MacDonald, G.: ANIMATED MOVIES: Alice In Wonderland:Dormouse James
MacGeorge, Jim: The Jetsons
Mack, Gene: Magic School Bus
Mack, Jonathan: Animaniacs:Domino[guest?]
Mack, Sharon: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Clash Of The Titans]
Mack, Sharon: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Horrifica[Escape Claws]
Mack, Sharon: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Glug/wife[Escape Claws]
Mackall, Steve: Marsupelami:misc
Mackall, Steve: Mighty Ducks:TAS:Nosedive
Mackall, Steve: Shnookums And Meat:misc
MacNeille, Tress:  Tress MacNeille
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Mask
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Rugrats:Mr.Friend[guest]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Tick:Regina Horn[Vs. Science]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Judge Bates[...And Justice For All]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Critic:semi-reg[Eyes On The Prize,Uneasy Rider,etc]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:Marge's high-school friend[The Way We Was]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:Adil Hoxha[The Crepes Of Wrath]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:many others,Skinner's Mother
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Superman:TAS:Tour Guide[A Little Piece Of Home]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Superman:TAS:Ms. Stevenson[The Last Son Of Krypton (2/3)]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Date Of Disaster]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Knights And Daze]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends::U.S. Acres:guest[Episode #120]
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Bane,Lady,Great Oak,Marzipan
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:mother[Close Encounters...],Ursa?
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Marita Hippo,Hello Nurse,Sasha
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Edith,Mindy's Mom,Dot Warner
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Hey,Arnold:Grandma
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Shnookums And Meat:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: The Land Before Time:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Tiny Toons:Babs Bunny
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Freakazoid:Debbie Douglas
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Road Rovers:Colleen
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Batman:TAS:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Mighty Max:Mom
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Centurions
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Bobby's World
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Pinky And The Brain:Madame De Jambom
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Duckman:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Swat Kats:Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Cro:misc
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers:Gadget,Chip?
MacNeille, Tress: CARTOONS: Casper
MacNeille, Tress: ANIMATED MOVIES: Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby
MacNeille, Tress: LIVE MOVIES: "Elvira:Mistress Of The Dark":anchorwoman(wig)
Macqueen, Melanie: ANIMATED MOVIES: Casshan-Robot Hunter
Maddmelena, Julie: ANIMATED MOVIES: Lily C.A.T.
Madeline: Ewoks:additional voices
Maguire, Gerard: Iron Man:Titanium Man
Mahal, Taj: Duckman:guest["Ebony,Baby"]
Mahal, Taj: The Mask:guest[Future Mask]
Mahan, Kerrigan: ANIMATED MOVIES: Casshan-Robot Hunter
Mahan, Kerrigan: ANIMATED MOVIES: Vampire Hunter D
Mahan, Kerrigan: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:security guard #3
Mahan, Kerrigan: ANIMATED MOVIES: Lily C.A.T
Mahan, Kerrigan: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:Fun World patrolman
Mahan, Kerrigan: ANIMATED MOVIES: Robot Carnival::A Tale Of Two Robots:Denjiro
Mako: CARTOONS:    Dexter's Laboratory:main title narrator
Mako: LIVE SERIES: Frasier:guest[Author, Author]
Mako: MISC:        real name: Mako Iwamatsu, born 12/10/1993
Mako: AWARDS:      1996 Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor for his first film role, Po-Han from the movie The Sand Pebbles
Malet, Arthur: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Secret Of Nimh:Mr. Ages
Malone, Jim: ANIMATED MOVIES: Gall Force-Eternal Story:Boy(3rd race lifeform)
Mandel, Howie: CARTOONS: Bobby's World:Bobby,Dad,himself(live)
Mandel, Howie: PERSONAL: stand-up comic
Mankuma, Blu: CARTOONS:    Beast Wars:Tigatron
Mankuma, Blu: CARTOONS:    G.I. Joe Extreme
Mankuma, Blu: LIVE SERIES: X-Files
Mann, Cynthia: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Dizzle
Mann, Cynthia: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:child/teen[Super Ickis]
Mann, Cynthia: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Lydia[It's Only A Movie]
Mann, Cynthia: Angry Beavers:girl beaver[Long In The Teeth]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: The Tick:Dinosaur Neil,Mr.Exciting[Vs. Education]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: The Tick:Dr.Mung Mung,Tongue Tongue[Vs. Science]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: The Tick:Bellbot[Vs. Prehistory],guest[Vs. El Seed]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Alexander Graham Bell/Captain John Parker King Slurg[History Of The Monster World Part 1]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: The Real Ghostbusters(1986):Linguini/Bud[Slimer]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Little Dracula(1991):No Eyes/Twin-Beaks
