J., Myra: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:Dorothea
Jackson, Michael: CARTOONS: Simpsons:Guy Who Thought He Was M.Jackson[Stark Raving Dad]
Jackson, Michael: PERSONAL: alleged child molester who is white 
Jackson, Victoria: CARTOONS: Duckman
Jackson, Victoria: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:Penelope[all "Penelope" episodes]
Jackson, Victoria: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:Penelope[The Garfield Musical]
Jackson, Victoria: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:Penelope[The Guy Of Her Dreams]
Jackson, Victoria: LIVE SERIES: Saturday Night Live
Jacobs, Christian: Gummi Bears:Cavin(1st season)
Jacobs, Renae: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:misc
Jacobi, Derek: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Secret Of Nimh:Nicodemus
Jaimes, Marabina: Gargoyles:Turquesa[The Green]
James, Brion: Superman:TAS:Parasite/Rudy Jones[Two's A Crowd,Feeding Time]
James, Charity: Gargoyles:Ekidna[The New Olympians]
James, Charity: Bobby's World:misc
James, Charity: Droopy Master Detective:misc
James, Charity: Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
James, Charity: The Mask:Gorgonzola(cheese Goddess)[Mask Au Gratin,Convention Of Evil]
James, Doug: Fat Cats:President[Drip Dry Drips]
James, Nia: Eek:[guest]
James, Nick: ALIAS: listed right before Nick Jameson (probabaly the same person)
James, Ralph: The Jetsons
James, Nick:   CARTOONS: Spiderman:Michael Morbius
James, Nick:   PERSONAL: Is he Nick Jameson(next entry)?
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: The Critic:Vlada Velimirovic,celebrity impersonations
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Sherpa[Expedition To Khumbu]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Himalayan[Expedition To Khumbu]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Leif/Sentra[Alligators And Okeechobee Vikings]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Bloo's Gang:Simon/cat #1[Bow-Wow Buccaneers]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Bloo's Gang:truck driver[Bow-Wow Buccaneers]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Spiderman:additional voices[Sins Of The Fathers Pt.3]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Spiderman:Richard Fisk[Sins Of The Fathers Pts.6,7]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Angry Beavers:cool muskrat[Long In The Teeth]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Angry Beavers:host on TV[A Dam Too Far]
Jameson, Nick: CARTOONS: Duckman:guest[Westward,No!]
Jameson, Nick: PERSONAL: Is he Nick James (last entry)?
Jarvis, Martin: The Tick:The Breadmaster[Vs. Europe]
Jarvis, Martin: The Tick:NOTE:Breadmaster played by Jess Harnell in other eps
Jaud, Janyce: Exo Squad:misc
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Anubis[Grief]
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Duckman:misc
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: The Tick:Chairface Chippendale,guest[Vs. El Seed]
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Spiderman:Mordo[Sins Of The Fathers (1/14):Dr. Strange]
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Frederick/Chief[O'Lucky Monster]
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Superman:TAS:Sul-Van(Superman's grandad)[The Last Son Of Krypton (1/3)]
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Mighty Ducks:TAS
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Mighty Max:Virgil
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Sigfried And Roy
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: The Fantastic Four:Galactus
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: TaleSpin:misc
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: Reboot:Megabyte
Jay, Tony: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs::Secret Squirrel:prob the buffalo boss-guy
Jay, Tony: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And the Beast:Monsieur D'arque
Jeffries, Marien: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Jenner, Barry: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:baggage guy/man #1[A Wing And A Scare]
Jennings, Dominique: Spawn:Wanda Blake
Jeter?, Michael: Duckman:guest[Ajax And Ajaxer]
Joel, Billy: CARTOONS: Oliver And Company:Dodger
Joel, Billy: PERSONAL: famous musician
Johns, Jillian: Eek:misc
