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        videotaper would or could need, except for the syndication schedule.
        *** plot synopsis at bottom of file ***
        (FYI -- the symbol "" is a check-mark in the DOS world)

  1 The Seinfeld Chronicles   07/05/89 1.01 
  2 The Stakeout              05/31/90 1.02  [Elaine introduced]
  3 The Robbery               06/07/90 1.03 
  4 Male Unbonding            06/14/90 1.04 
  5 The Stock Tip             06/21/90 1.05 

  6 The Ex-Girlfriend         01/16/91 2.01 
  7 The Pony Remark           01/30/91 2.02 
  8 The Jacket                02/06/91 2.03 
  9 The Phone Message         02/13/91 2.04 
 10 The Apartment             04/04/91 2.05 
 11 The Statue                04/11/91 2.06 
 12 The Revenge               04/18/91 2.07 
 13 The Heart Attack          04/25/91 2.08 
 14 The Deal                  05/02/91 2.09 
 15 The Baby Shower           05/16/91 2.10 
 16 The Chinese Restaurant    05/23/91 2.11 
 17 The Busboy                06/26/91 2.12 

 18 The Note                  09/18/91 3.01 
 19 The Truth                 09/25/91 3.02 
 20 The Pen                   10/02/91 3.03 
 21 The Dog                   10/09/91 3.04 
 22 The Library               10/16/91 3.05 
 23 The Parking Garage        10/30/91 3.06 
 24 The Cafe                  11/06/91 3.07 
 25 The Tape                  11/13/91 3.08 
 26 The Nose Job              11/20/91 3.09 
 27 The Stranded              11/27/91 3.10 
 28 The Alternate Side        12/04/91 3.11 
 29 The Red Dot               12/11/91 3.12  [George gets fired]
 30 The Subway                01/08/92 3.13 
 31 The Pez Dispenser         01/15/92 3.14 
 32 The Suicide               01/29/92 3.15 
 33 The Fix-Up                02/05/92 3.16 
 34 The Boyfriend-Part I      02/12/92 3.17 
 35 The Boyfriend-Part II     02/12/92 3.18 
 36 The Limo                  02/26/92 3.19 
 37 The Good Samaritan        03/04/92 3.20 
 38 The Letter                03/25/92 3.21  haven't seen beginning
 39 The Parking Space         04/22/92 3.22 
 40 The Keys                  05/06/92 3.23 

 41 The Trip   (part I)       08/12/92 4.01 
 42 The Trip   (part II)      08/19/92 4.02 
 43 The Pitch  (part I)       09/16/92 4.03  [Susan introduced]
 44 The Ticket (part II)      09/16/92 4.04 
 45 The Wallet (part I)       09/23/92 4.05 
 46 The Watch  (part II)      09/30/92 4.06 
 47 The Bubble Boy            10/07/92 4.07 
 48 The Cheever Letters       10/28/92 4.08 
 49 The Opera                 11/04/92 4.09 
 50 The Virgin                11/11/92 4.10  [George gets Susan fired]
 51 The Contest               11/18/92 4.11 
 52 The Airport               11/25/92 4.12 
 53 The Pick                  12/16/92 4.13 
 54 The Movie                 01/06/93 4.14 
 55 The Visa                  01/27/93 4.15 
 56 The Shoes                 02/04/93 4.16 
 57 The Outing                02/11/93 4.17 
 58 The Old Man               02/18/93 4.18 
 59 The Implant               02/25/93 4.19 
 60 The Junior Mint           03/18/93 4.20 
 61 The Smelly Car            04/15/93 4.21 
 62 The Handicap Spot         05/13/93 4.22 
 63 The Pilot (part I)        05/20/93 4.23 
 64 The Pilot (part II)       05/20/93 4.24 

