Nagai, Ichiro: ANIMATED MOVIES: Black Magic M-66:Dr. Matthew
Najimy, Kathy: CARTOONS:    King Of The Hill:Peggy Hill
Najimy, Kathy: LIVE MOVIES: Sister Act:fat white brunette nun
Najimy, Kathy: LIVE SERIES: Veronica's Closet
Napier, Charles: The Critic:Duke Phillips
Negron, Taylor: Duckman:guest["Ebony,Baby"]
Neill, Sam: The Simpsons:Malloy[Homer The Vigilante]
Nelson, Dick: Woody Woodpecker(80s):other voice characterizations
Nelson, Frank: The Jetsons
Nelson, Jerry: LIVE ANIMATION (SERIES): The Muppets:misc
Nelson, Richard: Ewoks:additional voices
Nelson, Willy: King Of The Hill:himself[4E05]
Neuwirth, Bebe: CARTOONS:    Duckman:Tamara LaBoinque/LaBinque[Noir Gang]
Neuwirth, Bebe: CARTOONS:    All Dogs Go To Heaven:TAS:Anabelle
Neuwirth, Bebe: LIVE SERIES: Cheers: Lilith Crane
Neuwirth, Bebe: LIVE SERIES: Frasier:Lilith Crane[occasional guest]
Nesler, Bob: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:producer:seasons 4 and 5
Newbern, George: CARTOONS:    Pirates Of Darkwater
Newbern, George: LIVE MOVIES: It Takes Two(1988)
Newbern, George: LIVE MOVIES: Doppleganger
Newhart, Bob: The Simpsons:guest[Bart The Fink]
Newman, Fred: Brand Spanking New Doug
Newman, Fred: Roger Rabbit:Stupid
Newman, Laraine: The Tick:Flying Squirrel[Vs. Education]
Newman, Laraine: The Tick:little kid     [Vs. Education]
Newman, Peter: ThunderCats
Newman, Richard: CARTOONS:        Beast Wars:Rhinox
Newman, Richard: CARTOONS:        G.I. Joe Extreme
Newman, Richard: CARTOONS:        Exo Squad:misc
Newman, Richard: ANIMATED MOVIES: Project A-Ko Vs Battle 1 Blue Battle 2 Grey
Newstone, Pauline: Beast Wars:Airrazor
Newstone, Pauline: Sonic(weekday):misc
Nicastro, Michelle: Johnny Bravo:girl #2[The Sensitive Male!]
Nicholas, Paul: Animaniacs:Guest
Nicholl, Kristina: WildCATS
Nichols, Dave: WildCATS
Nichols, Nichelle: CARTOONS:    Gargoyles:Diane Maza(Elisa's mom)
Nichols, Nichelle: CARTOONS:    Batman:Thoth Khepera[Avatar]
Nichols, Nichelle: CARTOONS:    Star Trek:TAS:Lieutenant Uhura
Nichols, Nichelle: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek:    Lieutenant Uhura
Nichols, Nichelle: LIVE MOVIES: Star Treks:   Lieutenant Uhura
Nichols, Oliver: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Package-Delivery Guy or one of Council Of Doom[Surprise]
Nicolosi, Michael: Spawn:Clown
Nimhaille, Ciarrai: ANIMATED MOVIES: Gall Force-Eternal Story:Rabby,Catty
Nimhaille, Ciarrai: ANIMATED MOVIES: Gall Force-Eternal Story:Central Guard Capt
Nimoy, Leonard: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:hismelf[Marge Vs. The Monorail]
Nimoy, Leonard: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:himself[The Springfield Files]
Nimoy, Leonard: CARTOONS: Star Trek:TAS:Mr.Spock
Nimoy, Leonard: LIVE SERIES: Star Trek: Mr.Spock
Nimoy, Leonard: LIVE MOVIES: Star Treks:Mr.Spock
Nimoy, Leonard: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Pagemaster?
Nipote, Joe: Casper
Nipote, Joe: The Mask:guest[You Oughta Be In Pictures]
Nixon, De'vaughn: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:additional voices
Nogulich, Nataliya: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Minnie/woman[Eau De Krumm]
Noji, Minae: Captain Planet:additional cast
Nolan, Jeanette: Fox And Hound:Widow Tweed
Nolan, Roger: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:dad/announcer[Eye Full Of Wander]
North, Heather: CARTOONS: Scooby Doo(1970+):Daphne
North, Heather: CARTOONS:      Johnny Bravo:Daphne[Bravo Dooby-Doo]
North, Heather: PERSONAL: did she change her name from Stefanianna Christopher??
North, Noelle: CARTOONS:    Gummi Bears:Calla,Cubbi,Mobile Tree
North, Noelle: CARTOONS:    Jem??
North, Noelle: CARTOONS:    Smurfs
North, Noelle: UNKNOWN:     Sweater Girls(1980):Bonnie
North, Noelle: LIVE MOVIES: Carrie(1976):Frieda
Norton, Cliff: The Jetsons