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I would like people who share similiar musical interests to email me. However, I no longer support this page. The best page to look at is my listing of all CDs and CDRs I have: http://clint.sheer.us/media/album.htm.

Misc Music Links

InfoSeek Guide: Music genres
The Death of Rock 'n' Roll

Minor Threat

Minor Threat: Lyrics Only


All?? No, All! Album covers, discography.


Misfits: Mostly pictures and stuff
Carl's MiSFiTS Graphical Discography
m/misfits/legacy.of.brutality lyrics


Be Strong. Be Wrong.

Jussi Kantola's NoMeansNo Page
Music:Review:Live: NoMeansNo/Alice Donut/Ultra Bide, the Commodore, Sept. 17, 1995
NoMeansNo at Alternative Tentacles
NoMeansNo, Punk, Simpsons

Punk Bands on the Net

Sex Pistols

Search results: Sex Pistols
Sex Pistols page - Done really well
Sid Vicious and The Sex Pistols

Sisters Of Mercy

The Mistress Of Jersey (SoM cover band)
Search results: Sisters Of Mercy
Sisters of Mercy Artwork Images
Sisters Of Mercy Home Page
ultimate band list: Sisters Of Mercy


My only Ween link expired! Please send me more!

I would love people to send me any bookmarks they have that are related to any of the music I like.
Please email me with interesting convo: ClintJCL@gmail.com
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