 65 The Mango                 09/16/93 5.01 
 66 The Puffy Shirt           09/23/93 5.02  (the low-talker)
 67 The Glasses               09/30/93 5.03 
 68 The Sniffing Accountant   10/07/93 5.04  [George gets hired & fired]
 69 The Bris                  10/14/93 5.05 
 70 The Lip Reader            10/28/93 5.06 
 71 The Non-Fat Yogurt        11/04/93 5.07 
 72 The Barber                11/11/93 5.08 
 73 The Masseuse              11/18/93 5.09 
 74 The Cigar-Store Indian    12/09/93 5.10 
 75 The Conversion            12/16/93 5.11 
 76 The Stall                 01/06/94 5.12 
 77 The Dinner Party          02/03/94 5.13 
 78 The Marine Biologist      02/10/94 5.14 
 79 The Pie                   02/17/94 5.15 
 80 The Stand-In              02/24/94 5.16 
 81 The Wife                  03/17/94 5.17 
 82 The Raincoats (part I)    03/28/94 5.18 
 83 The Raincoats (part II)   03/28/94 5.19 
 84 The Fire                  05/05/94 5.20 
 85 The Hamptons              05/12/94 5.21 
 86 The Opposite              05/19/94 5.22  [George hired @ Yankees]
                                              [Elaine promoted/evicted/fired]
 87 The Chaperone             09/22/94 6.01 
 88 The Big Salad             09/29/94 6.02 
 89 The Pledge Drive          10/06/94 6.03  (the hi-talker)
 90 The Chinese Woman         10/13/94 6.04 
 91 The Couch                 10/27/94 6.05 
 92 The Gymnast               11/03/94 6.06 
 93 The Soup                  11/10/94 6.07 
 94 The Mom and Pop Store     11/17/94 6.08 
 95 The Secretary             12/08/94 6.09 
 96 The Race                  12/15/94 6.10 
 97 The Switch                01/05/95 6.11  [Kramer's 1st name revealed]
 98 The Label Maker           01/19/95 6.12 
 99 The Scofflaw              01/26/95 6.13 
100 The Hundredth Show (Clips) 2/02/95 6.14 
101 The Beard                 02/09/95 6.15 
102 The Kiss Hello            02/16/95 6.16 
103 The Doorman               02/23/95 6.17 
104 The Jimmy                 03/16/95 6.18 
105 The Doodle                04/06/95 6.19 
106 The Fusilli Jerry         04/27/95 6.20 
107 The Diplomat's Club       05/04/95 6.21  [Elaine fired by Mr.Pitt]
108 The Face Painter          05/11/95 6.22 
109 The Understudy            05/18/95 6.23 

110 The Engagement            09/21/95 7.01 
111 The Postponement          09/28/95 7.02 
112 The Maestro               10/05/95 7.03 
113 The Wink                  10/12/95 7.04 
114 The Hot Tub               10/19/95 7.05 
115 The Soup Nazi             11/02/95 7.06 
116 The Secret Code           11/09/95 7.07 
117 The Pool Guy              11/16/95 7.08 
118 The Sponge                12/07/95 7.09 
119 The Gum                   12/14/95 7.10 
120 The Rye                   01/04/96 7.11 
121 The Caddy                 01/25/96 7.12 
122 The Seven                 02/01/96 7.13 
123 The Cadillac (part I)     02/08/96 7.14 
124 The Cadillac (part II)    02/08/96 7.15 
125 The Shower Head           02/15/96 7.16 
126 The Doll                  02/22/96 7.17 
127 The Friars Club           03/07/96 7.18 
128 The Wig Master            04/04/96 7.19 
129 The Calzone               04/25/96 7.20 
130 The Bottle Deposit (part I)5/02/96 7.21 
131 The Bottle Deposit (part II)/02/96 7.22 
132 The Wait Out              05/09/96 7.23 
133 The Invitations           05/16/96 7.24  [Susan dies]

134 The Foundation            09/19/96 8.01 
135 The Soul Mate             09/26/96 8.02 
136 The Bizarro Jerry         10/03/96 8.03 
137 The Little Kicks          10/10/96 8.04 
138 The Package               10/17/96 8.05 
139 The Fatigues              10/31/96 8.06 
140 The Checks                11/07/96 8.07 
141 The Chicken Roaster       11/14/96 8.08 
142 The Abstinence            11/21/96 8.09 
143 The Andrea Doria          12/19/96 8.10 
144 The Little Jerry          01/09/97 8.11 
145 The Money                 01/16/97 8.12  [Peterman returns]
146 The Comeback              01/30/97 8.13 
147 The Van Buren Boys        02/06/97 8.14 
148 The Susie                 02/13/97 8.15 
149 The Pothole               02/20/97 8.16 
150 The English Patient       03/13/97 8.17 
151 The Nap                   04/10/97 8.18 
152 The Yada Yada             04/24/97 8.19 
153 The Millenium             05/01/97 8.20 
154 The Muffin Tops           05/08/97 8.21 
155 The Summer Of George      05/15/97 8.22     WHERE DOES "NBC#150" GO???

The Butter Shave
The Serenity Now

...and so on and so on...

