Rabinvitch, Nadine: Sailor Moon
Rabson, Jan: Animaniacs:Papa
Rabson, Jan: Dennis The Menace:misc
Rabson, Jan: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Avary/Donaldson[Alligators And Okeechobee Vikings]
Rabson, Jan: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Radford, Mary T.: Roger Rabbit:Hippo
Raggio, Lisa: The Tick:Eclair[Vs. Europe]
Raggio, Lisa: Animaniacs:Chorus Girl,Helga,Kitty Litter
Raggio, Lisa: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Raggio, Lisa: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Stazula
Raggio, Lisa: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Exposia Vertov[Curse Of Katana,Goin' (Way) South,Walk Like A Man]
Raggio, Lisa: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:businesswoman[Walk Like A Man]
Rainwater, Gregg: Gargoyles:Natsitane[Heritage]
Ralph, Lee: Oliver And Company:Rita Sheryl
Ramones, [The]: The Simpsons:themselves[Rosebud]
Ramsey, Marion: Addams Family:misc
Rand, Corey: Captain Planet:misc
Randel, Theresa: Duckman:guest[With Friends Like These]
Randle, Tom: Animaniacs:Pepperoni[guest?]
Randolph, David J.: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Lion King:misc
Randolph, David J.: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:additional voices
Rasche, David: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Vince[Santo Bugito]
Rasche, David: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Friggit[#5023],golf announcer[#5023]
Ratzenberger, John: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:Cliff Claven[Fear Of Flying]
Ratzenburger, John: CARTOONS: Captain Planet:misc
Ratzenberger, John: LIVE SERIES: Cheers:Cliff Claven
Ray, Aldo: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Secret Of Nimh:Sullivan
Rayle, Hal: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Rayle, Hal: Dennis The Menace:misc
Rayle, Hal: Sonic(weekend):misc
Rayle, Hal: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Rayle, Hal: Addams Family:misc
Reardon, Noreen: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:additional voices
Red Hot Chili Peppers (the band): Simpsons:themselves[Krusty Gets Kancelled]
Reed, Alan: The Flintstones:Fred Flintstone
Reed, Alan: Where's Huddles:Coach
Reed, Don: Gargoyles:Fara Maku[Mark Of The Panther]
Reed, Don: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Jamie/reporter #1[Manhattan Maneater]
Reed, Don: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Ngama[Dark Sentinel]
Reed, Don: Captain Planet:misc
Reed, Don: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Reed, Pamela: The Simpsons:Ruth Powers(next-door neighbor)[Marge On The Lam]
Reed, Rex: The Critic:himself[Uneasy Rider,Siskel & Ebert And Jay & Alice]
Rees, Roger: Gargoyles:Prince Malcolm[City Of Stone],older Canmore[City Of Stone]
Reeves, Jayce: ANIMATED MOVIES: Record Of Lodoss War:Wagnard
Regan, Billy: ANIMATED MOVIES: Record Of Lodoss War:Parn(fighter)
Reggie III, Arthur: C-Bear And Jamal
Reilly, Charles Nelson: All Dogs Go To Heaven:TAS:Killer
Reilly, John: Iron Man:Hawkeye/Clint
Reilly, John: Iron Man:Jessik[Distant Boundaries],The Beetle[The Armor Wars]
Reiner, Carl: Duckman?:[guest?]
Reitherman, Bruce: ANIMATED MOVIES: The Jungle Book:Mowgli
Reneday, Peter: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:father[Thrill Of The Hunt]
Reneday, Peter: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Fortress-1 Commander[Awakenings]
Reneday, Peter: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Kane[The Dark Mountain]
Reneday, Peter: CARTOONS: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:High Lama[Expditn. To Khumbu]
Renaday, Peter: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Abraham Lincoln[4 Score And 7 Migraines Ago]
Renaday, Peter: CARTOONS: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Splinter,Vernon?
