D., Chuck: Johnny Bravo
Daily, E.G.: PERSONAL: E. stands for Elizabeth
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:baby Alexander Fox Xanatos/angry voice[Ransom]
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: The Mask:probably Violet[What Goes Around Comes Around]
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: Eek:Wendy Elizabeth,Cozy the Squishy Bear,maybe others
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: The PowerPuff Girls:Buttercup
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: thrift store manager chick[Beware The Creeper]
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: Duckman:Mambo
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: Bump In The Night:Germ-Girl
Daily, E.G.: CARTOONS: Rugrats:Tommy Pickles
Daily, E.G.: ANIMATED MOVIES: A Goofy Movie
Daily, E.G.: LIVE SERIES:     The Righteous Apples
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Street Music:Sadie
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Dutch:Hailey
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: No Small Affair:Susan
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Valley Girl:Loryn
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: One Dark Night:Leslie
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Funny Money:Cass
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Condition:Critical:Myra
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Dogfight:Marcie
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: The Escape Artist:Sandra
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Bad Dreams:Lana
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Streets of Fire:Baby Doll
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Loverboy:Linda
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Empty Cradle:Theresa Richland
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Fandago:Judy
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Pee-wee's Big Adventure:Dottie
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Wacko
Daily, E.G.: LIVE MOVIES: Better Off Dead:herself(lead vocalist of dance band)
Daly, Tim: CARTOONS:    Superman:TAS:Clark Kent/Superman/Kal-El,Bizarro
Daly, Tim: LIVE SERIES: Wings:Joe Hackett
Daly, Tim: PERSONAL:    brother of Tyne Daly
Dangcil, Linda: Captain Planet:misc
Daniels, J.D.: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Tom(young Guardian)[Awakenings]
Daniels, J.D.: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:young Canmore?[City Of Stone]
Daniels, J.D.: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Gunther Sturlisson[Eye Of The Storm]
Daniels, J.D.: CARTOONS: Aladdin:TAS
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: Frasier:Doug(voice)[here's Looking At You]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: The Nanny:Mimo[The Chatterbox],
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: The Nanny:obnoxious child star[When You Pish Upon A Star]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: Dr. Quinn,Medicine Woman:Aaron[The First Christmas]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: Mad About You:guest[Virtual Reality]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: Full House:Charles[Silence Is Not Golden]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: Going Places(1990):Nick Griffith[1991]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE SERIES: Burke's Law(1994):Skipper Tate[Who Killed The Toy Maker?]
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: Roswell(1994)(TV):young Jesse Marcel, Jr.
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: Beanstalk(1994):Jack
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: CB4(1993):Ben
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: Man's Best Friend(1993):Rudy
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: The Pickle(1993):young Harry
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: The Mighty Ducks aka Champions(1993):Peter
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: The Boy Who Cried Bitch(1991):Nick Love
Daniels, J.D.: LIVE MOVIES: Queens Logic(1993):young Vinnie
Daniels, J.D.: CREW: LIVE MOVIE:Blonde Heaven(1995):best boy grip(as Jeff 'J.D.' Daniels)
Daniels, Tony: CARTOONS:   X-Men:Gambit(season 5;before was Chris Potter)
Daniels, Tony: CARTOONS:   Primetime Bedtime Classics:[Gulliver's Travels]
Daniels, Tony: CARTOONS:   Kassai And Leuk
Daniels, Tony: CARTOONS:   Little Rosie
Daniels, Tony: CARTOONS:   Sailor Moon
Daniels, Tony: LIVE MOVIES: Little Shop Of Horrors
Daniels, Tony: LIVE MOVIES: Pippi Longstocking
Daniels, Tony: LIVE MOVIES: Gospa(Croatian)
Daniels, Tony: ARCADE GAMES: X-Men Vs. Street Fighter(Capcom/Marvel Comics)
Daniels, Tony: UNKNOWN:       Russian Fairy Tales
Dangler, Anita: Eek:misc
Danles, Amy: The Maxx:Sarah
Dano, Richard: Spiderman:additional voices[Neogenic Nightmare:Morbius]
Danson, Ted: CARTOONS:    The Simpsons:Sam Malone[Fear Of Flying]
Danson, Ted: LIVE SERIES: Cheers:Sam Malone
Danson, Ted: LIVE MOVIES: several
Darian, Ron: LIVE SERIES: Mad About You:Chicken Man the voice actor["1/7/97"]
Darian, Ron: JOKE:       "I'm not really a voice actor, but I play one on TV."