     The Fabulous Four:
Jerry Seinfeld as Jerry Seinfeld
Jason Alexander as George Costanza
Micheal Richards as Cosmo Kramer
Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as Elaine Benes
     The Sometimes Cast:
Wayne Knight as Newman
Estelle Harris as Estelle Costanza
Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza
Len Lesser as Uncle Leo
Barney Martin as Morty Seinfeld
Liz Sheridan as Helen Seinfeld
Heidi Swedberg as Susan

The Episodes:
First Season

1 - The Pilot / The Seinfeld Chronicles
An Engaged woman from out of town stays with Jerry.  George tries to teach him
to read the signals.

2 - The Stakeout
George and Jerry stake out a woman who Jerry is interested in.

3 - The Robbery
Jerry's apartment is broken into, which causes him to want to move out and
Elaine to want to move in.

4 - Male Unbonding
Jerry tries to break it off with a male friend.  Kramer has the idea for a
pizza parlor where you get to make your own pie.

5 - The Stock Tip
Jerry and George follow up on a hot stock tip.  Kramer has the idea for a
roll-out tie dispenser.  Season Two

6 - The Ex-Girlfriend
Jerry talks George through a break-up and then dates the dumpee after George
recruits him to pick up some books he left at her place.  Elaine is the queen
of confrontations after she is snubbed by an aquantance.  Kramer tries to get
Jerry to go to Joe's f ruit store.  Jerry convinces George to see his
chiropracter who does very little.  Jerry gets dumped by the cashier who
doesn't respect his work.

7 - The Pony Remark
Jerry cracks a joke about spoiled kids who have ponies, inadvertantly offending
an old woman at a dinner party who dies soon after.  Who expects a poor
immigrant to have grown up owning a pony?  Kramer decides to renovate his
apartment by removing all th e furniture and replacing them with levels.

8 - The Jacket
Jerry's new suede jacket is ruined.  Everyone meets Elaine's cranky old father.

9 - The Phone Message
Jerry dates a woman who actually likes those stupid dockers commercials.
George turns down an offer to have coffee (sex?)  and later leaves an ultimatum
on the woman's answering machine.  George recruits Jerry to help scheme to
sneak in and erase it.

10 - The Apartment
Elaine almost moves in to Jerry's building.  George is trying to pick up women
by wearing a wedding band.  Jerry explains to Kramer how he is different from
human beings.

11 - The Statue
Jerry suspects that his housekeeper has stolen a statue from him.  Fortunately,
Kramer is there to take the case.

12 - The Revenge
George quits a job and then tries to go back to work as if nothing happens.
Jerry and Kramer try to exact revenge on a laudromat that might have stolen
money from Jerry.

13 - The Heart Attack
George goes so far as to visit Kramer's doctor after having what he believes is
a heart attack.

14 - The Deal
Jerry and Elaine try to work out a way to remain just friends but still get to
have sex.  They make up a decent code of rules but they fail miserably.

15 - The Baby Shower
Jerry lets Elaine throw a baby shower in his apartment, and allows the cable
guy to give him an illegal hookup.

16 - The Chinese Restaurant
Jerry, George and Elaine wait for a table at a Chinese Restaurant.

17 - The Busboy
George gets a busboy fired and feels guilty until the restaurant burns down and
the busboys life was apparently saved by him.

Season Three

18 - The Note
The four try to use a note from a dentist to get the insurance to pay for
massages.  George gets a massage from a man that he thinks caused motion down
below.  Kramer thinks he sees Joe Dimaggio in Dinky Donuts.  "I think it

19 - The Truth
George is dating an IRS woman who may be able to help Jerry's audit.  Kramer is
dating Elaine's roommate.

20 - The Pen
Jerry and Elaine visit Jerry's parents in Florida so Jerry can make a speech
when his father is elected president of the condo association.  Jerry takes an
astronaut pen from his father's friend and Elaine hurts her back sleeping on
the sofa bed.

21 - The Dog
George and Elaine find they have little to talk about without Jerry while he is
off dog-sitting.

22 - The Library
The library police are after Jerry for a book be borrowed twenty years ago.
George thinks his former gym teacher has become a homeless man.

23 - The Parking Garage
Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine look for Kramer's car in the parking lot of a
mall in NJ.

24 - The Cafe
Elaine tries to help George cheat on a IQ test that his girlfriend gives him.
Jerry befriends Baboo and convinces him to change his restaurant to all
Pakistani food which drives him out of business completely.

25 - The Tape
Elaine leaves an erotic message on Jerry's tape recorder.  George gets baldness
cure from China with the help of Ping the chinese food delivery boy.

