Spiderman episode guide

Spider-Man: The Animated Series

Spider-Man:  The Animated Series (1993 - 97) is a cartoon that is half hour
in length.  Spider-Man:  The Animated Series is produced by Saban and Graz
Entertainment.  Thiscartoon is the latest incarnation of a Spider-Man
cartoon for television.  Thus far ir h as run for Season1 (1993-94), Season
2 (1994-1995), Season 3 (1995-96), and Season 4 (1996-97).

Season 1 (1993 - 94)

 1. Day Of The Chameleon
 2. Doctor Octopus: Armed And Dangerous
 3. Kraven The Hunter
 4. Night Of The Lizard
 5. The Spider Slayer
 6. The Sting Of The Scorpion
 7. The Alien Costume - Pt 1
 8. The Alien Costume - Pt 2
 9. The Alien Costume - Pt 3
 0. The Hobgoblin - Pt 1
11. The Hobgoblin - Pt 2
12. The Menace Of Mysterio
13. The Return Of The Spider Slayers

       Season 2 (1994 - 95)

14. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 1:  The Insidious Six
15. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 2:  Battle Of The Insidious Six
16. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 3:  Hydro-man
17. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 4:  The Mutant Agenda
18. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 5:  Mutants Revenge
19. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 6:  Morbius
20. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 7:  Enter The Punisher
21. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 8:  Duel Of The Hunters
22. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 9:  Blade The Vampire Hunter
23. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 10: The Immortal Vampire
24. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 11: Tablet Of Time
25. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 12: Ravages Of Time
26. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 13: Shriek Of The Vulture
27. Neogenic Nightmare, Chapter 14: The Final Nightmare

    Season 3 (1995 - 96)

28. (S3E1)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 1:  Doctor Strange
29. (S3E2)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 2:  Make A Wish
30. (S3E3)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 3:  Make A Wish, Part 2 -
                                           "Attack Of The Octo-Bot"
31. (S3E4)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 4:  Enter the Green Goblin
32. (S3E5)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 5:  Rocket Racer
33. (S3E6)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 6:  Framed
34. (S3E7)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 7:  The Man Without Fear
35. (S3E8)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 8:  The Ultimate Slayer
36. (S3E9)  Sins Of The Father, Chapter 9:  Tombstone
37. (S3E10) Sins Of The Father, Chapter 10: Venom Returns-Part 1
38. (S3E11) Sins Of The Father, Chapter 11: Carnage-Part 2
39. (S3E12) Sins Of The Father, Chapter 12: The Spot
40. (S3E13) Sins Of The Father, Chapter 13: Goblin War
41. (S3E14) Sins Of The Father, Chapter 14: Turning Point
42. (S3E15) Partners in Dangers, Chapter I:    Guilty
43. (S3E16) Partners in Dangers, Chapter II:   The Cat
44. (S3E17) Partners in Dangers, Chapter III:  The Black Cat
45. (S3E18) Partners in Dangers, Chapter IV:   The Return Of Kraven
46. (S3E19) Partners in Dangers, Chapter V:    Partners
47. (S3E20) Partners in Dangers, Chapter VI:   The Awakening
48. (S3E21) Partners in Dangers, Chapter VII:  The Vampire Queen
49. (S3E22) Partners in Dangers, Chapter VIII: The Return Of The Green Goblin
50. (S3E23) Partners in Dangers, Chapter IX:   The Haunting Of Mary Jane Watson
51. (S3E24) Partners in Dangers, Chapter X:    The Lizard King
52. (S3E25) Partners in Dangers, Chapter XI:   The Prowler

       Season 4 (1996 - 97)

53. (S4E1)  The Wedding
54. (S4E2)  Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter I:   Six Forgotten Warriors
55. (S4E3)  Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter II:  Unclaimed Legacy
56. (S4E4)  Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter III: Secrets Of The Six
57. (S4E5)  Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter IV:  The Six Fight Again
58. (S4E6)  Six Forgotten Warriors, Chapter V:   The Price Of Heroism
59. (S4E7)  The Return of Hydro Man, Part One
60. (S4E8)  The Return of Hydro Man, Part Two
61. (S4E9)  Secret Wars, Chapter I:   Arrival
62. (S4E10) Secret Wars, Chapter II:  The Gauntlet Of The Red Skull
63. (S4E11) Secret Wars, Chapter III: Doom
64. (S4E12) Spider Wars, Chapter I:  I Really, Really Hate Clones
65. (S4E13) Spider Wars, Chapter II: Farewell, Spider-Man

