******************* MISCELLANEOUS SEGMENTS, EXCERPTS, SHORTS ******************
******************* MISCELLANEOUS SEGMENTS, EXCERPTS, SHORTS ******************
(aliases also usually exist under the show's title in the proper file)
(!! in col 1 = IT'S ME!!! ON TV!!!!!):
THE FORMAT: Subject/Show (Title of Clip if diff) (Network[:Show] or "movie")
               (MM:SS) (location)
VT  3-D Movie Is Free!! (VTTV) (~1:00) (2/22/1997:On FOX#235)
    Anastasia (Kelsey Grammer & Meg Ryan talk about being voice actors for it) (Nick) (~1:00) (9/18/1997:On FOX#291)
    Angry Beavers (interview with the voice actors for Norbert and Daggett) (Nick) (~1:00) (6/14/1997:On FOX#267)
    Animaniacs: The Presidents Song (3:00) (On FOX#358)
    Asner, Ed (Ed Asner:The True Face Of Hudson/J. Jonah Jameson) (E!:Talk Soup) (~:15) (6/2/1996:On FOX#152) [*]
2   Beach Balls (drunk band-chick puking) (beta copy:On FOX#243)
2   Beach Balls ("moral confusion" w/bitchy chick) (beta copy:On FOX#243)
    Bethesda Triangle, The (The Daily Show) (CC) (~4:00) (New:6/23/1999:On FOX#374) [*]
    Blacksburg (Blacksburg Electronic Village) (SciFi?) (3:30) (On FOX#20)
    Commercials: Blues Clues Ad/Little Bear Ad (1:45) (On FOX#377)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (2 Stupid Dogs: long commercial) (CN) (~1:30) (On FOX#269)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Beatnik commercial) (CN) (On FOX#256)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Birdman's Coffee Break) (On FOX#360)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Cartoons That Never Made It: Rupert) (CN) (~0:30) (On FOX#259)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Cartoons That Never Made It: Salt N' Slug) (CN) (~0:30) (On FOX#268) (On FOX#269)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Chasers Anonymous) (CN) (~1:00) (8/19/1998:On FOX#333)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Johnny Bravo premiere commercial with "Betty" from The Herculoids) (CN) (~0:30) (On FOX#124)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Powerpuff Girls: MoJo JoJo "Millionaire" parody) (11/11/2000:On FOX#43)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Scooby Doo: Scooby/Courage The Cowardly Dog commercial) (funny, Freddie falls on top of Daphne) (On FOX#41)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Scooby Doo: Shaggy/Droopy Pulp Fiction parody) (CN) (~1:00) (On FOX#239)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Space Ghost Coast To Coast: Season 5: "tabloid") (CN) (8/23/1998:On FOX#328) (9/1/1998:On FOX#331)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Space Ghost Coast To Coast: Season 5: "Where does the courage come from?") (CN) (Magnavox:9/1/1998:On FOX#331)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Staylongers--'Survivor Parody': unknown day) (twice on FOX#419)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Staylongers--`Survivor Parody': Day 12) (CN) (9/24/2000:On FOX#18)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Staylongers--`Survivor Parody': Aftermath) (CN) (2:00) (twice:On FOX#419)
    Commercials: Cartoon Network (Wonder Twins guy complains about only turning into water-based objects) (CN) (7/30/1998:On FOX#326)
    Commercials: Peanuts Commercial (2min) (On FOX#377)
    Commercials: www.foxhome.com ad (:30) (On FOX#275)
    Crashed Fairfax Cable "Herndon Community TV" (windows APF) (On FOX#396)
    Earth (Various Earthviews) (NASA) (4:30:6/1/1997:On FOX#263) (11/12/1997:On FOX#294)
    Eek!Stravaganza (theme:Season One) (FOX) (1:00) (1995) (On FOX#139)
    Example Of MTV Ghosting Due To Crappy Cox Cable (5/3/2000:On FOX#410)
    Hemp (segment on hemp) (TBS:Network Earth) (6:15) (3/31/1996:On FOX#115)
2   Kung Fu (guy sticking hands in bowls) (:49) (beta copy:On FOX#240)
    Leary, Timothy (Late Night With Greg Kinnear appearance) (NBC) (13:40) (On FOX#258) [he also appears in a Space Ghost Coast To Coast episode]
    Leno, Jay (Candace Bergman/Murphy Brown "eloquently" explains the difference between holding a cigarette, a cigar, and a joint) (~1 sec!) (NBC:The Tonight Show) (11/20/1997:On FOX#281)
    Lesbians: Ally McBeal & asian chick kiss (NBC:11/2/1999:On FOX#424)
    Lesbians: Talk Soup clip of the week: 2 blonde lesbians make out and take each others tops off (E!:Talk Soup) (2/1999:On FOX#344)
    Letterman, David (Martha Stewart's Top-10 List) (CBS:Late Night) (3:15) (9/25/1995:On FOX#11)
    Limbaugh, Rush (Rodney King clip, Congressional Pork) (15:30) (On FOX#392)
!!  Clint JCL - Clint (ME @ Tour DuPont) (ESPN) (~2:00) (5/6/1996:On FOX#139) (broadcasted about 30 minutes after I finished walking home)
    Mandell, Howie (Bobby (Hush Little Baby)) (CC:Howie Mandell Special) (~7:00) (1/19/1997:On FOX#225)
    NASA (RE:satellite that will slingshot past Jupter to suns magnetic poles) (SciFi:Inside Space) (~1:00) (7/30/1997:On FOX#280)
    Psychedelia (MINDWARP.EXE-like clip) (~:30) (5/5?/1996:On FOX#139)
    Psychedelia (Orb) (VTTV) (On FOX#245)
    Psychedelia (Tribe on DMT narration -- Kaleidoscopic) (~1:00) (On B&B#5/FOX#430)
    Psychedelia (Video Anamoly/Digital Lag) (4:45) (On FOX#217)
2   Screaming, Burning Monsters (1:10) (HBO:some movie) (beta copy:On FOX#242)
    Secret Revealed (excerpts) (11:02) (TLC 3/12/1998:On FOX#306) ('secret' voice actors Nancy Cartwright and Billy West and the Tony The Tiger old guy, alternate ending to Terminator II)
    Sexual abuse commercial ("the bad touch") (On FOX#23) (On FOX#31)
    Snake And Cat That Are Friends, with stupid redneck caller from Lynchburg, Virginia (NBC:Hard Copy) (1:05) (4/24/1997:On FOX#252)
    Space Ghost (New Season Commercial Fragments (On SGCTC#3/FOX#57)
    Space Ghost (Zorak Teaches Brak To Be Mean / Viewer Mail / Live-Action Space Ghost / Word Of The Day: FUNKY / Guest: David [Charades Expert]) (CN:Cartoon Planet) (~8:00) (7/3/1996:On SGCTC#1/FOX#55)
    Stern, Howard New Year's Special (PPV) - probably "New Year's Rotten Eve 1994" - actually Brent's tape but he'll never take it back (FOX#117)
    Stern, Howard (Orgasm faking contest) (E!:Howard Stern) (10/24/1998:On FOX#338)
    Stone, Sharon (Basic Instinct: Promo) (:10:00) (On FOX#392)
    Stone, Sharon (Basic Instinct: 2 scenes: club and sex) (25:33) (On FOX#392)
    The Peewee Herman Show (Intro) (CC) (~2:00) (1/19/1997:On FOX#225)
    The Raven (Tonto, Tarzan, And Frankenstein read "The Raven", by Edgar Allen Poe) (Comedy Central/NBC:Saturday Night Live) (1:00) (10/31/1996:On FOX#206) [*]
    The Simpsons ("The Thompsons") (FOX) (:20) (11/1/1995:On FOX 10/26.../1995)