26 - The Nose Job
George is dating a woman with a big nose but is apprehensive about mentioning
it.  Kramer, however, is not.  Jerry is compelled to date a beautiful woman
whom he doesn't like after picking her up in an elevator.  Kramer recruits
Elaine to help him get the Jacket back.  Jerry's penis and brain are facing
each other in a chess game.  "Well, you're as pretty as any of them...  just
need a nose job."

27 - The Stranded
George strands Jerry and Elaine at a party on long island while he pursues a
possibility with a woman.  Kramer attempts to pick them up but runs across some
trouble.  Jerry is sorry about keeping his hosts up late and offers to do the
same if they ever fi nd themselves in the city.  He is taken up on this offer
faster than he anticipated, and winds up having to pay for it.

28 - The Alternate Side
Jerry's car gets stolen and the girl at the rental agency gives him a hard
time.  He gets the insurance, saying he's going to beat the crap out of the
car, but when George winds up crashing it, he has to pay for the damages.
Elaine is dating an old man who has a stroke which is compounded by the fact
that the paramedics can't get to him fast enough as George's accident has
screwed up the traffic on the block, which also delayed the Woody Allen movie
filming nearby.  Kramer has a part in the movie ("Thes e pretzels are making me
thirsty") but gets fired after he injures Woody Allen with a glass.

29 - The Red Dot
George buys Elaine a sweater with a red dot on it as thanks for her helping him
get a job, which he loses after having sex with the cleaning woman in the

30 - The Subway
Jerry falls asleep on subway and wakes up sitting across from a naked man.
George gets ripped off by a woman he follows to a hotel room.  Elaine is
delayed on her way to be the best man in a lesbian wedding.  Kramer overhears a
hot tip on a horse.  "I hate men, but I'm not a lesbian."

31 - The Pez Dispenser
Jerry's pez dispenser ruins George's life but comes in handy in a drug
confrontation.  "Pez?"

32 - The Suicide
Elaine is fasting for an x-ray exam which causes her to hallucinate.  Jerry is
dating the girlfriend of a man who recently attempted suicide.

33 - The Fix-Up
Jerry and Elaine set up both ends of a blind date for George and one of
Elaine's friends.  They vow to be fully honest with each other on the details
but that turns out to be impossible.  Kramer supplies George with a defective
condom which proves George' s "boys" abilities.  "My boys can swim!"

34/35 - The Boyfriend (Parts 1 and 2)
Elaine's dating relationship with Keith Hernandez interferes with Jerry's
friendship, and they compete for his loyalty.  George is running out of time to
collect unemployment and tries everything to get an extension.  Kramer and
Newman tell their JFK like story of how Keith once spit on them both.

36 - The Limo
Jerry and George take someone else's limo from the airport and are mistaken for
the heads of the Aryan movement.  Kramer realizes that Jerry is, in fact, in
the CIA.

37 - The Good Samaritan
Jerry witnesses a hit and run, but when he approaches the culprit, he is
immediated attracted to her and they wind up dating.  Kramer infoms him that
the damaged car belongs to a woman who Jerry has also been interested in
dating, and he tries to convinc e her that he caught the guy who hit her car.
George has an affair with a woman after saying "god bless you" at dinner when
her husband didn't.  Guest stars Helen Slater of Secret of My Success fame.

38 - The Letter
The Kramer is painted.  Elaine refuses to take of her Orioles hat at Yankee

39 - The Parking Space
George fights with Kramer's friend for a parking space in front of Jerry's
building.  Jerry is accused of being a phoney.

40 - The Keys
Jerry is upset because Kramer is using his keys too much and hanging out in
Jerry's apartment and asks for his keys back.  Jerry gives Kramer back his
spare keys, which he gives to George in exchange for George's spare keys.
George then needs to get his spare set back from Elaine, who asks for her spare
set in exchange which she intends to give to Jerry.  When Jerry forgets his
keys, he needs George to use his copy of Elaine's keys to get into her
apartment to get his spare set back.  Kramer takes off fo r L.A.  to pursue his
acting career and ends up on an episode of Murphy Brown "Up here, I'm already

Season Four

41/42 - The Trip (Parts 1 and 2)
Jerry and George search for Kramer in LA and help him get off of a serial
murder accusation.  Jerry makes an appearance on the Tonight Show, while George
is bothering every celebrity in L.A.

