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``The Simpsons Christmas Special'' (AKA: Simpson's Roasting on a Open Fire)
It's a not-so-merry Christmas for the Simpsons, when Mr. Burns decides
    to cut the Christmas bonuses and Marge had to spend the Christmas
    savings to erase a tattoo Bart thought would make a great Christmas
    present. In order to hide the fact that he did not get the bonus, Homer
    takes a second job as a store Santa. [Aired December 17, 1989] NOTES:
    Patty, and Selma are introduced, and Santa's Little Helper joins the
    family. Ned and Todd Flanders, the Simpson's next door neighbors, are
    introduced. This episode is available on video cassette.

Some Enchanted Evening (7G01):
When Marge calls a radio shrink and tells that their marriage is
    failing, Homer takes Marge out to a nice dinner and a night at the
    Offramp Inn. However, the sitter they hired was featured that night on
    ``America's Most Armed and Dangerous.'' [Aired May 13, 1990]

Bart the Genius (7G02):
Bart swaps IQ tests with the class brain, and ends up the butt of
    everyone's jokes at a school for gifted kids.  [Aired January 14, 1990]

Homer's Odyssey (7G03):
Homer gets fired for causing another accident at the nuclear plant, and
    almost commits suicide. He see the light, and becomes a safety activist,
    and soon goes after the plant he was fired from. [Aired January 21,
    1990] NOTES: Montgomery Burns and Smithers are introduced.

There's No Disgrace Like Home (7G04):
After seeing family bliss at the recent family picnic, Homer sells the
    TV and goes to a psychiatrist advertised on TV. [Aired January 28, 1990]
    NOTES: First scenes of Itchy and Scratchy.

Bart the General (7G05):
When Bart gets beat up by the school bully for defending Lisa, he
    organizes his friends to go after the bully. [Aired February 4, 1990]
    NOTES: Grandpa Simpson is introduced.

Moaning Lisa (7G06):
Lisa is feeling down and blue about the problems around her, and meets a
    fellow blues musician, Bleedin' Gums Murphy. [Aired February 11, 1990]

``The Telltale Head'' (7G07):
In order to impress some bad kids at school, Bart cuts off the head of a
    statue of the town's founder, Jebediah Obediah Zacariah Jenadiah
    Springfield. Unfortunately, this stunt shocks the whole town. [Aired
    February 25, 1990]  NOTES: Krusty The Clown has cameo, however, picture
    only can be seen in "Homer's Odyssey" and title sequence.  Sideshow Bob
    can also be seen. Reverend Lovejoy is introduced.

Call of the Simpsons (7G09):
It's a camping misadventure for the Simpsons. First, the Simpson's get
    lost in the woods and lose all their camping equipment. Then, Bart and
    Homer go get help, but get washed down a waterfall, and lose all their
    clothes. Meanwhile, Maggie meets up with some bears. Then, Homer is
    mistaken for Big Foot. [Aired February 18, 1990]

Homer's Night Out (7G10):
Using his new mail-order spy camera, Bart catches Homer dancing with a
    strip dancer at a ``stag'' party. [Aired March 25, 1990]

Jacques to be Wild (AKA: Life In The Fast Lane) (7G11):
Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, intending to use it
    for himself.  However, Marge vows to learn how to bowl, and ends up
    getting intimate with Jacques, her bowling teacher. [Aired March 18,
    1990]  NOTES: Helen Lovejoy is introduced.

Krusty Gets Busted (7G12):
When Krusty the Klown is caught robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, Bart vows to
    clear his hero's name, even though the robbery was witnessed by his
    father, Homer. [Aired April 29, 1990]

The Crepes of Wrath (7G13):
After flushing a cherry bomb down the school toilet, Bart is sent to
    France via a student exchange, and ends up working for some crooks who
    want to put anti-freeze in the wine. Meanwhile, the Simpsons receive
    Adil Hoaxha, an Albanian exchange student who is actually a spy. [Aired
    April 15, 1990]

SECOND SEASON (1990-1991)

Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish (7F01):
In order to keep his nuclear plant from being closed down due to
    numerous violations, Montgomery Burns decides to run for governor.
    [Aired November 1, 1990]

Simpson and Delilah (7F02):
After trying a hair-growing formula (charged to the company's health
    insurance), Homer gets promoted to an executive position, and gets a
    male secretary who helps him along in his job. Harvey Fierstein guest
    stars. [Aired October 18, 1990]

Bart Gets An F (7F03):
If Bart fails another test, he may have to repeat the fourth grade. So
    he enlists the aid of the class brain to help him pass. [Aired October
    11, 1990]

``The Simpsons Halloween Special'' (AKA: Treehouse of Horror) (7F04):
Bart and Lisa swap three horror stories in their tree house:

Bad Dream House - The Simpsons move into a haunted
house, complete with a dimensional vortex, bleeding walls, and an Indian
burial ground.
Hungry Are The Damned - Aliens kidnap the Simpsons, and
invite them to a `great feast' on Rigel 4.
The Raven - James Earl Jones narrates Edgar Allen Poe's
classic tale starring the Simpsons. This version stays very close to the
original poem.

[Aired October 25, 1990]

Dancin' Homer (7F05):
After helping the Springfield Isotopes win a game, ``Dancin' Homer''
    becomes the team mascot, and the family gets invited to Capital City.
    [Aired November 8, 1990] NOTES: Tony Bennett sings the ``Capital City''
    song, a variation of ``New York, New York''

Bart the Daredevil (7F06):
Bart embarks on a life of death-defying feats when he sees a daredevil
    perform at a Monster Truck Rally. [Aired December 6, 1990] NOTES: Doctor
    Hibbert is introduced.

Bart Vs. Thanksgiving (7F07):
Bart runs away from home when he ``accidentally'' burns Lisa's
    masterpiece and refuses to apologize about it. [Aired November 22, 1990]

Dead Putting Society (7F08):
Bart and Todd Flanders enter a miniature golf tournament at Sir
    Putt-A-Lots. However, Homer and Ned Flanders bet that the ``father of
    the boy who does not win mows the neighbor's lawn in their wife's Sunday
    dress''. [Aired November 15, 1990]

Itchy & Scratchy & Marge (7F09):
After watching an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Maggie bonks Homer in the
    head with a hammer. When this happens, Marge vows to eliminate violence
    in cartoons. [Aired December 20, 1990]

``Episode 23: Bart Gets Hit By A Car'' (7F10):
When Mr. Burns hits Bart in a auto accident, and is willing to pay only
    one-hundred dollars, Homer sues Mr. Burns for a million. NOTES: The
    Devil and Lionel Hutz are introduced. [Aired January 10, 1991]

One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish (7F11):
Homer believes that he has 24 hours to live after thinking he ate the
    deadly blowfish at a local sushi restaurant. [Aired January 24, 1991]
    NOTES: George Takei guest voices as the Japanese waiter. Larry King
    narrates the bible.

The Way We Was (7F12):
When the TV goes out, Homer and Marge tell how they first met in 1974
    Springfield. [Aired January 31, 1991] NOTES: McBain is introduced.

Homer Vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment (7F13):
In 2300 B.C., Moses received the ten commandments from God, among which
    was ``Thou Shalt Not Steal.'' In present day Springfield, Homer gets an
    illegal cable hook-up, which Lisa refuses to watch, for fear of losing
    her soul. [Aired February 7, 1991]

Bart's Dog Gets An F (7F14):
After chewing up Homer's new $125 sneakers and the Bouvier family quilt,
    Santa's Little Helper is enrolled in an obedience school. [Aired March
    7, 1991] NOTES: Tracey Ullman guest voices.