    The Simpsons (Bart Sells His Soul:Full Intro) (FOX 12/31/1995:On FOX#47)
    The Simpsons (Histeria: Parody of Simpsons theme) (WB 3/6/1998:On FOX#346)
    The Simpsons (Itchy & Scratchy: Cloning Machine) (FOX 4/16/2000:On FOX#42)
    The Web (Debate On The Presence Of Drugs On The Internet) (SciFi) (~8:00) (9/17/1997:On FOX#291)
    When Animals Attack (Elk Attacks Hunter) (FOX) (3:00) (On FOX#209)
    Woman Getting Crayfish Flipped Into Her Cleavage (Univision:"Funniest Videos" show) (:30) (On FOX#5)
    Woodbridge High (Odyssey Of The Mind newsclip) (news) (2:00) (1995?) (On FOX#139)
NOTE: This is pretty pointless. Some of these are pretty funny though. :)
-   2 Stupid Dogs -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network"
-   Adventures Of Spiderman -- See "Spiderman"
-   Ally McBeal -- See "Lesbians"
-   Animals -- See "When Animals Attack"
-   Bad Reception -- See "Example Of MTV Ghosting Due To Crappy Cox Cable"
-   Beavis And Butt-head -- See B&B.HTM:CLIPS.
-   Bergman, Candace -- See "Leno, Jay"
-   Bethesda -- See "local"
-   Bobby -- See Mandell, Howie
-   Bobby's World -- See Mandell, Howie
-   Brown, Charlie -- See "Commercials: Peanuts"
-   Burning -- See "Screaming, Burning Monsters"
-   Cable -- See "Example Of MTV Ghosting Due To Crappy Cox Cable"
-   Cartoon Planet -- See "Space Ghost"
-   Cartoon Network -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network"
-   Cartwright, Nancy (Bart Simpson) -- See "Secrets Revealed"
-   Cats -- See "Snake And Cat That Are Friends"
-   Charlie Brown -- See "Commercials: Peanuts"
-   Chicks -- See "Drunk Sexy Chick Puking", "Lesbians"
-   Cigar[ette] holding -- See "Bergman, Candace"
-   Cleavage -- See "Woman Getting Crayfish Flipped Into Her Cleavage"
-   Cox Cable -- See "Example Of MTV Ghosting Due To Crappy Cox Cable"
-   Crayfish -- See "Woman Getting Crayfish Flipped Into Her Cleavage"
-   DMT -- See "Psychedelia"
-   Dogs -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network" for 2 Stupid Dogs commercial
-   Drugs: Culture -- See "Leary, Timothy" for one of his last guest-spots
-   Drugs: Culture -- See "The Web: Dabte On Presence Of Drugs On The Internet"
-   Drugs: Smoking techniques -- See "Bergman, Candace"
-   Drunk Sexy Chick Puking -- See "Beach Balls"
-   Elk -- See "When Animals Attack"
-   Frankenstein -- See "The Raven"
-   Funniest Videos -- See "Woman Getting Crayfish Flipped Into Her Cleavage"
-   Gargoyles -- See "Asner, Ed" for Hudson's True Face
-   Gilliam, Terry -- See "Brazil"
-   Ghosting -- See "Example Of MTV Ghosting Due To Crappy Cox Cable"
-   Grammar, Kelsey -- See "Anastasia"
-   Headbangers' Ball -- See also MUSIC.HTM:CLIPS
-   Herculoids, The -- See "The Herculoids"
-   Herman, Peewee -- See "The Peewee Herman Show"
-   Histeria -- See "The Simpsons"
-   Hush Little Baby -- See "Mandell, Howie"
-   Joint holding -- See "Bergman, Candace"
-   King, Rodney -- See "Limbaugh, Rush"
-   Kinnear, Greg -- See "Leary, Timothy"
-   Late Night -- See "Letterman, David"
-   Late Show -- See "Letterman, David"
-   Leno, Jay -- See "South Park" guest appearance in COMEDY.HTM
-   Letterman, David (Sex Pistols appearance) -- See "Sex Pistols"
-   L, Britt -- my sister - See "Woodbridge High (Odyssey Of The Mind)"
-   L, Clint JCL -- see real list above
-   local -- see "Bethesda Triangle, The"
-   Martial Arts -- See "Kung Fu"
-   McBeal, Ally -- See "Lesbians"
-   Millionarre -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network: PowerPuff Girls: Mojo JoJo Millionaire Parody"
-   Monsters -- See "Screaming, Burning Monsters"
-   Monty Python -- See "Gilliam, Terry"
-   Moral Confusion -- See "Beach Balls"
-   Movies -- See <"a href="movies.htm#previews">MOVIES.HTM.
-   Movie Previews -- See <"a href="movies.htm#previews">MOVIES.HTM.
-   NASA -- See "Earth"
-   Orgasms -- See "Stern, Howard"
-   Peanuts -- See "Commercials: Peanuts"
-   Peewee Herman -- See "The Peewee Herman Show"
-   Poe, Edgar Allen -- See "The Raven"
-   Previews -- for movie previews see <"a href="movies.htm#previews">MOVIES.HTM:Movie Previews.
-   Psychedelia -- See "The Peewee Hermnan Show (Intro)"
-   Puking -- See "Beach Balls"
-   Pulp Fiction -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network" for parody
-   Raven, The -- See "The Raven"
-   Ren -- See "West, Billy"
-   Ruebens, Paul -- See "The Peewee Herman Show"
-   Ryan, Meg -- See "Anastasia"
-   Salt N' Slug -- See "Cartoons That Never Made It:Salt N' Slug"
-   Saturday Night Live -- See "The Raven"
-   Screaming -- See "Screaming, Burning Monsters"
-   Sex -- See "Chicks", "Orgasms"
-   Simpson, Bart -- See "Cartwright, Nancy"
-   Simpsons -- See "The Simpsons"
-   Slugs -- See "Cartoons That Never Made It:Salt N' Slug"
-   Smoking -- See "Bergman, Candace"
-   Songs -- See MUSIC.HTM
-   South Park -- See COMEDY.HTM for all South Park clips -- I have several
-   Space -- See "Earth"
-   Space -- See "NASA"
-   Spiderman -- See "Asner, Ed" for J. Jonah Jameson's True Face
-   Stewart, Martha -- See "Letterman, David"
-   Stimpy -- See "West, Billy"
-   Survivor -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network: Staylongers: Survivor Parody"
-   Sweet, Britt -- See "L, Britt"
-   Tarzan -- See "The Raven"
-   Terminator II -- alternate ending -- see MISC.HTM:SPECIALS:General Knowledge/Misc Specials:Secrets Revealed
-   Terra -- See "Earth"
-   The Adventures Of Spiderman -- See "Spiderman"
-   The Herculoids -- See "Commercials: Cartoon Network: Johnny Bravo premiere commercial with Betty from The Herculoids"
-   The Jetsons -- See "Jetsons"
-   The Sex Pistols -- See "Sex Pistols"
-   The Simpsons (Original Simpsons Shorts) (FOX:The Tracy Ullman Show) -- See FOX.HTM::The Simpsons.
-   The Tracy Ullman Show (Original Simpsons Shorts) -- See "The Simpsons"
-   Tonto -- See "The Raven"
-   Tony The Tiger -- See "Secrets Revealed"
-   Tracy Ullman -- See "The Tracy Ullman Show"
-   Ullman, Tracy -- See "The Tracy Ullman Show"                                 
-   Univision -- See "Woman Getting Crayfish Flipped Into Her Cleavage"
-   Video anamoly -- See "Psychedelia: Video Anamoly"
-   Videos -- all videos have been moved to MUSIC.HTM.
-   Violence -- See "When Animals Attack", "Limbaugh, Rush"
-   Violence -- See "Screaming, Burning Monsters"
-   Virginia -- see "local"
-   Voice Actors -- See "Anastasia", "Angry Beavers", "Secrets Revealed"
-   West, Billy (Ren/Stimpy) -- See "Secrets Revealed"
-   Windows -- see "crashed Fairfax Cable"