Night of the Lizard
Written by Gerry Conway
Peter Parker and his college science professor Dr. Curt Conners explore
neogenics as a method of limb regeneration. But while experimenting on
himself, Connors accidentally becomes the Lizard, a half-man, half-reptile
monstrosity that terrorizes Manhattan and subsequently kidnaps his own
wife. Spider-Man's task is doubly difficult because he doesn't want to hurt
the good friend he knows is trapped inside...but he must stop the inhuman
beast who is out of control.

The Sting of the Scorpion
Written by John Semper; Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz
Daily Bugle Publisher and media magnate J. Jonah Jameson hires Dr. Farley
Stillwell who has developed a new form of genetic engineering to create a
super-hero who will capture and unmask Spider-Man. But the Scorpion proves
an embarrassment when the man-made monster turns on his makers and
rampages through Manhattan. Spider-Man must use his scientific expertise,
as well as his web-slinging, to save the day.

The Spider Slayer - Part 1
Story by John Semper; Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz
In order to pay off his debt to the crime boss known as the Kingpin, Norman
Osborn, a multi-millionaire industrialist, hires Spencer Smythe, a robotics
engineer, to design a powerful robot called the Spider-Slayer to capture
and destroy Spider-Man. But when Peter Parker's campus rival, Flash
Thompson, puts on a Spider-Man costume as a party gag, he's the one who
gets captured by the deadly cybernetic device.

The Return of the Spider-Slayers - Part 2
Story by Jonh Semper; Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier
Alistair Smythe, Spencer's brilliant son, to extend the limits of his
father's technology and build a new line of robotic Spider-Slayers...to
finally capture and destroy Spider-Man. Alistair also decides to go after
the people he holds responsible for his father's demise...Norman Osborn,
Flash Thompson, Eddie Brock and J. Jonah Jameson. Spider-Man barely
defeats each robot individually, then to his surprise, they combine to
form one gigantic Tri-Spider Slayer with three times the power!

The Menace of Mysterio
Written by Marv Wolfman, Stan Berkowitz, & John Semper
Mysterio, a master of illusion and special effects, masquerades as
Spider-Man while committing crimes to convince J. Jonah Jameson and
the public that Spidey's gone bad. Finally, with the help of Police
Detective Terry Lee, Spider-Man locates the illusionist in an old studio
and struggles through a deadly special effects maze to capture the
villain and clear his own name.

Doctor Octopus Armed and Dangerous
Story by John Semper & Brooks Wachtel;
Teleplay by Brooks Wachtel & Cynthia Harrison
Otto Octavius, a respected scientist and inventor, became known as Doctor
Octopus when his robotic arms became fused to his spine in a laboratory
accident. Bitter and a bit insane, he kidnaps heiress Felicia Hardy and
holds her for a ransom that will make up for the humiliation he's suffered
at the hands of the Hardy Foundation. J. Jonah Jameson becomes and
accidental captive and it's up to Spider-Man to save them both.

Kraven The Hunter
Story by John Semper, Jan Strand, & Mark Hoffmeier;
Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier
Spider-Man finds himself caught in a deadly triangle with a doctor from
Africa named Mariah Crawford and the man who has stalked her all the
way to America...Kraven the Hunter. The two met on safari in Aftica, when
Dr. Crawford saved Sergei Kravenoff's life with a naitive potion. But the
medicine had a strange side effect: Kraven developed prodigious powers
causing hum to menace any in his path, human or beast. Dr. Crawford fled
Africa, accepting a research position in New York but Kraven followed.
When Spidey prevents Kraven from kidnapping the good doctor, Kraven
misinterprets the web-slinger's intentions towards Dr. Crawford. Kraven
vows to begin his greatest hunt...for the man who stole his love's

The Hobgoblin - Part 1
Story by John Semper & Stan Berkowitz; Teleplay by Larry Brody
Norman Osborn hires hitman and thief, the Hobgoblin, to takeout Osborn's
"silent" partner, the Kingpin. When he fails in the attempt, the Hobgoblin
changes sides, kidnapping Norman's son, Harry. Harry just happens to be
best friends with Peter Parker.

