes that dance
with Grace, despite his injury.  The two of them die on
stage, but Anton's greatest dance is complete.  The symphonia
is recovered, but Jack is filled with anguish, and
practically destroy's the store out of anger and fury.

2.24 Title: "The Shaman's Apprentice"
     Object: Indian rattle
     Original airdate: 5-29-89
     Writer: Michael Michaelian
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: Paul Miceli-Sanchez...... White Cloud
                 Gordon Tootoosis......... Spotted Owl
                 Isabelle Mejias.......... Blair
                 James B. Douglas......... Dr. Thomas Lamar
                 Heather Hess............. Sasheena
     The son of an Indian Shaman (Indian witch doctor) is a real doctor, and
does not hold on to any of the family traditions, which his father
dissapproves of.  He does gain possesion of a rattle, in his family for
generations, which was somehow cursed.  By rattling it over someone, it will
kill them, and then can float over a sick person and heal them.  The man's
sister is the next in line to become the Shaman after her father's death.
     Status: The doctor is killed, but the father convinces Micki, Ryan and
Jack to allow him to keep the rattle in the family cave, where he swears it
will be safe.

2.25 Title: "The Prisoner"
     Object: Leather bomber jacket
     Original airdate: 6-5-89
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Steven Monarque.......... Johnny Ventura
                 Larry Joshua............. Dayton Railsback
                 Lee Carlson.............. Dell Arkwright
                 Sean McCann.............. Vince Ventura
     The jacket once belonged to a WW2 Japanese kamikaze
pilot.  The kamikazes actually believed that they were
invisible to their enemy.  By rubbing blood onto this jacket,
you would become invisible for a short period of time.  The
man who has it, Risback, was jailed for masterminding the
robbery of $17 million from an armored truck, and uses it to
escape jail for a short while.  He goes to a storage company,
where Johnny's dad happens to work as the night watchman.
Risback's partners claim the money is here, but they were
lying, trying to cheat him out of the money.  He kills
Johnny's dad, and when the cops come, Johnny is the only one
at the scene, and he is accused of the murder.  Johnny is
sent to the state pen, and Micki, Ryan and Jack try to clear
his name.  Risback kills other prisoners, and escapes,
killing his former partners, taking their safe-deposit box
keys belonging to the box holding the money.
     Status: Johnny and Risback have a fight, ending in
Risback's death.  The warden let's Johnny go, and the jacket
is recovered.

2.26 Title: "Coven of Darkness"
     Object: Witches ladder (Necklace)
     Original airdate: 6-12-89
     Writer: Wendy Rodreguez
     Director: George Blomfield
     Guest cast: Maria Ricossa............ Lysa
                 Maurice E. Evans......... Brother Gareth
                 Mark Wilson.............. Brother Shannon
     Micki and Jack attend a meeting of white witches in
hopes of getting back what is called the witches ladder.
This is really a special beaded necklace.  Whichever witch,
black or white (I'm speaking in terms of magic, not race) has
the necklace, can then become the most powerful witch on the
Earth.  Towards the end of the meeting, Micki is shaking
hands with the leader of the white coven, and he senses high
levels of latent occult powers in her.  Micki and Jack get
the necklace back, much to the dismay of the leader of a
coven of black witches, lead by a woman who was Lewis' second
in command when he had been leader of the coven.  The woman
comes to the store, flirts with Ryan, "accidently" cutting
him with her pentagram ring, to get a few drops of his blood.
With the blood, now on a handkerchief, the woman returns to
the coven, and they "curse" Ryan, kind of like voodoo.  He
begins to have nightmares, and sleep walks.  The woman is
trying to get him under her control enough for him to get the
necklace, which is locked away in the vault.  Micki and Jack
figure out what has been happening, and use some of the
latent powers Micki has to try to "exorcise" Ryan, after the
white coven leader is horribly killed.
     Status:  Micki and Jack build an alter in the store, and
they are able to protect Ryan from death at the hands of the
black coven.  He sneaks into the black coven and snatches the
necklace.  Micki after placing a "circle of protection"
around Ryan, is drained of her "powers" at least for the
moment.  The necklace is returned, and Ryan is safe.  At
least until the next episode....