***************************** LIMITED/MINI SERIES *****************************
***************************** LIMITED/MINI SERIES *****************************

    Merlin (4:00) (NBC, two 2-hour parts) (4/26-27/1998:On FOX#310)     UNWATCHED

    Red Planet (3):  See FOX.HTM.
    Sigfried & Roy (4):  See FOX.HTM.
    Spicy City (6): See HBO.HTM.

*************************** MISCELLANEOUS SPECIALS ****************************
*************************** MISCELLANEOUS SPECIALS ****************************

ANIMATED SPECIALS (or live specials ABOUT animated shows):
-   Celebrity Deathmatch Deathbowl '98 -- See MTV.HTM:Celebrity Deathmatch
    Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (On video-cdr-26)
    Charlie Brown: It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown (1958/1965) UNWATCHED (bought tape:FOX#63)
2o  Charlie Brown: It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) (25:52) (On FOX#244)
-   Dr. Seuss -- see below
    Frosty The Snowman (MPG:251M:On video-cdr-59)
    Gary Larson's Tales From The Far Side (ASF:103M:On video-cdr-26) (ASF:103M:On video-cdr-59)
    "MTV's Shameless Self-Promotional Special" (all short MTV commercials) (last 6 minutes only:6/28/1998:On FOX#320)
    The Making Of Daria [with Janine Garofalo, and the true face of Daria] (live action:Hitachi:8/27/2000:New:On FOX#422)

2   Andrew Dice Clay (HBO On Location) (1988) (~1:00:00) (beta copy:On FOX#242)
2   Child Of Rage - A Story Of Abuse (27:40) (HBO) (beta copy:On FOX#242)
    Gilliam, Terry -- Masters Of Fantasy:Terry Gilliam (beginning cut off:SciFi 7/30/1997:On FOX#280)
    Kightlinger, Laura -- See COMEDY.HTM:Pulp Comics
2   Monty Python: The Best Of Monty Python (14:35) (Showtime) (beta copy:On FOX#242) [with The Spanish Inquisition, and "I don't quite like the tone of your voice" (shorter version)]
    Monty Python: U.S. Comedy Arts Festival Tribute To Monty Python (~1:00) [all 5 remaining members on stage for the first time in ~17 years] [mostly talk and jokes, with clips from shows, movies, live shows,
        and _German_ Monty Python episodes] (HBO 3/22/1998:On FOX#305)
    Seinfeld, Jerry -- I'm Telling You For The Last Time (1:13) [New York] [stand-up comedy] (Dad's RCA:HBO 8/1998:On FOX#325)
-   Stiller, Jerry -- see Friar's Club Roast
    Friar's Club Roast of Jerry Stiller - Roastmaster:Jason Alexander (CC 10/27/1999:On FOX#399)

    Behind The Laughs (2 hrs) (New:FOX 5/27/1998:On FOX#314)
        (details of historical television programs; alternate Cheers ending of
        the final episode with Diane/Shelly Long as a regular; final scenes
        from the series finales of Cheers, [2nd] Newhart, M*A*S*H, Mary Tyler
        Moore; unaired pilots from Laverne & Shirley, The Honeymooners; early
        appearances of 'The Fonz' without his leather jacket; close-ups on
        Erkel, and other minor characters that stole the spotlight; section on
        spin-offs, including Mork & Mindy, Laverne & Shirley [both spun-off
        from Happy Days], and the Honeymooner's first appearance on some other
        popular variety show from back in the day)
    Secret Revealed (excerpts) (11:02) (TLC 3/12/1998:On FOX#306) ('secret' cartoon voice actors - Nancy Cartwright/Bart Simpson, and Billy West/Ren/Stimpy, and the Tony-The-Tiger old guy, alternate ending of Terminator II)
    The Inventors' Specials #3: Galileo: On The Shoulders Of Giants (56:30) UNWATCHED (Magnavox:HBO 5/31/1999:On FOX#368)
    The Inventors' Specials #4: Marie Curie: More Than Meets The Eye (Magnavox:HBO 8/8/1999:On FOX#388) UNWATCHED
    The Inventors' Specials #5: Newton: A Tale of Two Isaacs (Magnavox:HBO 6/10/1999:On FOX#369) UNWATCHED
    The Inventors' Specials #6: Edison: The Wizard Of Light (Magnavox:HBO 7/8/1999:On FOX#379)


    Cheating Death (little kid falls unconcious into gorilla pit, parachuting, crazy hispanic guy w/sawed-off shotgun, kid in ice, 4x4-ing up a vertical rock and losing control bouncing down the mountain) (RCA:11/6/1997:On FOX#297)
    Surviving The Moment Of Impact (1:00) (FOX 2/17/1998:On FOX#304) (all kinds of car situations, and advice on how to not get in them)

    Love Child (22:30) (Neve Campbell) (Magnavox:Cinexmax 7/2/1999:On FOX#382) UNWATCHED
2?  Real Sex (#?) (HBO) (41:04) (beta copy:On FOX#240) [early one, around #5]
    Real Sex 23 (:45) (Magnavox:HBO 5/25/1999:On FOX#358)             UNWATCHED
o   Sex Sells (Showtime) (:54) (On FOX#392)
    Shock Video 4 - Turn On TV: America Undercover (Magnavox:HBO 7/24/1999:On FOX#387) UNWATCHED
    Shock Video 5: Turn-On TV '97 (:46) (TV-MA) (Magnavox:HBO 5/27/1999:On FOX#366) UNWATCHED

VT  Pritchard's Anything For Money (35:00) (beginning AND end cut off) (hosted by Vern, with Kai and other people I knew) (2/18/1997:On FOX#232)
!!  Woodbridge Senior High School 1992 Graduation Ceremony (1:01:00) (beg gone) (Arthur sings, boring speech, diploma hand-out [me @ 25:00], hand-outs end @ 38:00, boringness, The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, boringness, declaration of graduation, prayer, speech/boringness, cap-throw) (On FOX#243)
2   Woodbridge Senior High School 1994 Graduation Ceremony (32:32) (beg gone) (diploma handout [Carolyn @ 6:37], The Battle Hymn Of The Republic, boringness, declaration of graduation, cap-throw) (beta copy:On FOX#243)

********************************* TALK SHOWS **********************************
********************************* TALK SHOWS **********************************

Night Stand with Dick Dietrich: See below.  (It's a fake talk show!)

Space Ghost Coast To Coast: See CARTOON.HTM.  (It's a talk show, but...)

The Jerry Springer Show:
    Shock Rock [only parts with GWAR taped] (24:30) (WB 6/11/1997:On FOX#269) (See MUSIC.HTM for more GWAR video) [*]

The Jane Whitney Show:
    Is David Koresh In Your Backyard? (42:07) (beta copy:On FOX#241) [RE: Church Universal And Triumphant] [*digital conversion lost!]

The Larry Sanders Show: It's a fake talk show! See HBO.HTM.

The Oprah Winfrey Show (*=title unknown):
    * (40:50) (beta copy:On FOX#241) [with my half-aunts Moira and Erin] [RE: Church Universal And Triumphant] [*digital conversion lost!]

**************************** MISCELLANEOUS SHOWS ******************************
**************************** MISCELLANEOUS SHOWS ******************************

Absolutely Fabulous:  See ENGLAND.HTM.

Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes:  See FOX.HTM.