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: C-Bear And Jamal
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Captain Planet:additional cast
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Heathcliff:misc
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Darkwing Duck:J. Gander Hooter
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Sonic(weekend):misc
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Duckman:guest[The Tami Show]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Family Dog:Family Dog
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Land Of The Lost(1991):Tasha
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: The Pink Panther:misc
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: The Mask:guest[Sealed Fate]
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Dennis The Menace:misc
Mann, Danny: CARTOONS: Skeleton Warriors:misc
Mann, Danny: LIVE SERIES:     Hard Time on Planet Earth(1989)
Mann, Danny: LIVE SERIES:     Family(1976)
Mann, Danny: LIVE MOVIES:     Babe:Ferdinand(duck)
Mann, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: Balto:Kaltag
Mann, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: Thumbelina:Mozo
Mann, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: Pocahontas:Percy
Mann, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Little Nemo:Adventures In Slumberland":Icarus
Mann, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Ferngully:The Last Rainforest":Ash
Mann, Danny: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Ferngully:The Last Rainforest":Voice Dispatch
Mann, Danny: PERSONAL: Katie/Born To Be Wild(1995 movie):special vocal effects
Mann, Jerry: The Flintstones
Mann, Jerry: Woody Woodpecker(80s):other voice characterizations
Mann, Larry: SPECIALS: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer               The Jetsons
Mann, Terence: Gargoyles:Oberon
Mann, Terence: The Tick:interpretor[Vs. The Big Nothing]
Mantegna, Joe: CARTOONS:    Simpsons:Fat Tony[Bart The Murderer,Homie The Clown]
Mantegna, Joe: LIVE SERIES: Frasier:Derek Mann(voice)[I Hate Frasier Crane]
Mantegna, Joe: LIVE MOVIES: Above Suspicion(1995)
Marcil, Chris: Beavis And Butt-head:once
Marciona, Anthony: Spiderman:additional voices[Sins Of The Fathers (3/14):Attack Of The Octobot]
Margolis, Seth: Spawn;additional voices[#6]
Margolyes, Miriam: LIVE MOVIES: Babe:Fly(female sheepdog)
Mariano, John: CARTOONS: Pinky And The Brain:Head Gendarme
Mariano, John: CARTOONS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:misc
Mariano, John: CARTOONS: The Tick:Sewer Czar/Lou Salazar[Tick Vs. Filth]
Mariano, John: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Bobby Pigeon,Danny D,Gagnort,Guenther,Star
Mariano, John: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:CW[Manhattan Maneater]
Mariano, John: LIVE SERIES: Caroline In The City:Johnny["The Mediator"]
Marie, Rose: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Marin, Cheech: CARTOONS:        Oliver And Company:Tito
Marin, Cheech: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Lion King:Banzai
Marin, Cheech: LIVE MOVIES:     Cheech and Chong*.*
Marin, Cheech: PERSONAL:        of Cheech (Marin) and (Tommy) Chong druggy fame
Marke?, Merrill: Duckman:guest[With Friends Like These]
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Beethoven[Roll Over Beetoven]
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Smurfs
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Freakazoid:Gunther Hunterhanker[Candle Jack]
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Hound Of Arbuckles]
Mars, Ken: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Faust/Police Captain[The Alchemist]
Mars, Ken: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Little Mermaid:misc
Mars, Ken: LIVE MOVIES: Beer
Mars, Ken: LIVE MOVIES: The Producer:Nazi who wrote "Springtime For Hitler"
Mars, Ken: PERSONAL:    sometimes listed as Kenneth
Marsden, Jason: Sonic(weekend):misc
Marsden, Jason: Captain Planet:misc
Marsden, Jason: Shnookums And Meat:misc
Marsden, Jason: Duckman:misc
Marsden, Jason: Gummi Bears:Cavin(4th/5th season)
Marsden, Jason: The Mask
Marsden, Jason: Superman:TAS:teenage Clark Kent/Superman[The Last Son Of Krypton (2/3)]
Marsh, Wally: Exo Squad:misc
Marsh, Wally: Sonic(weekday):misc
Marshall, Mona: Captain Planet:additional cast
Marshall, Mona: Dennis The Menace:misc
Marshall, Mona: Eagle Riders:Mickey
Marshall, Mona: Teknoman:misc
Marshall, Mona: Centurions
Marshall, Penny: The Simpsons:The Babysitter Bandit[Some Enchanted Evening]
Marshall, Ruth: WildCATS:Voodoo
Martin, Andrea: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Gromble's mom
Martin, Andrea: CARTOONS: Bobby's World
Martin, Andrea: CARTOONS: Earthworm Jim:Queen Slug-For-A-Butt
Martin, Andrea: SPECIALS: Frosty Returns
Martin, Barney: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Archie Owens[Mayberry,U.F.O.]
Martin, Barney: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:bingo caller[Mayberry,U.F.O.]