Dark, Danny: Superfriends
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: The Tick:Minda[Vs. Mr. Mental,Devil In Diapers]
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: The Tick:guest[Vs. El Seed],guest[Sealed Fate]
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: Centurions
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Irma(Renae Jacobs's secretary)
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: Dennis The Menace:misc
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat:misc
Darling, Jennifer: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Darling, Jennifer: ANIMATED MOVIES: Tenchi Muyo In Love:Ayeka
Darlington, Marion: ANIMATED MOVIES: Snow White:Bird
Davey, Rachel: LIVE MOVIES: Babe:Fly's puppies
Davi, Robert: Batman Beyond:Magma[Heroes]
David, Keith:  Keith David
David, Keith: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Goliath,Thailog(aka Alexander Thailog)
David, Keith: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Officer Morgan
David, Keith: CARTOONS: Spawn:Spawn
David, Keith: CARTOONS: Fantastic 4:Black Panther/T'challa[Prey Of The Black Panther]
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Men At Work
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Platoon
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: They Live
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Eye For An Eye
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Bird
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Stars And Bars
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Marked for Death
David, Keith: LIVE MOVIES: Final Analysis
David, Keith: PERSONAL: Broadway theatre actor
Davidson, Troy: Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
Davis, Cherry: Roger Rabbit:Woody Woodpecker
Davis, Daniel: Duckman:guest[Hanted Society Plumbers]
Davis, Daniel: Adventures From The Book Of Virtues:guest?[Work]
Davis, Jim: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:occasional bit part
Davis, Jim: PERSONAL: creator of Garfield (the comic strip)
Davis, Jim: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:an executive producer
Davis, Jim: PERSONAL: not related to Vince Davis
Davis, Julieanne: Gramps:President
Davis, Vince: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friensd:prodcuer:seasons 6 and 7
Davison, Michelle: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:additional voices
Dawber, Pam: CARTOONS:    Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:wife[#5022]
Dawber, Pam: CARTOONS:    Men In Black:TAS:additional voices--aliens wife????["Blastulas shoot sunspots into the sun"]
Dawber, Pam: LIVE SERIES: Life...And Stuff:the wife
Dawson, Richard: Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home:[guest]
Deare, Morgan: Roger Rabbit:Gorilla
De Carlo, Mark: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Pitch Monster[Hooked On Phobics]
Dedio, Joey: Captain Planet:Wheeler
Dees, Julie: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Dees, Julie: The Jetsons
Dees, Julie: Smurfs
Deezen, Eddie: Eek:guest[season 4/Fall 1996]
Deezen, Eddie: Dexter's Laboratory:Mandark
Deezen, Eddie: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Billboard Monster[#5014]
De Franco, Casey: CARTOONS: Iron Man:Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman[guest?]
De Franco, Casey: NOTE: Jennifer Hale usually plays Iron Man:Julia/Spider Woman
De Lancie, John: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Dr.Benton Quest(alternate)
De Lancie, John: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:construct worker[Undersea Urgency]
De Lancie, John: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Blaine[Undersea Urgency]
De Lancie, John: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:guard[DNA Doomsday]
De Lancie, John: CARTOONS: Duckman:social worker[From Brad To Worse]
De Lancie, John: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:TNG:Q
De Lancie, John: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:Voyager:Q
Delano, Diane: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:eye doctor/woman[Beast With Four Eyes]
Delano, Diane: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Dr.Sinkenclogger[This Is Your Brain On Ickis]
Delany, Dana: CARTOONS: Superman:TAS:Lois Lane
Delany, Dana: CARTOONS: Duckman:guest[Role With It]
Delany, Dana: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Batman:Mask Of The Phantasm":Andrea Beaumont
Delany, Dana: LIVE SERIES:     China Beach
Delany, Dana: LIVE MOVIES:     Exit To Eden
Delany, Dana: MINISERIES:      True Women:Sara Ashby McClure?
