MOVIES (TV=made for TV, NR=not rated, HBO=made for HBO)
       (unsepcificed info=unknown info):

B   Battle For Moon Station Dallos (1985) (1:24) (FOX#105)                      UNWATCHED
B   Vengeance Of The Space Pirate  (1982) (1:41) (FOX#106)                      UNWATCHED
    Acidburn Flashback Taboo (NR?) (~1:00) (mono:On FOX#371) [animated shorts]
    Anastasia (G) (1:35:10) (Magnavox:HBOP 5/31/99:On FOX#368)        UNWATCHED BY CLINT
    Beavis & Butt-head Do America (1:21:25) (SP:On FOX#317 preferred) (MTV:2 hrs:On FOX#441)
    Batman: SubZero (straight to video) (2:00) (WB 5/16/98:On FOX#313)
    Cool World (PG? but on TV) (mono:SciFi 1/25/97:On FOX#229) 
    Fantasia (G) (2:00) (On FOX#224) (with Leopold Stokowski and The Philedephia Orchestra) 
    Jetsons: The Movie (1:30:00) (RCA:SciFi 9/20/97:On FOX#283)
B	Lady & The Tramp (Carolyn's bought tape)
    Quest For Camelot (G) (1:26) [what a piece of crap] (HBOP 6/12/1999:On FOX#373)
-   Rugrats -- See "The Rugrats Movie"
    The Daria Movie: Is It Fall Yet? (followed by 'Making Of Daria':Hitachi:MTV 8/27/2000:New:On FOX#422)
    The Dark Crystal (~1:30) (On FOX#354) [Jim Henson] [live animation]
    The Hobbit (1:38) (mono:CN 1996:On FOX#167)
B   The Last Unicorn (G) (1982) (1:34) (FOX#110) (also have the book) (also have as 151M realvideo)
    The Lion King (G) (1:28:30) (On FOX#224) (also on Carolyn's bought tape)
-   The Maxx -- See MTV.HTM.
o   The Return Of The King (1:36:57) (Showtime:On FOX#241)
    The Rugrats Movie (G) (1:30:31) (from SP:On FOX#377)
2o  The Secret Of Nimh (G) (1:21) (close creds cut off:HBO:mono:nohifi) (copied on 3/16/97 from old VHS tape from the 1980s:On FOX#245)
    Wizards (PG) (1:20) (Ralph Bakshi) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/17/99:On FOX#386)

JAPANESE ANIMATED MOVIES (s in col 1=subtitled, otherwise it's dubbed)
(NOTE: I assume anything from SciFi to be mono even if it says it's stereo,
this may not be true starting summer of 1997 but I'm still not sure):
    8 Man After (~2:00) (SciFi 8/23/97:On FOX#279 preferred by VCR) (mono:SciFi 5/3/7:On FOX#257) 
    Akira (NR?) (2:04:30) (special limited edition:On FOX#209 preferred) (special limited edition full-length video presentation in wide-screen "letterbox" format) (based on graphic novel by:Katsuhiro Otomo)
       (SciFi 3/15:mono:with commercials and censored:On FOX#245)
    Angel Of Darkness II  (X) (53:00 incl previews) (SP source:On FOX#344)
    Angel Of Darkness III (X) (48:00 incl previews) (SP source:On FOX#344)
s   Appleseed (NR) (OVA) (1:08:02) (1988 original, 1991 subtitled) (On FOX#224)
s   Black Magic M-66 (NR) (:48:45) (1987 original, 1991 subtitled) (On FOX#206) (creator:Masamune Shirow)
    Casshan - Robot Hunter (2:00) (mono:SciFi 1995:On FOX#61)
    Clockwatchers (PG-13) (1:36) [funny at beginning, but depressing by end!] (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/10/1999:On FOX#369)
    Demon City Shinjuko (mono:SciFi 3/22/97:On FOX#246)
    Dominion: Tank Police [1/2] (mono:SciFi 7/12/97:On FOX#273)       
    Dominion: Tank Police [2/2] (mono:SciFi 1/25/97:On FOX#229)       
s   Dragon Ball Z movie #13: Exploding Dragon Fist! If Goku Can't Do It, Who Else Can? (plus "End Of Tape Special") (~1hr) (On FOX#257)    
-   Eight Man After -- See "8 Man After"
    E.Y.E.S. Of Mars (SciFi 8/2/97:On FOX#288) [environmental message, telepaths, underground Martian city]
    Gall Force: Eternal Story (Japanese 1986, English 1996) (mono:Scifi 2/15/97:On FOX#232)
    Green Legend Ran (2:30:00) (LAST 30 MIUNUTES MISSING!!:SciFi 8/30/97:On FOX#287)
    Iria: Zeiram The Animation [1/2] (2:00:00) (SciFi 8/09/97:On FOX#280)
    Iria: Zeiram The Animation [2/2] (2:00:00) (SciFi 8/16/97:On FOX#279)
-   Legend Of The Overfiend -- See "Urotsukidoji I"
    Lily C.A.T. (mono:SciFi 4/19/97:On FOX#251)
    Project A-Ko Vs. Battle 1: Blue Side/Battle 2: Grey Side (1990) (2:00) (mono:SciFi 1995:On FOX#61)
    Record Of Lodoss War (1990 Japanese, 1996 English) (mono:SciFi 3/8/97:On FOX#246)
-   Return Of The Overfiend -- See "Urotsukidoji III"