Martin, Barney: LIVE SERIES: Seinfeld:Morty Seinfeld(Jerry Seinfeld's dad)
Martin, Bill: Centurions
Martin, Bill: The Mask:guest[Mutiny Of The Bounty Hunters]
Martin, Kellie: Taz-Mania:Molly,misc
Martin, Kellie: Scooby Doo?
Martin, Nan: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Martindale, Wink: The Jetsons
Martindale, Wink: LIVE SERIES: Tic-Tac-Dough:host
Martineau, Mea: Centurions
Martinez, Elizabeth: Life With Louie:additional voices[For Pete's Sake]
Maruyama, Karen: Captain Simian And The Space Monkeys:Shao Lin
Maskey, Joe: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Mason, Jackie: Simpsons:Rabbi Krustovsky(Krusty's dad)[Like Father, Like Clown]
Matheson, Tim: CARTOONS: Batman:TAS:Gil Mason[Shadow Of The Bat]
Matheson, Tim: CARTOONS: Jonny Quest
Matheson, Tim: PERSONAL: Walt Disney child star
Matheson, Tim: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as Tim Matthieson(which is correct???)
Mathias, Anna: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Mathias, Anna: Dennis The Menace:misc
Matison, Jim: MTV's Liquid Television::Crazy Daisy Ed
Matison, Jim: MTV's Liquid Television::Rico And Klein:Rico OR Klein OR laundromat guy
Matthews, Francis: LIVE ANIMATION (SERIES): Captain Scarlett And The Mysterons
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: The Tick:Mindy Moleford[Vs. The Mole-Men]
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Candie Chipmunk[I Got Yer Can]
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Yee Haw Gal,Lana,Sabina's Mom
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: Snorks
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: Bump In The Night:Molly Coddle
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: Bobby's World:misc
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: Tiny Toon Adventures:Shirley McLoon
Matthius, Gail: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
Matthius, Gail: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Tiny Toon Adventures:How I Spent My Vacation":Shirley McLoon
Mattraw, Scotty: ANIMATED MOVIES: Snow White:Bashful
Maxtone-Graham, Guy: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:additional voices,Mr. Graham
Maxtone-Graham, Guy: PERSONAL: Beavis And Butt-head:writer
Maxtone-Graham, Guy: PERSONAL: Beavis And Butt-head comic:writer
Maxwell, Paul: LIVE ANIMATION (SERIES): Captain Scarlett And The Mysterons
Maza, Cecilia: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:guest[Spanish Translation]
Mazur, Richard: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Monster Dr.[Eau De Krumm]
Mazur, Richard: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:L'Orange[Eau De Krumm],Borl[Eau De Krumm]
McAtee, Anndi: Gargoyles:misc
McAtee, Anndi: Captain Planet:misc
McBride, Kevin: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:car wash man/skater[Slick Ick]
McBride, Kevin: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Student Monster[This Is Your Brain On Ickis]
McBride, Kevin: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Police Monster[This Is Your Brain On Ickis]
McBride, Kevin: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Doug[Garbage Ahoy],fisherman[Garbage In Garbage Out]
McBride, Kevin: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Doug/clerk[This Is Your Brain On Ickis]
McCall, Mitzi: Bobby's World
McCall, Mitzi: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Custodian Monster[Misery Date]
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: The Tick:Filth #2[Tick Vs. Filth]
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Remote Possibilities]
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Thing That Stayed Forever]
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes:[The Ripening Disaster]
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes:regular or guest?
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Dennis The Menace:misc
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Eggbert
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Iron Man:Blizzard[The Armor Wars]
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Fantastic Four:Ben Richards/The Thing
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: DuckTales
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Sir Tuxford(season 3),Tadpole
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Talespin
McCann, Chuck: CARTOONS: Powerpuff Girls:Bossman/Tiny/Skinny Slim[Crime 101]
McCann, Chuck: PERSONAL: Frosty Returns special:editor
McCann, John P.: Freakazoid:Douglas Douglas
McCann, John P.: Animaniacs:Stephen
McCann, Sean: WildCATS:Marlowe
McCarthy, Sheila: Free Willy:Annie
McCartney, Linda: CARTOONS:    The Simpsons:herself[Lisa The Vegetarian]
McCartney, Linda: LIVE MOVIES: Rockshow
McCartney, Linda: PERSONAL:    married to Paul McCartney
McCartney, Paul: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:himself[Lisa The Vegetarian]
McCartney, Paul: MUSIC:    The Beatles
McCartney, Paul: PERSONAL: married to Linda McCartney
McCharen, David: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Lion King:misc
McClanahan, Rue: CARTOONS:    Spiderman:guest[?]