Principal Charming (7F15):
Homer sets up a date between Principal Skinner and Marge's sister,
    Selma. However, it ends up being Skinner and Patty. [Aired February 14,

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (7F16):
Fearing death, Grandpa Simpson tells Homer that he has a half-brother.
    This half-brother, Herbert Powell, is a carmaker in Detroit, and wants
    Homer to design a car for the average man to save his car company.
    [Aired February 21, 1991] NOTES: Danny DeVito guest voices as Herbert

Old Money (7F17):
When Abraham ``Grandpa'' Simpson inherits one hundred six thousand
    dollars from his deceased sweetie, he decides to give it to people who
    need it most.  Audrey Meadows guest star. [Aired March 28, 1991]

Brush with Greatness (7F18):
While Homer tackles his weight problem, Marge takes up painting, a skill
    which she gave up due to an obnoxious art teacher in high school, and
    ends up being commissioned to do a portrait of Mr. Burns. [Aired April
    11, 1991] NOTES: Ringo Starr voices as himself.

Lisa's Substitute (7F19):
Lisa's regular teacher falls sick, and gets replaced with a substitute
    teacher who changes the face of learning for Lisa. Meanwhile, Bart runs
    against Martin, the class brain, for president of his class. [Aired
    April 25, 1991] NOTES: Dustin Hoffman voices as Mr. Bergstrom

War Of The Simpsons (7F20):
After being embarrassed by Homer during a house party, Marge signs up
    for Reverend Lovejoy's marriage retreat at Catfish Lake. However, Homer
    has fishing on his mind, and the only sitter they could get at the last
    minute is Grandpa Simpson. [Aired May 2, 1991]

Three Men and a Comic Book (7F21):
In order to earn enough money to purchase the very first ``Radioactive
    Man'' comic book (valued at $100), Bart takes a part time job with a
    neighbor. However, after discovering that working is for chumps, Bart
    enters into a partnership with Martin and Milhouse. [Aired May 9, 1991]

Blood Feud (7F22):
Mr. Burns needs double-O negative blood, and only Bart can supply it.
    Now, Homer wants some gratitude for Bart's donation. [Aired July 11,

THIRD SEASON (1991-1992)

When Flanders Failed (7F23):
Ned Flanders quits his regular job and announces at a barbecue that he
    is opening a mall store catering to lefties. Homer, however, wishes that
    Flanders would fail. [Aired October 3, 1991]

Stark Raving Dad (7F24):
Thanks to Bart leaving his lucky red hat in the load of washed white
    shirts, Homer wears a pink shirt to the nuclear power plant. He is
    promptly committed to a mental institution, where he meets up with a
    white man who walks and talks like Michael Jackson. [Aired September 19,
    1991] NOTE: Michael Jackson did the voice uncredited.

NOTE: The following episodes are broadcast in Dolby Surround Stereo.

Mr Lisa Goes To Washington (8F01):
Thanks to Lisa's patriotic and winning essay in a Reading Digest
    contest, the Simpsons win a trip to Washington DC. However, Lisa's faith
    in democracy is shaken when she sees her local representative taking a
    bribe for a permit to cut down Springfield National Forest. [Aired
    September 26, 1991]

``The Simpsons Halloween Special II'' (aka Treehouse of Horror II) (8F02):
In the sequel to the original Treehouse of Horror, three more tales of
    horror. Lisa, Bart, and Homer eat too much candy, and end up having

The Monkey's Paw - The Simpsons, on a foreign trip,
pick up a monkey's paw that gives the holder four wishes . . . with bad side
Bart The Monster - In a parody of a classic Twilight
Zone episode, everyone in Springfield must be happy or else something will
happen to them by a monster. The monster is known as . . . Bart Simpson, the
kid with the mental powers.
Homer's Brain - Homer gets randomly fired from the
nuclear power plant, and gets hired as a gravedigger. He falls asleep in the
grave, and gets picked up by Mr. Burns for a cyborg experiment.

[Aired October 31, 1991]

Bart The Murderer (8F03):
After having a very lousy day of school, Bart accidentally stumbles into
    ``The Legitimate Businessman Social Club'', a mobster front. He becomes
    a bartender, but when he shows up late at work and blames Principal
    Skinner, Skinner disappears. Joe Mantegna guest star. [Aired October 10,

Homer Defined (8F04):
When Homer accidentally saved two nuclear plants, he becomes a hero, and
    is admired by his daughter, Lisa. [Aired October 17, 1991] NOTE: Magic
    Johnson voices as himself.

Like Father, Like Clown (8F05):
Krusty finally drops by to have dinner with the Simpsons to thank Bart
    for believing him (see ``Krusty Gets Busted''), and drops a bombshell:
    He real name is Krustofsky, and he is estranged from his rabbi father,
    who disowned him when Krusty decided to be a clown instead of a rabbi.
    Now, Bart vows to reunite Klown and rabbi. [Aired October 24, 1991]
    NOTE: Jackie Mason is the voice of Rabbi Krustofsky.

Lisa's Pony (8F06):
After disappointing Lisa, again, Homer finally gives Lisa a pony. Now,
    in desperation to pay off the bills associated with owning a pony, Homer
    works the graveyard shift at Apu's Kwik-E-Mart. [Aired November 7, 1991]

Saturdays of Thunder (8F07):
In order to build a father/son relationship, Homer helps Bart build a
    soapbox racer. However, when Martin crashes his racer during the time
    trials, Bart must make an important decision: Turn his back on his
    father and be Martin's replacement driver, or race in his soapbox and
    let Nelson win. [Aired November 14, 1991]

Flaming Moe's (8F08):
Homer helps invent the hottest drink in Springfield. However, when Moe
    steals the recipe and turns Moe's Tavern into the hottest spot in
    Springfield, Homer vows revenge. [Aired November 21, 1991] NOTE: Rock
    band Aerosmith guest star, animated as themselves.

Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (8F09):
Homer finds that his job as ``safety inspector'' is in danger when Mr.
    Burns sells the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to German businessmen
    for $100,000,000. [Aired December 5, 1991]

I Married Marge (8F10):
Picking up where ``The Way We Was'' left off....The year is 1980, and
    Homer is working at the local miniature golfing course, living with
    Marge's parents, and dating Marge. Then Marge becomes pregnant with
    Bart. [Aired December 26, 1991]

Radio Bart (8F11):
It's Bart's tenth birthday. Bart receives a radio microphone, which he
    promptly uses to play practical jokes on everyone, including that a
    little boy named Timmy O'Toole has fallen down the local well. [Aired
    January 9, 1992] NOTE: Sting guest voices as himself with a song titled
    ``We're Sending Our Love Down The Well''.

Lisa the Greek (8F12):
Lisa's football predicting skills brings about a closer relationship
    between Homer and Lisa, not to mention making Moe broke, until Lisa
    realizes that the relationship may end with the Super Bowl. [Aired
    January 23, 1992] [repeats of this episode had portions redubbed for the
    93 & 94 Super Bowls]

Homer at the Bat (8F13):
Mr. Burns bets $1,000,000 that his company team can beat a competing
    plant's team. In order to do so, he replaced the regular company team
    with new security guard Roger Clemens, new janitor Wade Boggs, lunchroom
    cashier Ken Griffey Jr., and other new employees like Steve Sax, Don
    Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, Jose Canseco, and Mike Scoscia (who runs the
    solid contaminate encapsulator.  [Aired February 20, 1992]

Homer Alone (8F14):
When the family causes Marge to flip out, she takes a vacation from it
    all at Rancho Relaxo, leaving Lisa and Bart with Patty and Selma
    (shudder), and Homer alone with Maggie. Then, Maggie goes searching for
    Marge. [Aired February 6, 1992]

Separate Vocations (8F15):
After taking the Career Aptitude Normalization Test, or CANT test, Lisa
    finds out she's more suited to be a homemaker, while Bart is more suited
    to be a police officer. While Bart enjoys his taste of authority, Lisa
    turns into a bad kid. [Aired February 27, 1992] NOTE: Steve Allen guest

Bart the Lover (8F16):
He has the name of the 23rd president, the face of Gordie Howe, and the
    lines of a Frenchman. Is Mrs. Krabapple's new pen pal/lover Bart's
    latest practical joke? Meanwhile, Homer starts building a doghouse, and
    learns to give up swearing. [Aired February 13, 1992]