43 - The Pitch
Jerry is discovered by NBC and asked to come up with an idea for a television
show.  George becomes the cowriter when he comes up with the idea for a show
about nothing.  Kramer trades his broken radar detector for Newman's motercycle
helmet.  Elaine is off in Europe with Crazy Joe Divola's Psychiatrist, who,
subsequentally, can't get his medicine and kicks Kramer in the head after Jerry
tips him off that Kramer is having a party without inviting him.  Good thing
Kramer had that helmet on.  George picks up Susan after meeting her at the NBC
meeting.  Crazy Joe Divola is now after Jerry.

44 - The Ticket
Jerry throws away the watch his parents gave him because it keeps lousy time.
Jerry cuts short a conversation with Uncle Leo because he is pressed for time.
Kramer's head injury causes him to act stranger than usual when he tries to
help Newman protest a speeding ticket.  Guest stars David Graf (Tackleberry) of
Police Academy Fame.  "you know, a muffin can be very filling."

45 - The Wallet
Jerry's parents are in town so his father can see a back specialist, who he
runs out on when he discovers his wallet is missing from the examination room.
Susan gives George a box of fine cuban cigars which he pawns off on Kramer.

46 - The Watch
Jerry tries to convince his parents that his watch is being fixed, and tries to
buy it from Uncle Leo who found it in the garbage.  Elaine convinces Kramer to
pretend to be her boyfriend to help her break up with the psychiatrist.  Elaine
meets Crazy Joe Divola on the street.  George bargains with NBC and gets him
and Jerry less money to do the pilot.

47 - The Bubble Boy
Jerry, Elaine, George and Susan head up to the cabin which was built by Susan's
grandfather as a retreat in '57.  On the way, however, they stop off to see a
bubble boy who is a big fan of Jerry, but he isn't there because George was
driving too fast for him to keep up.  George and the bubble boy get into a
fight over a trial pursuit misprinted card and Susan winds up popping the
bubble while trying to stop the bubble boy from strangling George.  Kramer and
Jerry's girlfriend (who laughs like Elmer Fudd sitting on a Juicer) beat
everyone up to the cabin giving Kramer plenty of time to burn it to the ground
with Susan's father's cigars.  Guest stars Brian Doyle-Murray.

48 - The Cheever Letters
George has to tell Susan's father that they burned down the cabin.  The only
thing that survived was a box of letters from Susan's father's gay lover.

49 - The Opera
Elaine has to break off her relationship with Crazy Joe Divola.  George tries
to scalp a ticket to the opera.

50 - The Virgin
Now that George finally has a job that he could use to pick up women, he can't
because he is dating Susan.  Jerry begins to date a closet specialist who is a
virgin.  Elaine runs out on the street to apologize for insulting her and
causes Ping the chines e food delivery boy to have an accident.  George kisses
Susan during an NBC meeting and she loses her job.

51 - The Contest
The fab four compete to find out who is the true master of his/her domain.

52 - The Airport
Jerry and Elaine have to split up on a flight, Jerry's in first class while
Elaine is in coach.  Kramer and George have to go between airports to pick them
up.  Guest stars Jm J. Bullock of Too Close For Comfort fame.

53 - The Pick
Jerry is caught picking his nose in the car.  Elaine's Christmas card has a
little too much of her on it.  Kramer complains to Kalvin Kline for stealing
his purfume idea and winds up posing for an underwear ad.  "I'm not sure, and
correct me if I'm wrong, but I think I see...  a nipple."

54 - The Movie
Jerry tries to see Plan 9 From Outer Space.

55 - The Visa
George is dating the lawyer who is handling Ping's case against Elaine.  Baboo
is being deported because his visa application was left in Jerry's mailbox and
Elaine was picking up his mail while he was out of town.  Jerry tries to help
him get a visa by asking the lawyer to pull some strings with the immigration

56 - The Shoes
George is caught looking at the president of NBC's daughter's cleavage and the
deal is canceled.  Elaine's shoes are the talk of the town.

57 - The Outing
Jerry and George are mistakenly outed by an NYU reporter, "not that there's
anything wrong with that."

58 - The Old Man
Jerry, George and Elaine volunteer to help seniors.  Kramer and Newman try to
make some money selling records.  George wishes he could meet a woman who
doesn't speak English.

59 - The Implant
Jerry is dating a woman who Elaine suspects has implants.  While trying to get
a better look, Elaine winds up getting more than she can handle.

60 - The Junior Mint
George invests in art hoping that the artist will soon die, but he makes a
miraculous recovery after Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop a junior mint next
to his vital organs while watching the operation.

61 - The Smelly Car
Jerry's car is inhabited by a B.O.  beast that ruins everyone's life.

62 - The Handicap Spot
George parks his fathers car in a handicapped spot, following Kramers advice.
The car is destroyed by mall patrons after it causes a handicapped person to
have an accident.