DeLeon, Jack: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Hobbit
Delk, Denny: Ewoks
DeLongis, Anthony: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Chipmunk Adv
DeLuise, Dom: CARTOONS:        Magic School Bus:guest
DeLuise, Dom: CARTOONS:        Oliver And Company:Fagin
DeLuise, Dom: CARTOONS:        All Dogs Go To Heaven:TAS:Itchy
DeLuise, Dom: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Secret Of Nimh:Jeremy
DeLuise, Dom: LIVE SERIES:     some pizza commercial
DeLuise, Dom: LIVE MOVIES:     some Burt Reynolds movies
Demant, Carisha: Carmen Sandiego:misc
DeMita, John: CARTOONS: Spawn:additional voices[#5]
DeMita, John: ANIMATED MOVIES: Tenchi Muyo In Love:Operative
Dennen, Barry: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Troggles
Dennen, Barry: CARTOONS: Batman:TAS:Shadow Agent[Off Balance]
Dennen, Barry: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Czar
Dennen, Barry: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Dennen, Barry: LIVE SERIES: Jesus Christ Superstar:Pontius Pilate
Dent, Alex: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Indian Boy
Derryberry, Debi: CARTOONS: The Tick:Amelia(Brainchid's sister)[Vs. Brainchild]
Derryberry, Debi: CARTOONS: The Mask:guest[The Green Marine]
Derryberry, Debi: CARTOONS: Talespin
Derryberry, Debi: CARTOONS: Life With Louie:Jeannie Harper
Derryberry, Debi: CARTOONS: Taz-Mania:Jake
Derryberry, Debi: CARTOONS: Addams Family:misc
Derryberry, Debi: ANIMATED MOVIES: Tenchi Muyo In Love:Ryo-Ohki
Derryberry, Debi: LIVE MOVIES: Babe:Fly's puppies
Barres, Michael Des: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Merlin[The Alchemist]
Barres, Michael Des: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Rodney[The Spectre Of Pine Barrens]
Desai, Shelly: Carmen Sandiego:misc
DeSanto, Daniel: Magic School Bus
Deutsch, Patti: Smurfs
DeVito, Danny: CARTOONS:        The Simpsons:Herbert Powell[7F16,8F23]
DeVito, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: Space Jam:Swackhammer
DeVito, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: Hercules:who?
DeVito, Danny: PERSONAL:        married to Rhea Perlman
DeVito, Karla: CARTOONS:    Bonkers:Miranda Wright,misc
DeVito, Karla: LIVE SERIES: Meat Loaf::Bat Out Of Hell(orig video):miming
DeVito, Karla: MUSIC:       Meat Loaf:backup singer(late 70s)
DeVito, Karla: MUSIC:       had her own solo album
DeVito, Karla: MUSIC:       Jim Steinman::Bad For Good::Dance In My Pants:singer
Devon, Mari: Batman:TAS:Summer Gleeson
Devon, Mari: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Devon, Mari: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Devon, Richard: Ewoks:additional voices
DeWolf, Billy: SPECIALS: Frosty The Snowman:The Magician
Dexter, Jerry: The Jetsons
Diamond, Barry: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:nuclear father,motorcycle cop
Diamond, Selma: The Jetsons
DiCenzo, George: Animaniacs:Commandant
DiCenzo, George: Batman:Ubu(Ra's Al Ghul's henchman)[Avatar, probably a regular]
Dickson, Neil: Gargoyles:Canmore[City Of Stone],Griff,Prince Duncan
Dickson, Neil: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Josiah/Hallmane[The Spectre Of Pine Barrens]
Dickson, Neil: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:secret agent[You Only Scare Twice]
Dickson, Neil: Gramps:Alien Leader,Sphinx
Diller, Phyllis: CARTOONS: Captain Planet:Special Appearances
Diller, Phyllis: PERSONAL: stand-up comedian[50s-90s]
Dillingham, Jazzmine: LIVE MOVIES: Babe:Fly's puppies
Dimetros, Feisha: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Disher, Catherine:  Catherine Disher