Renaday, Peter: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Bailiff
Renaday, Peter: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Renaday, Peter: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:Tommy Toad,Impericon,announcer
Renaday, Peter: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:President Abraham Lincoln
Reno, Walt: Duckman
Renzulli, Frank: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Rescher, Dee Dee: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Molly/old lady[The Rival]
Revill, Clive: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Harpooner[East Of Zanzibar]
Revill, Clive: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Medical Officer[East Of Zanzibar]
Revill, Clive: Batman:TAS:Alfred[The Cat And The Claw Part 2,The Clock King]
Revill, Clive: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Revill, Clive: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Revill, Clive: Snorks
Revo, Dale: Beavis And Butt-head:misc--could be the crazy farmer guy
Rey, Reynaldo: ANIMATED MOVIES: Bebe's Kids:Lush
Reynolds, Jeanne: Ewoks
Reynolds, Mike: ANIMATED MOVIES: Casshan-Robot Hunter
Reynolds, Mike: ANIMATED MOVIES: Lily C.A.T.
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Finalaech,MacBeth
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Dr.Arthur Morwood-Smith[Enter Macbeth]
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: Gargoyles:Dr.Arthur Morwood-Smith[Sentinel]
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: The Fantastic Four:Thor
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:Tympannini[Piano Rag]
Rhys-Davies, John: CARTOONS: Duckman
Rhys-Davies, John: LIVE MOVIES: Canvas(1992)
Rhys-Davies, John: LIVE SERIES: Sliders
Rich, Adam: Dungeons And Dragons:Presto
Rich, Jim: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:[World Premiere Toon-In] OR Powerpuff Girls:[Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins]
Richards, Billy: SPECIALS: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Richardson, Kevin M.: Superman:TAS:Al[guest?]
Richardson, Kevin M.: Road Rovers:Exile
Richardson, Kevin M.: Adventures From The Book Of Virtues
Richardson, Kevin M.: Sigfried And Roy
Richardson, Kevin M.: The Tick:Chuck[Devil In Diapers]
Richardson, Kevin M.: The Mask
Richardson, Kevin M.: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:sergeant[Super Ickis]
Richardson, Kevin M.: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Clem Lashinsky[Slick Ick]
Richardson, Kevin M.: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Zooeuh[Super Ickis,Slick Ick]
Richardson, Kevin M.: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Segala [Dark Sentinel]
Richardson, Kevin M.: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Monster[Dark Sentinel]
Richardson, Salli:  Salli Richardson
Richardson, Salli: Gargoyles:Elisa Maza(aka Salli[Turf]),Delilah[The Reckoning]
Richman, Mark: Spiderman:Old Peter Parker
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: Dexter's Laboratory::Dial M For Monkey:Barbequor/Commander
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: Bonkers:Al Vermin,misc
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: Captain Planet:misc
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: Swat Kats
Ridgely, Bob: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
Ridgely, Bob: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as Robert Ridgely
Ridgely, Bob: PERSONAL: DEAD -- died of cancer in early 1997
Ridgeway, Lindsay: Sonic(weekend):misc
Riley, Jack: Garfield And Friends:Tyrone(Floyd Mouse's friend)[Rodent Rampage]
Road, Mike: Jonny Quest
Roarke, John: Animaniacs:Floyd
Robbins, Peter: SPECIALS: It's The Great Pumpkin,Charlie Brown(64):Charlie Brown
Roberts, Axel: Robotech
Roberts, Doris: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Eunice Tidwell[Watch The Watch]
Roberts, Doris: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Doris         [Watch The Watch]
Roberts, Shirley: Robotech
Robertson, Kim: CARTOONS: The Tick:Dot(Arthur's sister),Minda[Vs Mr. Mental]
Robertson, Kim: CARTOONS: The Tick:SOMEone[Vs. El Seed]
Robertson, Kim: CARTOONS: Simpsons:Samantha Stanky[Bart's Friend Falls In Love]