BEAST WARS/BEAST MACHINES (for old Transformers, see below) [EPISODE GUIDE]:
NOTE: After the first two seasons, Beast Wars became Beast Machines.
DIGITAL VIDEO: pretty much have every episode in AVI or RM
?   * (retape:slight interference:New:On FOX#49)
?   *"Sentinel" (1/14/1997:FOX#225) idea:figure out range of episodes using air date and epguides.com, then look for missing episode number to figure out actual title
    Aftermath (#27) (S2E1) (+NOT new:WB 3/29/1998:On FOX#308) [Season 2 Premiere] UNWATCHED
    A Wolf In The Fold (#70) (S5E5) [Maximals battle Megatron] (FOX 9/9/2000:On FOX#418)
+   Bad Spark (#34) (S2E8) (+NOT new:WB 2/22/1998:On FOX#303) UNWATCHED
    Beast Wars [1/2] (#1) (12/09/1996:On FOX#220)
    Beast Wars [2/2] (#2) (12/19/1996:On FOX#211)
    Before The Storm (#24) (4/4/1997:On FOX#248)  ALMOST DEFINITELY UNWATCHED
    Call Of The Wild (#19) (local video trouble:2/14/1997:On FOX#232)
    Chain Of Command (#5) (12/24/1996?:On FOX#212)
+   Changing Of The Guard (#42) (S3E3) (New:11/8/1998:On FOX#342)       UNWATCHED
+   Code Of Hero (#35) (S2E9) (New:WB 4/26/1998:On FOX#309) (WB 9/20/1998:On FOX#335) (WB 11/22/1998:On FOX#341) UNWATCHED
+   Coming Of The Fuzors [1/2] (#28) (S2E2) (ILA #35?:New:8/30/1998:On FOX#330)UNWATCHED
    Coming Of The Fuzors [2/2] (#29) (S2E3) (FOX 8/17/2000:On FOX#420)
+   Cutting Edge (#43) (S3E4) (11/15/1998:On FOX#340)                   UNWATCHED
    Dark Designs (#13) (4/8/1997:On FOX#247)
    Dark Voyage (#20) (3/27/1997:On FOX#246) (5/8/1997:On FOX#265)
+   Deep Metal (#41) (S3E2) (New:11/1/1998:On FOX#342)                  UNWATCHED
    Double Dinobot (#14) (4/14/1997:On FOX#250)
    Double Jeopardy (#8) (2/18/1997:On FOX#235) [Black Arachnia introduced]
    Endgame: The Downward Spiral [1/2] (#76) (S5E11) (FOX 11/4/2000:On FOX#43)
    Equal Measures (#4) (12/16/1996:On FOX#219)                       UNWATCHED?
    Fallout (#66) (S5E1) (FOX 10/21/2000:On FOX#35) (12/2/2000:On FOX#60) UNWATCHED
    Fallen Comrades (#7) (3/11/1997:On FOX#249)                       UNWATCHED?
    Feral Scream pt 2 (realvideo)
    Fires Of The Past (#55) (S4E3) (RCA:On FOX#221)
    Forbidden Fruit (#57) (S4E5) (On FOX#411)
    Gorilla Warfare (#10) (3/17/1997:FOX#245 pref) (mediocre:WDCA 96:On FOX#217)
    In Darkest Knight (#69) (S5E4) (FOX 9/2/2000:On FOX#420)
    Law Of The Jungle (#23) (2/17/1997) (FOX#235)
    Master Of The House (#54) (S4E2) (Magnavox:10/30/1999:On FOX#403)   UNWATCHED
    Maximal, No More (#31) (S2E5) (WB 4/12/1998:On FOX#307)             UNWATCHED
    Native Soil (#71) (S5E6) (FOX 9/16/2000:On FOX#421)
    Optimal Situation (#40) (S3E1) [Season 3 Premiere] (New:WB 10/25/1998:On FOX#338) (WB 1/3?/1999:On FOX#349) UNWATCHED
    Other Visits [1/2] (#32) (S2E6) (WB 2/8/1998:On FOX#301)            UNWATCHED
+   Other Visits [2/2] (#32) (S2E7) (mis-labelled as part 1:WB 2/15/1998:On FOX#304) (definitely actually part 2:6/7/1998:On FOX#317) UNWATCHED
    Other Voices [1/2] (#25) (S1E25) (3/31/1997:On FOX#247)
    Other Voices [2/2] (#26) (S1E26) (4/01/1997:On FOX#247) [Season 1 Finale]
    Possession (#21) [Starscream] (6/21/1998:On FOX#319 preferred) (2/3/1997:real title cut off:On FOX#223)
    Prometheus Unbound (#68) (S5E3) (retape:12/17/2000:On FOX#238)
    Revelations [1/3]: Discovery (#59) (S4E7) (RCA:On FOX#59)
    Revelations [2/3]: Descent (#60) (S4E8) (11/6/1999:On FOX#424)
    Revelations [3/3]: Apocalypse (#61) (S4E9) (RCA:New:11/3/1999:On FOX#400)
    Savage Noble (#67) (S5E2) (opening theme cut:Fox 8/19/2000:On FOX#417)
    Spark Of Darkness (#75) (S5E10) (retape:10/28/2000:On FOX#35)
    Sparkwar [2/3]: The Search (#73) (S5E8) (FOX 9/30/2000:On FOX#409)
    Sparkwar [2/3]: The Siege (#74) (S5E9) (FOX 10/7/2000:On FOX#29)
    Spider's Game (#18) (2/11/1997:On FOX#228) [Inferno introduced]
    Survivor (#62) (S4E10) (RCA:New:11/27/1999:On FOX#416)
    Tangled Web (#30) (WB 9/13/1998:On FOX#327)                         UNWATCHED
    Techno-Organic War [1/3]: The Key (#63) (S4E11) (RCA:New:12/4/1999:On FOX#406)
    Techno-Organic War [2/3]: The Catalyst (#64) (S4E12) (RCA:12/11/1999:On FOX#27)
    Techno-Organic War [3/3]: End Of The Line (#65) (S4E13) (On FOX#25) (RCA:12/18/1999:On FOX#221)
+   The Agenda [1/3] (#37) (S2E11) (New:WB 5/10/1998:On FOX#313)        UNWATCHED
+   The Agenda [2/3] (#38) (S2E12) (New:WB 5/17/1998:On FOX#312) (WB 10/11/1998:On FOX#336) UNWATCHED
+   The Agenda [3/3] (#39) (S2E13) [Season 2 Finale] (WB 10/18/1998:On FOX#338) (New:WB 5/24/1998:On FOX#314) (WB 10/4/1998:On FOX#332) UNWATCHED
    The Low Road (#22) (2/10/1997:On FOX#228)
    The Reformatting (#53) (S4E1) [Beast Machines 'Series' Premiere] (Magnavox:9/18/1999:On FOX#403) (RCA:12/25/1999:On FOX#221) UNWATCHED
    The Spark (#15) (2/4/1997:FOX#229)
    The Trigger [1/2] (#16) (2/24/1997:On FOX#235)
    The Trigger [2/2] (#17) (2/25/1997:On FOX#235)
    The Weak Component (#58) (S4E6) (On FOX#411)
+   Transmutate (#36) (S2E10) (New:5/3/1998:On FOX#312) (WB 9/27/1998:On FOX#332) UNWATCHED
    Victory (#12) (4/7/1997:On FOX#250)
SYNOPSIS: 1-2, 4-5, 7-8, 10, 12-43, 53-5, 57-71, 73-76 + 2 UNKNOWN
NEED:        3, 6, 9, 11, [19], 28-9, 44-52, 56, 72
    (NEED) Coming Of The Fuzors [2/] (#29) (ILA #36????:New:9/6) (NEED)
RETAPE: Call Of The Wild (Beast Wars:#19) [previous copy crappy]
INFO: 3=the web,6=power surge,9=a better mousetrap,11=the probe,19=call of the wild

    Episode Two Or The Clip Show (#2) (S1E2) (New:ABC 6/7/2000:On FOX#398)

Double Dragon (bought tapes only) (gifts):
B   Tape #1: Deadly Mutants:    #1: The Shadow Falls,  #2: The Legend Continues
B   Tape #2: The Legend Begins

Dr. Seuss (dates are Cartoon Network air dates):
    Horton Hears A Who! (1970) (Chuck Jones, June Foray as voices) (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343 preferred by grouping) (CN 11/25/1998:On FOX#340) UNWATCHED FOR QUITE AWHILE
    How The Grince Stole Christmas (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343) (MPG:236M:On video-cdr-26) (MPG:236M:On video-cdr-59)
    Pontoffel Pock, Where Are You? (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343)           UNWATCHED
    The Cat In The Hat (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343)      UNWATCHED FOR QUITE AWHILE
    The Grinch Grinches The Cat In The Hat (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343)   UNWATCHED
    The Hoober-Bloob Highway [humanity--too positive] (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343)
    The Lorax [environment] (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343)
    The Sneetches [racism] / The Zax [stubborness] / Green Eggs And Ham [close-mindedness] (CN 11/27/1998:On FOX#343)

Dragon Ball Z:  ...has moved to JAPAN.HTM...

Dream: ...has moved to HBO.HTM...

Dungeons And Dragons:
    Day Of The Dungeon Master (#18) (S2E5) (FOX 6/3/2000:On FOX#18)
    In Search Of The Dungeon Master (#5) (S1E5) (FOX 7/15/2000:On FOX#413)
    The Dragon's Graveyard (#20) (S2E7) (FOX 7/8/2000:On FOX#413)
    The Garden Of Zinn (#10) (S1E10) (On FOX#412)
    The Hall Of Bones (#3) (S1E3) (FOX 7/29/2000:On FOX#414)
    The Last Illusion (#19) (S2E6) (5/20/2000:On FOX#408)
SYNOPSIS: 3, 5, 10, 18-9, 20
NUMBER OF EPISODES: 6 --- have them all in digital format

Fawlty Towers: ...has moved to ENGLAND.HTM...

Freakazoid: ...has moved to WB.HTM.

Friday The 13th: The Series:  See SCIFI.HTM.

Garfield & Friends:  See GARFIELD.HTM.

Gargoyles:  See FOX.HTM.

Honeymooners:  See below.

Iron Man:  See FOX.HTM.

Jonny Quest (aka The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest):
    ...has moved to CARTOON.HTM...

Kids In The Hall:  See COMEDY.HTM.

Max Headroom:  See SCIFI.HTM.

Monty Python's Flying Circus:  See ENGLAND.HTM.

Night Stand (dates default to record dates from E!) (*=episode name unknown):
    *"High School Reunion" [with celibate nymphomaniac, loser, and drug addict] (3/6/1997) (On FOX#244) [*]

Oblongs, The (WB, then Cartoon Network):
    Flush, Flush, Sweet Helga (#7) (S1E9) (PR#5) [Season Finale] (Hitachi:New:WB 5/13/01:On FOX#91)
    The Golden Child (#6) (S1E6) (PR#8) (Hitachi:New:WB 5/6/01:On FOX#91)
DIGITAL VIDEO: Have all episodes in AVI format.

