Obodzinski, Gayle: Eek:[guest]
O'Brien, Conan: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:guest[Bart Gets Famous]
O'Brien, Conan: PERSONAL: The Simpsons:former writer and producer
O'Brien, Laurie: Spiderman:Genevieve
O'Brien, Laurie: Cro:misc
O'Connell, Joan Carrol: ANIMATED MOVIES: Lily C.A.T.
O'Connell, John: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Frunk        [Snortched]
O'Connell, John: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Guard Monster[Snortched]
O'Donovan, Lesa: Ren And Stimpy:The Singers
Ogawa, Shinshi: ANIMATED MOVIES: Black Magic M-66:Colonel Arthur
O'Hanlon, George: The Jetsons
O'Hara, Catherine: The Simpsons:new waitress[Flaming Moe's]
O'Hara, Paige: CARTOONS: Adventures From The Book Of Virtues:guest?[Honesty]
O'Hara, Paige: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And The Beast:Belle
O'Herlihy, Dan: Pirates Of Darkwater(season one)
Okomoto, Yuji: Superman:TAS:Security guard[A Little Piece Of Home]
Oliu, Ingrid: Batman:TAS:Officer Montoya
Oliver, Deanna: Animaniacs:Zacky's Mom,Irma
Oliver, Tony: CARTOONS: Robotech:Rick Hunter
Oliver, Tony: PERSONAL: executive:Saban Entertainment
Olsen, Moroni: ANIMATED MOVIES: Snow White:Magic Mirror
O'Malley, Pat: ANIMATED MOVIES: Alice In Wonderland:Carpenter,Walrus
O'Malley, Pat: ANIMATED MOVIES: Alice In Wonderland:Tweedle Dee,Tweedle Dum
O'Malley, Pat: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Jungle Book:Col. Hathi
Omana, Nick: Captain Planet:misc
O'Meara, Colin: WildCATS:Grifter
O'Meara, Colin: Sailor Moon
O'Neill, April: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Renae Jacobs
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Captain Planet:additional cast
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Knight Of Gummadoon
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Smurfs
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: He-Man:Skeletor
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: 1991 X-Men Promo
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Snorks
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Scooby Doo
Oppenheimer, Alan: CARTOONS: Centurions
Oppenheimer, Alan: LIVE SERIES: Caroline In The City:Mr.Booth["The Mediator"]
Orbach, Jerry: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And The Beast:Lumiere
Orenstein, Janis: SPECIALS: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Oritz, Humberto: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Ortiz, April: Cro:misc
Ortiz, Lisa: ANIMATED MOVIES: Record Of Lodoss War:Deedlit(elf)
Ortiz, Lisa: ANIMATED MOVIES: Gall Force-Eternal Story:Eluza,Pony
Osbourne, David: The Tick:Professor Peelie
Osmond, Donny: CARTOONS:    Johnny Bravo
Osmond, Donny: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:himself(live guest)
Osmond, Donny: PERSONAL:    famous mormon vocalist
Osmond, Donny: PERSONAL:    fought with Danny Bonaduce
Ossman, David: The Tick:Ismael[Vs. Reno,Nevada],Voice Of Reno[Vs. Reno,Nevada]
Ossman, David: The Tick:Coach[Sidekicks Don't Kiss],Sentry[Grandpa Wore Tights]
Ossman, David: The Tick:TV announcer[Grandpa Wore Tights]
Ossman, David: The Tick:Justin[Sidekicks Don't Kiss]
Osterwald, Bibi: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Osterwald, Bibi: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Otten, Susan: Beavis And Butt-head:additional voices[A Beavis And Butt-head Christmas]
Overall, Park: CARTOONS:    The Critic:Alice Tompkins
Overall, Park: LIVE SERIES: Empty Nest
Overall, Park: LIVE MOVIES: The Good Old Boys
Overton, Rick: Eek:guest[season 4/fall 1996]
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Binky Show,It Must Be True!]
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends::U.S. Acres:guest[Double Trouble Talk]
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:guest[Late Show]
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Eek
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Eek::Klutter
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Swat Kats:Commander Feral
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Bobby's World
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:additional voices
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Roger Ramjet
Owens, Gary: CARTOONS: Ren And Stimpy:Powdered Toast Man,misc voices
Owens, Gary: LIVE SERIES: The Munsters
Oz, Frank: LIVE ANIMATION (SERIES): The Muppets:misc
Oz, Frank: LIVE MOVIES:             Star Wars trilogy:Yoda
Oz, Frank: LIVE MOVIES:             The Dark Crystal