3.1 & 3.2 Title: "The Prophecies (part 1 and 2, 2 hours)"
     Object: The Book of Lucifer
     Original airdate: 9-25-89
     Writer: Tom McLaughlin
     Director: Tom McLaughlin
     Guest cast: Fritz Weaver............. Asteroth
                 Marie France Lambert..... Sister Adele
                 Jill Frappier............ Mrs. Dallion
                 Tara Meyers.............. Christina
     We find out about the childhood death of Ryan's kid brother, and how
much he blames himself, and that his mother soon left him and his father.
The first part finds Jack in France, at a holy place known as Marie-Mere.
Thousands of people travel there to be healed of life-long
ailments, such as blindness and paralysis.  Asteroth has the
book, and tries to complete a set of Prophecies.  If
completed, Satan will descend to the Earth and take over.
Micki, Ryan, and Johnny go to help, but not before Ryan's
mother shows up.  Ryan is possessed, and carries out murders
for Asteroth.  In trying to retrieve the book, Jack is pushed
over a balcony and is in the hospital with a concussion.
     In the second part, Ryan is transferred back into a
child while trying to save a little girl from Asteroth's
     Status: Ryan, now transferred to exactly how he was when
he was 10, has no knowledge of the future.  He goes home with
his mother, an he is never mentioned again.  There is a
mention of how, when he sees Micki, he makes a comment about
how pretty she is, and how he had a cousin named Micki, with
red hair.  This is a direct contradiction to the first
episode, which is the first time the two of them ever met, or
even knew of the others existence.  Oh, and the book was
returned to the vault, and Satan's wrath was not released
unto the world.

******From this episode on, Johnny is in every episode,
replacing Ryan.

3.3  Title: "Demonhunter"
     Object: Dagger
     Original airdate: 10-2-89
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Allison Mang........ Bonnie Cassidy
                 David Shratton...... Travis Cassidy
                 Dale Wilson......... Faron Cassidy
                 David Orth.......... Vance Cassidy
     A close-knit family is hunting down the spirit that killed the son.
Bonnie, the daughter, had been kidnapped by a group of demonolators   (demon
worshippers).  While in this cult, Bonnie had summoned a demon.  Meanwhile,
Micki and Jack discover a cavern under the store when Jack cuts himself in
the vault, and the floor absorbs the blood.  It was used in Satanic rituals,
and led to the streets.  They also find a contract which states that the
caller must kill the demon before the specified date, or the demon lives on
forever.  The demon goes back to the store, and is ultimately killed in time.
     Status: Demon killed, dagger returned, and cavern sealed up.

3.4  Title: "Crippled Inside"
     Object: Wheelchair
     Mentioned but not seen:  Cursed umbrella, recovered easily
     Original airdate: 10-9-89
     Writer: Brian Helgeland
     Director: Timothy Bond
     Guest cast: Stephanie Morgenstern.... Rachel Horn
                 Diana LeBlanc............ Judith Horn
                 Greg Spottiswood......... Marcus
                 Richard Chevolleau....... Scott
                 Dean McDermitt........... Peter
                 Andrew Sims.............. Ed
                 John Gilbert............. The old man
     A figure skater is almost gang raped by a group of boys from her school.
She breaks away from them, only to run blindly into traffic, becoming a
quadrapelligic.  At a garage sale, an old man gives her an antique
wheelchair.  When she sits in it, she can seperate her body from her spirit.
Her "spirit" can then go out, like it was a normal person, and kill the boys
who attacked her.  For each boy she kills, she gets a little more of her body
back.  Micki has gone to Europe to help Jack retrieve the Shard of Medusa,
leaving Johnny to fend for himself.  Halfway through the episode, Johnny gets
the chair, but gives it back out of pity.
     Status: Later on, Johnny gets the chair back, but not before the girl,
her mother, and the last boy are all killed.  Johnny, in his rage, takes an
axe to the chair, but it does absolutely nothing.

