Eagles, Greg: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Karl[Manhattan Maneater]
Eagles, Greg: The Mask:guest(Coco Bongo island guy?)[All Hail The Mask]
Earle, Chris: WildCATS
Easterbrook, Leslie: Superman:Mala[Blasts From The Past]
Easton, Sheena: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Banshee/Molly[Hound Of Ulster,The Gathering]
Easton, Sheena: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:NOTE:Banshee's beast form is played by Frank Welker
Easton, Sheena: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Finella(blonde from 900s)[Avalon]
Easton, Sheena: CARTOONS: Duckman:guest[Aged Heat 2:Women In Heat]
Easton, Sheena: CARTOONS: All Dogs Go To Heaven:TAS:Sasha
Easton, Sheena: PERSONAL: she did Prince/TAFKA Prince
Ebert, Roger: The Critic:himself[Siskel & Ebert And Jay & Alice]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Krumm,Snorch,Hank[Eau De Krumm]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Krumm Jr./Horvak?[History Of The Monster fWorld Part 1]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Mickey[Lifestyles Of The Rich And Scary]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Bob[Nuclear And Present Danger]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:stock boy[Monsters Don't Dance]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:biker[Oblina Without A Cause]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:garbage worker[Snortched]
Eccles, David: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Sparky[Slick Ick]
Eccles, David: LIVE SERIES: Nickelodeon:interviews about Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
Eccles, David: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as D.S. Eccles
Eccles, David: PERSONAL: sound editor:Rugrats,Duckman,more
Eccles, David: PERSONAL: musician:composed music for Charlie Adler's theatre show "There Used To Be Fireflies"
Eccles, David: PERSONAL: musician:Gabor Csupo's Accidental Orchestra:keyboard/bass
Eccles, David: PERSONAL: musician:records on Gabor Csupo's label Tone Casualties
Eckelberry, Mark: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Maurice/volunteer[Garbage Ahoy]
Edelman, Herb: Batman:TAS:Stern[Cat And The Claw]
Edelstein, Lisa: Superman:TAS:Mercy Graves[A Little Piece Of Home]
Edmiston, Walker: Gummi Bears:Sir Thornberry
Edwards, Cliff: ANIMATED MOVIES: Dumbo:Jim Crow
Edwards, Naz: Sailor Moon
Edwards, Patti: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:2-Headed Monster[Snortched]
Edwards, Patti: CARTOONS: Pepper Ann
Edwards, Patti: PERSONAL: was in a diabetic coma last I heard
Edwards, Vince: Centurions
Edward-Stevens, Michael: LIVE MOVIES: Babe:Horse
Egan, Aeryk: Gummi Bears:Troggles
Egan, Maggie: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Egan, Maggie: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Eggar, Samantha: Sigfried And Roy
Eichler, Glen: PERSONAL: Beavis And Butt-head:first season writer
Eichler, Glen: PERSONAL: Daria:writer,story editor,creative supervisor
Eiding, Paul: Animaniacs:Miserable Diner
Eiding, Paul: The Jetsons
Eiding, Paul: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Eiding, Paul: Pirates Of Darkwater
Eiding, Paul: The Tick:Sockett[Heroes],Gezundheiton[Vs. Education]
Eiding, Paul: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Bennet/Tech #1[Alien In Washington]
Eikenberry, Jill: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Merf[#5023],Michelle[#5023]
Ekman, Tobias: MTV's Liquid Television::Honey Bunny
Elias, Jeannie: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:whiny little boy/little girl[Monsters Don't Dance]
Elias, Jeannie: Garfield And Friends:guest[Lost And Foundling,Films And Felines]
Elias, Jeannie: Dennis The Menace:misc
Elias, Jeannie: Addams Family:misc
Elias, Jeannie: Wind-Up Wolf:pig #1,pig#3,cooking show host
Elias, Jeannie: C-Bear And Jamal
Elise, Christine: Eek:guest[season 4/fall 1996]
Elizondo, Hector: Gargoyles:Zafiro[The Green]
Elizondo, Hector: Pirates Of Darkwater
Elizondo, Hector: Animaniacs:Stradivarius[The Cat And The Fiddle]
Elliot, Chris: CARTOONS:    Duckman:[guest]
Elliot, Chris: LIVE SHOWS:  Get A Life?
Elliot, Chris: LIVE SERIES: Late Night With David Letterman
Elliot, Chris: COMMERCIALS: baked chips guy
Ellison, Harlan: Pirates Of Darkwater(seasons two)
Emerson, Jennifer: Beavis And Butt-head:Mrs.Dickey,additional voices
Epstein, Alvin: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And The Beast:Bookseller
Erdman, Dick: The Jetsons
Erdman, Dick: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Erhard, Bernard: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Erhard, Bernard: Smurfs
Ermey, R. Lee: The Simpsons:guest[Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming]
Erwin, John: He-Man:He-Man
Escandon, Fernando: Superfriends
Escandon, Fernando: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Dr.Salazar[Mummies Of Malenque]
Eustace, Stephanie: Spiderman:Maria Taina Elizando[Sins Of The Fathers Pts.2,3]
Evanier, Mark: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:occasional bit part
Evanier, Mark: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:writer:seasons 1 and 4-7
Evanier, Mark: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:Garfield songs:lyrics:seasons 1(???) and 4-7
Evanier, Mark: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:co-producer,voice director
Evanier, Mark: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:keeper of internet episode guide
Evans, Troy: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Sgt. Kenton/Running Man[Eclipse]
Evans, Troy: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Eustace Tudwell/attendant[Watch The Watch]
Everett, Tom: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:security guard #2
Everhart, Rex: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And The Beast:Maurice