McClanahan, Rue: LIVE SERIES: Maude(70s):Maude's next-door neighbor
McClanahan, Rue: LIVE MOVIES: Word Of Honor(1980)
McClanahan, Rue: LIVE MOVIES: Return Of The Fly(w/Vincent Price):Dusty Fox
McClurg, Edie: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
McClurg, Edie: CARTOONS: Life With Louie:Mom
McClurg, Edie: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
McClurg, Edie: CARTOONS: Addams Family:misc
McClurg, Edie: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
McClurg, Edie: CARTOONS: Snorks
McClurg, Edie: LIVE SERIES:     Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogans:Mrs. Poole
McClurg, Edie: LIVE SERIES:     Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher:[guest]
McClurg, Edie: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Secret Of Nimh:Mrs. Right
McClurg, Edie: LIVE MOVIES:     Ferris Bueller's Day Off:secretary
McClurg, Edie: LIVE MOVIES:     Carrie:one of Sissy Spacek's tormentors
McClurg, Edie: LIVE MOVIES:     Planes
McClurg, Edie: LIVE MOVIES:     Trains
McClurg, Edie: LIVE MOVIES:     And Automoblies:car rental lady
McConnohie, Michael: ANIMATED MOVIES: Robot Carnival::Presence:The Man
McConnohie, Michael: ANIMATED MOVIES: Vampire Hunter D
McConnohie, Michael: ANIMATED MOVIES: Casshan-Robot Hunter
McCoo, Marilyn: Captain Planet:misc
McCormick, Maureen: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
McCormick, Pat: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Flunky 1/reporter/Bizman[The Lips Have It]
McCurley, Matthew: Spiderman:Young boy Silvermane
McDermott, Dean: WildCATS:WarBlade
McDonald, Christopher: Superman:TAS:Jor-El(Superman's dad)[The Last Son Of Krypton]
McDonald, Kevin: CARTOONS: Angry Beavers:Zookeeper[Zooing Time]
McDonald, Kevin: LIVE SERIES: Kids In The Hall
McDonald, Mary: The Mask:guest[Goin' For The Green]
McDowall, Roddy: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Proteus[The New Olympians,Seeing Isn't Believing]
McDowall, Roddy: CARTOONS: Pinky And The Brain:Snowball[Apocalypse Pinky?,etc]
McDowall, Roddy: CARTOONS: Batman:TAS:The Mad Hatter
McDowall, Roddy: CARTOONS: Red Planet
McDowall, Roddy: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:misc
McDowall, Roddy: CARTOONS: The Tick:guest[Vs. El Seed]
McDowall, Roddy: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Return Of The King
McDowell, Malcom: CARTOONS:    Captain Planet:misc
McDowell, Malcom: CARTOONS:    Superman:TAS:Metallo
McDowell, Malcom: CARTOONS:    Spiderman:Whistler[Neogenic Nightmare]
McDowell, Malcom: CARTOONS:    Captain Simian And The Space Monkeys:Rhesus-2
McDowell, Malcom: CARTOONS:    Superman:TAS:John Corben[The Son Of Krypton]
McDowell, Malcom: LIVE SERIES: Pearl
McDowell, Malcom: LIVE SERIES: Frasier:Dr. Bruga(voice)[Give Him The Chair!]
McDowell, Malcom: LIVE MOVIES: A ClockWork Orange:Alex
McDowell, Malcom: LIVE MOVIES: Time After Time:H.G. Wells
McDowell, Malcom: LIVE MOVIES: Fist Of The North Star(HBO):Ken's father
McDowell, Malcom: LIVE MOVIES: Star Trek Generations:guy who killed Capt Kirk
McDowell, Malcom: GAMES:       Wing Commander III:your commander
McFadden, Robert: ThunderCats
McGavin, Darren: CARTOONS:    Gargoyles:G.F. Benton/      [The Silver Falcon]
McGavin, Darren: CARTOONS:    Gargoyles:Dominic Dracon(DD)[The Silver Falcon]
McGavin, Darren: LIVE SERIES: Riverboat(60s)
McGavin, Darren: LIVE SERIES: The Night Stalker(70s)
McGavin, Darren: PERSONAL:    50s TV Star
McGee, Cindy: CARTOONS: Tiny Toon Adventures:Mary Melody
McGee, Cindy: CARTOONS: Jem:Shana,Krissie
McGee, Cindy: LIVE MOVIES?:  Fast Foward(1958)
McGovern, Maureen: Duckman:guest[Short,Plush,And Deadly]
McGovern, Terry: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
McGovern, Terry: CARTOONS: Darkwing Duck:misc
McGovern, Terry: CARTOONS: DuckTales
McGovern, Terry: PERSONAL: sometimes goes by Terrance McGovern
McGovern, Terry: PERSONAL: used to DJ in San Francisco
McGowan, Mickey: Superfriends
McGrath, Noelle: Robotech
McHugh, Thomas: Brand Spanking New Doug
McIntire, John: Fox And Hound:Badger
McIntosh, Cynthia: Johnny Bravo:Ms.Babe[Super Duped]
McKean, Michael: CARTOONS:    Animaniacs:Jake,Spink
McKean, Michael: LIVE MOVIES: This Is Spinal Tap
McKean, Joel?: Beavis And Butt-head:immigration officer[Vaya Con Cornholio]
McKennon, Dal: Woody Woodpecker(80s):other voice characterizations
McKenzie, Nicolette: ANIMATED MOVIES: Roujin Z:Haru
McKuen, Rod: The Critic:once[guest?]
