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Trippy Programs

[Cthugha] Cthugha: "An oscilloscope on acid."
"I can see the music!" -Lisa Simpson

Cthugha is a great program. You run the output from your stereo's headphone jack to the Line In (or Mic) of your soundcard. Cthugha then MAKES COOL STUFF HAPPEN. Great for music or television.

Take me to the official CTHUGHA Archives.

Other cool programs:

[Download Acidwarp NOW!]AcidWarp 4.06.
DOS-only. One of the original (and best) eye-candy programs.

Not as cool as some programs, but definitely worth checking out.

Luminati (Timeless 3)
Synthesia (Mindwarp 2)
SBSpec (line in program, similar to Cthugha)

What did Clint do before Bill Gates ruined his computer??

I bind F2 to Lorre. Neat to watch for Physics-thinking.
I bind F4 to Cthugha. I bind Shift-F4 to SBSpec.
Thus, F4 is my "listen to sound and do something" key.
I bind F5 to a random program, either Synthesia (the coolest), two plasma programs, or Kenwarp. I bind Shift-F5 (formerly just F5) to a random program between Acidwarp, Plaswave, and LSDino.
Thus, F5 is my "do something" key.
I bind F6 to Luminati.

If you would like to use some of my 4DOS BAT files that randomize programs, or find out how I did some of the stuff I've done, just mail me.

Please email me with interesting convo: ClintJCL@gmail.com
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