    Robot Carnival: opening/ending, Franken's Gear, Starlight Angel, Cloud, Deprive, Presence, A Tale Of Two Robots:Chapter 3:"Foreign Invasion", Nightmare (mono:SciFi 5/10/97:On FOX#262)
    Roujin Z (2:00) (mono:SciFi 2/22/97:On FOX#249)
2   Silent M"bius I  ("=Ö) (VTAS:good quality:On FOX#261)
2   Silent M"bius II ("=Ö) (VTAS:good quality:On FOX#261)
    Tenchi Muyo In Love (mono:SciFi 9/27/97:On FOX#284) [Tenchi travels back in time to 1970 to save his mom]
    The Quest For Odin (mono) (2:00) (SciFi 5/31/97:On FOX#268)
-   Those Obnoxious Aliens -- See "Urusei Yatsura"
s   Twin Dolls #2 (~:50 w/previews) (On FOX#346)
3s  Urotsukidoji I - Legend Of The Overfiend [1/5] - Birth Of The Overfiend (X) (~38:30) (On FOX#258)
3s  Urotsukidoji I - Legend Of The Overfiend [2/5] - Curse Of The Overfiend (X) (59:30) (On FOX#258)
3s  Urotsukidoji I - Legend Of The Overfiend [3/5] - Final Inferno (X) (47:40) (On FOX#258)
3s  Urotsukidoji II - Legend Of The Overfiend [1/2] - Legend Of The Demon Womb (X) (45:30) (On FOX#258) [seems to have some very small censorships]
3s  Urotsukidoji II - Legend Of The Overfiend [2/2] - Battle At The Shinjuku (X) (52:03) (On FOX#258)
3   Urotsukidoji III - Return Of The Overfiend [1/4] - Birth Of The True Overfiend (X) (50:10) (On FOX#258)
    Urotsukidoji III - Return Of The Overfiend [2/4] - The Mystery Of Caesar's Palace (X) (56:08) (1993 Japanese, 1994 English) (from orig:On FOX#219) (3rd gen:closing credits cut off:On FOX#258)
    Urotsukidoji III - Return Of The Overfiend [3/4] (~50:00) (X) (1993 Japanese, 1994 English) (from original:On FOX#219) TODO: GET TITLES OF [3/4] AND [4/4] FROM TAPE...
    Urotsukidoji III - Return Of The Overfiend [4/4] (~50:30) (X) (1993 Japanese, 1994 English) (from original:On FOX#220)
    Urusei Yatsura movie #1: Only You (1:40)             (On FOX#272)
    Urusei Yatsura movie #2: Beautiful Dreamer           (On FOX#272)
    Urusei Yatsura movie #3: Remember My Love            (On FOX#272)
    Urusei Yatsura movie #4: Lum The Forever             (On FOX#272)
    Urusei Yatsura movie #5: The Final Chapter (1:25:00) (On FOX#262)
    Vampire Hunter D (2:00:00) (mono:SciFi 5/17/97:On FOX#124)

LIVE ACTION MOVIES (d in col 1=director's cut) (B in col 1=bought):
-   2 Girls And A Guy -- See "Two Girls And A Guy"
-   4 Rooms -- See "Four Rooms"
B   12 Monkeys (R) (2:10)              (director:Terry Gilliam) (starring:Bruce Willis)
    12 Monkeys (R) (2:10) (On FOX#210) (director:Terry Gilliam) (starring:Bruce Willis)
    A Clockwork Orange (R) (2:17:00) (1971) (not captioned:On FOX#208) (director/screenplay:Stanley Kubrick) (book:Anthony Burgess) (starring:Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee)
    Absolutely Fabulous: The Last Shout (TV) (2:00) (mono:CC:On FOX#229)
    Addicted To Love (R) (1:40) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/5/99:On FOX#368)   
    Alien              (R) (1:56) (Magnavox:HBOS 5/21/99:On FOX#359)
    Aliens             (R) (2:17) (Magnavox:HBO  5/29/99:On FOX#367)
    Alien 3            (R) (1:56) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/07/99:On FOX#372)  
    Alien Resurrection (R) (1:49) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/07/99:On FOX#372)
    American Pie (vcd mpeg:On video-cdr-1 & video-cdr-2)
    Amistad (R) (2:34) (Magnavox:HBO 6/22/99:On FOX#381)              
    Arlington Road (asf:On vide-cdr-1 & video-cdr-2)
B   Army Of Darkness (R) (1:21) (1992) (may've been copy protected:On FOX#255) (starring:Bruce Campbell) (director:Sam Raimi) (music:Joseph Lo Duca) ("March Of The Dead" theme:Danny Elfman) (writers:Sam & Ivan Raimi)
    Back In Business (1:29) (R) (Magnavox:MorMax:On FOX#366)          UNWATCHED-NOT_AVAILABLE_VIA_NETFLIX
    Batman And Robin (PG-13) (2:05) (1997) (Magnavox:5/18/99:On FOX#357) [stars:Alicia Silverstone:Batgirl,Michael Keaton:Batman, Uma Thurman:Poison Ivy,Arnold Schwarzenegger:Mr. Freeze]
    Batman Returns (PG-13) (2:06) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/18/99:On FOX#380)
    Beetlejuice (PG) (1:32:40) (Magnavox:HBO 5/20/1999:On FOX#358)
    Being John Malkovitch (asf:On video-cdr-7)
B   Better Off Dead (PG??) 
