Teenage Angst

(These came from a boring, hour-long bus ride to school)

By the way, if you take offense easily, then don't read these, because I'm not particular to arguing morality with random netpeople. I've actually had random people email me to tell me that I am evil and the reason for the destruction of the moral fiber of the country. These people apparantly have less so-called "moral fiber" than myself, since I support free speech and they obviously don't. Plus, people without sense of humor should be killed painfully. (And probably didn't realize that last sentence was a joke either .)

These are the product of teenage angst, pent-up agression, and other ninth-grader difficulties, and do not necessarily reflect my current mindset. I wrote these in 1988 when I was 14. Keep that in mind.

Without any further hesitation, here are the "masterpieces":

           I saw a sad dog
    On the roadside sleeping sound.
         I kicked the fucker.

            Suicidal boy
    Stabbing himself with a knife.
          You burn forever.

        See all the dead bops
 Their naked [or dead] bodies glistening

[EDIT! FOUND ON 20121105, WRITTEN AROUND 19900828:]
         A small bloody hawk.
      On the roadside, dying now.
        I laugh as pride falls.
I hope you enjoyed these. I made about 20 during that busride, but I forgot most of them. Maybe some day I'll find them and post them here. :)

Thanks to Brent Ingrebretsen for helping me remember the "bop" one.

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