1.  The Tick Vs. The Idea Men
  2.  The Tick Vs. Chairface Chippendale
  3.  The Tick Vs. Dinosaur Neil
  4.  The Tick Vs. Mr. Mental
  5.  The Tick Vs. El Seed
  6.  The Tick Vs. The Breadmaster
  7.  The Tick Vs. The Tick
  8.  The Tick Vs. The Uncommon Cold
  9.  The Tick Vs. Brainchild
 10.  The Tick Vs. Pineapple Pokopo
 11.  The Tick Vs. The Mole-Men
 12.  The Tick Vs. Proto-Clown
 13.  The Tick Vs. Arthur's Bank Account

 14.  (S2E1) The Little Wooden Boy And The Belly Of Love
 15.  (S2E2) Alone Together
 16.  (S2E3) Armless But Not Harmless
 17.  (S2E4) The Tick Loves Santa!
 18.  (S2E5) Leonardo DaVinci And His Fightin' Genius Time Commandos!
 19.  (S2E6) Coach Fussell's Lament [Brainchild]
 20.  (S2E7) Bloomsday [El Seed]
 21.  (S2E8) Evil Sits Down For A Moment [The Ottoman Empire]
 22.  (S2E9) Heroes [The Deadly Bulb / Pig Leg]
 23. (S2E10) Ants In Pants
 24. (S2E11) The Tick Vs. The Big Nothing
 25. (S2E12) The Tick Vs. Reno, Nevada
 26. (S2E13) Grandpa Wore Tights [The Terror]

 27. (S3E1)                       That Mustache Feeling
 28.     2            31. (S3E5)  Devil In Diapers
 29.     3  (formerly 28) (S3E2)  The Tick Vs. Dot And Neil's Wedding
 30.     4            29. (S3E3)  Sidekicks Don't Kiss
 31.     5            32. (S3E6)  Tick Vs. Filth
 32.     6            30. (S3E4)  Tick Vs. Arthur
 33. (S3E7)                       Tick Vs. Europe                    33?
 34.     8            35. (S3E9)  Tick Vs. Prehistory
 35.     9            34. (S3E8)  Tick Vs. Science        CC#35      35?
 36. (S3E10)                      Tick Vs. Education ???? CC#36

This is a list of episodes of The Tick animated series compiled to the best of
my knowledge.  The series is seen in New York City on Saturday mornings at
10:30AM on FOX channel 5.

Note:  All original titles and episode numbers are provided by the
Fox Children's Network, except season 3, which came from a list of
which voice-actors played which characters for which episodes.  In
that list, the episodes were numbered consistent with this episode
list for all 3 seasons.