Dog of Death (8F17):
When Santa's Little Helper suffers from a twisted stomach, the Simpsons
    sacrifice in order to pay for a life saving operation. However, when the
    family's morale suffers from the cuts, the dog runs away, and quickly
    becomes one of Mr. Burns' hounds. [Aired March 12, 1992]

Colonel Homer (8F19):
After a particularly bad movie experience, Homer drives to a bar where
    he discovers a singer named Lurleen Lumpkin. Now, Colonel Homer is her
    manager, much to Marge's disgust. [Aired March 26, 1992]

Black Widower (8F20):
Sideshow Bob gets paroled, and marries Selma. However, Bart suspects
    that Sideshow Bob has something else up his sleeve. [Aired April 9,

The Otto Show (8F21):
Otto loses his job driving the school bus, partially because he doesn't
    have a driver's license, and, after being kicked out of his apartment,
    goes to live with the Simpsons. Spinal Tap guest star.  [Aired April 23,

Bart's Friend Falls In Love (8F22):
Bart and Milhouse enter the age of cooties, when Milhouse dates a new
    girl... without her father knowing it. Meanwhile, Homer tries to lose
    weight by listening to a subliminal tape. [Aired May 7, 1992]

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes? (8F23):
Herbert Powell returns, and asks the Simpsons help for an invention idea
    of his, using the money Homer received from the nuclear plant for some
    bogus award. [Aired August 27, 1992]

FOURTH SEASON (1992-1993)

Kamp Krusty (8F24):
Bart and Lisa spend six weeks at Camp Krusty. However, the camp is not
    what it seems, as Bart and Lisa quickly find out. [Aired September 24,

A Streetcar Named Marge (8F18):
Marge takes a part in the musical version of ``A Streetcar Named
    Desire'', a musical which has a strange resemblance to the Simpsons' own
    home life. [Aired October 1, 1992]

The production company that animates ``The Simpsons'' has been changed from
Klasky-Csupo to Film Roman.

Homer the Heretic (9F01):
Homer, in a dream, gets permission from God to skip church, much to
    Marge's objections. [Aired October 8, 1992]

Lisa the Beauty Queen (9F02):
Homer enters Lisa in a beauty contest, and Lisa comes in as runner up.
    However, when the original winner is injured, Lisa becomes ``Little Miss
    Springfield''. Bob Hope guest voices. [Aired October 15, 1992]

Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie (9F03):
When Bart fails to keeps an eye on Maggie and puts her life in danger,
    Homer finally puts his foot down on Bart's mischief by passing the
    ultimate punishment: Bart can never see ``The Itchy and Scratchy
    Movie''. [Aired November 3, 1992]

Treehouse of Horror III (9F04):
The Simpsons hold a Halloween Party, in which three stories are

Clown Without Pity - Bart receives, as a birthday
present, a talking Krusty doll....from the `House of Evil 'Your One Stop
Evil Shop''
King Homer - King Kong Klone.
Dial 'Z' For Zombies - After being assigned to read a
another book, Bart picks out an item from the occult section, and tries to
raise the dead Snowball I, but instead cause the dead people to rise up.

[Aired October 29, 1992]

Marge Gets a Job (9F05):
The Simpsons home needs about $8,000 worth of foundation work, so Marge
    gets a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, things start
    getting a bit sticky when Mr. Burns develops a crush on Marge. Tom Jones
    guest stars. [Aired November 5, 1992]

New Kid on the Block (9F06):
Bart develops a crush on the new girl next door, but his heart is broken
    when she dates Jimbo. Sara Gilbert guest stars. [Aired November 12,

Mr. Plow (9F07):
After Homer wrecks the two family cars during a snowstorm, he buys a
    snowplow, and starts up ``Mr. Plow''. However, the competition becomes
    cut-throat when Homer's best buddy, Barney, starts up a competing
    plowing business, ``Plow King''. Notes: Linda Ronstadt guest voices as
    herself. [Aired November 19, 1992]

Lisa's First Words (9F08):
While trying to get Maggie to say her first words, Homer recalls what
    happened a few years back when Lisa was born, when they first moved into
    their present home, and what Lisa said her first words. [Aired December
    3, 1992]

Homer's Triple Bypass (9F09):
All those years of eating those fatty foods has caused Homer to have a
    heart attack. Now, Homer has a choice - spend $40,000 for Dr. Hibbert's
    bypass operation, or $129.95 for Dr. Nick Riviera's operation--any
    operation. [Aired December 17, 1992]

Marge vs. the Monorail (9F10):
After getting $3 million from a fine due to Mr. Burn's illegal disposal
    of nuclear waste, the town decides to spend money on a needless
    monorail....built from shoddy materials. Leonard Nimoy guest voices as
    himself. [Aired January 14, 1993]

Selma's Choice (9F11):
After aunt Gladys Bouvier dies, Selma decided to try and get married and
    have a child. [Aired January 21, 1993]

Brother from the Same Planet (9F12):
Bart decides to get a bigger brother when Homer neglects him for the
    last time.  Turnabout is fair play, Homer replaces Bart with a little
    brother. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to the Corey hot-line, a 900
    number. [Aired February 4, 1993]

I Love Lisa (9F13):
Lisa's valentine to the most disliked boy in her class causes her to be
    chased by him. [Aired February 11, 1993]

Duffless (9F14):
After Homer gets caught drunk driving, he promises Marge to stay off the
    Duff for one month. Meanwhile, when Bart ruins Lisa's science project,
    Lisa vows to take revenge by determining which is smarter: a hamster or
    Bart. [Aired February 18, 1993]

Last Exit to Springfield (9F15):
Homer becomes a Union boss and negotiates a new contract with the
    Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, mindful that Lisa needs braces.
    [Aired March 11, 1993]

The Front (9F16):
After watching a particularly bad ``Itchy and Scratchy'' cartoon, Lisa
    and Bart ghost write their own using their grandfather's name.
    Meanwhile, Homer takes night school to make up a missing science credit.
    [Aired April 15, 1993]

So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show (9F17):
When Homer get seriously injured from Bart's practical joke, the
    Simpsons recall at the hospital various moments from past episodes.
    [Aired April 1, 1993]

Whacking Day (9F18):
While the town of Springfield prepares for the annual snake whacking day
    (which Lisa dreads), Bart gets expelled from school for embarrassing Mr.
    Skinner during a school inspection. Barry White guest stars [Aired April
    29, 1993]

Krusty Gets Kancelled (9F19):
When the Gabbo show causes Krusty to get cancelled, Krusty quickly hits
    the skids. However, Lisa and Bart vow to help Krusty out by organizing a
    comeback special. [Aired May 13, 1993]

Marge in Chains (9F20):
When the Osaka Flu hits Springfield, everyone suffers. And when Marge
    accidentally shoplifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, she spends 30 days at the
    local prison. [Aired May 6, 1993]

FIFTH SEASON (1993-1994)

Homer's Barbershop Quartet (9F21):
We flashback to 1985, where Homer, Apu, Principal Skinner, and Chief
    Wiggum (replaced with Barney) were the hit barbershop quartet known as
    the ``B Sharps''. George Harrison guest stars. [Aired September 30,

Cape Feare (9F22):
Sideshow Bob is paroled from prison, and he has only one thing in mind
    for Bart: revenge. [Aired October 7, 1993]

Rosebud (1F01):
When Mr. Burns was very young, he gave up his teddy bear, Bobo, for a
    life of riches. Now growing old, he desires for his teddy bear, which
    Maggie loves dearly. NOTE: The Ramones guest star. [Aired October 21,

Homer Goes to College (1F02):
In order to continue in his job at the Nuclear power plant, Homer must
    attend college. [Aired October 14, 1993]

Treehouse of Horror IV (aka The Simpsons Halloween Special IV) (1F04):
In a Night Gallery parody, Bart presents three tales of terror....

The Devil and Homer Simpson - Homer gives up his soul
for a single doughnut. Now, the Devil wants Homer.
Terror at 5 1/2 Feet - Bart Simpson has a nightmare
about a bus crash. And his nightmare is about to come true when a playful
gremlin starts taking the bus apart piece by piece.
Bart Simpson's Dracula - Mr. Burns is a vampire, and he
wants blood, and he turns Bart into a vampire.