63/64 - The Pilot (Parts 1 and 2)
The pilot for "Jerry" is filmed.  Elaine finds Morty Seinfeld's wallet in
Jerry's couch.  Guest stars Jeremy Piven of PCU fame.  Season Five

65 - The Mango
Jerry is dismayed when he finds out that Elaine had faked her orgasms, and
wants another shot.  Kramer is banned from his favorite fruit store and
recruits Jerry to sneak in and buy fruit for him.

66 - The Puffy Shirt
Kramer is dating a low talker who "talks" Jerry into wearing a pirate shirt on
a television interview.

67 - The Glasses
Georges glasses are stolen and tries to get a discount pair by mentioning
Kramer's name.  Elaine is bitten by a rabbid dog.  Elaine has an air
conditioner installed for his girlfriend's sake but Kramer does a poor job of
installing it.  Guest stars Timothy Stack of Parker Lewis Can't Lose fame.

68 - The Sniffing Accountant
Jerry's accountant may be using drugs, so Elaine, George and Kramer
investigate.  Elaine's boyfriend is perfect except for his use of an
exclamation point.  George interviews for a job as a bra salesman.

69 - The Bris
Jerry stumbles upon a "pig man".  George has a great parking space that becomes
a target.

70 - The Lip Reader
Jerry is dating a lip reader who helps George spy on a woman who recently
dumped him.  Kramer becomes a ball man during the U.S.  Open.  Elaine pretends
to be deaf so she doesn't have to make small talk with the limo driver.  "He's
the loser.  To the victo r go the spoils."

71 - The Non-Fat Yogurt
Jerry and Elaine are gaining weight due to nonfat yogurt, so they bring it in
to a lab for testing.  Jerry is overheard swearing by one of his younger fans.

72 - The Barber
Jerry tries to switch barbers after getting a terrible haircut.  Newman is
recruited to steal a sample of Jerry's hair for evidence.

73 - The Masseuse
Jerry is dating a masseuse who refuses to give him a free sample.

74 - The Cigar-Store Indian
George has to get his coffee table refinished after Jerry leaves a drink on it.
Kramer has the idea for the coffee table book about coffee tables.  Kramer and
Jerry try to get gyros at a subway stop.  Jerry tries to pick up Elaine's
native american frie nd but winds up offending her continuously.  Elaine takes
one of Frank Costanza's prized TV Guides.  Guest stars Al Roker (NYC
Weatherman) as himself.  "I'm sorry, I'm not familiar with that term."

75 - The Conversion
George converts to Latvian Orthodox to impress his girlfriend.  Kramer has the
Kavorka and inadvertantly picks up a would-be nun.

76 - The Stall
The woman in the stall next to Elaine refuses to spare a square.  Elaine is
dating a cool guy who George has a nonsexual crush on.  George and Kramer go
rock climbing with him and after he is injured, Elaine isn't sure she will
continue seeing him.  Guest stars Dan Cortese.

77 - The Dinner Party
Jerry and Elaine try to buy a babka for a dinner party while Kramer and George
are buying a bottle of wine.  Kramer's car is blocked in by a double parked
dictator and Jerry and Elaine are stuck at the bakery.  Jerry's 13 year
puke-free streak is broken.  George is afraid of Elaine.  "Look to the cookie"

78 - The Marine Biologist
Jerry tells a girl that George is a marine biologist and he must follow up on
the lie if he wants to pursue a relationship with her.  Kramer is knocking
Titalists into the ocean and gets a hole in one in a whale, who George must

79 - The Pie
Jerry's girlfriend refuses to take a taste of his pie.

80 - The Stand-In
Kramer talks his short friend into using lifts to keep his job as a stand-in.
George is dating a woman with whom he has nothing to talk about but can't break
up with her because she was warned not to date him..  Jerry is unsuccessful
trying to cheer up a hospitalized friend.  Elaine goes on a date with one of
Jerry's friends that goes well until he takes it out.

81 - The Wife
Jerry pretends to be married so he can share a dry cleaning discount with his
girlfriend.  George is caught urinating in the health club shower.  Elaine is
attracted to a pilot who ignores her.  "My wife has an inner ear infection."
"Do the medical journ als mention anything about standing in a pool of someone
else's urine?"  Guest stars Courtney Cox of Friends (and Misfits of Science)

82/83 - The Raincoats (Parts 1 and 2)

84 - The Fire
George proves his heroic incapabilities when he knocks over an old woman and
pushes kids out of the way to escape from a fire.  Jerry vows revenge on a
heckler.  Guest stars comedian Dom Irrera.