Robertson, Kim: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Robertson, Kim: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:misc
Robertson, Kim: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Robertson, Kim: ANIMATED MOVIES: Beauty And The Beast:Featherduster
Robertson, Kim: PERSONAL:        sometimes listed as Kimmy Robertson
Robinson, Marc: Cro:misc
Robinson, Marc: Superman:teen[Heavy Metal]
Robinson, Stuart: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Robinson, Stuart: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Rocco, Alex: The Simpsons:guest[The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show]
Roche, Eugene: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Roche, Eugene: Dennis The Menace:misc
Roche, Sean: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Rocky, Kati: Eek:misc
Roddy, Rod: Garfield And Friends::U.S. Acres:guest[Over The Rainbow]
Rodstein, Dick: CARTOONS: MTV's Oddities:opening sequence announcer
Rodstein, Dick: CARTOONS: MTV's Liquid Television::"Brad Dharma:Psychedelic Detective":Brad D
Rodstein, Dick: CARTOONS: MTV's Oddities::unreleased 3rd series:about 8 chars
Rodstein, Dick: MISC: Metropolitan Museum Of Art:multimedia show on Velasquez
Rodstein, Dick: MISC: Spiderman audiobook:Lizard(Dr. Kurt Conners)
Rodstein, Dick: MISC: Star Wars CD:Obi Wan Kanobi
Rogers, Tristan: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Hawkins[Ndovu's Last Journey]
Roman, Phil: PERSONAL: Garfield And Friends:an executive producer
Roman, Phil: PERSONAL: Film Roman guy--involved with many cartoons
Roman, Susan: Sailor Moon:Sailor Jupiter
Romano, Andrea: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:The Director
Romano, Andrea: PERSONAL: animation casting director:Smurfs,Jetsons
Romano, Andrea: PERSONAL: voice director:Batman:TAS,Superman:TAS,Animaniacs?
Romano, Andrea: PERSONAL: voice director for many,MANY animated series
Ronstadt, Linda: The Simpsons:herself[Mr.Plow]
Rooney, Mickey: CARTOONS: The Simpsons:guest[Radioactive Man]
Rooney, Mickey: CARTOONS: Fox And Hound:Tod
Rooney, Mickey: LIVE MOVIES: many
Rooney, Mickey: PERSONAL:    child actor?
Rooney, Tim: The Jetsons
Root, Stephen: King Of The Hill:Bill Dauevetreve(spelling?),
Root, Stephen: King Of The Hill:Coach Maxwell[Three Coaches And A Bobby]
Rose, Alexander J.: ANIMATED MOVIES: Record Of Lodoss War:Wort,narrator
Rose, Pamela: Garfield & Friends:guest[Binky Goes Bad!/USA:Barn Of Fear/Mini-Mall Matters]
Rose, Roger: Gargoyles:Doyle/Spokesman/cop#2[Ransom]
Rose, Roger: 2 Stupid Dogs:misc
Rose, Roger: The Tick:Brian Pinhead,Four Legged Man,Snake[Vs. Proto-Clown]
Rose, Roger: The Tick:Building[Armless But Not Harmless],Doorman[Armless But Not Harmless]
Rose, Roger: The Tick:Skippy[Coach Fussell's Lament],mean kid[Vs. Education]
Rose, Roger: The Tick:Airline pilot[Evil Sits Down For A Moment]
Rose, Roger: The Tick:Robot Santa[The Tick Loves Santa!]
Rose, Roger: The Tick:technician[Alone Together]
Rose, Roger: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Rose, Roger: The Jetsons
Rose, Roger: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Rose, Roger: Carmen Sandiego:misc
Rose, Roger: Johnny Bravo:Butch/Philip/Louis[#1]
Rose, Roger: Dennis The Menace:misc
Rose, Roger: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Vince Vance[Manhattan Maneater]
Rose, Roger: Superman:TAS:Driver Cop[The Last Son Of Krypton (Part 1/3)]
Rose, Scott La: ALIAS: listed with the "L"s, not the "R"s
Rosen, Stu: CARTOONS: Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
Rosen, Stu: CARTOONS: The Mask:guest[Cool Hand Mask]
Rosen, Stu: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:misc
Rosen, Stu: CARTOONS: Iron Man:Crimson Dynamo[The Armor Wars]
Rosen, Stu: PERSONAL: Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes(and others):voice director
Rosen, Stu: PERSONAL: Fantastic Four:casting director
Ross, Heidi: CARTOONS: The Mask:guest[Goin' For The Green]
Ross, Heidi: NOTE:     Heidi **Shannon** usually plays the character Peggy on The Mask.  Peggy was in this episode, but not listed, so it's probable that this name was a clerical mistake and should be ignored.