McLanahan, Rue: CARTOONS:    Spiderman:Felicia Hardy's mother["Dr Octopus:Armed And Dangerous"]
McLanahan, Rue: LIVE SERIES: Maude(70s):Maude's next-door neighbor
McLaughlin, Stacy: Centurions
McLeish, John: ANIMATED MOVIES: Dumbo:narrator
McLeod, Ray: Animaniacs:Flavio(singing)
McLucas, Molly: The Maxx:additional voices
McMurray, Sam: The Critic:special guest voice["Sherman,Woman,And Child"]
McNeil, Scott: CARTOONS: Beast Wars:Rattrap,Dinobot,Waspinator
McNeil, Scott: CARTOONS: Reboot
McNeil, Scott: CARTOONS: Dragon Ball Z
McNeil, Scott: CARTOONS: Dino Babies
McNeil, Scott: CARTOONS: Sonic(weekday):misc
McNeil, Scott: PERSONAL: is he the same as Scott MacNeil?
McShane, Michael: Spawn:Twitch Williams,Gareb,Cain[#5]
Mead, Courtland: LIVE MOVIES: Babe:Fly's puppies
Meadows, Audrey: The Simpsons:Bea Simmons[Old Money]
Meant, Colm: CARTOONS:    Gargoyles:Mr.Dugan[The Hound Of Ulster]
Meany, Colm: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:Deep Space Nine:Chief O'Brien
Meany, Colm: LIVE MOVIES: The Snapper:Dessie Curley
Meaney, Kevin: CARTOONS:    Dr.Katz:himself(animated guest)[Bystander Ben,Henna]
Meaney, Kevin: CARTOONS:    Garfield And Friends:guest[Temp Trouble]
Meaney, Kevin: CARTOONS:    Garfield And Friends::U.S. Acres:guest[Kiddy Korner]
Meaney, Kevin: CARTOONS:    Garfield And Friends::U.S. Acres:guest[The Discount Of Monte Cristo]
Meaney, Kevin: CARTOONS:    Rocko's Modern Life:Widow Hutchinson(Filberts's inlaw)
Meaney, Kevin: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:himself(live guest)[A Space Ghost Christmas,Spanish Translation]
Meara, Anna: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Mehiel, Dennis: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Sal[Hungry]
Meier, Shane: Sonic(weekday):misc
Melendez, Tonyo: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Jose/Reynaldo[Mummies Of Malenque]
Melendez, Tonyo: Captain Planet:misc
Melendrez, Sonny: CARTOONS:        The Jetsons
Melendrez, Sonny: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Return Of The King
Melocchi, Vince: Spawn:additional voices[#6]
Melvin, Allan: Gummi Bears:Troggles
Melvin, Allan: Scooby Doo
Melvin, Allan: The Jetsons
Melvin, Allan: Smurfs
Mendelson, Lee: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:occasional bit part
Mendelson, Lee: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:an executive producer
Menken, Adam: Cow And Chicken:beefy cop[Othodontic Police],kid running[7/15/97]
Menkin, Shep: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Legend Of Long Jon]
Menville, Scott: CARTOONS: Superman:TAS:Kenny Braverman[New Kids In Town]
Menville, Scott: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Menville, Scott: Captain Planet:Ma-Ti
Menville, Scott: Carmen Sandiego:Zack
Mercer, Jack: CARTOONS: Popeye:Popeye(most famous Popeye voice)
Mercer, Jack: CARTOONS: Popeye:NOTE:played by William Costello first--briefly
Mercer, Jack: CARTOONS: Popeye:NOTE:played by Mae Questal during war--briefly
Mercer, Jack: PERSONAL: Popeye:in-betweener(whatever that is)
Meredith, Burgess: Puff And The Incredible Mr. Nobody:Puff The Magic Dragon
Merrill, Andy: CARTOONS:    Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Brak,Lokar
Merrill, Andy: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Commander Andy Of The Cosmos[Freak Show]
Merrill, Andy: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Space Ghost/Tad[Woody Allen's Fall Project]
Merrill, Andy: LIVE SERIES: Cartoon Planet:Space Ghost/Tad/"dancing freak"
Merrill, Andy: LIVE SERIES: America's Funniest Home Videos:won $1000 once
Merrill, Andy: PERSONAL: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:writer,played key role in early development
Merrill, Andy: PERSONAL: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:open(which means???)[Woody Allen's Fall Project]
Merrill, Andy: PERSONAL: Cartoon Planet:writer,producer
Merrill, Andy: PERSONAL: Cartoon Network:former programming coordinator
Merrill, Andy: PERSONAL: CNN:former video journalist,satellite feed coordinator
Meskimen, Jim: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Capt Havel[guest]
Meskimen, Jim: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Conn/Crew#1[East Of Zanzibar]
Meskimen, Jim: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Dr.Vedder[The Edge Of Yesterday]
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Horror Hostess(both parts)]
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Catch As Cats Can't]
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Sweet Tweet Treat]
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Tiny Toons:Hamton J. Pig
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Yogi Bear:Boo-Boo
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Scooby Doo:Scooby Doo,Scrappy Doo
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: The Jetsons:Astro
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: The Flintstones
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Smurfs
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Jonny Quest
Messick, Don: CARTOONS: Droopy:Droopy
Messick, Don: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Hobbit
Messick, Don: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Return Of The King
Messick, Don: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Last Unicorn?:Brother Theodore?