3.5  Title: "Stick it in Your Ear"
     Object: A hearing aid
     Original airdate: 10-16-89
     Writer: Jon Ezrine
     Director: Doug Jackson
     Guest cast: Wayne Best............... Adam Cole
     Two men have a fake mind-reading act, where one feed
clues to his blindfolded partner on the stage.  Dude is
losing his hearing, and he steals a hearing aid that really
allows you to read minds.  Unfortunately, the people's
thoughts get trapped in your head, and you must release them
into someone else's head, or your head will literally
     Status:  After much gore, the hearing aid was returned.

3.6  Title: "Bad Penny"
     Object: The aforementioned coin
     Original airdate: 10-30-89
     Writers: Marilyn Anderson and Billy Riback
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: Sean McCann......... Vince Ventura
                 John Bourgois....... Briggs
                 Ed Setrakian........ Gorman
     This episode opens with Micki and Jack going to an
estate auction in hopes of recovering a few objects, leaving
Johnny at the store, mourning the death of his father a few
months ago.  When they return, Johnny is watching a news
segment on unsolved murders where the victims all had a ram's
head emblazoned on their forehead.  Micki freaks and runs
upstairs, leaving behind a worried Jack and bewildered
Johhny.  Jack tells him about Micki's ordeal with the coin.
The next day, the three of them go to the site of the
taxidermy shop in which the coven who had possesion of the
coin was located.  Micki decides she can't stick around and
leaves.  But Johnny later goes to the local police
department, where a few of his dad's friends work.  And
although they don't find out until later, two cops had made a
deal with this dealer for a lot of money, and it ended up
with one of the cops being shot to death, and the drug dealer
killed by the coin.  Johnny finds out about all of this, and
manages to get the coin back about half way through the show.
But this is Johnny we're talking about.  While Micki is
sitting in her room, crying, trembling, and writing a letter
to Ryan, Johnny goes to the graveyard, digs up his father,
and brings him back to life.  But the soul of the last person
to die is transferred into the body of the newly living.
Johnny doesn't know this, and the last person to be killed by
the coin was a prostitute, so his father has a certain
feminine quality to him.  Jack finds out what Johnny did, and
told him to "stay out of their lives."  Of course, to me,
this was good news.  But then the cops get the coin back, and
go to the graveyard to resurrect the drug dealer to find out
where the money was hidden.  Jack goes to get the coin back,
and Micki finally gathers up the courage to go (throughout
the entire episode, Micki is convinced that the coin is back
to get her, and is paranoid almost to the point of being
     Status:  Jack is knocked unconscious in the graveyard,
and Johnny, trying to redeem himself, goes to help.  He saves
Micki, who, out of sheer terror, ends up killing the
previously killed and resurrected cop when he threatens her
with the coin again.  Micki retrieves the coin, and Johnny
uses it to kill his father again.

3.7  Title: "Hate On Your Dial"
     Object: 1954 Chevy car radio
     Original airdate: 11-6-89
     Writer: Nancy Ann Miller
     Director: Allan Eastman
     Guest cast: Michael Rhoades.......... Ray Pierce
                 Robert Silverman......... Archie Pierce
                 Martin Doyle............. Steve Pierce
                 Melanie Miller........... Margaret Pierce
                 Richard Mills............ Elliot
                 Marc Gomes............... Henry Emmett
     Johnny screws up yet again when he purchases a box full
of junk, and then selling a car radio without looking it up
in the manifest.  Of course, it's listed.  A retarded man
bought it for his brother who is trying to fix up a '54 Chevy
that belonged to his racist father, a KKK member.  In 1954,
he had been hanged for killing a black share-cropper.  The
younger brother, also very racist, figures out that if you
wipe blood on the radio, it will take you back to
Mississippi, 1954, and you will remain there until the blood
is wiped off.  The man wants to change the past, and keep his
father from death by killing the black lawyer who pressed
     Status:  Jack and Johnny hold on to the car on one trip,
taking them back in time, too.  They save the lawyer, but the
owner of the radio is burned at the stake by the KKK, who
accused him of being a traitor.  Johnny and Jack make it back
okay, and the radio is returned.