Police Squad:  See COMEDY.HTM.

Popeye (mono) (years are copyright years) (dates default to CN air dates)
(these episodes usually average around 6 to 7 minutes each, except for episodes
denoted with "(***)", which are super-long episodes, usually about 20 minutes)
(episodes with quotes in the title actually had quotes in the real title)
    Popeye & Bluto Soaky Toys commercial (1960s) (On Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
    The Making Of A Popeye Cartoon (On Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas DVD)
THE LIVE-ACTION MOVIE: Popeye (PG) (1:53:50) (Magnavox:7/1-10/1999:On FOX#383) [Robin Williams]
D	The All-New Popeye Show - I Wouldn't Take That Mare To The Fair On A Dare (1978-1983) (8m39s) (640x480) (xvid)
NUMBER OF EPISODES: 314 (20-22 straight hours)  [CartoonNetwork says there are 231 total, but we are also listing later Popeye series here, so the number will ultimately go higher than that]
	A Balmy Swami (1949) (On FOX#147)
    A Clean Shaven Man (1936) (On FOX#227) (Also On FOX#273)
    A Date To Skate (1938) (On FOX#147) (Also on FOX#271) (Also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD)
    A Dream Walking (On FOX#14)
    A Haul In One (5:56) (On FOX#239) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
    A Hull Of A Mess (On FOX#259)
    A Job For A Gob (On FOX#227)
    A Jolly Good Furlough (On FOX#269)
D	A Mite Of Trouble (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    A Wolf In Sheik's Clothing (1948) (AVI:xvid)
D	Abdominal Snowman (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
	Abusement Park (1946) (On FOX#24)
C   Adventures Of Popeye (1925) (On FOX#156)
    Alladdin And His Wonderful Lamp (***) (21 mins) (ILA:Popeye The Sailor Meets Aladdin & His...:bought tape:On FOX#75) (actual bought tape:Star Classics No. 3328:FOX#127) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas DVD) 
-   Ali Baba -- see "Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves"
    All's Fair At The Fair (On FOX#265 pref) (2:(7:00):beta copy:On FOX#243)
    Alona On The Sarong Seas (On FOX#183)
    Alpine For You (1951) (AVI)
    Ancient Fistory (Magnavox:8/19/1998:On FOX#328 preferred) (interference:On FOX#269) (actual bought tape:Cartoon Classics: Volume 1FOX#130)
D   Around The World In Eighty Ways (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
C   Assault And Flattery (bought tape [2 copies]:On FOX#71) (Also on FOX#271) (Also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD) (actual bought tape:3-G Children's Classical Cartoons:FOX#128)
D   Astro-Nut (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Axe Me Another (Magnavox:10/1/1998:On FOX#334)                      UNWATCHED
D   Azteck Wreck (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D	Barbecue For Two (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
D   Baby Phase (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Baby Wants A Battle (On FOX#269)
    Baby Wants A Bottleship (Magnavox:10/7/1998:On FOX#337)
    Baby Wants Spinach (On FOX#147)
    Barking Dogs Don't Fite (On FOX#263)
    Be Kind To "Aminals" (1935) (On FOX#5)
    Beach Peach (1950) (On FOX#266) (Magnavox:9/30/1998:On FOX#334)
    Beaus Will Be Beaus (On FOX#147)
D   Beaver Or Not (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Bell Hop Popeye (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (24fps) (48kHz snd)  (OSd).avi
    Beware Of Barnacle Bill (On FOX#147)
+   Big Bad Sindbad (+1952) (bought tape [2 copies]:On FOX#71) (+On FOX#147) (Also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD) (actual bought tape:3-G Children's Classical Cartoons:FOX#128) (actual bought vhs:FunTimeKid Video: The Best Of Popeye The Sailor: Volume 3:FOX#126)
    Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh (On FOX#147)
D   Bird Watcher Popeye (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Blinkin' Beacon (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Blow Me Down! (On FOX#150)
    Blunder Below (1942) (AVI:45M)
    Bride And Gloom (6:10) (On FOX#241) (bought tape [two copies]:On FOX#71) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD) (actual bought tape:3-G Children's Classical Cartoons:FOX#128)
    Bridge Ahoy! (6:48) (On FOX#225)
    Brotherly Love (8/26/1998:On FOX#331)
    Bulldozing The Bull (retape:open creds cut off:Magnavox:6/27/1999:On FOX#382)
D	Bullfighter Bully (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
D   Butler Up (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Can You Take It (1934) (On FOX#271)
    Car-azy Drivers (On FOX#174)
    Cartoons Ain't Human (On FOX#147)
    Child Psykolojiky (tiny bit of interference:On FOX#269)
    Child Sockology (On FOX#147)
+   Choose Your "Weppins" (+1935) (Magnavox:10/8/1998:On FOX#337 preferred by VCR?) (+On FOX#182)
    Cookin' With Gags (bought tape [2 copies]:On FOX#71) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD) (actual bought tape:3-G Children's Classical Cartoons:FOX#128) (actual bought vhs:FunTimeKid Video: The Best Of Popeye The Sailor: Volume 3:FOX#126)
    Cops Is Always Right (1938) [no spinach] (On FOX#259) (Magnavox:10/23/1998:On FOX#337)
    Cops Is Tops (On FOX#152)
D	County Fair (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
C   Customers Wanted (On FOX#147) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas DVD)
    Dance Contest (1934) (MPG:90M)
D	Disguise The Limit (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Dizzy Divers (Magnavox:9/17/1998:On FOX#331)
D   Dog Catcher Popeye (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
C   Doing Impossikible Stunts (7:02) (On FOX#220)
    Double-Cross-Country Race (1951) (On FOX#271) (Magnavox:8/12/1998:On FOX#329) (Magnavox:9/24/1998:On FOX#334) (On FOX#263 probably not preferred)
-   Eugene, The Jeep -- See "Popeye Presents Eugene, The Jeep"
B   Farm Frolicks (actual bought tape:Star Classics No. 3328:FOX#127)
    Females Is Fickle (1996:On FOX#371)
    Fightin Pals (On FOX#171)
    Firemen's Brawl (On FOX#182)
D   Fleas A Crowd (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Fleets Of Stren'th (On FOX#147)
    Flies Ain't Human (On FOX#271) [only fly eats spinach]
    Floor Flusher (1953) (11/12/1998:On FOX#339) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
    For Better Or Nurse (On FOX#174)
    For Better Or Worser (On FOX#269)
D   Forever Ambergris (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Fowl Play (On FOX#259)
    Friend Or Phony (5/14/1996:On FOX#143)
    Fright To The Finish (1954) (On FOX#271) (Magnavox:10/30/1998:On FOX#339)
D	From Way Out (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
    Ghosks Is The Bunk (1939) (On FOX#259)
D   Giddy Gold (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Gift Of Gag (6:20) (On FOX#241)
D	Going Boing Gone (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Golden-Type Fleece (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Goon With The Wind (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Goonland (7:58) (2:beta copy:On FOX#241) (On FOX#263 preferred)
    Gopher Spinach (On FOX#183) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
    Greek Mirthology (On FOX#263) (actual bought vhs:FunTimeKid Video: The Best Of Popeye The Sailor: Volume 3:FOX#126)
    Gym Jam (1950) (Magnavox:11/18/1998:On FOX#339)
D	Happy Birthdaze (19430716) (7m56s) (b&w) (640x480) (xvid) (24fps) (48kHz snd)
D	Have Time Will Travel (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
+   Hello How Am I (+1939) (On FOX#263)
    Her Honor The Mare (On FOX#150)
    Hill-Billing And Cooing (5:55) (On FOX#225)
    Hold The Wire (Magnavox:10/1/1998:On FOX#334 preferred by VCR??) (On FOX#183)
    Hospitaliky (On FOX#183)
    Hot Air Aces (On FOX#267)
    House Tricks? (On FOX#150)
    How Green Is My Spinach (Magnavox:8/19/1998:On FOX#328) (Magnavox:10/23/1998:On FOX#337) UNWATCHED
    I Don't Scare (6:08) [no spinach] (On FOX#239) (Magnavox:10/29/1998:On FOX#339) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD) (actual bought vhs:FunTimeKid Video: The Best Of Popeye The Sailor: Volume 3:FOX#126)
    I Eats My Spinach (On FOX#227)
    I Likes Babies And Infinks (1937) (Magnavox:9/1/1998:On FOX#331)
    I Never Change My Altitudes (On FOX#124) (Also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD)
    I Wanna Be A Life Guard (On FOX#266)
    I Yam Love Sick (5/10/1996:On FOX#139)
+   I Yam What I Yam (+5:56) (+On FOX#24) (On FOX#225) [ducks follow]
    I-Ski Love-Ski You-Ski (2:beta copy:On FOX#242) (On FOX#124 preferred)
    I'll Be Skiing You (1948) (7:13:On FOX#239) (Also on FOX#271) (2:beta copy:(7:10):On FOX#243 worst copy/not preferred, yet this is the one digitized to both a 700kbps 352x240 divx and to a dvd recording of parts of FOX#243) 
    I'll Never Crow Again (On FOX#259) [no spinach]
    I'm In The Army Now (1936) (on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD) (also AVI file)
    Insect To Injury (1956) ([*]:On FOX#147) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
D	Interrupted Lullaby (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
D   It's A Greek Life (digital copy only)
    It's The Natural Thing To Do (On FOX#183) (Magnavox:9/1/1998:On FOX#331)
D   Jeep Is Jeep (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Jitterbug Jive (1950) (On FOX#256)
    Jolly Good Furlough (1943) (MPG:151M)
    Kickin' The Conga Round (1952) (On FOX#147)
D   Kiddie Kapers (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    King Of The Mardi Gras (On FOX#263) (Also on FOX#271)
    Klondike Casanova (On FOX#32)
    Learn Polikeness (On FOX#152)
D   Leave Well Enough Alone (1939) (b&w) (dvd-rip) [no spinach] [racist?!?]
    Let's Celebrake (1937) (On FOX#147) (Magnavox:11/18/1998:On FOX#339) (Magnavox:1/1/1999:On FOX#349)
    Let's Get Movin' (1936) (Magnavox:9/17/1998:On FOX#331)
    Let's You And Him Fight (On FOX#227) (Also On FOX#273)
D   Lighthouse Keeping (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Little Swee'pea (On FOX#183) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas DVD)
    Lost And Foundry (On FOX#147)
    Lumberjack And Jill (On FOX#147) (Magnavox:10/23/1998:On FOX#337)
    Lunch With A Punch (1952) (Magnavox:8/1998:On FOX#329) (On FOX#256) [flashback to their childhood]
2   Many Tanks (7:05) (2:beta copy:On FOX#243)
    Me Feelins Is Hurt (On FOX#174) (also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD)
    Me Musical Nephews (b&w:AVI) (also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD)
    Mess Production (On FOX#174)
D   Messin' Up The Mississippi (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Mister And Mistletoe (6:17)  (2:beta copy:On FOX#239) (On FOX#124 preferred)
D	Model Muddle (1960) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Morning, Noon And Night Club (2:beta copy:On FOX#242) (On FOX#263 preferred)
    Moving Aweigh (On FOX#174) (On FOX#273 preferred by tape brand)
    Mutiny Ain't Nice (On FOX#32)
    My Artistical Temperature (On FOX#269)
D   My Fair Olive (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    My Pop, My Pop (Magnavox:9/3/1998:On FOX#331)
    Nearlyweds (6:12) (On FOX#239) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
    Never Sock A Baby (On FOX#150) (Also On FOX#273)