Ross, Karen: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Marie Metier[In The Darkness Of The Moon]
Ross, Karen: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Dr.Simone Duval/Kruegger[Undersea Urgency]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Video Airlines]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Polar Pussycat]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Fill-In Feline]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Cash And Carry]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Dread Giveaway]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Jon The Barbarian]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Puss In High Tops]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Guaranteed Trouble]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Great Inventor]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[A Jarring Experience]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Canine Conspiracy]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:Jon's DJ cousin George?[DJ Jon]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Jumping Jon,Canvis Back Cat]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Jukebox Jon,Squeak Previews]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Speed Trap,The Kitty Council]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Housebreak Hotel/Shelf Esteem/How To Be Funny!]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[Invasion Of The Big Robots/Hamelot/First Class Feline]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Batman:TAS:additonal voices[The Cat And The Claw]
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Jem
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Centurions
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Rugrats:at least once
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Captain Planet:misc
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Cowboys Of Moo Mesa:misc
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Iron Man:anchorman
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Animaniacs:announcer,crook
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: 2 Stupid Dogs:misc
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: 1991 X-Men Promo
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Voltron:Pidge,Chip
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Spiderman:Norman Osborn/Green Goblin
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Sigfried And Roy
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes:Whitley White
Ross, Neil: CARTOONS: The Mask
Ross, Neil: ANIMATED MOVIES: Thumbelina:Mr.Fox,Mr.Bear
Ross, Neil: LIVE MOVIES:     Babe:additional voices
Ross, Neil: LIVE MOVIES:     Gremlins 2:announcer
Ross, Neil: LIVE MOVIES:     Back To The Future 2:museum narrator
Ross, Neil: PERSONAL:        sometimes listed as Neilson Ross
Ross, Stanley Ralph: CARTOONS: Garfield And Friends:guest[The Big Talker]
Ross, Stanley Ralph: CARTOONS: Superfriends
Ross, Stanley Ralph: CARTOONS: Red Planet
Ross, Stanley Ralph: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as Stanley Ross
Roswell, Maggie: The Simpsons:Maude Flanders,Miss Elizabeth Hoover,various
Roswell, Maggie: The Simpsons:Ashley Grant[Homer: Bad Man]
Roswell, Maggie: The Simpsons:Toby Hunter[Deep Space Homer]
Roswell, Maggie: The Simpsons:Mary Bailey[Two Cars In Every Garage, Three Eyes On Every Fish]
Roswell, Maggie: The Simpsons:old woman[Bart's Dog Gets An F,New Kid On The Block]
Roswell, Maggie: Animaniacs:Princess of Props
Roswell, Maggie: Dennis The Menace:misc
Roth, Jack: CARTOONS: Dennis The Menace:misc