3.8  Title: "Night Prey"
     Object: Cross of Fire
     Original airdate: 11-13-89
     Writer: Peter Mohan
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Michael Burgess.......... Kurt Blackman
                 Genevieve Langlois....... Michele
                 Eric Murphy.............. Evan Van Hellier
                 Vincent Dale............. Baker
                 Dan McDonald............. Father McKinnon
                 Don Carrier.............. Father Foy
     A vampire hunter hunts the vampires that turned his new bride into a
vampiress 20 years ago.  He uses the Cross of Fire, which was used in the
Crusades, that he stole from a church, and killed a friend of Jack's to do
     Status:  Cross returned to vault, and Jack feels depressed, because he
had joined in the hunt, and lost a close friend.

3.9  Title: "Femme Fatale"
     Object: Old film reel
     Original airdate: 11-20-89
     Writer: Jeffery Bernini
     Director: Francis Delia
     Guest cast: Gordon Pincent........... Desmond Williams
                 Kate Reid................ Lili Lita
                 Chris Moore.............. Glenda
     A famous director is obsessed with the lead in an old
flick he made, "A Scandalous Woman."  The woman is also his
wife, but a good 50 years younger.  The director takes young
aspiring actresses into his private screening room, and plays
the movie for them.  When he pushes the woman into the beam
of light, they are transferred into the movie, and the woman,
Lili Leta is transferred into real life until the woman dies
at the end, which is when she must go back.  In order to stay
out for good, the real Lili Lita, an old invalid, must be
killed.  Micki comes by questioning about the reel, and is
shoved into the movie.  Lili demands that her older
counterpart be killed, so the director suffocates her.  Lili
leaves for a while, going to a movie theater where they are
playing her film.  She is shocked to see so many fans, and is
angered by the fact that the director, her lover, never told
her.  She goes back to the house, where she discovers the
real Lili is alive ("death scenes were always my forte").
     Status:  The elder Lili is pissed at her hubby, so she
shoots him.  Then, she feels that it is her place to be in
that movie, so she sends herself in, just before Micki dies.
The younger Lili is exited because she thinks she is free
now, but she's not (I'm not sure why) so she dissolves.
Micki, Jack, and Johnny are the only one's left.

3.10 Title: "Mightier Than the Sword"
     Object: Pen
     Original airdate: 1-8-90
     Writer: Brian Helfeland
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Colm Feor................ Alex Dent
                 Donna Goodhand........... Marion Frazier
                 Markus Parilo............ Clint Fletcher
                 James Kee................ Jerry Fletcher
                 Thomas Hauff............. Prison chaplain
     A famous crime biographer has a pen that can inject an
"evil serum" into someone, making them homicidal.  With the
pen, he writes out the death of someone, and his subject
murders, becoming a best seller.  The evil must be removed
and implanted into someone else.  This is done by stabbing
the pen into someone neck and pulling a switch, transferring
the evil.
     Status: Pen recovered and locked away in the vault, but
not before the evil is transferred (briefly) to Micki, who
feels guilty for the accidental murder of the author.

