Zakaib, Paul: Capt Buzz Cheeply:Blubnoids
Zamprogun, Dominic: LIVE SERIES: Tales From The Crypt:misc
Zandarski, Grace: ANIMATED MOVIES: Tenchi Muyo In Love:Achika Masaki
Zandarski, Grace: NOTE:            her voice seems familiar. is this an alias?
Zann, Lenore: X-Men:Rogue
Zann, Lenore: Spiderman:Rogue[Neogenic Nightmare]
Zanni, Chiara: Conan And Young Warr:misc
Zappa, Dweezil: CARTOONS:    Duckman:Ajax
Zappa, Dweezil: LIVE SERIES: The Running Man:Ricky?
Zappa, Dweezil: RADIO:       various radio commercials
Zappa, Dweezil: PERSONAL:    son of Frank Zappa
Zappa, Frank: CARTOONS: Ren And Stimpy::Powdered Toast Man:The Pope[guest]
Zappa, Frank: PERSONAL: famous musician
Zappa, Frank: PERSONAL: father of Dweezil Zappa
Zappa, Frank: PERSONAL: Duckman's music is by Scott Wilk,Frank Zappa,and Todd Yvega
Zegers, Kevin: Free Willy:Einstein
Zeidel, Bob: WildCATS
Zeilinski, Kathy: ANIMATED MOVIES: Aladdin:Jafar(as Begger and as Snake)
Zhong, Yong Hong: MTV's Oddities::The Head
Ziering, Ian: Mighty Ducks:TAS
Ziering, Ian: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Gludge[#5017]
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: CARTOONS:    Gargoyles:Mace Malone[Revelations]
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: CARTOONS:    Batman:TAS:Alfred Pennyworth
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: CARTOONS:    Batman:TAS2:Alfred Pennyworth
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: CARTOONS:    Spiderman:Dr. Octopus/Dr. Otto Octavius
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: CARTOONS:    Iron Man:Justin Hammer,Firepower[Armor Wars]
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: LIVE SERIES: 77 Sunset Strip(50s/60s)
Zimbalist Jr., Efrem: PERSONAL:    Warner Brothers TV Star of 50s
Zimmerman, Kris: CARTOONS: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Zimmerman, Kris: PERSONAL: Pirates Of Darkwater:animation casting director
Zimmerman, Patric: Droopy Master Detective:misc
Zimmerman, Patric: Shnookums And Meat:misc
Zimmerman, Patric: Tom And Jerry Kids:misc
Zorek, Michael: Eek::Klutter
Zuniga, Daphne: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters:Lacey Greenwing[Santo Bugito]
Zuniga, Daphne: Johnny Bravo