Roth, Jack: CARTOONS: Jem
Roth, Jack: UNKNOWN:  Music For Millions(1944):drummer
Roth, J.D.: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Jonny Quest,various
Roth, J.D.: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:additional voices[Alligators And Okeechobee Vikings]
Rothery, Teryl: CARTOON:         Exo Squad:misc
Rothery, Teryl: CARTOON:         Dragon Ball Z:misc
Rothery, Teryl: ANIMATED MOVIES: Project A-Ko Vs Battle 1 Blue Battle 2 Grey
Rothrock, Cynthia: Eek:guest[season 4/Fall 1996]
Rowe, Tracy: Freakazoid:Steff
Rowe, Tracy: Tiny Toon Adventures:misc
Rowe, Tracy: The New Adventures Of Raggedy Ann And Andy:Marcella,misc
Rowland, Tracy: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:crowd or caller or extra voice[Jerk]
Rubin, Benny: Woody Woodpecker(80s):other voice characterizations
Rubin, Kaili: LIVE SERIES: Space Ghost Coast To Coast:Banjo[Woody Allen's Fall Project]
Rubin, Kaili: PERSONAL:    Space Ghost Coast To Coast:production manager
Rubin, Ron: Sailor Moon
Rubinoff, Marla Jeanette: Spiderman:Liz Allen[Sins Of The Fathers [2/14]:Make A Wish]
Rubinow, John: The Tick:Doctor/W. guard #1[Evil Sits Down For A Moment]
Rubinow, John: Dennis The Menace:misc
Rubinow, John: Swat Kats:misc
Rubinstein, John: Superman:TAS:Peterson[A Little Piece Of Home]
Ruegger, Cody: Animaniacs:Birdie[Wild Blue Yonder]
Ruegger, Cody: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:little boy[#5240 or #5237 or #6004]
Ruegger, Cody: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Fungus(Daffodil)(pup's owner)[Puppy Ciao]
Ruegger, Cody: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:NOTE:last 2 credits may be same role
Ruegger, Luke: Animaniacs:Bumpo,The Flame,Kid #1,The Little Trailer
Ruegger, Nathan:  Nathan Ruegger
Ruegger, Nathan:     Tiny Toon Adventures:Baby Plucky Duck
Ruegger, Nathan: Animaniacs:Skippy,Baby Plucky Duck
Ruegger, Tom:  Tom Ruegger
Ruegger, Tom: Animaniacs:Producer
Rugg, Paul: Freakazoid:Freakazoid,Network Censor[#3],Paul Rugg[Next Time,...]
Rugg, Paul: Animaniacs:Clown,Goyt,Lon Borax,Mr.Clown,Mr.Director,Mrs.Mumphries
Rugg, Paul: Animaniacs:Einstein[Cookies for Einstein],Sy Sykman,Uncle Albert
Ruschak, Mike: MTV's Oddities::The Head
Ruschak, Mike: Beavis And Butt-head:additional voices[Bungholio:Lord Of The Harvest]
Ruskin, Joseph: Spiderman:Lewald[Neogenic Nightmare]
Ruskin, Joseph: Snorks
Russell, Kurt: Fox And Hound:Copper
Rutledge, Helen: MTV's Liquid Television::"Brad Dharma:Psychedelic Detective"
Ryan, Adam: Ren And Stimpy:[once]
Ryan, Cody: Ewoks:additional voices
Ryan, John P.: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Batman:Mask Of The Phantasm":Buzz Bronski
Ryan, John St.: King Arthur Pendragon[Avalon,Pendragon] (*ALIAS*)
Ryan, Will: Garfield And Friends:guest[All Things Fat And Small,Hare Replacement]
Ryan, Will: Garfield And Friends:guest[Ghost Of A Chance]
Ryan, Will: Gummi Bears:Gad,King Carpie,Knight,Ogre,Zook,Unwin
Ryan, Will: Smurfs
Ryder, Winona: CARTOONS:    The Simpsons:Allison Taylor[Lisa's Rival]
Ryder, Winona: CARTOONS:    Dr.Katz:herself[#301]
Ryder, Winona: LIVE MOVIES: Heathers:Vanessa
Ryder, Winona: LIVE MOVIES: Beetlejuice
Ryder, Winona: LIVE MOVIES: How To Make An American Quilt
Rye, Michael: CARTOONS: Pirates Of Darkwater(season two)
Rye, Michael: CARTOONS: Superfriends
Rye, Michael: CARTOONS: Spiderman:Dr.Farley Stillwell[Make A Wish]
Rye, Michael: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Sir Tuxford(1st? season),Troll,Toadie?
Rye, Michael: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Duke Igthorn,Horse,King Gregor,Knight
Rye, Michael: CARTOONS: Gummi Bears:Angelo Davini,Malsinger,Ogre,Sir Gowan