3.11 Title: "Year of the Monkey"
     Object: Three monkey statuettes
     Mentioned but not seen: Black tea set, which turns regular tea into
poison.  Recovered after the monkeys.
     Original airdate: 1-15-90
     Writer: R. Scott Gemmill
     Director: Rodney Charters
     Guest cast: Robert Ito............... Tanaka
                 John Fulikoa............. Musashi
                 Leonard Chow............. Koji
                 Von Flores............... Hito
                 Tia Carrere.............. Michiko
     3 Monkey Idols (see, speak, hear no evil) which grant their owner wealth
and prolonged life at the cost of the children's lives who don't "master"
(i.e avoid temptation, are honorable) them.  The first child to master them
inherits the fortune, and the curse.  The monkeys are in the hands of
the powerful Tanaka clan.  Our three heroes are promised the
tea set by an old samauri in return for retrieving the monkey
idols for him.  The elder of the clan has three children, and
are each given an idol as a test to see if they are honorable
enough to inherit the family fortune.  The two sons fail the
test, and are killed by the idols.  The daughter passes the
test, but in order to inherit the fortune (and the curse) she
must kill the father.  She refuses, and kills herself.  The
samauri then confronts the patriarch of the clan, and is
killed while unarmed, thus dishonoring the patriarch.  The
monkeys then claim him as a sacrifice.
     Status: Both the monkey statuettes and the tea set are

3.12 Title: "Epitaph For A Lonely Soul"
     Object: Embalmers Aspirator
     Original airdate: 1-22-90
     Writer: Carl Binder
     Director: Allan Kroeker
     Guest cast: Neil Munro............... Eli Leonard
                 Monica Schnarre.......... Lisa Caldwell
                 Barclay Hope............. Steve Wells
                 Clair Cellucci........... Linda Curry
     A lonely mortician uses an embalming tool to revive the dead.  After
murdering someone, he can jab the tool into the newly dead's stomach, causing
them to come back to life, with no recollection of their past life.  He uses
this to bring a beautiful young woman back, pretending that they were
married.  But she begins to remember when her distraught husband sees her
     Status:  Aspirator returned.

3.13 Title: "Midnight Riders"
     Object: None
     Original airdate: 1-29-90
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: Allan Eastman
     Guest cast: Andrea Roth.............. Penny Galen
                 David Orth............... Tommy Betz
                 Dennis Thatcher.......... Cawley Marshack
                 Fiona Reed............... Cynthia Galen
                 John Friesen............. Sheriff Graydon
                 John Bayliss............. Reverend Betz
     There was no actual cursed object in this episode.  However, Micki,
Johnny, and Jack are stargazing in a small costal town when the Midnight
Riders return, a biker gang, like the Hell's Angels.  Except they are all
back from the dead.  Jack's father returns, after a ten-year disappearence,
to tell them about the Midnight Riders, how they had been executed for the
alleged rape of a local woman.  They were back for revenge, for they had
never raped the woman.  She was young, and was pregnant with her boyfriend's
child, and had to save her reputation.
     Status:  Turns out that Jack's father was really a spirit, for he had
died years ago.  The woman died, but the Midnight Riders were "killed."

3.14 Title: "Repetition"
     Object: Cameo locket
     Original airdate: 2-5-90
     Writer: Jennifer Lynch
     Director: Wiliam Fruet
     Guest cast: David Ferry.............. Walter Cromwell
                 Kay Tremblay............. Mrs. Cromwell
                 Vicki Wauchope........... Heather Stevens
                 Sharry Flett............. Ruth Stevens
                 Kate Trotter............. Anne Holloway
                 Aaron Fraser............. Bill
     A newspaper columnist on his way home from a "Columnist
of the Year" party in his honor, accidently hits a little
girl, killing her instantly.  Soon after he finds the girl's
cameo locket dangling from his front fender, calling his
name.  This is where the repetitive part comes in.  The
little girl's silhouette appears in the cameo, urging the
reporter to murder someone else, to replace her soul and
allow her life.  So he kills his dying mother, and the little
girl comes back to life.  But then the silhouette of his
mother appears, with her voice urging him to murder again, to
replace her.  He brought his mother back by killing a
homeless man, only to have his mother die a few hours later.
In an attempt to stop things, the reporter tries to kill the
little girl again.
     Status:  The reporter, unable to take it anymore, kills
himself.  A social worker, and friend of Micki's, sees the
cameo, an brings it into the store, thinking it might be
something valuable.  I found it amusing the way the guy was
losing touch with reality.  Jack and Ryan weren't in this
one, and Micki was only in it a few minutes at the beginning
and end.