    Better Off Dead (PG??) (2:00) (WB 7/18/98:On FOX#322) (star:John Cusack) (also with voice talent Elizabeth "E.G." Daily as herself/band-leader)
    Big Daddy (asf:On video-cdr-7)
d   Blade Runner: The Director's Cut (R) (1:57) (On FOX#178)
    Blankman (PG-13) (1:35) (Magnavox:Cinemax 5/21/99:On FOX#359) (Damon Wayans)
    Blue Velvet (R) (2:01) (1986) (CC) (On FOX#208) (starring:Kyle Maclachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Dennis Hopper, Laura Dern, Hope Lange, George Dickerson, Dean Stockwell) (writer/director:David Lynch)
    Boogie Nights (R) (2:35) (Magnavox:HBO 6/1/99:On FOX#362)
    Bram Stoker's Dracula (R) (2:07) (Magnavox:MorMax 5/25/2000:On FOX#358)
B	Breakfast Club, The (R) (1985)
    Braveheart (R) (2:58:30) (1995) (On FOX#256) (director:Mel Gibson) (writer:Randall Wallace) (starring:Mel Gibson) (producer:Mel Gibson, Alan Ladd Jr, Bruce Davey)
    Brazil (American Release) (R) (2:12) (On FOX#210) [FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!] (director:Terry Gilliam) (starring:Jonathan Price)
    Bridge Of Dragons (R) (1:31:50) (Magnavox:HBO 8/18/99:On FOX#397) 
    Cabin Boy (PG-13) (1:20) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/5/99:On FOX#362) (co-directed by Tim Burton)
    Calendar Girl (PG-13) (1:31) (HBOP 6/11/99:On FOX#374)            UNWATCHED-NOT_AVAILABLE_VIA_NETFLIX
    Campfire Tales (1:26) (R) (Magnavox:MorMax:On FOX#366)
    Can't Hardly Wait (PG-13) (1:40:40) (Magnavox:HBOP 7/7/1999:On FOX#379)
    Cheech And Chong: Nice Dreams (R) (1:27) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/22/99:On FOX#387)
    Cheech And Chong: Still Smokin' (CC 2/28/98:On FOX#306 preferred by VCR) (CC 7/27/97:On FOX#275)
    Cheech And Chong: Things Are Tough All Over (R) (~1:30) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/15/99:On FOX#378)
    Circuitry Man (R) (1:32:16) (On FOX#144)
B   Clash Of The Titans
bw  Clerks (R) (1:28:15) (Magnavox:MoreMax 7/20/1999:On FOX#389)
    Commandments (R) (1:27:45) (Magnavox:HBOP 8/9/99:On FOX#388) (Courtney Cox) [good comedy about guy who decides he must break all 10 commandments]
    Contact (PG) (2:30) (Magnavox:HBO 6/19/99:On FOX#380)             
-   Cool World -- See ANIMATED MOVIES
    Crazy People (R) (1:29:30) (Magnavox:Cinemax 8/18/99:On FOX#397) (starring:Robin Williams) 
o   Daybreak (1993) (not the 2000 or 2003 movie) (HBO/R) (1:58) (On FOX#181)                   
    Damnation Alley (made for TV) (1980s) (SciFi 9/6/97:On FOX#291)
    Detroit Rock City (1:36) (Encore 7/30/2001:On FOX#97)             
    Dogma (On FOX#415)
    Dr. Dolittle (PG-13) (1:25) (Magnavox:HBO 6/5/99:On FOX#365)
    Dr. Who (made for TV) (2:00) (prob mono:FOX 5/14/96:On FOX#143)
    Dreamscape (PG-13 or R) (1:39:15) (On FOX#371)
    Eddie Murphy Raw (R) (1:30:20) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/9/99:On FOX#386)
    Escape From New York (R) (1:30) (Magnavox:HBO 7/17/99:On FOX#386) (a John Carpenter film)
    Excess Baggage (PG-13) (1:41) (Alicia Silverstone) (Magnavox:MoreMax 7/20/1999:On FOX#389)
o   Faces Of Death III (R or NR) (1:35) (On FOX#392)
    Fargo (R) (1996) (1:38:12) (On FOX#206)
o   Fear, Anxiety, And Depression (R) (1989) (1:25) (On FOX#392)
    Fear Of A Black Hat (R) (1:27) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/3/99:On FOX#370)
