Vaccaro, Brenda: CARTOONS:    The Jetsons
Vaccaro, Brenda: CARTOONS:    Sigfried And Roy
Vaccaro, Brenda: CARTOONS:    The Critic:hot chick?[Pilot]
Vaccaro, Brenda: CARTOONS:    Johnny Bravo:Bunny Bravo(Johnny's mom)
Vaccaro, Brenda: LIVE MOVIES: The Midnight Cowboy:rich wife
Vaccaro, Brenda: PERSONAL:    once enganged to Michael Douglas
Valencia, Mathew: Batman:TAS2:Robin/Tim Drake(the NEW, tiny Robin)
Valentine, Scott: CARTOONS:         Iron Man:Dark Aegis[Distant Boundaries]
Valentine, Scott: CARTOONS:         Superman:TAS:Sam[A Little Piece Of Home]
Valentine, Scott: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Phantom 2040:The Ghost Who Walks":Phantom
Valenza, Tasia: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Vlorana[#5019]
Valenza, Tasia: Superman:TAS:policewoman[Feeding Time]
Valenza, Tasia: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Jade[The Robot Spies,Diamond And Jade]
Valera, David: The Maxx:additional voices
Valiance, Louise: Reboot
Valiance, Louise: Sonic(weekday):misc
Dusen, Granville Van: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:news announcer/gentleman[Loch Ness Mess]
Dusen, Sonny Van: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Race[Mummies Of Malenque,Cyberswitch]
Vanderpyl, Jean: CARTOONS: The Flintstones:Wilma Flintstone
Vanderpyl, Jean: CARTOONS: The Jetsons
Vanderpyl, Jean: CARTOONS: Where's Huddles?
Vanderpyl, Jean: CARTOONS: Scooby Doo
Vanderpyl, Jean: PERSONAL: sometimes listed as Jean Vander Pyl
Vanderpyl, Jean: PERSONAL: died 1999
Vanzo, Chris: The Maxx:additional voices
Vennera, Chick: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Lorenzo
Vennera, Chick: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Gustavo Arollo[Ice Will Burn]
Vennera, Chick: Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:Walker/additional voices[Alligators And Okeechobee Vikings]
Vennera, Chick: Batman:TAS:Twitch[Off Balance]
Vennera, Chick: The Jetsons
Vennera, Chick: Animaniacs:Joe P,Pesto Pigeon
Vera, Billy: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Slickis
Vera, Billy: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Ickis Jr.[History Of The Monster World,Part 1]
Vernon, Jackie: SPECIALS: Frosty The Snowman:Frosty
Verne, Lucille La: ALIAS: listed under "L"s, not the "V"s
Vernon, John: Batman:TAS:Rupert Thorne
Vernon, John: Swat Kats:misc
Vernon, John: Spiderman:Doctor Strange[Sins Of The Fathers (1/14):Dr. Strange]
Vernon, John: Duckman:Principal Dinkler[From Brad To Worse]
Victor, Renee: Addams Family:misc
Victoria, Chelsea: Robotech
Vigoda, Abe: ANIMATED MOVIES: "Batman:Mask Of The Phantasm":Salvatore Valestra
Villani, Mike: Animaniacs:announcer
Vincent, Miracle: Superman:TAS:Danitra[The Last Son Of Krypton,Part (2/3)]
Viterelli Sr., Joseph: Eek:guest[season 4/fall 1996]
Vogt, K.T.: ANIMATED MOVIES: Tenchi Muyo In Love:Washu