TV Nation Episode List 

#1:  Taxi! Love Canal, Free Trade in Mexico. Guests: Yaphet Kotto, Run-DMC

#3:  C.E.O. Challenge, Pets on Prozac, Touring 'Free' Kuwait
#4:  Touring 'Free' Kuwait, Part II, The New Ku Klux Klan, AIDS Brokers
#5:  A Day With Dr. Death, Lobbyist, North Dakota
#6:  Cops For Christ, Amazon Avon, 3 Note Tune

#31: Bully Reunion Night, Consumers Guide To The Confessional, Crackers In Detroit
#32: Bully Reunion Night, Yuri: Mission Three, and The Honest Weatherman, British TV Licenses
#33: Giggling Church, Corporate Good Vibes, Cola Wars