Messick, Don: ANIMATED MOVIES: Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby
Metchik, Aaron: Duckman:misc
Meullerleile, Marianne: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Gertrude   [Mayberry,U.F.O.]
Meullerleile, Marianne: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Ma Culhane [Mayberry,U.F.O.]
Meullerleile, Marianne: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:young woman[Mayberry,U.F.O.]
Meyer, Tara: Magic School Bus
Michaels, Kevin: Bobby's World:misc
Michaels, Janna: TaleSpin:misc
Michelle, Diane: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Michelle, Diane: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Michelson, Lisa: ANIMATED MOVIES: Robot Carnival::Presence:The Girl
Michelson, Lisa: ANIMATED MOVIES: Robot Carnival::A Tale Of Two Robots:Yayoi
Michelson, Lisa: PERSONAL:        DEAD -- 1958-1991 (see Robot Carnival credits)
Michieli, Rotillio: CARTOONS: Beavis And Butt-head:Todd
Michieli, Rotillio: PERSONAL: also known as  Rottilio Bettinni
Midler, Bette: CARTOONS: Oliver And Company:Georgette
Midler, Bette: CARTOONS: Simpsons:herself[Krusty Gets Kancelled]
Midler, Bette: LIVE SERIES: Seinfeild:herself[The Understudy]
Midler, Bette: LIVE MOVIES: Beaches
Midler, Bette: LIVE MOVIES: etc
Miller, Bob: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Gene[Santo Bugito]
Miller, Dick: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Batman:Mask Of The Phantasm":Chuckie Sol
Miller, Colin: MTV's Liquid Television::Crazy Daisy Ed
Miller, Leeza: The Fantastic Four:Frankie Raye
Miller, Matt K.: CARTOONS: Spawn:additional voices[#1,#3,#6]
Miller, Matt K.: ANIMATED MOVIES: Tenchi Muyo In Love:Tenchi Masaki
Miller, Sandi: Animaniacs:Chorus Girl #3[guest?]
Miller, Sidney: Dungeons And Dragons:Dungeon Master
Miller, Sidney: The Jetsons
Miller, Sidney: Superfriends
Miller-McGee, Leeza: Biker Mice From Mars:Charley
Millington, Jim: WildCATS
Millner, Shirley: Reboot
Mills, Barry: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:crowd or caller or extra voice[Jerk]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Cow And Chicken:Mom,teacher
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Cow And Chicken:woman on TV/girl[7/15/97]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Cow And Chicken:man/V.O. woman/Carl's wife[Law Of Gravity]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Johnny Bravo:Jill/Effie/newscaster[#1]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Johnny Bravo:girl #1/#3[The Sensitive Male!]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Tiny Toon Adventures:Sweetie Bird
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: The Tick:Blitzen[Vs. Europe]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Problem Child:additional voices
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Swat Kats:Ann Gora
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: The Mask:guest[Love Potion No. 8-1/2]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Pizza Boy:Stewardess,Female Eskimo[No Tip]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Cro:misc
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Adventures From The Book Of Virtues:guest?[Honesty]
Milo, Candi: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Splazu/skater[Slick Ick]
Milo, Candi: ANIMATED MOVIES: Cool World:Bob
Milo, Candi: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Tiny Toon Adventures:How I Spent My Vacation":Sweetie
Milo, Candi: LIVE MOVIES: Bad Medicine(1985):Maria Morales
Milo, Candi: LIVE MOVIES: Almost An Angel(1990):bank teller
Milo, Mike: Bloo's Gang:Bloo,Scully[Bow-Wow Buccaneers]
Minn, Haunani: Gargoyles:Sora[Bushido]
Minn, Haunani: Superfriends
Minn, Haunani: The Tick:Professor Ikebana[Bloomsday],radio announcer[Bloomsday]
Minn, Haunani: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Old Woman[The Alchemist]
Mintz, Morty: COMMERCIALS: Cartoon Network:Cartoons That Never Made It::Rupert:Rupert[Round -n- Round Rupert]
Mintz, Morty: NOTE:        almost definitely a fake credit!