    Fight Club (On FOX#29)
    Flashback (1990) (R) (1:47) (Magnavox:Cinemax 7/2/99:On FOX#382)         
    Four Rooms (bought demo tape:cover art may vary:On FOX#79) (R) (1:38) (starring:Tim Roth, Antonio Banderas, Jennifer Beals, Paul Calderon, Sammi Davis, Valeria Golino, Madonna, David Proval, Ione Skye, Lili
        Taylor, Marisa Tomei, Tamlyn Tomita) (a film by:Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino)
    Freaked (PG-13) (1:19) (Cinemax 6/11/99:On FOX#374)
    Friday The 13th VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (R) (1:20) (Magnavox:HBO 5/22/99:On FOX#356)
-   Friday The 13th -- See also "Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (NR)"
    Galaxy Quest (low-quality asf w/hard to understand sound:On video-cdr-6)
    Gattaca (PG-13) (1:46:20) (Uma Thurman) (Magnavox:HBOP 5/31/99:On FOX#368)
    Generation X (made for TV) (1:34) (prob mono:2/20/96:On FOX#92)
    Getting Away With Murder (R) (1:30:30) (retape:vidblips/closing creds cut:Magnavox:Cinemax 7/8/1999:On FOX#379)
    Ghost In The Machine (prob R) (1:35:24) (On FOX#371)
    Gladiator (500 meg or so version:On video-cdr-8)
B   Gremlins (PG) (1984)
    Half Baked (R) (1:25 w/previews) (FOX#352)
    Hardware (R) (1:32) (On FOX#144)
    Harlem Nights (R) (1:56) (Magnavox:HBO 6/22/99:On FOX#381) [Eddie Murphy] UNWATCHED
2   Heathers (R) (1:42:17) (*BAD* beta copy:On FOX#241)
    Hi-Life (R) (1:23:30) (Magnavox:Cinemax:8/5/99:On FOX#357) [Ally Sheedy] 
    I Know What You Did Last Summer (R) (1:40) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/8/99:On FOX#372)
    Indecent Proposal (1999) (1:56:00) (R) (HBOS:On FOX#366)          
d   Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (NR) (1:30+) (On FOX#150)
    J.F.K. (R) (3:09:10) (On FOX#256)                                 
3   Kids (R) (~1:30:00) (On FOX#264)
    Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy (R) (1:28) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/5/99:On FOX#362) 
    Kiss The Girls (R) (1:54) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/22/99:On FOX#378)    
    Kurt And Courtney (TV-MA) (1:36:30) (Magnavox:Cinemax 8/6/99:On FOX#388)
    L.A. Confidential (R) (2:18) (SLP copy of SP:On FOX#324) (HBOS 5/26/99:On FOX#364)
    Lionheart (PG) (1:44:30) (HBO:5/26/99:On FOX#364)                 UNWATCHED
    Lord Of Illusions (R) (2:01) (director:Clive Barker) (Showtime early 1998:On FOX#302) [in my opinion not really that great--Wes Craven is a better director]
    Mars (TV-MA) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/17/1999:On FOX#379)
    Mars Attacks (PG-13) (1:46) (bought tape:On FOX#80) (director:Tim Burton) (producers:Tim Burton,Larry Franco) (based on:"Mars Attacks" by Topps) (director of photography:Peter Suschitzky) (music:Danny Elfman) (stars:Jack Nicholson, Glenn Close, Annette Bening, Pierce Brosnan, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michael J. Rox, Rod Steiger, Tom Jones, Lukas Haas, Natalie Portman, Jim Brown, Lisa Marie, Sylvia Sidney)
    Men In Black (1:38) (Dad's RCA:HBO [8-12]?/1998:On FOX#325) (music:Danny Elfman) (starring:Tommy Lee Jones-Kay, Will Smith-Jay, Rip Tornw-Zed, Linda Fiorentino:Laurel, Tony Shalhoub:Jeebs)