85 - The Hamptons
The four travel to the Hamptons to see the baby, which is the ugliest thing in
the world.  A doctor describes both Elaine and this ugly baby as
"breathtaking".  Everyone gets to see George's girlfriend topless except for
George.  Kramer is stealing lobste rs off the beach.  George is seen naked
right after getting out of the pool (shrinkage).  "It shrinks?  Seriously, I
don't know how you guys walk around with those things"

86 - The Opposite
George realizes that he should do the opposite of his instincts if he wants to
succeed, and this leads to a job with the New York Yankees and his being able
to move out of his parents house.  Elaine's life turns into George's as a
result of her fascinati on with Jujyfruits.  Jerry is even-steven.  Kramer
starts his book tour on Regis and Kathy Lee, but this proves to be pointless
after Elaine brings about the downfall of Pendant Publishing.
"Can't you see what's happened?  I'm turning into George.  It's true.
I'm George! I'm George!" -Elaine

Season Six

87 - The Chaperone
Jerry is dating a Miss America contestant but Kramer has to Chaperone the date.
Kramer preps her for the pagent but can't help her when George and Jerry kill
her talent.

88 - The Big Salad
George buys a big salad for Elaine and is upset when he thinks his girlfriend
tries to take credit for it.  Jerry is dating a woman who Newman rejected.
Elaine has to dodge calls from a stationary store clerk after asking him to
order a pencil she needs to buy for Mr.  Pitt.  Guest stars Jerry Levine
(Stiles) of Teen Wolf fame.  "He's a mystery wrapped in a Twinkie"

89 - The Pledge Drive
Elaine's boss eats a Snickers bar with a knife and fork and starts a trend.
Jerry tries to confirm that he was being hit on but confuses a high talker's
voice for a girls.  George is convinced that people are giving him the finger.

90 - The Chinese Woman
Jerry makes a date with a Chinese woman over the phone who turns out not to be
as chinese as she lets on.  George's parents appear to be heading toward

91 - The Couch
Poppie and Kramer go into business together with a restaurant where you make
your own pizza.  Is a pizza a pizza before it comes out of the oven?  Elaine
falls in love with the couch deliveryman but breaks up with him after
discovering his stand on aborti on.  George's girlfriend signs him up for a
book of the month club to improve his mind.  He finds it difficult to watch the
movie version since someone else is renting it.  "You're not very bright, are
you?"  "What is the point of dating without games, ho w do you know if you're
winning or losing?"

92 - The Gymnast
Jerry is dating a romanian gymnast who is surprisingly untalended in bed.
Kramer passes a kidney stone.  "You may tell jokes for a living, but you, Jerry
Seinfeld, are no comedian."

93 - The Soup
Jerry's friend gives him a free suit which turns out to be more trouble than
it's worth.

94 - The Mom and Pop Store
Kramer tries to help save a friendly couple's store from running out of
business.  George buys a car that he thought belonged to Jon Voight.  Guest
stars Jon Voight as himself.

95 - The Secretary
George tries to play it safe by hiring a less attractive secretary.  Jerry
discovers that his dry cleaner is wearing his clothes.

96 - The Race
Jerry is dating a woman named Lois and enjoys pretending he is Superman.  Her
boss wants to race Jerry to prove that he cheated in a foot race during high
school.  George pretends he is an architect to help Jerry try to get out of the
race but in the end he must prove his incredible speed.  Elaine is dating a
communist, and George wishes he was.  Kramer loses a job as a Mall Santa Claus
after spreading communist propaganda to kids.  "I choose not to race"

97 - The Switch
Kramer's first name is revealed.  Jerry is dating a woman who doesn't laugh and
tries to switch over and date her roommate with George's help.  George is
dating a model who Kramer suspects is bulimic.  Kramer's mother, Babs, may be
able to spy on her sinc e she is a bathroom matron.  Babs and Newman are caught
together.  "do you ever get down on your knees and thank god that you know me
and have access to my dimentia?"

98 - The Label Maker

99 - The Scofflaw
George gets a hairpiece.  Jerry's friend fakes cancer for sympathy.  Newman has
trouble with unpaid parking tickets.  Guest stars Jon Lovitz of SNL.

100 - Highlights of a Hundred
A highlight special commemorating the 100th episode.

101 - The Beard

102 - The Kiss Hello
Jerry refuses to continue the polite kiss hello, and as a result is shunned by

103 - The Doorman
Jerry has problems with Mr.  Pitt's doorman.  Kramer and Frank Costanza invent
the bra for men.  Guest stars comedian Larry Miller.