[Aired October 28, 1993]

Marge on the Lam (1F03):
When Homer fails to show up, Marge decides to go to the ballet with Ruth
    Powers, the next door neighbor.  Ruth returns the favour and takes Marge
    out the next night.  Unbeknown to Marge, Ruth is driving a stolen car.
    [Aired November 4, 1993]

Bart's Inner Child (1F05):
Bart accidentally has the entire town emulating his actions, thanks to a
    feel-good therapist. [Aired November 11, 1993]

Boy-Scoutz N The Hood (1F06):
When Bart finds a $20, he spends it on a squishy, made of pure syrup.
    After a wild night, he wakes up to find that he joined a boy scout
    troop, with den father Ned Flanders. NOTE: Guest stars Ernest Borgnine.
    [Aired November 18, 1993]

The Last Temptation of Homer (1F07):
Homer falls in love with a new female employee at the nuclear plant who
    is just like Homer. Homer, however, feels guilty. NOTE: Michelle
    Pfeiffer guest stars. [Aired December 9, 1993]

(or, How I learned to Stop worrying and Love legalized Gambling) (1F08):
When the local economy stalls, everyone, including Marge, votes to
    legalize gambling on Springfield. Mr. Burns even opens up his own
    casino, Homer gets to be a blackjack dealer, and Marge is addicted to
    the slot machines. Gerry Cooney guest and Robert Goulet stars. [Aired
    December 16, 1993]

Homer the Vigilante (1F09):
When a cat burglar hits Springfield, Homer vows to fight back. [Aired
    January 6, 1994]

Homer and Apu (1F10):
After getting food poisoning from eating the Kwik-E-Mart food, Homer
    gets Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart employee, fired.  Regretting his actions,
    Homer vows to get Apu his job back.  James Woods guest stars. [Aired
    February 10, 1994]

Bart Gets Famous (1F11):
After escaping from a field trip to a cardboard factory, Bart sneaks
    into the Krusty the Klown show, and becomes his assistant. However, Bart
    is launched into instant stardom after accidentally wrecking a set on
    live TV and uttering, ``I didn't do it.'' NOTE: Former Simpsons
    writer/producer Conan O'Brien guest voices. [Aired February 3, 1994]

Lisa vs. Malibu Stacey (1F12):
After objecting to the voice disk used on her new talking Malibu Stacey
    doll that demeans women, Lisa find the creator and they produce a new
    doll that reflects the 90s. Kathleen Turner guest stars. [Aired February
    17, 1994]

Deep Space Homer (1F13):
After seeing their ratings decline, NASA decides to send Joe Average to
    space. In this case, Joe Average is Homer Simpson. [Aired February 24,

Homer Loves Flanders (1F14):
After Ned Flanders give a ticket to Homer for a much-hyped football
    game, Homer becomes Ned's best friend. [Aired March 17, 1994]

Bart Gets An Elephant (1F15):
When ``KBBL is going to give me something stupid'', Bart forgoes the
    $10,000 cash price for an elephant. Problem is, the elephant is causing
    some major problems. [Aired March 31, 1994]

Burns' Heir (1F16):
Nearly drowning in the bathtub, Mr. Burns decides to find an heir.  He
    sees it in the form of Bart Simpson and coerces the young Simpson into
    staying with him. [Aired April 14, 1994]

Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baddasssss Song (1F18):
Bart brings the family dog to school for Show and Tell, unfortunately
    the dog escapes and indirectly gets Principal Skinner fired.  School
    life under Principal Flanders just isn't the same and Bart schemes to
    get Skinner back. [Aired April 27, 1994]

The Boy Who Knew Too Much (1F19):
Bart skips class and witnesses a waiter brutally beaten.  The Mayor's
    nephew is blamed, but Bart can clear him -- however it would mean coming
    clean about skipping class. [Aired May 5, 1994]

Lady Bouvier's Lover (1F21):
Grampa Simpson falls in love with Marge's mother, Jackie, but Mr. Burns
    woos her away from him.  Grampa is broken hearted when learning Jackie
    is going to marry Burns. [Aired May 12, 1994]

Secrets of a Successful Marriage (1F20):
Worrying about being slow, Homer decides to teach a marriage course.
    Unfortunately, he doesn't succeed as a teacher until he starts spilling
    some of Marge's personal secrets. [Aired May 19, 1994]

SIXTH SEASON (1994-1995)

Bart of Darkness (1F22):
After breaking his leg, Bart spends the Summer at his bedroom window,
    spying on the neighbors with a telescope.  Bart finds the view boring
    until he sees Ned Flanders murdering his wife. [Aired September 4,1994]

Lisa's Rival (1F17):
It looks as if Lisa's days as the class brain are numbered when the new
    student proves to be smarter, younger, and plays the sax better than
    her. Meanwhile, Homer strikes white gold in the form of an over-turned
    Sugar truck. Winona Ryder guest stars. [Aired September 11, 1994]

Another Simpsons Clip Show (2F33):
A romance novel prompts Marge to have a family meeting to discuss the
    values of love and past romances. [Aired September 25, 1994]

Itchy & Scratchy Land (2F01):
The family's trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land, the violentest place on
    earth, proves heavenly until the Itchy & Scratchy robots want to put the
    family there for real.  [Aired October 2, 1994]

Sideshow Bob Roberts (2F02):
With the help of a radio talk show host, Mayor Quimby is pressured into
    releasing Sideshow Bob from prison.  Once out, Bob promptly runs against
    the mayor and wins.  Bart and Lisa set out to prove Mayor Bob didn't win
    legally. [Aired October 9, 1994]

Treehouse of Horror V (aka The Simpsons Halloween Special V) (2F03):
In a Outer Limits parody, The Simpsons presents three tales of horror...

The Shinning - No TV and no beer makes Homer go insane
    at an isolated mountain lodge and only Bart's shinning can save the
Time and Punishment - Ned Flanders becomes the ruler of
    a George Orwellian world after Homer adversely uses a toaster to change
    the past.
Nightmare Cafeteria - Overcrowding at the school's
    detention room and budget cuts in the cafeteria leads Principal Skinner
    to come up with a unique single solution.

[Aired October 30, 1994]

Bart's Girlfriend (aka Lovejoy's Little Devil) (2F04):
Bart's infatuation with the Reverend's daughter is short-lived when she
    steals the church collection plate and he is blamed for the theft.
    Meryl Streep guest stars.  [Aired November 6, 1994]

Lisa on Ice (2F05):
Sibling rivalry breaks out on and off the ice when Lisa proves to be a
    better hockey player than Bart.  [Aired November 13th, 1994]

Homer: Bad Man (2F06):
Homer's life comes crashing down on him when a simple grab for a candy
    treat is misinterpreted is sexual harassment by the family's new
    baby-sitter.  Dennis Franz guest stars.  [Aired November 27th, 1994]

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (2F07):
Grampa Simpson's love tonic saves Homer and Marge's sex life, but breaks
    the bond between Father and Son.  Meanwhile, Bart thinks Springfield is
    invaded by UFOs.  [Aired December 4, 1994]

Fear of Flying (2F08):
Marge's fear of flying is revealed after the family earns a free trip to
    almost any state of their choice.  To help overcome her fear, Marge
    visits a psychiatrist played by Anne Bancroft. Guest appearances by Ted
    Danson, Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger and George
    Wendt.  [Aired December 18, 1994]

Homer the Great (2F09):
Homer joins a secret society, where his greatness is revealed, but
    only after he destroys the secret parchment and stripped of his
    membership. Patrick Stewart guest stars. [Aired January 8th, 1995]

And Maggie Makes Three (2F10):
When Lisa wonders what happen to Maggie's photos in the family album,
    prompts Homer to tell the story on how he had to give up his dream job
    when Maggie was born.  [Aired January 22nd, 1995]

Bart's Comet (2F11):
Springfield's days are numbered when Bart discovers a comet is heading
    straight for them.  Now they must decide who will brave the comet's
    arrival and who can stay in the Flanders' bomb shelter. [Aired February
    5th, 1995]