-   Merlin (NBC made for TV) -- See MISC.HTM:MINISERIES
    Midnight Express (R) (2:00:30) (Magnavox:HBOS 6/30/99:On FOX#383)
    Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (R) (2:35) (Magnavox:HBO 5/18/99:On FOX#363)
-   Mind Ripper -- See "Wes Craven Presents Mind Ripper"
d   Monty Python's Quest For The Holy Grail: The Director's Cut (R?) (2:00) (director:Terry Gilliam) (mono:on tv so prob censored:On FOX#152)
    Mousehunt (PG) (1:37) (Magnavox:HBO 5/21/99:On FOX#359)
    My Boyfriend's Back (PG-13) (~1:30) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/14/99:On FOX#376) 
    Myra Breckenridge (R) (1:34) (1970) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/3/99:On FOX#370)   (Raquel Welch, Farrah Fawcet)
B   Mullholland Dr. (FOX#104)
-   Nice Dreams -- See "Cheech And Chong: Nice Dreams"
    Nick Fury: Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. (made for TV) (New:FOX 5/26/98:On FOX#314)
B   Night Of The Living Dead (b&w) (1968) (FOX#131)																												UNWATCHED
    Nowhere (R) (1:22:22) (Magnavox:On FOX#348) (Teen Apocalypse Trilogy [3/3]) (director:Gregg Araki) (seems like an R-rated edit of an NC-17 film)
    One Crazy Summer (PG) (~1:45) (HBO 6/11/99:On FOX#374) [star:John Cusack]
    One More Saturday Night (R) (1:31:30) (Magnavox:Cinemax 7/1/99:On FOX#382) [Al Franken] [crazy weekend with weird intracate circumstances] [partying teenagers and such] [fun to watch, nothing special]
    Orgazmo (pretty good 600M or so version:On video-cdr-8)
    Outbreak (R) (2:08) (Magnavox:MorMax 5/29/99:On FOX#367)          
    Pecker (director:John Waters) (On FOX#415)
    Pi (R) (1998) (1:25) (JVC:On FOX#29)
-   Pink Floyd's The Wall -- See "The Wall"
    Pleasantville (PG-13) (2:05:15) (1998) (SP source:On FOX#377)
B   Poltergest 1 (PG) (1982)
    Popeye (PG) (1:53:50) (Magnavox:7/1-10/99:On FOX#383)             
    Porky's Revenge (R) (1:32) (Magnavox:MorMax 5/27/99:On FOX#365)   UNWATCHED-NOT_AVAILABLE_VIA_NETFLIX_2008
    Predator 2 (R) (1:48) (Magnavox:HBO 7/21/1999:On FOX#389)
    Prince Valiant (PG-13) (1:32) (Magnavox:HBO 5/29/99:On FOX#367)
    Quest For Fire (R) (1:40) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/14/99:On FOX#376)    UNWATCHED
    Raising Arizona (PG-13) (1:34) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/13/99:On FOX#375)
    Reefer Madness (bought tape:On FOX#86)
    Replikator (made for TV) (2:00) (mono:SciFi 4/27/96:On FOX#132)   UNWATCHED-NOT_AVAILABLE_VIA_NETFLIX [and this may be a Good Thing]
    Reservoir Dogs (R) (1:40) (1991) (On FOX#204)
    Retroactive (R) (1:30:50) (1997) (Magnavox:HBO 7/21/1999:On FOX#389)
    Robin Hood: Men In Tights (PG-13) (1:44:30) (Magnavox:HBO 6/30/99:On FOX#383)
    Rumble In The Bronx (R) (1996) (star:Jackie Chan) (director:Stanly Tong) (Hong Kong release:subtitled/worse original quality:On FOX#257) (American release:dubbed/copy protected:On FOX#255)
    Rush Hour (PG-13) (1:38:50) (Jackie Chan) (Magnavox:On FOX#348)
    Ruthless People (R) (1:33:45) (Magnavox:HBOS 6/3/99:On FOX#370)   
    Scary Movie (R) (asf, end slightly cut off:On video-cdr-10)
    Serial Mom (R) (1:33) (MorMax 6/15/2000:On FOX#373)
    Small Soldiers (PG-13) (1:50) (Magnavox:HBO 6/22/99:On FOX#378) (Phil Hartman's final performance--R.I.P.)