3.15 Title: "The Long Road Home"
     Object: Ying Yang
     Original airdate: 2-12-90
     Writer: Carl Binder
     Director: Allan Kroeker
     Guest cast: Geza Kovacs.............. Eddie Hegley
                 Angelo Rizacos........... Mike Hegley
     The Ying yang was a little bauble. It allowed the user
to transfer their soul into their victim's body.  Johnny and
Micki recovered the object at the very beginning and on their
way home they run into these two really sick brothers.  (They
learned taxidermy so they could keep their dear departed
family which the older/smarter brother killed.) Anyway,
Johnny and Micki end up running out of gas right in front of
this house (which belongs to the brothers.) but they don't
know that. Anyway, the brothers come home and realize Micki
and Johnny are there. The older one sends the younger to kill
Johnny (so they can have their way with Micki) and in the
process Johnny breaks his leg and kills the younger brother.
Since he can't help Micki in his body, Johnny uses the ying
yang to transfer his soul into the dead brother.
     Status: Johnny saves Micki, kills the other brother and
then gets back into his own body.  The ying yang is returned
to the vault.

3.16 Title: "My Wife as a Dog"
     Object: Leash
     Original airdate: 2-19-90
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Denis Forest............. Aubrey Ross
                 Kim Nelles............... Lea Ross
                 Jayne Eastwood........... Joni
     A sweet-hearted firefighter is trying to convince his wife not to
divorce him.  He is desperate for companionship, especially since his dog,
and best fried, Kelly, is dying.  By strangling someone with the leash, the
dog becomes more and more human, until, finally, the dog becomes the mans
wife on the exterior, but with the loyalties of a dog.
     Status:  The wife is turned into a dog and killed, but the leash is

3.17 Title: "Jack-in-the-Box"
     Object: Jack-in-the-box
     Original airdate: 4-23-90
     Writer: Dennis Foon
     Director: David Winning
     Guest cast: Marsha Woreau............ Megan Garrett
                 Wayne Best............... Brock Garrett
                 Lori Hallier............. Helen Garrett
                 Alan C. Peterson......... Mike
     A close friend of Micki's is tragically drowned in the pool at the club
where he works, just before his daughters birthday.  Her mother gave her the
present ment for her, an antique jack-in-the-box, bought from a sailors
museum.  When the girl winds it up, it pops open, surprising the victim, who
must be around water.  some sort of water demon reaches up and drowns the
victim.  Then, the little girl can go back to her fathers club, and her
father's spirit appears to her, to spend time with her.  He tells her that it
wasn't right to kill people to see him, and she insists that she must,
especially since her mom began to drink.  The father appears to Micki, and
tells her that his daughter needs her.  She listens, luckily, and she manages
to save the girl just as she was trying to drown herself with the jack-in-
the-box,in order to be with her father.
     Status:  The box is returned, and the girl and her mother are determined
to work things out.

3.18 Title: "The Spirit of Television"
     Object: Television set
     Original airdate: 4-30-90
     Writer: Robert Holbrook
     Director: Jorge Montesi
     Guest cast: Marj Dusay............... Ilsa Van Zandt
                 Paul Humprey............. William
                 Paul Bettis.............. Robert Jandini
                 Jed Dixon................ Roger Sebastian
                 Nancy Cser............... Genevieve
     A psychic to the stars has clients dying on her.  She owns a television
set, that she can summons up spirits in.  Later, the spirit goes back through
the TV wires and appears, angrily, on a set, killing the person by
electrocution.  In return, the psychic is granted ten more days of life.  She
has a rare degenerative disease that, before the TV, would have killed her in
a matter of weeks.  A friend of Jacks, and psychic debunker, goes to see
what's up.  He must be killed, for that is the only way the psychic will
continue to recieve ten more days.  His parents haunt him and, after several
close calls, ends up diving off a balcony.
     Status:  The psychic doesn't get her ten more days because Jacks friend
wasn't electrocuted, so she dies.  The TV is returned.