Mirman, Edie: ANIMATED MOVIES: Vampire Hunter D
Mirman, Edie: ANIMATED MOVIES: Casshan-Robot Hunter
Mish, Michael: Dennis The Menace:misc
Mitchell, Brian: Captain Planet:additional cast
Mitchell, Brian: Addams Family:misc
Mitchell, Brian: Animaniacs:Noodles
Mitchell, Brian: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Mitchell, Brian: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Mitchell, Keith: Fox And Hound:Young Tod
Mitchell, Shirley: Scooby Doo
Mitzman, Marcia: Red Planet
Miyashima, Joey: The Simpsons:Master Chef[1 Fish, 2 Fish, Blow fish, Blue fish]
Mizushima, Yu: ANIMATED MOVIES: Black Magic M-66:Leakey
Moffat, Katherine: Iron Man:Scarlet Witch/Wanda Frank
Moll, Richard: CARTOONS:    Batman:TAS:Twoface/Harvey Dent
Moll, Richard: CARTOONS:    Mighty Max:Norman
Moll, Richard: CARTOONS:    Superman:TAS:Emperor Spooj[The Main Man [2/2]]
Moll, Richard: LIVE SERIES: Night Court:Bull
Montalbon, Ricardo: CARTOONS:    Freakazoid:Guitierrez
Montalbon, Ricardo: CARTOONS:    Happily Ever After:misc
Montalbon, Ricardo: LIVE SERIES: Fantasy Island:main guy
Montalbon, Ricardo: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:Kahn[guest]
Montalbon, Ricardo: LIVE MOVIES: "Star Trek II:The Wrath Of Kahn":Kahn
Moody, Lynne: Superfriends
Mooney, Laura: Animaniacs:Katie Ka-Boom
Moore, Allison: Dexter's Laboratory:Dee Dee,misc
Moore, Robin: Blinky Bill:misc
Moreno, Rita: CARTOONS:    Carmen Sandiego:Carmen Sandiego
Moreno, Rita: CARTOONS:    Bonkers:Tanya Trunk
Moreno, Rita: LIVE MOVIES: Portrait Of A Showgirl(1982)
Morgan, Harry: The Simpsons:guest[Mother Simpson]
Morgan, Liz: LIVE ANIMATION (SERIES): Captain Scarlett And The Mysterons
Morgenstern, Stephanie: Sailor Moon:Sailor Venus
Moriarity, Cathy: The Tick:Ant Queen[Ants In Pants]
Moriarity, Cathy: Duckman:guest[Aged Heat 2:Women In Heat]
Morris, Deanna: Robotech
Morris, George: Capt Buzz Cheeply:the announcer
Morris, Howie: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends::U.S. Acres:Wade Duck,Wart
Morris, Howie: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Country Cousin,Dogmother II,The Fairy Dogmother]
Morris, Howie: CARTOONS: Cow And Chicken:Flem,additional voices
Morris, Howie: CARTOONS: The Flintstones:additional voices
Morris, Howie: CARTOONS: The Jestons
Morris, Howie: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Sir Ponch
Morris, Howie: ANIMATED MOVIES: Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby
Morris, Howie: LIVE SERIES:  The Steve Allen Show(50s)
Morris, Howie: LIVE SERIES:  Baywatch:[guest]
Morris, Howie: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as Howard Morris
Morris, Iona: The Tick:Holly[That Mustache Feeling]
Morris, Iona: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:teacher[Heroes]
Morris, Iona: Sigfried And Roy
Morrow, Bruce E.: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Urug
Morse, Bobby: CARTOONS: Superfriends
Morse, Bobby: CARTOONS: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Dootch(as Robert Morse)[#5023]
Morse, Bobby: LIVE SERIES: How To Suceed In Business Without Really Trying
Morse, Bobby: PERSONAL:    sometimes listed as Robert Morse
Morse, Kathy: Dragon Ball Z:misc
Mortifee, Jane: Sonic(weekday):misc
Morton, Rob: Exo Squad:misc
Moschitta, John: Garfield And Friends:guest[Supersonic Seymour]
Moss, Elizabeth: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Katrina
Moss, Elisabeth: SPECIALS: Frosty Returns
Moss, Gene: Roger Ramjet
Moss, Jesse: Reboot:misc
Moss, Larry: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Skipper/Planesman[East Of Zanzibar]
Moss, Larry: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Harbormaster[East Of Zanzibar]