Disher, Catherine:     X-Men:Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix(/Marvel Girl)
Disher, Catherine: Spiderman:Jean Grey[Neogenic Nightmare]
Divine, Andy: ANIMATED MOVIES: Robin Hood(1973)
DiVono, Sharman: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Ship Shape,Break A Leg]
DiVono, Sharman: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[#50]
DiVono, Sharman: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:cowriter:seasons 2-4 + a few eps
Dixon, Peg: SPECIALS: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Dobson, Michael: G.I. Joe Extreme
Dobson, Michael: Dragon Ball Z
Dobson, Paul: CARTOONS:        G.I. Joe Extreme
Dobson, Paul: ANIMATED MOVIES: Project A-Ko Vs Battle 1 Blue Battle 2 Grey
Dodson, Mark: Darkwing Duck:misc
Dodd, Cal: X-Men:Wolverine/Logan
Dodd, Cal: Spiderman:Wolverine/Logan[Neogenic Nightmare]
Doherty, Shannen: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Secret Of Nimh:Teresa
Doherty, Shannen: LIVE SERIES:     Beverly Hills 90210:Brenda
Doherty, Shannen: LIVE MOVIES:     Heathers:Heather (Macnamara?)
Dolenz, Mickey: CARTOONS: Scooby Doo
Dolenz, Mickey: CARTOONS: The Tick:Arthur(1st season),Salesman[Vs. Brainchild]
Dolenz, Mickey: CARTOONS: The Tick:Capt. Lemming[Vs. The Idea Men]
Dolenz, Mickey: CARTOONS: The Tick:Tongue[Vs. The Uncommon Cold]
Dolenz, Mickey: CARTOONS: The Tick:Larry[Vs. The Mole-Men]
Dolenz, Mickey: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Jed[#5011],Kilowog[#5011]
Dolenz, Mickey: PERSONAL: one of The Monkeys (hey hey,we're The Monkeys...)
Donovan, Michael: CARTOONS: Dragon Ball Z:misc
Donovan, Michael: CARTOONS: Reboot
Donovan, Michael: CARTOONS: Exo Squad:misc
Donovan, Michael: CARTOONS: Sonic(weekday):misc
Donovan, Michael: CARTOONS: Conan And Young Warr:misc
Donovan, Michael: CARTOONS: Superman:news anchor[Heavy Metal]
Donovan, Michael: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as Mike Donovan or Michael David Donovan
Donovan, Michael: PERSONAL: voice director:Powerblock(Reboot,more?)
Doohan, James: CARTOONS:    Star Trek:TAS:Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
Doohan, James: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:    Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
Doohan, James: LIVE MOVIES: Star Treks:   Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott
Doqui, Bob: Superfriends
Donahue, Elinor: CARTOONS: Eek:misc
Donahue, Elinor: CARTOONS: LIVE SERIES: Father Knows Best?
Donaldson, Lesleh: Droids
Dorkin, Cody: Johnny Bravo:Jungle Boy[Bungled In The Jungle]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Coldstone
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Taurus[The New Olympians,Seeing Isn't Believing]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Superman:Steel/John Henry Irons[Heavy Metal]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Capt Simian And The Space Monkeys:Nebulus
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Cow And Chicken::I Am Weasel:I.M. Weasel
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Cow And Chicken::I Am Weasel:Nanook[Law Of Gravity]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Borl[#5023],Doctor[#5023]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Bob [#5023]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Swat Kats:Mutilor[When Strikes Mutilor]
Dorn, Michael: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Tala[The Dark Mountain]
Dorn, Michael: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:TNG:Worf
Douglas, Jesse: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Jessie,various
Douglas, Sarah: CARTOONS:    Gargoyle:Una[M.I.A.]