Homie the Clown (2F12):
Homer's new job as a Krusty The Klown knock-off lands him in deep waters
    when mobsters want to give him a pair of cement clown shoes, thinking
    he's the real thing.  Dick Cavett, Joe Mantegna and Jonny Unitas guest
    star. [Aired February 12th, 1995]

Bart vs. Australia (2F13):
The government of Australia isn't impressed with Bart's prank phone call
    and demand that he apologies in person.  [Aired February 19th, 1995]

Homer vs. Patty & Selma (2F14):
Homer's latest money making scheme backfires and he goes to Patty and
    Selma as the last resort to borrow money. Meanwhile, Bart takes up
    ballet. Mel Brooks and Susan Sarandon guest star. [Aired February 26th,

A Star is Burns (2F31):
 In order to boost the towns' sagging popularly, the people of
    Springfield holds a Film Festival to attract more tourists.  Marge
    invites Jay ``The Critic'' Sherman to guest judge.  Jon Lovitz guest
    star. [Aired March 5th, 1995]

Lisa's Wedding (2F15):
 Lisa attends the Springfield Renaissance Faire, where a deck of
    fortune-teller cards spells out future wedding plans.  Mandy Patinkin
    guest star.  [Aired March 19th, 1995]

Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (2F18):
Santa's Little Helper's frisky nature nets the Simpsons a new dog and 25
    spanking new puppies.  When Burns steals the young greyhounds, Bart and
    Lisa set out to discover why he wants them. [Aired April 9th, 1995]

The PTA Disbands (2F19):
A few weeks away from school is what Dr. Bart has ordered when he
    successfully schemes to have the teachers go on strike. But much to
    Bart's surprise the school reopens and Marge is his new teacher.
    Meanwhile, Lisa tries to cope with the situation.  [Aired April 16th,

'Round Springfield (2F32):
While visiting Bart in the hospital, Lisa learns a real-life lesson when
    a fellow patient is Bleeding Gums Murphy and he tells his life story for
    the last time.  Guest stars Steve Allen, and Ron Taylor as BG Murphy.
    [Aired April 30th, 1995]

The Springfield Connection (2F21):
There's a new cop in town and her name is Marge Simpson.  Her job is to
    clean up the town of its criminals. Unfortunately, not all the criminals
    are on the street as Marge soon discovers. [Aired May 7th, 1995]

Lemon of Troy (2F22):
Bart leads a group of boys in taking back the town's beloved Lemon tree
    when it is stolen by a group of kids from a rivalling town. [Aired May
    14th, 1995]

Who Shot Mr. Burns? - Part One (2F16):
It's bad enough that Mr. Burns steals the newly discovered oil under
    Springfield Elementary, but it's going too far when he steals the town's
    sunshine.  He is shot and everyone wonders who did the dirty deed.  Tito
    Puenta guest stars.  [Aired May 21st, 1995]

SEVENTH SEASON (1995-1996)

Who Shot Mr. Burns? - Part Two (2F20):
With Burns shot, Chief Wiggum follows a trail of DNA that leads to the
    Simpsons front door step.  Homer is changed for the shooting and before
    Homer can be jailed, he escapes.  It's a race to see who reaches Burns'
    hospital room first.  Tito Puenta guest stars. [Aired September 17th,

Radioactive Man (2F17):
Friendships could be torn when Bart and Milhouse are both up for the
    role of `Fallout Boy' in the new `Radioactive Man' movie. Meanwhile, the
    town of Springfield sees $$$ and milk the `Radioactive Man' film crew
    for all their cash.  Mickey Rooney guest stars. [Aired September 24th,

Home Sweet Home-Diddily-Dum-Doodily (3F01):
Bart, Lisa and Maggie are placed in the care of the Flanders family when
    Homer and Marge are found to be unfit parents.  Now, Homer and Marge
    must prove to the authorities that they are fit parents before the kids
    become too Flanders like.  Joan Kenley guest stars. [Aired October 1st,

Bart Sells His Soul (3F02):
Bart's faith is tested when he sells his soul for five dollars.
    Meanwhile, Moe turns the Tavern into Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag.  [Aired
    October 8th, 1995]

Lisa the Vegetarian (3F03):
A trip to a local petting zoo leads to confrontations at the dinner
    table when Lisa decides to become a vegetarian. Paul and Linda McCartney
    guest stars.  [Aired October 15th, 1995]

Treehouse of Horror VI (3F04):
This years Halloween Special features two science fiction stories and
    one horror:
//I thought this was: Attack of the 50 ft Eyesores -
Attack of the 50th Eyesores -
    Giant billboard
    characters come to life during a freakish weather storm.  (Paul Anka
    guest stars.)
Nightmare On Evergreen Ter. - After a freakish boiler
    room accident, Groundskeeper Willy's dying curse is to vow revenge
    through the dreams of Springfields' children.
Homer^3 - Homer discovers a 3D dimension in his attempt
    to hide from Patty and Selma's latest house visit.

[Aired October 29th, 1995]

King-Size Homer (3F05):
A strong desire to work at home prompts Homer to gain a lot of weight so
    he can claim work disability.  Joan Kenley guest stars. [Aired November
    5th, 1995]

Mother Simpson (3F06):
Through a misunderstanding, Homer discovers his mother is very much
    alive, but with a very shady past and the FBI are eager to find her.
    Glenn Close and Harry Morgan guest stars.  [Aired November 19th, 1995]

Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming (3F08):
Sideshow Bob slips away from prison detail, steals an atomic bomb and
    threatens to detonate it unless the town of Springfield gives up
    television.  R. Lee Ermey and Kelsey Grammer guest star. [Aired November
    26th, 1995]

``The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular!'' (3F31):
Troy McClure hosts an half- hour show looking back at The Simpsons' past
    eight year history. [Aired December 3rd, 1995]

Marge Be Not Proud (3F07):
Bart manages to keep a failed ``four-fingered discount'' trip a secret
    from Homer and Marge.  But unfortunately, Marge finds out when the
    family returns to the store to have the family Christmas photo taken.
    Lawrence Tierney guest star.  [Aired December 17th, 1995]

Team Homer (3F10):
Thanks to Burns' ether induced state, Homer gets the money he needs to
    start a bowling team.  However, Burns' head clears and he wants in.
    Meanwhile, Bart's inflammatory T-shirt causes a riot at school,
    resulting in Principal Skinner issuing mandatory school uniforms.
    [Aired January 7th, 1996]

Two Bad Neighbors (3F09):
Homer's jealousy at all the attention his new neighbors, George and
    Barbara Bush, receives, turns to rage when the former President gives
    Bart a spanking.  [Aired January 14th, 1996]

Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield (3F11):
The Simpson family mingle with social highbrows when a chance encounter
    between Marge and an old classmate yields an invitation to the
    Springfield Country Club. Tom Kite guest stars. [Aired February 4th,

Bart the Fink (3F12):
When Bart accidentally finks on him to the IRS, Krusty the Klown decides
    to go for that last plane ride.  Bob Newhart guest stars. [Aired February
    11th, 1996]

Lisa the Iconoclast (3F13):
While digging into Jebediah Springfield's past, Lisa discovers that the
    town founder isn't the hero as everyone thinks he was. Donald Sutherland
    guest stars. [Aired February 18th, 1996]

Homer the Smithers (3F14):
Smithers takes a much needed vacation and to insure his position at the
    nuclear plant, he hires Homer is his temporally replacement. [Aired
    February 25th, 1996]

Please do not take the following as the order in which the episodes are
broadcast.  I can not do anything if FOX/Gracie Films decides to air episodes
out of production order.