B	Smokers, The (2001) (R) (1:30) (FOX#109)					
    Sphere (~2:15) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/22/99:On FOX#378)              
    Spiceworld (PG) (1:29) (end of closing credits cut off:Magnavox:HBO 6/20/99:On FOX#380)
    Star Trek I aka Star Trek: The Motion Picture (PG?) (2:24:30) (1980,1983) (On FOX#224) (special longer edition) (12 minutes of new footage) (producer:Gene Roddenberry) (director:Robert Wise) (starring:William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Majel Barrett, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Persis Khambatta, Stephen Collins as Decker) (music:Jerry Goldsmith) (screenplay:Harold Livingston) (story:Alan Dean Foster) (A Paramount Picture)
    Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (PG) (1:53:00) (1982) (On FOX#209) (starring:William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, Walter Koenig, George Takei, Nichelle Nichols, Bibi Besch, Merritt Butrick as David, Paul Winfield as Terrel, Ricaldo Montalbahn as Kahn) (introducing:Kirstie Alley as Saavik) (director:Nicholas Meyer) (screenplay:Jack B. Sowards) (story:Harve Bennett, Jack B. Sowards)
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (PG) (1:59:00) (1986) (On FOX#211) (starring:William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, and Catherine Hicks) (director:Leonard Nimoy) (producer:Harve Bennett) (screenplay:Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes, Harve Bennett, Nicholas Meyer) (story:Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett) (director of photography:Don Peterman, ASC) (music:Leonard Rosenman)
    Stephen King's The Night Flier (R) (1:32) (Magnavox:HBO 5/29/99:On FOX#367) 
    Steel (PG-13) (1:37) (HBO 6/12/1999:On FOX#373)
-   Still Smokin' -- See "Cheech & Chong: Still Smokin'"
    Strange Days (R) (2:25) (On FOX#275 preferred) (edited for TV:SciFi 11/14/98:On FOX#340)
    Stuart Saves His Family (PG-13) (1:37) (Magnavox:HBO 5/30/99:On FOX#368) 
    South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut (bootleg w/audience:asf:On video-cdr-3)
    Super Nova (crappy hard-to-understand low-quality asf:On video-cdr-6)
B   Taxi Driver (R) (2:08) (1976) (director:Martin Scorsese) (starring:Robert DeNiro,Jodie Foster,Cybill Shepherd,Harvey Keitel) (writer:Paul Schrader) (producer:Michael & Julia Phillips)
    Teen Wolf (PG) (1:32) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/3/99:On FOX#370) (Michael J. Fox)
B   Terminator II 
-   Terminator II -- alternate ending -- See MISC.HTM:SPECIALS:General Knowledge/Misc Specials:Secrets Revealed
-   Terminator II -- I also have the Teminator II screen saver for Windows (mpeg clips, lots of things that affect the desktop, etc)
    The Addams Family (PG-13) (1:40) (Magnavox:HBO 7/2/99:On FOX#382)         
    The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai (bought tape:On FOX#64)                 
    The Avengers (1998) (PG-13) (1:29) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/23/99:On FOX#387)   
    The Black Hole (PG) (1:35:30) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/19/99:On FOX#380)
    The Devil's Advocate (R) (2:24) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/22/99:On FOX#381)
    The Fifth Element (PG-13) (2:05:00) (Bruce Willis, Milla Jovavich) (Dad's RCA:HBO 1998:On FOX#315)
    The Firm (R) (2:34:30) (Magnavox:HBOS 8/17/99:On FOX#397)          
    The Last Action Hero (PG-13) (~2:15) (Magnavox:HBO 6/13/99:On FOX#375)
    The Lost Highway (R) (2:14) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/10/1999:On FOX#369) (director: David Lynch)
    The Naked Lunch (R) (1:57) (protected:On FOX#350 preferred by VCR) (mono nohifi 2-head:On FOX#392)
    The Negotiator (R) (2:20) (Magnavox:HBO 6/13/99:On FOX#375)        
-   The Night Flier -- See "Stephen King's The Night Flier"
    The Object Of My Affection (R) (1:51:30) (HBOP 8/12/1999:On FOX#398)
    The Pentagon Wars (R) (1:46) (Magnavox:HBOS 8/8/99:On FOX#388) (starring:Kelsey Grammar) (awards:Emmy for best costume design) [this movie is hilarious! political satire and a true story too!] [not sure how it's rated R since it was originally made-for-TV]
    The Positively True Adventures Of The Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom (R) (1:39) (Magnavox:HBOS 7/5/99:On FOX#376)    
    The Postman (PG) (2:58) (Cinemax:5/26/99:On FOX#364)