The Hobgoblin - Part 2
Story by Stan Berkowitz
When Aunt May is slightly injured by one of the Hobgoblin's pumpkin bombs
during the kidnapping of Harry, Spider-Man enters the fray with a vengeance.
After several battles, the trail leads Peter to Oscorp and Harry's own
father. For Peter, rescuing his friend is easy compared to explaining to
Harry that his own father is involved.

Day of the Chameleon
Story by John Semper
An international spy and hitman known as the Chameleon plans to assassinate
two major diplomats on the brink of signing the peace proposal of the
century. S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury solicits J.J. Jameson's assistance
in an effort to prevent the "human shape-shifter" from derailing the
proposal signing. But only Spider-Man with his super keen "spider-sense"
can discern who is really whom and stop the criminal before it's too late.

The Alien Costume - Part 1
Story by Avi Arad & Stan Lee;
Teleplay by Stan Berkowitz, Len Wein, Meg Mclaughlin, & John Semper
A space shuttle piloted by J.J.'s son, John Jameson, crash lands on the
Tri-Borough Bridge carrying two strange meteors -- One that could provide
a new nuclear fuel and one that contains an alien substance. The first is
stolen by the Kingpin's henchman, the Rhino, just as Spider-Man arrives to
save Jameson and the co-pilots. When the Rhino sends the aircraft off the
bridge, Spider-Man emerges from the water with a dark stain covering his
costume. Exhausted, he heads for home, only to awaken hanging from a
skyscraper, now clothed in a black version of his costume. J. Jonah
Jameson blames the wall-crawler for the meteor theft and offers a million
dollar reward for him. Eddie Brock used the Daily Bugle to continue his
own personal assault on Spider-Man, while Spider-Man discovers he
likes the new attitude and augmented powers the new suit gives him --
ntil he catches up with the Rhino. Then he realizes along with the new
costume came a nasty streak that makes him wonder what he's become.

The Alien Costume - Part 2
Story by Brynne Stephens & John Semper; Teleplay by Brynne Stephens
Ducking bounty hunters on every corner, Spider-Man angrily goes after
the man responsible for libeling him: Eddie Brock. Finally, it's Mary Jane
who points out that Peter is not acting like himself, which confirms his
vague fears...the new suit has changed him. He seeks help from Dr. Curt
Conners who discovers that the suit is alive!! And Peter is the host
organism! The Shocker, Alistair Smythe's latest creation, snatches the
incriminating photos of the Rhino and Spider-Man is apparently
defeated in their battle. But he miraculously shows up at Smythe's lab
to steal the Promethium-X back from the Kingpin. In a bell tower battle
Spider-Man finally rids himself of the alien symbiote, but as luck would
have it, Eddie Brock accidentally becomes its next partner.

The Alien Costume - Part 3
Story by John Semper, Jan Strand, & Mark Hoffmeier;
Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier
The Kingpin is furious at Spidey and sends the Shocker and later the
Rhino out to finish Spidey of with the aid of another new invention of
Alistair Smythe. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock, as the symbiote creature
Venom, is busy playing cat and mouse with Spider-Man, intruding on
Peter's private life and making it clear he knows the web-slinger's
secret identity. Peter soon realizes that the pumped-up Eddie as
Venom is stronger than he is. Worse than that: Spidey's spider-
sense doesn't work around Venom!


The Insidious Six (Neogenic Nightmare Part I)
Story by John Semper; Teleplay by John Semper & David Lee Miller
The Crime Lords, led by Silvermane, are holding The Kingpin accountable
for his failure to eliminate Spider-Man. So six of the Wall-Crawler's
greatest enemies are called together to do the job: Doctor Octopus,
Mysterio, The Scorpion, The Rhino, The Shocker and The Chameleon.
Unfortunately, Spidey's powers have been on the blink due to the changes
in his blood chemistry. Is this the moment the super-villains have been
waiting for?