A Fish Called Selma (3F15) - Selma marries Troy McClure, who sleeps with the

The Day The Violence Died (3F16) - Itchy&ScratchyCo goes bankrupt
Bart On The Road (3F17) - Bart gets a fake driver's license
22 Short Films About Springfield (3F18) - Pulp Fiction references

[...``The Curse of the Flying Hellfish''] (3F19) -
 4/28/96                      3F19  150  Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling
                                 Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish"

[The Anti-Immigrant Song] (3F20) - 5/ 5/96 - 3F20  151  Much Apu About Nothing
[Summer of Lisa] (3F22) - 5/19/96 - 3F22  153  Summer of 4 Ft. 2
[Homerpalooza] (3F21) -

EIGHTH SEASON (1996-1997)

   4F02 - Treehouse of Horror VII
   "The Thing and I" (Bart meets his identical twin)
   "The Genesis Tub" (Lisa's science project comes alive and considers
   Lisa and Bart their versions of Ultimate Good and Evil)
   "Citizen Kang" (only Homer knows that Dole and Clinton have been
   replaced...by Kang and Kodos!)
   3F23 - You Only Move Twice
   Homer gets a new job at a safer power plant with a better boss and
   moves the family to a better town - but things are a little too better
   4F03 - The Homer They Fall
   "llllllllLET'S GET READY to RUM-BLLLLLLE" with guest voice Michael
   Buffer when someone points out to Homer that his ability to take
   massive amounts of head punishment (thanks to his puny brain) makes
   him a natural boxer
   4F04 - A Milhouse Divided
   Milhouse's parents split up
   4F05 - Burns, Baby Burns
   Rodney Dangerfield voices Mr. Burns' illegitimate son...who's about 60
   years old
   4F06 - Bart After Dark
   Bart gets a job at a strip club
   4F01 - Lisa's Date with Density
   ...is with Nelson
   4F07 - Hurricane Neddy
   Ned Flanders has a nervous breakdown after his home is destroyed by a
   3F24 - El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer
          (translation: Our Homer's Mysterious Journey)
   When Homer eats some hot chili after promising Marge that he won't
   drink any beer with it, he becomes delirious and imagines he meets his
   soulmate [Homer's Soulmate] (3F24)

   Not Scheduled Yet:
   3G01 - The Springfield Files
   When Homer has a close encounter with an alien, FBI agents Dana Scully
   and Fox Mulder (voiced by Gilian Anderson and David Duchovny - for
   those of you who don't know, these are the main characters of "The
   X-Files" and the actors who portray them) pay him a visit
   3G02 - Lisa's Sax
   Flashback to when Lisa first got her saxophone
   3G03 - Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala-D'oh-cious
   Takeoff of "Mary Poppins" when the Simpsons hire a nanny
   3G04 - Simpson Tide
   Takeoff on "Crimson Tide"
   4F08 - The Twisted World of Marge Simpson
   4F09 - Grade School Confidential
   4F10 - Mountain of Madness
   4F11 - Homer's Phobia
   4F12 - The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
   The new character in Itchy & Scratchy cartoons has a familiar voice -
   Homer's - but isn't quite the ratings-gainer that Roger Meyers had
   hoped for
   4F13 - My Sister, My Sitter
   (There aren't that many "sisters" that we know about; Lisa and Maggie
   (and brother Bart); Marge, Patty, and Selma; Sherri and Terri)
   4F14 - The Brother from Another Series
   Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde-Pierce (who play brothers Frasier and
   Niles Crane on "Frasier") appear as Sideshow Bob and his brother
   4F15 - Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
   4F16 - The Canine Mutiny
   4F17 - The Old Man and the Lisa
   4F18 - In Marge We Trust
   4F19 - Homer's Enemy
   4F20 - [Three Phony Spin-offs]
   "Chief Wiggum, P.I.", "The Love-Matic Grampa", and "The Simpson Family
   Goodtime Variety Hour" - this sounds like a takeoff on how some shows
   have an episode that concentrates on a minor (or just-introduced)
   character, without showing the stars, in what is really a pilot
   episode for a new series
   4F21 - [Military Academy]

4F10  Mountain of Madness
4F06  Bart After Dark
4F01  Lisa's Date with Density
[The Springfield Files] (3G01) -
[Simpsoncalifragilistickexpiala-D'oh-cious] (3G03) -
4F02  Treehouse of Horror VII
4F03  The Homer They Fall
4F04  A Milhouse Divided
4F07  Hurricane Neddy
4F09- Grade School Confidential
4F13- My Sister, My Sitter
4F15- Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment
4F16- The Canine Mutiny
4F17- The Old Man and the Lisa
4F18- In Marge We Trust
4F19- Homer's Enemy
4F20- The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase

   4F22 - [New York City]
   4F23 - [The Real Seymour Skinner]
   4F24 - [Lisa's Genes]

[Lisa's Sax] (3G02) -
[Simpson Tide] (3G04) -
4F05  {Burns' Love Child}
4F08  {Marge's Franchise}
4F09  {Krabappel-Skinner}
4F11 & 4F13, 4F15-4F24 are to be determined

4F21- The Secret War of Lisa Simpson

Planned for the 1997-98 Season:
4F22- The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
4F23- The Principal and the Pauper
4F24- Lisa the Simpson
3G02- Lisa's Sax- Flashback to when Lisa first got her saxophone
3G0- Simpson Tide- Takeoff on "Crimson Tide"

NOTE: Only `The Telltale Head' and `Episode 23: Bart Gets
Hit By A Car' have actual on-screen titles.


Do the Bartman!:
  During a dance recital, Bart swaps the music, does a new dance, and sings
  about how cool he is. [Aired December 6, 1990]

Deep, Deep Trouble: Bart tells his tale of being in deep,
deep trouble after mowing the sprinkler head and having a wild house party.
[Aired March 7, 1991]

This page is copyrighted © 1996 David Hall / davehall@cyberspc.mb.ca

The Simpsons on The Tracey Ullman Show

MG01 Good Night
MG02 Watching Television
MG03 Bart Jumps
MG04 Babysitting Maggie
MG05 The Pacifier
MG06 Burp Contest
MG07 Eating Dinner
MG08 Football
MG09 Making Faces
MG10 Maggie's Brain
MG11 Gone Fishin'
MG12 House Of Cards
MG13 Space Patrol
MG14 The Funeral
MG15 Bart and Dad Eat Dinner
MG16 The Perfect Crime
MG17 Scary Stories
MG18 Bart's Haircut
MG19 Grandpa & The Kids
MG20 World War III
MG21 Skateboarding
MG22 The Pagans
MG23 The Closet
MG24 The Aquarium
MG25 Family Portrait
MG26 Bart's Hiccups
MG27 The Money Jar
MG28 Zoo Story
MG29 The Art Museum
MG30 Shut Up Simpsons
MG31 Shoplifting
MG32 Home Hypnotism
MG33 Punching Bag
MG34 Bart The Hero
MG35 The Shell Game
MG36 Echo Canyon
MG37 Scary Movie
MG38 The Bart Simpson Show
MG39 The Krusty the Clown Show
MG40 Simpsons Christmas
MG41 Bart's Fantasy
MG42 Maggie In Peril Part One
MG43 Maggie In Peril Part Two
MG44 Bathtime
MG45 Bart's Nightmare
MG46 Bart Of The Jungle
MG47 Family Therapy
MG48 T.V. Simpsons

The Simpsons on The Tracey Ullman Show
The Simpsons (and other) shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show

The episodes are listed in the order they were originally broadcast
by FOX, which is the order Comedy Central is showing them (well, sort of)

The numbers before each title indicate the episode number in the order
they are shown and the episode ID number (if it had one); the "MG" number
after the title of the Simpsons shorts indicate the "internal" ID number
of the short, used in the episode capsules.  (This number does not appear
on the show itself.)  The first number is also the number Comedy Central
uses in its online schedules (http://www.comcentral.com/sched/newsched.html,
or GO COMEDY on Compuserve).

The shorts are quite different from the half-hour show; see the Notes at
the end of the list.