2   The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R?) (5:30 intro) (1:38 movie) (5:00 outro) (1:48:30 total) (beta copy:On FOX#243)
    The Sender (R) (1:38) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/17/99:On FOX#386)         
    The Sixth Sense - (1:47) (cm'ed:On FOX#415)
    The Shawshank Redemption (R) (2:22) (SP source:On FOX#365) (Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman)
B   The Wall (Pink Floyd) (R) (1:35:30)              (screenplay:Roger Waters) (director of animation:Gerald Scarfe) (director:Alan Parker)
    The Wall (Pink Floyd) (R) (1:35:30) (On FOX#210) (screenplay:Roger Waters) (director of animation:Gerald Scarfe) (director:Alan Parker)
2   The Waterboy (1:30 w/commercials) (2:from Kipp:ABC 1999:On FOX#347)
    There's Something About Mary (R) (1:59) (On FOX#415)
-   Things Are Tough All Over -- See "Cheech & Chong: Things Are Tough All Over"
    Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down (NC-17) (1:45) (On FOX#150)
    Tin Men (R) (1:52) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/22/99:On FOX#387)            
    Titanic (3:17) (Magnavox:8/11/1999:On FOX#398)
s   To Kill With Intrigue (NR) (1980) (1:46:30) (On FOX#257) (star:Jackie Chan)
    Trojan War (PG-13) (1:23) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/6/99:On FOX#370)
    Tron (PG) (1:35) (HBO 8/26/1999:On FOX#396)
-   Twelve Monkeys -- See "12 Monkeys" (at beginning of movie list)
    Two Girls And A Guy (NC-17) (1:25:45) (Magnavox:Cinemax 6/30/99:On FOX#383)
    Twilight Zone The Movie (PG) (1:41) (Magnavox:Mormax 7/16/99:On FOX#375)
    Twin Peaks (NR) (1:53:06) (1989) (On FOX#354) [movie-length pilot directed by David Lynch] plus FOX#187-#192 are the VHS bought box set
    Wayne's World 1 (PG-13) (1:34:30) (Magnavox:HBO 5/19/99:On FOX#363)
    Wayne's World 2 (~1:30) (Magnavox:HBO 5/18/99:On FOX#357)
    Wes Craven Presents Mindripper (R) (1:35:30) (Magnavox:HBOP 6/10/1999:On FOX#369)
B	What Dreams May Come
    Where The Heart Is (R) (~1:45) (Magnavox:MorMax 7/14/99:On FOX#376)     
    White Men Can't Jump (R) (1:55:30) (Magnavox:MorMax 6/24/99:On FOX#382) 
    Wild At Heart (R) (2:04) (beginning cred cut off:just lost "Laura Dern"/"Kyle McLan" credits:retape:Magnavox:Cinemax 6/25/1999:On FOX#377)
    Wild Things (R) (1:48:30) (Magnavox:HBO 5/19/99:On FOX#363)
    Wild Wild West (asf:On video-cdr-3)
    Wrongfully Accused (PG-13) (Magnavox:HBO 7/24/99:On FOX#387) (Leslie Nielson)
    American History X (On FOX#377)
    At First Sight (~2:00) (On FOX#264) [before:Kids]
    Austin Powers II: The Spy Who Shagged Me (On FOX#377)
    Best Laid Plans (:50) On FOX#29)
    Blade (On FOX#377)
    Boys Don't Cry (1:00) (On FOX#29)
    Brazil (2:45) (On FOX#210)
    Bulworth (On FOX#415)
    Crush  (1:50) (On FOX#270) [before:Tetsuo:The Iron Man]
    Heavy Metal 2000 (1:30) (On FOX#415)
    Home Fries (On FOX#377)
    How Stella Got Her Groove Back (On FOX#415)
    Howard Stern: Private Parts (2:00) (On FOX#317)
    Independence Day (On FOX#275)
+   +Iria: +Zeiram +The +Animation (1:30) (On FOX#270) [before:"Tetsuo:The Iron Man"]
    Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (~2:00) (On FOX#264) [after:Kids]
    Legalese (On FOX#377)
    Light It Up (1:00)  (On FOX#29)
    Living Out Loud (On FOX#377)
    Never Been Kissed (On FOX#415)
    Office Space (On FOX#415)
    Pecker (On FOX#377)
    Polish Wedding (On FOX#415)
    Practical Magic (On FOX#377)
    Rumble In The Bronx (~2:00) (On FOX#264)  [after:Kids]
    Rush Hour (On FOX#377)
    Shooting Fish (On FOX#415)
    The Doom Generation (~2:00) (On FOX#264) [before:Kids]
    The Maddening (~2:00) (On FOX#264) [before:Kids]
    The Nightmare Before Christmas (1:30) (On FOX#354) [before:The Dark Crystal]
    The Relic (2:00) (On FOX#317)
    The Slums Of Beverly Hills (On FOX#415)
    Titus (The Movie) (1:10) (On FOX#29)
    X-Men: The Movie (1:00) (On FOX#29)
    Fight Club director's cut DVD (1:00) (On FOX#29)
    Strange Days soundtrack commercial (On FOX#275)
    Family Guy "coming March 1999" (On FOX#415) [Peter w/Glasses (does he usually?), blonde Lois]
    Star Trek series/themepark/something (On FOX#317)
    X-Files home video release (2:00) (On FOX#275)

JAPANESE LIVE MOVIES (s in col 1=subtitled, otherwise it's dubbed)
(bw=black and white):
bw  Drum Struck (:25) (1992) (On FOX#270) [follows Testuo: The Iron Man] (Markus Greiner:star,writer,producer) (starring:Anthony Bevilacqua,Lia Nickson,Markus Greiner) (Greg Nickson:director,writer,producer) (music:Perma-Buzz)