    Never Kick A Woman ((6:43):On FOX#244 pref) (2:beta copy:(6:15):On FOX#227)
    Nix On Hypnotricks (On FOX#259)
    Nurse To Meet Ya (1955) (On FOX#259)
    Nurse-Mates (On FOX#32)
D   Oil's Well That Ends Well (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Old Salt Tale (1960) (vidcap) (OSd) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
    Olive Oyl And Water Don't Mix (On FOX#220)
    Olive Oyl For President (On FOX#26)
    Olive's Boithday Presink (AVI)
    Olive's $weep$take Ticket (On FOX#271)
    Onion Pacific (On FOX#124)
    Organ Grinder's Swing (On FOX#259)
    Out To Punch (1956) (On FOX#5) (Magnavox:9/24/1998:On FOX#334 prob pref by VCR) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
D   Paper Pasting Pandemonium (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Parlez Vous Woo (bought tape:On FOX#74) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
    Patriotic Popeye (~6:30) (bought tape:On FOX#74) (On FOX#220) (also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD)
    Peep In The Deep (~7:00) (On FOX#220)
    Penny Antics (1955) (Magnavox:8/13/1998:On FOX#329)
    Pest Pilot (On FOX#150)
    Pilgrim Popeye (~8:00) (On FOX#220)
    Pip-Eye, Pop-Eye, Poop-Eye, An' Peep-Eye (~6:00) (On FOX#271 preferred) (2:beta copy:On FOX#227)
    Pitchin' Woo At The Zoo (On FOX#147)
    Pleased To Meet Cha! (On FOX#147)
    Plumbing Is A "Pipe" (On FOX#269)
D   Pop Goes The Whistle (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popalong Popeye (On FOX#5)
D   Popeye And Buddy Brutus (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye And The Phantom (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popeye And The Pirates (On FOX#161)
D   Popeye And The Polite Dragon (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye De Leon (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popeye For President (On FOX#268) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)        
D   Popeye In The Woods (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
C   Popeye Makes A Movie (On FOX#124) [clip show featuring only "Popeye...Meets Ali Baby's Forthy Thieves"]
    Popeye Meets Hercules (Magnavox:10/11/1998:On FOX#329)
    Popeye Meets Rip Van Winkle (Magnavox:11/18/1998:On FOX#339 preferred by VCR) (On FOX#174)
    Popeye Meets William Tell (On FOX#26)
    Popeye Presents Eugene, The Jeep [no spinach] (Magnavox:8/18?/1998:On FOX#333)
D   Popeye Revere (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popeye, The Ace Of Space (On FOX#150)
D   Popeye The Fireman (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye The Lifeguard (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye The Piano Mover (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye The Popular Mechanic (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popeye The Sailor (with Betty Boop) (#1?) (On FOX#14 preferred) (some interference:On FOX#268) (MPG:100M)
    Popeye The Sailor Meets Ali Baba's Forty Thieves (***) (16:45) (bought tape:On FOX#75) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas DVD)
    Popeye The Sailor Meets Sindbad The Sailer (***) (16 mins) (bought tape:On FOX#75) (On FOX#273) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas DVD) (actual bought tape:Cartoon Classics: Volume 1FOX#130)
D   Popeye The Ugly Ducklin' (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye The White Collar Man (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D	Popeye Thumb (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeyed Columbus (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeyed Fisherman (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
C   Popeye's 20th Anniversary (7:35) (2:beta copy:On FOX#239) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
D   Popeye's Cool Pool (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popeye's Mirthday (On FOX#143)
D   Popeye's Pet Store (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Popeye's Premiere (On FOX#150)
D   Popeye's Tea Party (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye's Testimonial Dinner (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Popeye's Used Car (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Potent Lotion (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Pre-Hysterical Man (1948) (On FOX#269)
    Private Eye Popeye (Magnavox:9/3/1998:On FOX#331 pref) (On FOX#269 preferred) (bought tape:On FOX#74 preferred) (2:beta copy:On FOX#242) (Magnavox:10/6/1998:On FOX#337) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
D	Problem Pappy (19410110) (6m14s) (b&w) (640x480) (xvid) (24fps) (48kHz snd)
    Protek The Weakerist (On FOX#256)
D   Psychiatricks (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Puppet Love (On FOX#147)
    Puttin On The Act (1940) (On FOX#271) [no spinach]
    Quick On The Vigor (On FOX#174)
    Quiet! Pleeze (Magnavox:10/15/1998:On FOX#337 preferred by VCR?) (On FOX#182)
D   Rags To Riches To Rags (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Ration For The Duration (On FOX#150)
    Riot In Rhythm (6:58) (On FOX#220)
    Robin Hood-Winked (1948) (On FOX#5) [*]
D	Robot Popeye (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Rocket To Mars (Magnavox:9/24/1998:On FOX#334) (Magnavox:10/29/1998:On FOX#339) (1996:On FOX#371)
    Rodeo Romeo (7:00) (On FOX#227) [loco weed]
    Safari So Good (On FOX#5)
D	Scrap The Japs (19421120) (6m10s) (b&w) (640x480) (xvid) (24fps) (48kHz snd)
    Seasin's Greetinks! (2:(5:40):beta copy:On FOX#239) (On FOX#124 pref)
    Seein' Red White And Blue (MPG:67M)
D	Seer-ring Is Believer-ring (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Service With A Guile (6:20) (On FOX#239)
    Shakespearian Spinach (1940) (On FOX#259) (Magnavox:10/15/1998:On FOX#337)
    Shape Ahoy (On FOX#174) (Magnavox:9/17/1998:On FOX#331 pref by tape brand)
    Shaving Muggs (1953) (Magnavox:9/2/1998:On FOX#331) (Magnavox:10/6/1998:On FOX#337)
    She-Sick Sailors (On FOX#147)
    Shiver Me Timbers! (5/10/1996:On FOX#139) (Magnavox:10/30/1998:On FOX#339)
    Shoein' Hosses (periodic interference:On FOX#259) (On FOX#269 preferred)
    Shuteye Popeye (1952) (On FOX#225) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
D	Ski-Jump Chump (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
D   Skinned Divers (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Skyscraper Capers (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Snow Place Like Home (1948) (On FOX#271)
    Sock-A-Bye, Baby (subtle interference:On FOX#269)
D   Spare Dat Tree (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Spinach Fer Britain (xvid:avi:~100M)
C   Spinach Packin' Popeye (clip show:On FOX#14)
D   Spinach Shortage (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Spinach Vs Hamburgers (On FOX#174)
D   Spinachonara ((1960) vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D	Spoil Sport (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Spooky Swabs (On FOX#147) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
    Spree Lunch (6:00) [no spinach] (bought tape:On FOX#74) (On FOX#239) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
2   Stealin Aint Honest (2:beta copy:On FOX#242)
    Strong To The Finich (AVI)
D	Swee'pea Soup (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
D   Sweapea Thru The Looking Glass (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (OSd) (512x400) (48kHz snd).avi
    Swimmer Take All (1952) (Magnavox:10/9/1998:On FOX#337 preferred) (tiny bits of interference:On FOX#266)
    Symphony In Spinach (On FOX#161) (Magnavox:8/1998:On FOX#329)
D   Take It Easel (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Tar With A Star (On FOX#147)
    Taxi-Turvy (1954) (On FOX#5) (Also on Popeye: When Popeye Ruled The World DVD)
    The Anvil Chorus Girl (1944) (Magnavox:8/1998:On FOX#329 preferred) (interference:On FOX#32)
D   The Baby Contest (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    The Crystal Brawl (On FOX#143) (Also on Popeye: Fists Of Fury DVD)
D   The Cure (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    The Dance Contest (Magnavox:9/30/1998:On FOX#334)
    The Farmer And The Belle (1951) (On FOX#242)
    The Fistic Mystic (On FOX#147) [hookah smoking]
    The Fly's Last Flight (1949) (On FOX#267) [only a fly eats spinach]
    The Football Toucher Downer (color version:tape was eaten--retape:1/1/1999:On FOX#349)
D   The Glad Gladiator (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    The House Builder Upper (5:58) (Magnavox:8/11/1998:On FOX#329 preferred) (2:beta copy:On FOX#227)
    The Hungry Goat (On FOX#259) [no spinach]
    The "Hyp-Nut-Tist" (On FOX#152)
    The Jeep (1996:On FOX#371) (Magnavox:10/15/1998:On FOX#337)
D   The Leprechaun (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    The Man On The Flying Trapeze (1996:On FOX#371)
    The Marry-Go-Round (On FOX#171)
    The Mighty Navy (interference:On FOX#266)
    The Paneless Window Washer (1938?) (6:03) (On FOX#273 preferred secondary) (2:beta copy:On FOX#243) (Also on Popeye: Greatest Tall Tales and Heroic Adventures DVD preferred)
    The Royal Four-Flusher (6:47) (On FOX#239)
    The Spinach Overture (On FOX#161) (Magnavox:1/1/1999:On FOX#349)
    The Spinach Roadster (On FOX#183)
D   The Troll Wut Got Gruff (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    The Twisker Pitcher (5/14/1996:On FOX#143)
D	The Wiffle Bird's Revenge (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Thrill Of Fair (1951) (On FOX#183)
D   Tiger Burger (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Timber Toppers (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Time Marches Backwards (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Too Weak To Work (On FOX#147)
    Tops In The Big Top (1955) (On FOX#5)
    Toreadorable (1953) (On FOX#5)
    Tots Of Fun (On FOX#267, I think)
D	Track Meet Cheat (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
    Two-Alarm Fire (On FOX#26)
D	Two-Faced Paleface (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd).avi
D   Uncivil War (1961) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Vacation With Play (Magnavox:10/2/1998:On FOX#334)                  UNWATCHED
    Vim, Vigor And Vitaliky (Magnavox:8/19/1998:On FOX#328)
    We Aim To Please (5/10/1996:On FOX#139)
D   Weather Watchers (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
D   Westward Ho-Ho (1960) (vidcap) (xvid) (512x384) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    What--No Spinach? (AVI)
D	Which Is Witch? (S2E42) (vidcap) (513x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd)
D	Who's Kiddin' Zoo (1961) (vidcap) (512x384) (xvid) (48kHz snd) (OSd).avi
    Wigwam Whoopee (tiny bit of interference:On FOX#32) (On FOX#268 pref)
    Wild Elephinks (1933) (On FOX#171)
    Wimmin Hadn't Oughta Drive (On FOX#32)
    Wimmin Is A Myskery (5/14/1996:On FOX#143)
    With Poopdeck Pappy (6:20) (On FOX#220)
    Wood-Peckin' (Magnavox:9/4/1998:On FOX#331 preferred) (Magnavox:10/6/1998:On FOX#337) (interference:On FOX#269)
    Wotta Knight (On FOX#143)
    Wotta Nightmare (On FOX#147) (Magnavox:10/30/1998:On FOX#339)
    You Gotta Be A Football Hero (On FOX#268)
    You're A Sap, Mr. Jap (MPG:74M)
        (NEED) Bugs Bunny Bond Rally (Ebay 69432017)  (NEED)