Battle of the Insidious Six (Neogenic Nightmare Part II)
Story by John Semper; Teleplay by Doug Booth
The six supervillains can't beileive their eyes when Spider-Man walks
into their trap at the warehouse. But it's obvious why, when they easily
overcome and unmask the fraud. Meanwhile, Silvermane and the Crime
Lords grow more disenchanted with The Kingpin and want to put him out
of business. Kingpin beats them to the punch, kidnapping Silvermane.
Can Spider-Man save the day?

 Hydro-Man (Neogenic Nightmare Part III)
Story by John Semper; Teleplay by Jim Krieg
Mary Jane is being stalked by her former boyfriend, Morris Bench, who's
undergone an accidental metamorphosis and become Hydro-Man. Sweeping
Mary Jane off her feet in a wave of water he insists she will love him.
Spider-Man is nearly beaten by the semi-liquid culprit but with a little
help from Mary Jane puts a stop to this vaporous villian.

The Mutant Agenda (Neogenic Nightmare Part IV)
Story by John Semper and J.M. Dematteis; Teleplay by Michael Edens
Spider-Man's progressing neogenic mutation is making him ill and he seeks
the aid of a man known to help all mutants...Dr. Charles Xavier. In doing
so he meets the X-Men but is disappointed to learn that Xavier does not
'cure' mutancy, only helps those born that way to accept and control their
abilities. In the process of this endeavor though he becomes involved in a
plot to destroy mutants everywhere. Will he be able to stop this hideous
plan with the help of the X-Men?

Mutants' Revenge (Neogenic Nightmare Part V)
Story by John Semper and Michael Edens;
Teleplay by Francis Moss and Ted Pedersen
Wolverine catches up with Spider-Man, hot on the trail of the missing Hank
McCoy. Discovering his location and the plot to destroy all mutantkind the
two team up and rescue Beast in the nick of time just as he was about to
become the first test subject of Landon's horendous plan. But when Landon
accidentally falls victim to his own experiment he is changed into a giant
monster that feeds on electrical energy. Can Spider-Man and the X-Men
succeed in stopping this 50-foot tall, ohm-eating monster?

Morbius (Neogenic Nightmare Part VI)
Story by John Semper; Teleplay by Brynne Stephens and Lydia Maranor
Dr. Mariah Crawford has developed a cure for Spidey's disease, but she's
reluctant to give an untested serum to Spider-Man that may result in
permanent loss of his powers or worse. But after an angry outburst from
Spider-Man, she hands it over. Peter , at the ESU lab, is secretly observed
by Michael Morbius, who then swipes the infected blood sample after Peter
leaves for the night. Working alone in the campus bell tower with borrowed
equipment, Morbius has an accident which will change him forever...

Enter The Punisher (Neogenic Nightmare Part VII)
Story by John Semper and Carl Potts; Teleplay by Carl Potts
As more ESU students are attacked and striken with the strange 'plasma
disorder,' Spider-Man is blamed once again, although it's Morbius
feeding on his victims' hemoglobin. Enter Frank Castle, The Punisher,
a vigilante who takess out after 'the vampire' Spider-Man. Meanwhile,
the Wall-Crawler tracks Morbius, The Living Vampire, to stop his bloody
rampage, but this makes Spidey an easy target for the Punisher.

Duel of the Hunters (Neogenic Nightmare Part VIII)
 Written by John Semper
Looks like it's curtains for Spider-Man (who's now become a Man-Spider)
but he turns the tables on the Punisher and it's the vigilante who barely
escapes in his battle van. Meanwhile, Dr. Mariah Crawford summons
Sergi Kravenoff, better known as Kraven The Hunter, to help her track
down Spider-Man and cure him of his mutation with a newly developed
antidote. Unfortunately, when the Man-Spider makes its way to the ESU
campus the Punisher is hot on his heels. Will the Punisher succeed in
destroying Spider-Man in his new mutated form or will Kraven and Dr.
Crawford reach him first?

