Peter Fagan's Robotech Episode Guide W/Capsule Summaries (

 1.  Boobytrap.        The SDF-1 comes to Earth.
 2.  Countdown.        Rick Hunter encounters the giant Zentraedi.
 3.  Space Fold.       The SDF-1 is stranded near Pluto.
 4.  The Long Wait.    Rick and Minmei are trapped, alone together.
 5.  Transformation.   The SDF-1 adopts an Attack Mode.
 6.  Blitzkreig.       Lisa Hayes conceives the Daedalus Attack.
 7.  Bye-Bye Mars.     Khyron attacks the SDF-1 on Mars.
 8.  Sweet Sixteen.    Rick is promoted and Minmei has a birthday.
 9.  Miss Macross.     The Zentraedi monitor a TV beauty contest.
10.  Blind Game.       Rick and his team are captured by the Zentraedi.
11.  First Contact.    The Zentraedi are terrorized by human affection.
12.  The Big Escape.   Miriya plants micronized Zentraedi spies.
13.  Blue Wind.        The SDF-1 finally makes it back to Earth.
14.  Gloval's Report.  Captain Gloval summarizes the story so far.
15.  Homecoming.       Minmei visits her parents and returns with Kyle.
16.  Battle Cry.       Rick's has a near-fatal accident in combat.
17.  Phantasm.         Rick has a bizarre dream.
18.  Farewell, Big Brother. Max battles Miriya and Roy is fatally wounded.
19.  Bursting Point.   The SDF-1 wears out its welcome on Earth.
20.  Paradise Lost.    The Zentraedi learn from their spies' reports.
21.  A New Dawn.       Rick and Lisa become allies in adversity.
22.  Battle Hymn.      Khyron leads his troops into the SDF-1.
23.  Reckless.         Some Zentraedi desert and are given asylum.
24.  Showdown.         Lisa leaves the SDF-1; Max meets Miriya.
25.  Wedding Bells.    Max & Miriya are married, and fly together, too.
26.  The Messenger.    Exedore warns the SDF-1 of impending disaster.
27.  Force of Arms.    Rick and Lisa are reunited; the SDF-1 triumphs.
28.  Reconstruction Blues. The SDF-1 crew now build their lives on Earth.
29.  Robotech Masters. The Robotech Masters set off for Earth.
30.  Viva Miriya.      A Zentraedi factory satellite is captured.
31.  Khyron's Revenge. Malcontent Zentraedi on Earth oppose the humans.
32.  Broken Heart.     Rick rescues Minmei from Khyron.
33.  A Rainy Night.    Lisa and Claudia Grant talk about Roy and Rick.
34.  Private Time.                                                                    Minmei comes between Lisa and Rick.
35.  Season's Greetings.                                                                    Khyron prepares for a final attack on the SDF-1.
36.  To the Stars.                                                                    The SDF-1 is destroyed; Rick and Lisa make up.