        (also written/produced by:Guy Nickson)
sbw Tetsuo: The Iron Man (:67) (1992) (On FOX#270) (subtitled, black and white) [followed by Drum Struck] (starring:Tomoroh Taguchi,Nobu Kanaoko) (Shinya Tsukamoto:star,cinematography,writer,editor,director)
        (Kei Fujiwara:star,cinemetography,assistant director) (music:Chu Ishikawa) (produced by Kaiju Theatre)

2 Girls And A Guy, 4 Rooms, 8 Man After, 12 Monkeys, A Clockwork Orange, Absolutely Fabulous:The Last Shout, Acidburn Flashback Taboo, Addicted To Love, Akira, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, American Pie, Amistad,
Anastasia, Appleseed, Arlington Road, Army Of Darkness, Back In Business, Robin, Batman Returns, Batman & Robin, Batman:SubZero, Battle For Moon Station Dallos, Beavis & Butt-head Do America, Beetlejuice,
Being John Malkovitch, Better Off Dead, Big Daddy, Black Magic M-66, Blade Runner:Director's Cut, Blankman, Blue Velvet, Boogie Nights, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Braveheart, Brazil, Bridge Of Dragons, Cabin Boy,
Calendar Girl, Campfire Tales, Can't Hardly Wait, Casshan:Robot Hunter; Cheech & Chong:Nice Dreams,Still Smokin,Things Are Tough All Over; Circuitry Man, Clerks, Clockwatchers, Commandments, Contact, Cool World,
Crazy People, Damnation Alley, Daria Movie:Is It Fall Yet?, Daybreak, Demon City Shinjuko, Detroit Rock City, Dogma, Dominion:Tank Police, Dr. Doolittle, Dr. Who, Dragon Ball Z #13, Dreamscape, Drum Struck, Eddie Murphy Raw, Eight Man After,
Escape From New York, Excess Baggage, EYES Of Mars, Faces Of Death 3, Fantasia, Fargo; Fear,Anxiety,&Depression; Fear Of A Black Hat, Fight Club, Flashback, 4 Rooms, Freaked; Friday the 13th 8,9/Final; Galaxy Quest,
Gall Force:Eternal Story, Gattaca, Generation X, Getting Away With Murder, Ghost In The Machine, Gladiator, Half Baked, Hardware, Harlem Nights, Heathers, Hi-Life, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Indecent Proposal,
Iria Zeiram:The Animation, Is It Fall Yet?:The Daria Movie, Jason Goes To Hell:The Final Friday, Jetsons, JFK, Kids, Kids In The Hall:Brain Candy, Kiss The Girls, Kurt & Courtney, L.A. Confidential, Legend Of The Overfiend, Lethal Weapon, Lily CAT,
Lord Of Illusions, Mars, Mars Attacks, Men In Black, Merlin(miniseries), Midnight Express, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, Monty Python's Quest For The Holy Grail, Mousehunt, My Boyfriend's Back,
Myra Breckenridge, Nick Fury:Agent of SHIELD, Night Of The Living Dead, Nowhere, One Crazy Summer, One More Saturday Night, Orgazmo, Outbreak, Pecker, Pi, Pink Floyd's The Wall, Pleasantville, Popeye, Porky's Revenge, Predator 2,
Prince Valiant, Project A-Ko vs Battle 1/2:Blue/Grey Side, Quest For Camelot, Quest For Fire, Raising Arizona, Record Of Lodoss War, Reefer Madness, Replikator, Reservoir Dogs, Retroactive, Return Of The Overfiend,
Robin Hood:Men In Tights, Robot Carnival, Roujin Z, Rugrats, Rumble In The Bronx, Rush Hour, Ruthless People, Serial Mom, Silent M"bius 1-2, Small Soldiers, Sphere, Spiceworld, Star Trek 1-2,4; Steel,
Stephen King's The Night Flier, Strange Days, Stuart Saves His Family; South Park:Bigger,Longer,Uncut; Super Nova, Taxi Driver, Teen Wolf, Tenchi Muyo In Love, Tetsuo:The Iron Man, The Addams Family,
The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai, The Avengers, The Black Hole, The Dark Crystal, The Devil's Advocate, The 5th Element, The Hobbit, The Last Action Hero, The Last Unicorn, The Lion King, The Lost Highway, The Maxx, The Naked Lunch,
The Negotiator, The Object Of My Affection, The Positively True Adventures Of The Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom, The Quest For Odin, The Pentagon Wars, The Return Of The King,
The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Rugrats Movie, The Secret Of Nimh, The Sender, The Sixth Sense, The Wall, The Waterboy; There's Something About Mary, Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down; Tin Men, Titanic, To Kill With Intrigue, Trojan War,
Tron, Twelve Monkeys, Two Girls And A Guy, Twilight Zone The Movie, Twin Dolls 2, Twin Peaks, Urotsukidoji 1-3(all OVAs), Urusei Yatsura 1-5, Vampire Hunter D, Vengeance Of The Space Pirate, Wayne's World 1-2, Wes Craven:Mind Ripper,
Where The Heart Is, White Men Can't Jump, Wild At Heart, Wild Things, Wild Wild West, Wizards, Wrongfully Accused.