Most, Donald: Dungeons And Dragons:Eric
Mota, Paul: WildCATS:Maul
Mowry, Tahi: Sonic(weekend):misc
Moynihan, J.: MTV's Liquid Television::"Brad Dharma:Psychedelic Detective"
Moynihan, M.: MTV's Liquid Television::"Brad Dharma:Psychedelic Detective"
Muldaur, Diana: Batman:TAS:Dr. Leslie Thompkins
Mulgrew, Kate: CARTOONS:    Gargoyles:Anastasia Renard(Fox's mom)/Titania
Mulgrew, Kate: CARTOONS:    Pirates Of Darkwater:Cressa[The Ghost Pirates]
Mulgrew, Kate: CARTOONS:    Pirates Of Darkwater:possibly other season 2 voices
Mulgrew, Kate: CARTOONS:    Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
Mulgrew, Kate: CARTOONS:    Batman:TAS:Red Claw
Mulgrew, Kate: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:Voyager:Captain Janeway
Mulhare, Edward: CARTOONS:    Spiderman:Spencer Smythe
Mulhare, Edward: LIVE SERIES: The Ghost And Mrs. Muir([6-7]0s?):The Ghost
Mullen, Kathryn: LIVE ANIMATION (SERIES): The Muppets:misc
Mulligan, Richard: Oliver And Company:Einstein
Mumy, Bill: CARTOONS:    Animaniacs:The Farmer
Mumy, Bill: LIVE SERIES: Lost In Space(60s):Will Robinson
Mumy, Bill: LIVE MOVIES: "Twilight Zone:The Movie":(in story directed by Dante)
Mumy, Bill: MISC:        Barnes And Barns("Fish Heads"):he is half of them
Murdock, Colin: G.I. Joe Extreme
Murphy, Alec: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And The Beast:Baker
Murphy, Brittany: CARTOONS:    King Of The Hill:LuAnne,Joseph Gribble
Murphy, Brittany: LIVE SERIES: Frasier:Olsen[Give Him The Chair!]
Murphy, Sue: Ewoks
Murray, James: Life With Louie:additional voices[For Pete's Sake]
Murray, Joel: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:husband[#5022]
Murray, Mary Gordon: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Godess[Rosh-O-Monster]
Muscari, Al: ANIMATED MOVIES: Record Of Lodoss War:Slayn(sorceror)
Music, Lorenzo: ANIMATED SPECIALS: Here Comes Garfield:Garfield
Music, Lorenzo: ANIMATED SPECIALS: Garfield In The Rough:Garfield
Music, Lorenzo: ANIMATED SPECIALS: Garfield On The Town:Garfield
Music, Lorenzo: ANIMATED SPECIALS: Garfield Goes Hollywood:Garfield
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          Garfield And Friends:Garfield
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          Gummi Bears:Tummi Gummi,Bubble Dragon
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          Gummi Bears:guard[Up,Up And Away]
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          Ghostbusters:Peter(Bill Murray's character)
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          The Jetsons
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          Darkwing Duck:misc
Music, Lorenzo: CARTOONS:          Talespin:Dunder
Music, Lorenzo: LIVE SERIES:       Rhoda:Carlton the Doorman
Music, Lorenzo: LIVE MOVIES:       Twice Upon A Time:Ralph
Music, Lorenzo: LIVE MOVIES:       The All-Purpose Animal
Music, Lorenzo: LIVE MOVIES:       Oh,Heavenly Dog!
Music, Lorenzo: PSAs:              crash test "don't be a" dummy
Musick, Pat: The Tick:Sally Vacuum,Miriam Brunch[Coach Fussell's Lament]
Musick, Pat: The Tick:Hilda[The Little Wooden Boy And The Belly Of Love]
Musick, Pat: The Tick:Frerica(repl Fred)[Vs. Reno,Nevada]
Musick, Pat: The Tick:The Human Bullet's wife[Bloomsday]
Musick, Pat: The Tick:Tun-La[Vs. Arthur's Bank Account]
Musick, Pat: The Tick:Bee Twins[Bloomsday,Vs. El Seed]
Musick, Pat: Duckman:Fluffy,Uranus
Musick, Pat: 2 Stupid Dogs:misc
Musick, Pat: Dennis The Menace:misc
Musick, Pat: Gummi Bears:Troggles
Musick, Pat: Johnny Bravo:Tina/woman[#1]
Musick, Pat: Swat Kats:elderly woman[guest]
Musick, Pat: Smurfs
Muttersbach, Lori: MTV's Liquid Television::Stick Figure Theatre-The Naked Edge