37. (S2E1).   Dana's Story.                                                                    The Robotech Masters engage the humans in combat. (S2E1)
38. (S2E2).   False Start.                                                                    Dana Sterling of the is prematurely promoted.
39. (S2E3).   Southern Cross.                                                                    Dana repels the Bioroids and is promoted.
40. (S2E4).   Volunteers.                                                                    In Earth orbit, Dana panics under fire.
41. (S2E5).   Half Moon.                                                                    Bowie Grant is captured by the Robotech Masters.
42. (S2E6).   Danger Zone.                                                                    Dana's squadron takes down an enemy Fortress.
43. (S2E7).   Prelude to Battle.                                                                    Bowie is arrested by the Global Military Police.
44. (S2E8).   The Trap.                                                                     Inside the Master's ship, Bowie meets Musica.
45. (S2E9).   Metal Fire.                                                                    Dana argues that the enemy aren't androids.
46. (S2E10).  Stardust.                                                                     A GMP agent assists Dana in fighting the Masters.
47. (S2E11).  Outsiders.                                                                    A single ship from the REF returns to Earth.
48. (S2E12).  Deja Vu.                                                                      Dana meets the captured Bioroid pilot, Zor.
49. (S2E13).  A New Recruit.                                                                    Zor unwittingly becomes a spy for the Masters.
50. (S2E14).  Triumvirate.                                                                    Invid Flowers of Life are found inside the SDF-1.
51. (S2E15).  Clone Chamber.                                                                    Marie Crystal's team rescue the Earth Fleet.
52. (S2E16).  Love Song.                                                                    General Emerson is assigned to a combat mission.
53. (S2E17).  The Hunters.                                                                    The military perverts Louie Nichols' invention.
54. (S2E18).  Mind Game.                                                                    Dana's squad is sent to help Emerson's fleet.
55. (S2E19).  Dana in Wonderland.                                                                    The Masters' people encounter the humans.
56. (S2E20).  Crisis Point.                                                                    In the Masters' ship, Zor and Musica find Dana.
57. (S2E21).  Daydreamer.                                                                    Zor, Musica and Dana's squad return to Earth.
58. (S2E22).  Final Nightmare.                                                                    Zor suffers a flashback inside the SDF-1 ruins.
59. (S2E23).  The Invid Connection.                                                                    The Masters issue an ultimatum to Earth.
60. (S2E24).  Catastrophe.                                                                    Zor destroys the Masters, but summons the Invid.

****THE THIRD GENERATION**** / The New Generation
61. (S3E1).   The Invid Invasion.                                                                    Scott Bernard crash lands on the planet Earth.
62. (S3E2).   The Lost City.                                                                    Annie joins Scott and Rand against the Invid.
63. (S3E3).   Lonely Soldier Boy.                                                                    Rook, Lancer and Lunk join the team.
64. (S3E4).   Survival.                                                                     The Invid sense the Protoculture in the mecha.
65. (S3E5).   Curtain Call.                                                                    Scott's team pull off a Protoculture raid.
66. (S3E6).   Hard Times.                                                                    Rand has a violent bout with her past.
67. (S3E7).   Paper hero.                                                                    Lunk tries to fulfill a friend's dying wish.
68. (S3E8).   Eulogy.                                                                       Scott meets his hero, Colonel Jonathan Wolff.
69. (S3E9).   The Genesis Pit.                                                                    Scott's team view Invid evolution experiments.
70. (S3E10).  Enter Marlene.                                                                    An amnesiac woman joins Scott and company.
71. (S3E11).  The Secret Route.                                                                    Lancer falls foul of  his old flame, Carla.
72. (S3E12).  The Fortress.                                                                    A decisive victory for Scott and the others.
73. (S3E13).  Sandstorm.                                                                    Rand has a dream influenced by the Invid.
74. (S3E14).  Annie's Wedding.                                                                    Annie woos a young would-be tribal warrior.
75. (S3E15).  Separate Ways.                                                                    The teams' personal conflicts become arguments.
76. (S3E16).  Metamorphosis.                                                                    The Regiss creates two new humanoid agents.
77. (S3E17).  The Midnight Sun.                                                                    The Invid Sera is disturbed upon seeing Lancer.
78. (S3E18).  Ghost Town.                                                                    Word of a new REF offensive reaches Scott.
79. (S3E19).  Frostbite.                                                                    Marlene puts a dent in Scott's emotional armor.
80. (S3E20).  Birthday Blues.                                                                    "Mint" LaBelle has the best birthday ever!
81. (S3E21).  Hired Gun.                                                                    Rand meets a man with a cruel vendetta.
82. (S3E22).  The Big Apple.                                                                    A kid named Simon shows Scott's team the town.
83. (S3E23).  Reflex Point.                                                                    Scott discovers that Marlene is an Invid.
84. (S3E24).  Dark Finale.                                                                    The team joins the REF in a final assault.
85. (S3E25).  Symphony of Light.                                                                    The Regiss changes form and leaves the Earth.

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