Blade the Vampire Hunter (Neogenic Nightmare Part IX)
Story by John Semper;
Teleplay by Stephanie Mathison, Mark Hoffmeier, and John Semper
Drawn to New York to track down the vampire that is plaguing ESU students,
Blade the Vampire Hunter encounters Spider-Man who he believes is the
culprit. After discovering that his usual vampire weapons have no effect
on the web-slinger, Blade reluctantly agrees that Spider-Man is not the
vampire. When Spider-Man reveals that Morbius is the real vampire as
well as the victim of a Neogenic Recombinator experiment gone awry, Blade
decides to demolish the scientific equipment. Can Spider-Man prevent the
vampire hunter from destroying the Recombinator as well as Michael Morbius?

The Immortal Vampire (Neogenic Nightmare Part X)
Written by John Semper and Meg McLaughlin
Blade and Spider-Man are forced to put their differences aside in an attempt
to track down Morbius and stop him from transforming everyone into vampires
like himself using the Neogenic Recombinator. When Lt. Terri Lee joins the
chase, she falls for the moody vampire hunter in the process. Speaking of
romance, Morbius kidnaps his lady-love Felicia Hardy in order to transform
her into the first of many vampires. Just in time, Blade and Spider-Man
discover Morbius' hideout and interrupt him long enough for Felicia to force
him to face the truth, but is it in time to save Morbius from his own

Tablet of Time (Neogenic Nightmare Part XI)
Written by Mark Hoffmeier, Stan Berkowitz, and John Semper
The legenday Toltec Tablet of Time is discovered in Mexico and shipped
to New York for study in Doctor Connors' laboratory. The Tablet is
subsequently stolen by the crimelord Silvermane who wants to use the
tablet to regain his youth. Not only is the tablet gone; they've got Doc!
pidey is desperate to rescue him -- since he still needs his Neogenic
Recombinator dosage every 24 hours to keep himself from mutating
into the Man-Spider again.

Ravages of Time (Neogenic Nightmare Part XII)
Written by Mark Hoffmeier, Stan Berkowitz, and John Semper
It's a double double-cross. Doc Connors warns his captor Silvermane
about the tablet, but Silvermane won't listen and positions the ancient
stone in a replica of the Toltec temple. As the sun rises and courses
through the stone, the beam engulfs Silvermane. Suddenly, he's a
young man again. Connors' fury triggers his own metamorphosis into
The Lizard and in the ensuing battle with Tombstone and Spider-Man,
Silvermane morphs again, younger and younger until...

Shriek of theVulture (Neogenic Nightmare Part XIII)
Story by John Semper, Gilles Wheeler and Evelyn A-R Gabai;
Teleplay by Evelyn A-R Gabai
While CEO Adrian Toomes is absorbed in regaining his youth, Norman
Osborn is engineering a hostile takeover of Toomes Aeronautical.
Toomes vows revenge and takes to the air as the Vulture, armed with
youth-absorbing talons that temporarily make him young. Meanwhile, on
campus, Peter arrives to see Mary Jane in Faust where Harry Osborn is
snatched out of the audience by the Vulture. Spidey rescues Harry, but
the Vulture escapes. Later, as Toomes' talons grip Spider-Man's
shoulder, Spidey's strength and vitality fade while the Vulture revels in
newfound youth and super strength. To make his victory complete,
Toomes begins to rip off Spidey's mask...

The Final Nightmare (Neogenic Nightmare Part XIV)
Story by John Semper and Sandy Fries; Teleplay by Sandy Fries
The shocking conclusion to the "Neogenic Nightmare" storyline!! Spider-Man
seeks Curt Connors aid to help reverse the aging effects of the Vulture's
talons. The Vulture meanwhile sporadically turns into the man-spider from
the mutagenics he absorbed with Spidey's youth. At the same time, the
Scorpion grabs Dr. Farley Stillwell to seek a cure for his own mutation.
With Doc Connors in the middle, feeling the onset of his own his reptilian
transformation, will everyone be cured in time for Peter to meet up with
Mary Jane as she confronts her her wayward father???


Doctor Strange (Sins of the Fathers, Chapter 1)
Story by John Semper; Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier & John Semper
Peter's search for Mary Jane leads him to a mysterious cult led by a
man called Brother Mordo. Peter suspects that all is not as it seems,
but, as Peter soon learns, nothing is quite what it seems in the world of
Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts!