Titles in parentheses are "Dr. N!Godatu" shorts by
M.K. Brown with Julie Payne as Dr. Janice N!Godatu

v--------------------------- make this # a TUAS# (tracy ullman animated short)
                             It is NOT the MG#!
1 (4W02) -  (Dr. N!godatu)

Dr. N!godatu wore her pink slippers to work; not to worry, since
she keeps a pair of pumps in a drawer for just such an emergency -
but the drawer is filled with pink slippers

2 (4W03) - (Blind Date)

Dr. N!godatu has a dream date with a lawyer who's also a surgeon;
unfortunately, he's also someone who likes to talk about himself
too much

3 (4W04) - Good Night - MG01 - April 19 1987

Dad and Mom say "good night" to their kids - but Bart wants
to know how tangible the mind is, Lisa is afraid of being bitten
by bedbugs, and Maggie takes "Rock-A-Bye Baby" too literally

4 (4W01) - (Freeway)

Dr. N!godatu is going shopping with her friend Pat (voice of
Nancy Cartwright), who never drives over bridges, through tunnels,
or - until Act III - on the freeway

5 (4W06) - Watching Television - MG02 - May 3 1987

Bart and Lisa can't agree on what channel to watch, but they can
agree to yell at Maggie when she tries to change stations

6 (4W07) - Bart Jumps - MG03 - May 10 1987

Dad tries to get Bart to jump into his arms, but every time Bart
tries, Homer isn't there to make the catch

7 (4W26) - (Fishtank)

Dr. N!godatu's fish are doing strange things, which is nothing
compared to what the two repairmen (voice of Dan Castellaneta) are
doing trying to fix it

8 (4W08) - Babysitting Maggie - MG04 - May 31 1987

While Bart and Lisa are watching TV, Maggie chases a butterfly
along - and off of - the roof

9 (no number listed; must be 4W09) - (The Dream)

Dr. N!Godatu has a strange dream - and that guy in it looks like
her blind date from an earlier short

10 (4W10) - The Pacifier - MG05 - June 21 1987

Bart and Lisa try to make Maggie stop sucking her pacifier, but
they can't take it away (she has a drawer full of them), can't
play "keep away" with it (she bites Bart), and can't even put hot
sauce on it (Maggie just adds more)

11 (4W25) - Burp Contest - MG06 - June 28 1987

Mom tells the kids "no burping", but that doesn't stop them from
having a contest to see who can do it best

12 (4W11) - Eating Dinner - MG07 - July 12 1987

Tonight's main course is some purple stuff, but first say Grace:
"Good drink...good meat...good God, let's eat!"

13 (4W12) - (Scanner)

Dr. N!Godatu breaks out a scanner that converts brain activity
into a TV picture


14 (4W15) - Making Faces - MG09 - September 22 1987

The kids make scary faces, despite Mom's warning that they'll
freeze that way forever

15 (4W17) - The Funeral - MG14 - October 4 1987

The kids' Uncle Hubert "passed on" - or, as Bart says, "pulled the
croak chain"

16 (4W14) - Maggie's Brain - MG10 - October 11 1987

Bart and Lisa wonders what Maggie is thinking; it switches from
"my brother and sister are demons" to "let's see how you two like
being tickled"

17 (4W24) - Football - MG08 - October 18 1987

It's Frosty Chocolate Milkshakes all round as soon as Bart catches
one of Dad's long passes - look out for that cliff...

18 (4W15) - House of Cards - MG12 - October 25 1987

Bart tries building a giant house of cards, despite Lisa's
interruptions and Maggie's sucking

19 (4W05) - Bart and Dad Eat Dinner - MG15 - November 1 1987

The women are at the ballet, so it's either Fish Nuggets or Pork-A-
Roni...no, wait; it's Fish-Pork-A-Roni a la Simpson!

20 (4W18) - Space Patrol - MG13 - November 8 1987

Space pilot Lisuey and her spunky sidekick Mageena protect Earth
from Bartron, the berserk Martian robot (who looks like Bart with
a vase stuck on his head)

21 (4W13) - Bart's Haircut - MG18 - November 15 1987

Bart's hair is too long, so he's tossed into the barber shop, where
the only style the barber knows is a bald cut

22 (4W22) - World War III - MG20 - November 22 1987

Dad wakes everybody up for a nuclear attack drill...again and again

23 (4W19) - The Perfect Crime - MG16 - December 13 1987

Bart tries to steal cookies from the jar and thinks Maggie will
be blamed

24 (4W21) - Scary Stories - MG17 - December 20 1987

Bart tells Lisa and Maggie scary stories, each one becoming more
and more true...

25 (4W23) Grandpa and the Kids - MG19 - January 10 1988

When Grampa feigns his own death, Lisa blames Bart
First appearance of Grampa Simpson.

26 (4W20) - Gone Fishin' - MG11 - January 24 1988

Bart and Dad go fishing, although it's more of a ride down the rapids

27 (5W01) - Skateboarding - MG21 - February 7 1988

Bart, Lisa, and even Maggie take to their boards for some sidewalk

28 (5W02) - The Pagans - MG22 - February 14 1988

Bart, Lisa, and Maggie convert to paganism en route to church

29 (5W03) - The Closet - MG23 - February 21 1988

Bart, thinking Dad wants him to do chores, hides in the closet

30 (5W04) - The Aquarium - MG24 - February 28 1988

Dad takes the kids to the aquarium, where Bart takes a swim in
the shark tank

31 (5W05) - Family Portrait - MG25 - March 6 1988

The family gathers together for a photograph, although none of
the shots are exactly worthy of going on the wall...

32 (5W06) - Bart's Hiccups - MG26 - March 13 1988

Doctor Lisa and Nurse Maggie resort to unorthodox methods to
cure Bart (hic) "I knew it - not enough hot sauce"

33 (5W07) - The Money Jar - MG27 - March 20 1988

Lisa and Maggie face the struggle between good and evil as they
go for Mom's money in the cookie jar; it's a little easier for
Bart, as his conscience agrees with his greed

34 (5W09) - The Art Museum - MG29 - May 1 1988

Dad and Mom aren't sure that the kids are ready for culture...
a thought that is confirmed when Bart expresses an interest in nudes

35 (5W08) - Zoo Story - MG28 - May 8 1988

The Simpsons meet a strangely familiar monkey family


Titles in parentheses indicate shows consisting entirely
of clips of "live action" sketches from "The Tracey Ullman Show" featuring
one of Tracey's regular characters
All one clip together at once from here on out.

36 (5W10) - Shut Up Simpsons - MG30 - November 6 1988

Grampa, Homer, and the kids get on each other's nerves
Beginning with this episode, the shorts appear as a single
story rather than divided into three or four parts

37 (5W11) - The Shell Game - MG35 - November 13 1988

Bart tries to hide the cookie the took from the jar from his
parents, so he turns three bowls over...and it's not under any
of them?

38 (5W12) - The Bart Simpson Show - MG38 - November 20 1988

When Dad tells Bart and Lisa to stop watching Itchy & Scratchy,
Bart puts on his own show...by pulling out the picture tube and
getting into the TV set
First appearance of Itchy & Scratchy

39 (5W13) - Punching Bag - MG33 - November 27 1988

Lisa gets Bart to increase his punching by drawing Dad's face on
it; when Mom sees it, she shows Bart how it should be done

40 (5W14) - Simpson Xmas - MG40 - December 18 1988

The kids try to get a sneak peek at their Christmas pressents;
what was Dad thinking when he got Bart a ping-pong-ball gun?

41 (5W16) - (Francesca's Autobiography)

The Simpsons isn't the only series to do a "clip show"; Francesca's
father and his male lover come across Francesca's autobiography in
progress, pages of which are reflected in clips from Francesca sketches
from past episodes

42 (5W17) - The Krusty the Clown Show - MG39 - January 15 1989

The kids see Krusty do his show live, but Bart thinks that it's
"just some guy in clown makeup"

43 (5W18) - Bart the Hero - MG34 - January 29 1989

Bart is sent out for some exercise, and foils a candy store robbery
Note "Chupo" is how you pronounce animation executive Gabor Csupo's
last name (in real life, he looks and somewhat sounds like Dr. Nick

44 (5W19) - Bart's Little Fantasy - MG41 - February 5 1989

When Dad and Mom tell the kids to clean up a messy room, Bart tells
a story about three large kids who throw their small parents into
a similar room

45 (5W20) - Scary Movie - MG37 - February 12 1989

The kids go to see a Happy Little Elves movie, but Bart takes his
sisters to a Space Mutants movie instead

46 (5W21) - Home Hypnotism - MG32 - February 19 1989

Dad and Mom try to make the kids calm down with hypnosis, but it
(apparently) turns them into zombies instead

47 (5W22) - Shoplifting - MG31 - February 26 1989

Bart tries to steal some chocolate from a candy store, and doesn't
quite make it...