Johnson, Alan: Spiderman:young Vulture
Johnson, Anne-Marie: Spiderman:Mousie[Sins Of The Fathers (3/14):Attack Of The Octobot]
Johnson, Arte: Animaniacs:Newt
Johnson, Arte: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Johnson, Arte: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Johnson, Arte: Snorks
Johnson, Arte: Smurfs
Johnson, Ashley: Mina And The Count:Mina[Interlude With A Vampire]
Johnson, Bob: Woody Woodpecker(80s):other voice characterizations
Johnson, Brett: Gummi Bears:Cavin(2nd season)
Johnson, Bruce Bayley: Brand Spanking New Doug
Johnson, Gerry: The Flintstones:Betty Rubble(also played by Bea Benaderet)
Johnson, Lauri: The Jetsons
Johnson, Magic: The Simpsons:himself[Homer Defined]
Johnson, Sam: Beavis And Butt-head:additional voices
Jones, Buster: Captain Planet:additional cast
Jones, Buster: Superfriends
Jones, Buster: Batman:TAS:misc
Jones, Dean: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Dr. Karel[DNA Doomsday]
Jones, James Earl: CARTOONS: Simpsons:Bleeding Gums Murphy,
Jones, James Earl: CARTOONS: Simpsons:Mufasa/Vader/CNN narrator['Round Springfield]
Jones, James Earl: CARTOONS: Simpsons:Serak The Preparer[Treehouse Of Horror episodes]
Jones, James Earl: CARTOONS: Simpsons:narrator[Das Bus,Treehouse Of Horror::The Raven]
Jones, James Earl: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Ghost Of A Chance]
Jones, James Earl: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Lion King:Mufasa
Jones, James Earl: LIVE MOVIES: Star Wars trilogy:Darth Vader(voice)
Jones, James Earl: LIVE MOVIES: many many other movies
Jones, James Earl: LIVE SERIES: Late Show w/David Letterman::Top 10:[guest]
Jones, James Earl: LIVE SERIES: CNN:"This...is CNN."(voice)
Jones, Jeffrey: Duckman:guest["I,Duckman!"]
Jones, Jeffrey: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:nurse/man in white #2[This Is Your Brain On Ickis]
Jones, Khaki: CARTOONS: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:could be the "Butt-head" Brak[Spanish Translation]
Jones, Khaki: PERSONAL: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:writer
Jones, Penny: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:guest[Late Show]
Jones, Rick: Capt Buzz Cheeply:Slide
Jones, Robin: Eek:guest[season 4/fall 1996]
Jones, Stanly: Superfriends
Jones, Stanly: The Jetsons
Jones, Tom: The Simpsons:guest[Marge Gets A Job]
Jordan, Gus: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Moltar,Banjo[Woody Allen's Fall Project]
Jordan, Gus: PERSONAL:    Space Ghost Coast To Coast:production assistant
Jordan, Michael: ANIMATED MOVIES: Space Jam
Jordan, Montell: Duckman:guest["Ebony,Baby"]
Jordan, Montell: Johnny Bravo
Jordan, S. Marc: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Curator/Worker[Heroes]
Jordan, S. Marc: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Wingate II/old man/mercenary[Amok]
Juditz, Vicki: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Juditz, Vicki: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: King Of The Hill:Hank Hill,Boomhauer,
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:Hank Hill[Bart Star]
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Beavis,Butt-head,Tom Anderson
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Principal McVicker,Bradley Buzzcut
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Mr.Stevenson(Stewart's dad)
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:David Van Driessan,Spanish Teacher
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Burger World Manager
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Maxi-Mart Owner,Clark Kobb/Socko
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Infomercial announcer,Geraldo
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: Saturday Night Live:animated short done by Mike Judge
Judge, Mike: CARTOONS: MTV's Liquid Television::The Honky Problem:Inbred Jed,others
Judge, Mike: LIVE SERIES: Late Show With David Letterman:[2 guest appearances]
Judge, Mike: LIVE SERIES: Jon Stewart:[guest along with David Spade]
Judge, Mike: PERSONAL:    CREATOR: Beavis And Butt-head,King Of The Hill
Julian, Dean T.: Beavis And Butt-head:Peter Small[Take A Lap]
Jurasik, Peter: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Alan Zegler/Williams[Undersea Urgency]
Jusko, Jacqueline: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Your Mother[Batmantis]