This site is OLD, and NOT where I post my images anymore! Ask me about my flickr account instead... Though I stopped linking to it here for privacy purposes.


NOTE: Some faces are clickable.
Another source of pics: My 2/12/2000 wedding reception and my 2/10/2000 wedding ceremony
[VT ID] [DMV Sucks!]

My I.D.s

On the left is my Virginia Tech student ID, and on the right is me from my Virginia Driver's Liscense.

Me and Carolyn

Here are some images of me and my wife Carolyn Sawyer.
There are also some pics of her her pic page.
We've been together for years, married for of them.
[At Carolyn's house]
[Our Prom Picture]
(Picture on right by Vicky Sawyer)
(Enhancement by me, using Paint Shot Pro II)

[Carolyn] [Carolyn]

My Wife

Here are some more pictures of Carolyn.

Christiansburg Pig Roast #4

[Me and Stacy McMahan at a pig roast] This is me and Stacy McMahon chilling out at some pig roast of some friend of my dad's from high school. Not my normal hang out, but hey, there was beer and woods and turkeys (live) and food and a deaf dog and a trampoline, so what more could I ask for?

(Picture by Vicky Sawyer)

[Me posing for a pic during The Great Blacksburg Ice Storm]

The Great Blacksburg Ice Storm

This is me as photographed by Vicky Sawyer during The Great Blacksburg Ice Storm. Vicky's idea was to make a calendar of me for Carolyn for her birthday, and the ice storm happened to be the perfect time to do this! For once, Blacksburg's ambient bleakness came of use. (Though it did lack running water and electricity at the time.)
(Enhancement by me, using Paint Shot Pro II)

[Me In Derring Hall]

Me At Derring Hall

This is me (as photographed by Jeff Gold) during our multimedia (CS 4624) lab.
(Enhancement by me, using Paint Shot Pro II)

[My Sister]


This is my sister Britt's senior picture. She is years old (as of today). I like to call her "Britt-Brat", because she has a whine that can pierce adamantium.
(scanned/enhanced by me)

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