48 (5W23) - Echo Canyon - MG36 - March 12 1989

The family stops during their vacation drive at another rest stop,
where Bart nearly crushes the car with a large boulder

49 (5W24) - Bathtime - MG44 - March 19 1989

Bart turns his bath into the adventures of Bart Simpseau - too bad
he left the water running

50 (5W25) - Bart's Nightmare - MG45 - March 26 1989

Bart eats too many cookies and dreams that they're out to get him

51 (5W26) - (Kay: Trapped)

What, two clip shows in one season?  In this one, Kay gets trapped in
an elevator and has her life pass in front of her eyes, and thanks to
Kay sketches from past episodes, in front of our eyes as well

52 (5W27) - Bart of the Jungle - MG46 - April 16 1989

Bart, Lisa, and Maggie swing from the trees - well, from Dad's ties
tied to the trees

53 (5W28) - Family Therapy - MG47 - April 23 1989

Under the guise of going for frosty chocolate milkshakes, Dad takes
the family to a psychologist to determine why they don't laugh any more

54 (5W29) -  Maggie in Peril: Chapter One - MG42 - April 30 1989

When Bart kicks Maggie's ball out of the yard, Maggie hops on Bart's
skateboard and chases it to a waterfall, where she's falling over
the falls - "To be continued NEXT WEEK"

55 (5W30) - Maggie in Peril: the Thrilling Conclusion - MG43 - May 7 1989

Maggie survies the fall high and dry, and manages to get back home
with the help of some helium balloons

56 (5W15) - T.V. Simpsons - MG48 - May 14 1989

When Bart's kite hits the outdoor antenna, Dad climbs the roof in
an attempt to restore his TV picture


The fourth season episodes (7W01-7W23) had no shorts, except 7W11, which
repeated "Simpson Xmas"; note no episodes have numbers beginning with 6W


The first two seasons' shorts are VERY crude by today's standards.  The
     characters bear only a vague resemblance to the ones today, especially
     in terms of their hair.  The voices are closer to what you expect to
     hear today, although Homer is in his "old" voice (the one used in the
     first season of half-hour shows); after all, the same actors are used.
     (Liz Georges did Maggie's speaking at the end of "Good Night"; other
     than that, Yeardley Smith does Maggie's talking/babbling/squealing.
     It's not certain if she did Maggie's crying at the end of "Babysitting
     Maggie".)  Even Maggie's pacifier sucking sounds different than it does
     now; supposedly, animation director Gabor Csupo (pronounced "Chupo", as
     in the candy store in "Bart the Hero") provided the sound effect himself.

Although some of the descriptions refer to the parents as Homer and Marge,
     the name "Marge" is NEVER used, not even in credits.  The name "Homer"
     never appears in titles or credits (it's "Dad" (as in "Bart and Dad Eat
     Dinner") or "Mr. Simpson"), but the name is used in 12 of the episodes,
     beginning with "The Pagans" (even Lisa calls him "Homer" once, in "The
     Bart Simpson Show").  Most of the time, the parents don't receive credits
     at the end of the show (because they already receive credits for being in
     the main cast); the same people who do the half-hour show (Dan
     Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith) do the
     voices in the shorts.  The only character in all 48 of the shorts is
     Bart, although he has no lines in "Maggie in Peril: Chapter One".  As
     an example, Bart is the only character that is in both "Gone Fishin'" and
     "Space Patrol".  ("Bart Jumps", "Gone Fishin'", and "Bathtime" have just
     Bart and Homer; "The Pacifier", "Maggie's Brain", "House of Cards",
     "Space Patrol", "Skateboarding", "Bart's Hiccups", and "Scary Movie" have
     just Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.)

The characters act a little differently than what you might be used to:

   Lisa isn't "the smart one", but more like "a younger, female, more
       conscientious Bart" - Lisa is more likely to play some sort of prank
       on Bart than Bart is on Lisa;
   Maggie is very prone to imitate something Lisa is doing (see the start
       of Act III of "Bart's Hiccups") or just did (when she keeps saluting in
       Act IV of "Space Patrol"), and she speaks in a couple of episodes ("Good
       Night" and "Making Faces") in a rather high-pitched squeaky voice (she
       also tries to repeat what Lisa says in "House of Cards" and "Making
       Faces", but it comes out as gibberish);
   Marge almost invariably acts the way you would expect a mother of
       three kids to act (the first time you hear her "modern" voice is
       at the end of "World War III");
   Homer isn't as dumb as the half-hour series makes him out to be,
       although he does perform antics that get him on the wrong side of
       the others (for example, the way he orders Marge around in "Punching
   Bart is Bart (with one exception: he shows a flash of intelligence
       in "Good Night"); who else would flood the bathroom ("Bathtime"),
       rip out the inside of a TV set ("The Bart Simpson Show"), or eat a
       freshly baked batch of cookies and then blame Maggie while his mouth
       was still full ("The Perfect Crime")?

During the first two seasons (ending with "Zoo Story"), the shorts were
     divided into three or four "acts" and shown before and after the show's
     "live-action" parts.  Usually, a show has a live-action sketch followed
     by Act I, then a commercial, then Act II, the second sketch, Act III,
     the third sketch, and Act IV.  (Shorts with only three acts usually
     begin after the commercial; there's at least one short with its last act
     after the second commercial, just before Tracey's closing monologue.)
     In the third season (beginning with "Shut Up Simpsons"), the stories are
     contained in a single part, usually just after the commercial break
     halfway through the show.  ("Shut Up Simpsons" and "Home Hypnotism" may
     have been originally made in "acts" and later blended together.)

Note the constant use of the word "shorts".  None of these last longer
     than 2 minutes in all.  Also note that, like shows in syndication,
     cable TV shows have more commercials than broadcast network prime-time
     shows; in order to make the show fit into a half-hour slot, the cable
     network must either make cuts in the shows or show fewer commercials
     (and, as a result, make less money) than they are entitled to do.
     (Even if the cable network showed fewer commercials, there's always
     the chance that the local cable providers would not realize that there
     are fewer commercials and show a "local" commercial over part of the

     In the first few episodes Comedy Central showed, the shorts were cut in
     the same places as when Lifetime showed them, even though Comedy Central
     said they would be making their own cuts rather than using the ones
     Lifetime used.  More than likely, 20th-Century Fox cut the episodes
     themselves prior to making them available to the cable stations.
     (When FOX first showed "Babysitting Maggie" in 1987, there were enough
     objections to Maggie sticking a fork in an electric socket that the
     scene was removed from the tape "on the spot"; it did not appear when
     FOX repeated the episode, and was not shown in any cable repeat.)

     Either that, or it's an incredible coincidence...

The vast majority of shorts deal only with the five characters.  Some
     characters that are in the half-hour series are also in the shorts,
     including Grampa, Itchy & Scratchy, Krusty (although this one's real
     voice is different from his clown voice), and the Happy Little Elves.
     (In "Family Therapy", they visit a psychiatrist, but it's not Dr. Marvin
     Monroe.)  There's no mention or display of where Homer works or where
     Bart and Lisa go to school, and there are no pets (named Snowball or
     anything else).

The "Dr. N!Godatu" (pronounced without a vowel sound preceeding the
     N and a clicked G) sketches are written by M.K. Brown and star Julie
     Payne as Dr. Janice N!Godatu.  Two Simpsons regulars do voices: Nancy
     Cartwright in "Freeway" (as Dr. N!Godatu's friend who refuses to drive
     on freeways, through tunnels, or over bridges - check the title if you
     need to know which of the three they end up on), and Dan Castellaneta in
     "Blind Date" (as the date) and "Fishtank" (as the fish tank repairmen).

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