Make a Wish (Sins of the Fathers, Chapter 2)
Story by John Semper;
Teleplay by Mark Hoffmeier, Elliot S. Maggin, and Meg McLaughlin
Tired of Jameson giving Spider-Man the rap for all the crime in New York,
Peter decides to give up the superhero business once and for all until he
meets his biggest fan: a little girl named Tina, whose fondest wish is to
meet Spider-Man. After she restores his faith, Spidey decides to give
Tina a tour of New York, Spidey-style. But he doesn't count on Doc Ock
spoiling their fun...

Attack Of The Octo-Bot (Make a Wish, Part II)(Sins of the Fathers, Chapter 3)
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
With an amnesiac Spidey under Doc Ock's control, it's up to Tina to
rescue him. Trouble is, nobody will pay any attention to a little girl
telling wild stories about the infamous Spider-Man. Can Tina, with the
help of Mousie the cab driver, defeat Doctor Octopus and rescue

Sins Of The Father Chapter 4 : Enter the Green Goblin
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Harry's father Norman Osborn disappears after an explosion at
his chamical plant. Spidey's search for his friend's father'one
way or another'meets with complications. Namely an airborne
fiend who calls himself the Green Goblin!

Sins Of The Father Chapter 5 : Rocket Racer
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Under Peter's tutelage, inner-city student Robert Farrell hones
 his scientific skills. But when Robert discovers the technology
invented by a criminal called The Big Wheel and adapts it to
improve his own skateboard, big trouble follows. Thank goodness
Spider-Man has also followed Robert's progress..

Framed (Sins Of The Father, Chapter 6)
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
When wealthy industrialist Wilson Fisk takes an active interest in
Peter Parker's future, Peter thinks his luck has finally taken a turn
for the better. But when Fisk sets Peter up, framing him for a
federal crime, it soon becomes evident that Fisk is secretly The

The Man Without Fear (Sins Of The Father, Chapter 7)
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Spider-Man saves the Dare Devil from the ensuing fire and learns
the true identity of the Kingpin. The Dare Devil and Spidey
decide to team up to clear Parker's name and foil the criminal
mastermind...and the real culprit.

The Ultimate Slayer
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Alistair Smythe is transformed into a half-cyborg, half-mutant
creature by Herbert Landon, mutant researcher now in the
employ of the Kingpin. With their help, Smythe intends to
become the Ultimate Spider Slayer. But they soon discover that
Smythe has a mind and an agenda all his own...

Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Robbie Robertson is losing his son, Randy, to a gang of thugs
lead by Tombstone. When this harder-than-stone hit man tries to
use his history with Robbie to kill a story about his new boss,
Alicia Silvermane, he runs afoul of Spider-Man. Both discover
Robbie's bond with his child and his ethical resolve is mightier
than super-strength.

The Spot
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Ex-employee of Stark Industries, Dr. Jonathan Ohn, invents a
portable interdimensional technology that accidentally makes him
the living embodiment of a portal. Calling himself the Spot, he
tries to steal money to fund his research. But his unstable
invention has created a vortex that threatens to engulf New York.
How can Spider-Man fight that?

Venom Returns-Part 1
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Under the psychiatric care of Dr. Kafka, Eddie Brock has come
to believe that Venom is a figment of his imagination. Then
Baron Mordo tempts Eddie -- reunification with the alien
symbote that makes him as powerful as Venom.

 "Carnage-Part 2"
Story by [UNKNOWN]; Teleplay by [UNKNOWN]
Baron Mordo and Dormammu help Eddie's cell-mate, mass
murderer Cletus Kassidy become an alien symbiote. Kassidy
dubs himself Carnage. Now with two powerful symbiotes at
his disposal, Dormammu attempts to utilize the interdimensional
portal. But when Carnage threatens Venom's beloved Dr. Kafka,
will Venom turn the tables and side with Spidey?

 "Goblin War! (I)"
When Dr. Ohn's Time Dilation Accelerator falls into the wrong
hands all the criminal minds of the city vie for the portal
technology. Peter and Mary Jane are celebrating Felicia
Hardy's engagement to Jason McEndale when they overhear
plans for a major heist they must stop right then!