3.19 Title: "Tree of Life"
     Object: Religious Druid figurine
     Original airdate: 5-7-90
     Writer: Christine Foster
     Director: William Fruet
     Guest cast: Gale Garnette............ Dr. Sybil Oakwood
                 Tedde Moore.............. Nurse Dana
                 Barbara Gordon........... Nurse Morgan
                 Brenda Bazinet........... Jennifer Eng
                 John Innes............... Mr. Sanderson
                 Carole Galloway.......... Mrs. Sanderson
                 Ashley Wood.............. Sheila
     An exclusive womens "hospital" is raising daughters so that the Druids
may rise up again.  The nurses, all the last remaining Druids, impregnate
women with a boy and a girl, and have them give birth at this hopital in the
woods.  During labor, the husbands are sent out to an oak tree with a candle
to leave there, as an offering.  The tree takes them as a sacrafice.  The
women are told that only a boy was delievered at birth, but they raise the
girls as Druids.
     Status: Micki and Jack break up a ceremony in the woods, causing the
blossoms of the sacraficial oak to fall.  Each blossom, representitive of the
girls, is in the likeness of the original figurine.  Jack instructs Micki and
Johnny to be sure to take every single one.  The girls are place back with
their real parents.

3.20 Title: "The Charnal Pit"
     Object: Two-sided painting
     Mentioned but not seen:  18th century writing box.  It is seen, but the
curse is not mentioned.
     Original airdate: 5-14-90
     Writer: Jim Henshaw
     Director: Armand Mastroianni
     Guest cast: Neil Munro............... Marquis de Sade
                 Vlasta Vrana............. Webster Eby
                 Paul Jolicoeur........... Latour
                 Christa Danile........... Larissa
                 Nancy Cser............... Contessa
     A sadistic professor receives a painting from his
father's will.  It is a "Double-Fac" (French for two sided)
which was once painted by the Marquis de Sade in prison.
This was not one of Lewis' cursed objects.  It carried a
curse of it's own.  The professor would kidnap a young woman,
and torture her in his attic, where the painting was located.
The painting had been painted on a blood base, instead of
oil, so to gain entry, you must put blood on your fingertips,
opening a sort of "time portal" into 1790, and the Marquis'
dungeon.  For every person sent through to 1790, another was
admitted back to the present, though they come back dead.
Micki, waiting outside a house across the street from the
professor's, notices him carrying a rolled carpet, and arm
dangling out of one end.  Micki follows them inside, and
becomes involved in a struggle with the professor.  Unknowing
about the paintings powers, she touches it with bloody
fingers and falls through.  Once in 1790, she dresses up as a
French duchess, and feels drawn to the Marquis.  Until she
finds out who he really was.  Then, in an effort to find a
way home, she acts brave to the thought of Marquis' tortures.
Before anything can happen, she writes a letter, explaining
how the painting works in case she doesn't make it.  The
Marquis discovers she is not really the duchess, so he chains
her up and is going to torture her, when Johnny falls though
the painting, freeing Micki, and sending someone back out.
Jack, still in the present, kills the professor, takes the
blood, and smears it on the painting.
     Status: Jack pushes the two dead bodies into the
painting, allowing entrance to the present for Micki and
Johnny.  They make it back alive because they were from the
present, and could handle the journey.  The painting is
returned to the vault, and when down there, Micki notices the
writing box in which she had written the letter, which was
still there.  The box had been cursed, but she didn't kill
anyone for it.