Reboot (*=episode untitlted, so I made up one) (**=episode titled, but
title unknown) (dates default to FOX record dates):
    Bad Bob (#17) (1/30/1997) (FOX#227)
-   Energy Vampire -- See "Trust No One"
    High Code (#15) (closing credits missing:4/24/1997:On FOX#252)      UNWATCHED
    In The Belly Of The Beast (#6) (12/19/1996:On FOX#217)
    Infected (#14) (4/10/1997:On FOX#247)
    Medusa Bug (#4) (2/27/1997:FOX#239)
    The Great Brain Robbery (#10) (3/20/1997:On FOX#246) [Season Finale]
    Trust No One aka Energy Vampire (#22) (1/23/1997?:On FOX#225)
    Web World Wars (#23) (2/13/1997:On FOX#232)
    When Games Collide (#16) (4/17/1997:On FOX#250)
    Wizards, Warriors, And A Word From Our Sponsor (#9) (3/13/1997) (FOX#244)
    (RETAPE) High Code (close creds gone:4/24/1997:On FOX#252) (RETAPE)
SYNOPSIS: 4, 6, 9-10, 15-7, 22-3

Red Planet (imited series):  See FOX.HTM.

Red Shoe Diaries (from SHOWTIME, uncensored):
o   Accidents Happen (On FOX#181)

Robotech: ...has moved to JAPAN.HTM...

Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles (Starship Troopers:TAS):
    WTMW is Channel 14, Arlington, VA.  EVERY WMTV episode has the contrast
    wayyy to high, so it doesn't look as good as it could look.
+   (+#10) (+PR#110) (S1E12) Sole Survivor (9/16/2000:On FOX#423) [Brain bug sends message that there are more all over the galaxy.] [They find a guy who had post trample stress syndrome] While trying to find out what happened to Lt. Ross, who was found
        wandering on Hydora with his memory gone and his entire squad missing, the Roughnecks are captured by the Bugs.
    (#11) Betrayal (divx)
+   (+#12) (+PR#112) (S1E12) +Stranded (ILA:Basic Training:9/19/2000:On FOX#423)
        TEENS DURING 9/1x/2000...
        [Journalist wants story, major goes on a joyride w/ him, stranded] [rescue team has to get them out at last minute before bombs dropped]
    (#13) Of Flesh And Steel (no closing credits:10/23/2000:On FOX#35)
    (#14) Captured (10/24/2000:On FOX#35)
    (#15) The Face Of Truth (10/25/2000:On FOX#35)
+   (+#16) (+PR#116) No Substitute (9/25/2000:On FOX#421) [Tafai the Skinny joins Roughnecks] The Skinnies, formerly working for the Bugs, have changed sides but one of them meets considerable resistance when he joins the squad for
          its assault on Zegema Beach.
    (#17) ...And Then There Were Two (AIN WMTW14 9/27/2000:On FOX#409) "Rico & the Skinny (Tafai?) finally become friends when they are forced to work together... Tafai saves Rico life, almost dies of hypothermia"
    (#18) Marauder (AIN WMTW14 9/26/2000:On FOX#409) "Spider Planet with weird genetic breeding ground, they go in on a sub underwater, Rico gets separated & kidney shredded"
    (#19) Liquid Dreams (AIN WMTW14 9/28/2000:On FOX#409) "Rico is in a coma.  A monsoon is coming but they can't move Rico. They have to restore power before Rico dies"
    (#20) Heart (AIN WMTW14 9/29/2000:On FOX#409) "Rico comes out of his coma.  They think he is crazy because he keeps hearing bugs grinding and screaming.  They are about to wipe his mind
        when it turns out he is right.  Him and Carmen get together while Dizz gets Carmen's guy"
    (#21) Ice-olation (AIN WMTW14 10/2/2000:On FOX#409) "They go to an asteroid to get some toxin some scientists want, it is very icy, some bug eggs infected the blonde guy (Dizz's new boyfriend?), they get stranded and must figure out how to leave
    (#22) Mixed Signals (AIN WMTW14 10/3/2000:On FOX#409) "after finding agonite and the toxin, they prepare to leave the asteroid.  They contact their rescue ship"
    (#23) Hot Ice (AIN WMTW14 10/4/2000:On FOX#16)
    (#24) The Inside Story (AIN WMTW14 10/5/2000:On FOX#16)
    (#26) Metamorphosis (AIN WMTW14 10/9/2000:On FOX#29)
    (#28) The Mission (AIN WMTW14 10/11/2000:On FOX#29)
    (#29) Letters Home (AIN WMTW14 10/12/2000:On FOX#29)
    (#30) Checkmate (AIN WMTW14 10/13/2000:On FOX#358)
    (#31) Trackers (10/16/2000:On FOX#35)
    (#32) Among Us (10/17/2000:On FOX#35)
    (#34) Hide And Seek (retape:network outage:10/18/2000:On FOX#35)
    (#35) Requiem (10/19/2000:On FOX#35)
    (#36) Funeral For A Friend (10/20/2000:On FOX#35)
SYNOPSIS: 10-24, 26, 28-32, 34-6
DIGITAL VIDEO: 1-9, 11-2, 15, 24 ... many more
NEED: #27 D-Day

Seinfeld: ...has moved to NBC.HTM...

Sherman Oaks [EPISODE GUIDE] (dates are record dates from SHOWTIME)
(episode names made up) (related plot elements given in brackets):
EPISODE GUIDE: http://www.tv.com/sherman-oaks/show/400/episode_guide.html?printable=1&tag=season_nav;print
2	* ALL 35 EPISODES - FULL SERIES - 9 TAPES (On FOX#153) (On FOX#154) (On FOX#155) (On FOX#157) (On FOX#158) (On FOX#159) (On FOX#160) (On FOX#162) (On FOX#163) 
o   Abortion Clinic (#18) (S2E5) (12/22/1996:On FOX#220)
o   Annoying Poets Society (#23) (S2E10) [guest:Gary Coleman] (11/24/1996:On FOX#219) [*]
    Haji (#29) (S2E16) (1/12/1997:On FOX#223) [*]
    Radio Free Sherman Oaks aka Hormones (#30) (S2E17) (1/12/1997:On FOX#223) [Season Finale] [*]
o   Sanford Stalked (#16) (S2E3) (LP:8/4/1996:On FOX#178) [*]
    Sanford's Crisis (#28) (S2E15) (part missing:1/12/1997:On FOX#211 *AND* FOX#223) [*]
o   The Shot Heard Round The Valley (#34) (S2E21) (11/24/1996:On FOX#219) [*]
o   White Girlfriend (#19) (S2E6) (12/29/1996:On FOX#225) [*]

Sigfried & Roy:  See FOX.HTM.

Soap:  See COMEDY.HTM.

Spawn:  ...has moved to HBO.HTM...

Spicy City:  ...has moved to HBO.HTM...

Starship Troopers:TAS:  See "Roughnecks:Starship Troopers Chronicles", above.

Superfriends:  See CARTOON.HTM.

Tales From The Crypt:  See HBO.HTM.

The Critic:  See COMEDY.HTM.

The Fantastic Four:  See FOX.HTM.

The Honeymooners (OLD!) (black-and-white) (mono nohifi most likely) (L in col
2=lost episode from Showtime, not seen in 30 years since the recording time):
2Lbw    Alice Plays Cupid (20:37) (beta copy:On FOX#240)              UNWATCHED
2Lbw    Anniversary Gift (10:45) (beta copy:On FOX#240)               UNWATCHED
2Lbw    Guest Speaker (14:00) (beta copy:On FOX#240)                  UNWATCHED
2Lbw    Hair Raising Tale (38:20) (beta copy:On FOX#240)              UNWATCHED
2Lbw    Hot Tip (48:32) (beta copy:On FOX#240)                        UNWATCHED
2Lbw    Lost Job (9:25) (beta copy:On FOX#241)                        UNWATCHED
2Lbw    New Year's Eve Party (37:35) (beta copy:On FOX#241)           UNWATCHED
2Lbw    Two Tickets To The Fight (48:14) (beta copy:On FOX#241)       UNWATCHED
2Lbw    What's Her Name (7:09) (beta copy:On FOX#240)                 UNWATCHED
    This show has got to be the weirdest show in terms of episode length.
    Episodes just seem to be random lengths.  But many if not all of these
    were live when recorded so they probably just went on until it was over.
    Old show.  But not as old as Popeye.

The Larry Sanders Show:  ...has moved to HBO.HTM...

The Mask:  See CBS.HTM.

The Pirates Of Darkwater:  See CARTOON.HTM.

The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest:  See CARTOON.HTM.

The Twilight Zone:  See SCIFI.HTM.

The Young Ones:  See ENGLAND.HTM.

TRANSFORMERS (More Than Meets The Eye):
Note: This is the old series, not the new Beast Wars or Beast Machines.
      I have those elsewhere.
B   Bought tape:Transport To Oblivion (Vol. 7)           UNWATCHED/UNCATALOGGED

TODO: Figure out what episodes these are.
TODO: Rent & copy whole set from vidstore or buy from ericdsnider.com
    * (Bravo 5/06/2000:On FOX#410)
    * (Bravo 5/12/2000:On FOX#410)
    * (Bravo 5/27/2000:On FOX#407) [may be 2nd to last episode...maybe]
    * (Bravo 6/02/2000:On FOX#16)
    * (Bravo 6/09/2000:On FOX#16)
    * (Bravo 6/16/2000:On FOX#16)

WildC.A.T.S (***COMPLETE***) (dates default to CBS record dates) (date
unspecified=date unknown) (see COMICS.HTM for comics):
 #1: Dark Blade Falling (USA 1/6/1996:On FOX#3) (CBS:On FOX#12)
     NOTE: capture FOX#3 1/6/1996 version -- newer tape / airing / better brand
 #2: Heart Of Steel (CBS:On FOX#81) (CBS:On FOX#12)
     NOTE: capture FOX#81 version -- newer airing / better brand probably
 #3: Cry Of The Coda (USA 5/25/1996:On FOX#61)
 #4: The Evil Within (CBS:On FOX#12) [*]
 #5: The Big Takedown (USA 6/1/1996:On FOX#14 preferred) (8/27/1995:On FOX#15) [D]
 #6: Lives In The Balance (USA 7/20/1996:On FOX#174) [*]
 #7: Soul Of A Giant (CBS 5/27/1995:On FOX#173) [*]
 #8: Betrayed (CBS 6/3/1995:On FOX#173) [*]
 #9: Black Razor's Edge (CBS 6/10?/1995:On FOX#173) [*]
#10: And Then There Were None (6/17?/1995:On FOX#173)
#11: M.V.P. (USA 6/22/1996:On FOX#161) [*]
#12: The End Game [1/2] [Series Finale] (CBS 7/01/1995:On FOX#142)
#13: The End Game [2/2] [Series Finale] (USA 6/29/1996:On FOX#167) [*]