104 - The Jimmy
Jimmy's habit of referring himself in the third person creates a problem with
Elaine, who thinks she's talking to him about a guy she likes.  George and
Jimmy go into business selling shoes.  Guest stars Anthony Starke of The George
Carlin Show fame.

105 - The Doodle
George is dating a woman who doesn't care what he looks like.

106 - The Fusilli Jerry

107 - The Diplomat's Club
George thinks his boss looks like Sugar Ray Leonard.  Kramer bets on flight
arrivals.  Elaine becomes Mr. Pitt's benefactor but then gets fired.  Jerry
can't perform because the pilot is in his audience.  "I'm freaking out!"

108 - The Face Painter
Elaine is dating a devils fan who paints his face for the games.

109 - The Understudy

Season Seven

110 - The Engagement
Jerry and George are tired of leading the lives of boys, and make somewhat of a
pact that they will try to change.  George proposes to Susan.  Kramer explains
that there is nothing more to life.  Elaine, Kramer, and Newman kidnap a dog
that is keeping El aine awake at night.  Kramer is burned by coffee after
trying to smuggle it in to the Jerry finally gets to see Plan 9 From
Outer Space.

111 - The Postponement
George has the idea to extend the bathroom stall doors to the floor, but Susan
changes the subject.  He successfully postpones the wedding by breaking into
tears in front of Susan.  Elaine confides to a Rabbi about her problems with
George's engagement, who then repeats the story to Jerry.  "You know, spring...
rejuvination, rebirth, everything's blooming, all that crap."

112 - The Maestro

113 - The Wink
George is shot in the eye with pulp and winks his way through a day at work,
raising suspisions about a co-worker.

114 - The Hot Tub
George is pretending he's busy at work.  Mr.  Wilhelm assigns him to entertain
some bastards from Texas.  Kramer puts a hot tub in his livingroom but can't
get his core temperature back up after falling asleep in it.  Elaine has
catalog writer's block tryi ng to come up with something for the himalayan
walking shoe.  Jean-Paul is staying with Elane while in town for a marathon and
Jerry doesn't think she's up to the challenge of waking him up.  "Why separate
knob?  Why separate knob?"

115 - The Soup Nazi
Jerry and his shmoopy girlfriend annoy everyone, but George is the only one
willing to confront him.  Elaine buys an armior, but it is stolen by gay street
toughs while Kramer is guarding it on the street.  George offends the soup nazi
by asking for free bread and is banned from the store.  Jerry's soup is more
important than his relationship.  Elaine, too, has problems communicating with
the soup nazi.  Kramer is the only one who understands him.  George points out
that Jerry renegged on the pact.  "You 're pushing your luck little man", "No
soup for you!"

116 - The Secret Code
Susan is upset that George will not share his ATM code with her.  Elaine is
attracted to a guy who remembers everything but her.  Guest stars comedian Fred

117 - The Pool Guy

118 - The Sponge

119 - The Gum
George suspects the cashier at the diner of giving him the wrong change.
Kramer is watching out for Lloyd Braun who has recently been in a mental
hospital.  The John Voight car dies as a result of the cashier and Elaine's
breasts.  Jerry is forced to pre tend he wears glasses to cover Elaine's lie,
and buys $100 worth of Chinese gum by mistake.  One of George's old friends is
convinced that he's headed for a nervous breakdown.  Guest stars Matt McCoy of
Police Academy 5. "Well, if it isn't Chesty Le Rue" "The John Voight car is no

120 - The Rye

121 - The Caddy
Elaine gives a bra to a friend who never wears one.  While she is wearing it on
the street she causes Jerry and Kramer to have an accident.  Kramer takes her
to court but takes the advice of his caddy over his lawyer.  Guest stars Armin
Shimerman of Deep Space Nine fame.

122 - The Seven
George wants to name his first born Seven, but one of Susan's friends steals
the name.

123/124 - The Cadillac

125 - The Shower Head

126 - The Doll
Susan has a doll that looks like George's mother.  Jerry is roped into
delivering a package for a Federal Express employee.  Guest stars comedian
Kathy Griffin.

127 - The Friar's Club
Jerry mistakenly steals a jacket from the Friar's Club be wants to join.
Elaine investigates a new coworker who may be faking a hearing loss.  Kramer is
experimenting with a new sleeping pattern and winds up waking up in the Hudson
River.  Guest stars Ro b Schneider from SNL.