Douglas, Sarah: LIVE SERIES: some Superman movie(2?):bad guy
Doyle, David: CARTOONS:    Sonic(weekend):misc
Doyle, David: CARTOONS:    Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
Doyle, David: CARTOONS:    Rugrats:Grandpa Pickles(repl by Joe Alaskey)
Doyle, David: LIVE SERIES: Charlie's Angels:Bosley
Doyle, David: PERSONAL:    DEAD -- died 2/26/97
Doyle, Jerry: Captain Simian And The Space Monkeys:Captain Simian
Doyle, Richard: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Producer[Manhattan Maneater]
Doyle, Richard: Life With Louie:additional voices[For Pete's Sake]
Doyle-Murray, Brian: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Mulligan/cop[The Great Escape]
Doyle-Murray, Brian: CARTOONS: Life With Louie:Pete[For Pete's Sake]
Doyle-Murray, Brian: SPECIALS:    Frosty Returns
Doyle-Murray, Brian: LIVE SERIES: Seinfeld:Yoo-hoo salesman[The Bubble Boy]
Drake, Larry: Road Rovers:Captain Zachary Storm[Storm From The Pacific]
Drake, Larry: Superman:TAS:Mr. Eelan[guest?]
Drake-Massey, BeBe: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:Barfly
Drotman, Marc: Superman:bank manager[Heavy Metal]
Drummond, Brian: G.I. Joe Extreme
Drummond, Brian: Dragon Ball Z
Dryer, Sally: SPECIALS: It's The Great Pumpkin,Charlie Brown(1966):Lucy
DuArt, Louise: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Cactus Saga,Home Away From Home]
DuArt, Louise: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Record Breaker,The Carnival Curse]
Dubrow, Mickey: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:crowd or caller or extra voice[Jerk]
Duchovny, David: CARTOONS: Duckman:Richard[The Girls Of Route Conal]
Duchovny, David: CARTOONS: Duckman:NOTE:Richard is Beatrice's first husband
Duchovny, David: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:Mulder[The Springfield Files]
Duchovny, David: CARTOONS:          Eek:Mulder[guest]
Duchovny, David: LIVE SERIES:   X-Files:Mulder
Ducommun, Rick: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Stand-Up Mouse]
Duffey, Chip: CARTOONS:    Space Ghost Coast To Coast:crowd or caller or extra voice[Jerk]
Duffey, Chip: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Banjo[Woody Allen's Fall Project]
Duffey, Chip: PERSONAL:    Space Ghost Coast To Coast:writer
Dumont, Richard M.: Capt Buzz Cheeply:Captain Buzz
Duncan, Sandy: CARTOONS:    Fox And Hound:Vixey
Duncan, Sandy: LIVE SERIES: Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogans?
Duncan, Sandy: PERSONAL:    glass eye
Dunford, Christine: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Danka[#5023],Swik[#5023]
Durand, Judy M.: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Lion King:misc
Durand, Judy M.: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:additional voices
Durhkinn, Bill: MTV's Liquid Television::"Brad Dharma:Psychedelic Detective"
Dursun, Joseph: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:guest[Switcheroo]
Dussault, Nancy: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Dussault, Nancy: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Duval, Shelly: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Ocka[Oblina Without A Cause]
Dworsky, Sally: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Lion King:Adult Nala(singing)
Dymally, Amentha: Gargoyles:Grandmother[Heritage]
Dysart, Richard: Spawn:Cogliostro
Dzundza, George: CARTOONS:    Animaniacs:Ivan Bloski[Plane Pals]
Dzundza, George: CARTOONS:    Batman:TAS2
Dzundza, George: CARTOONS:    Road Rovers:Gustav Havoc[Where Rovers Dare]
Dzundza, George: CARTOONS:    Superman:TAS:Perry White
Dzundza, George: LIVE MOVIES: The Beast