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Welcome to the
Land of θZ
Theta Zeta was a co-ed social organization *NOT* related to (or governed by) Virginia Tech. It was meant to provide an alternative to your usual "frat". We basically dissolved in 1997.
(For pictures at 26-H, click here.)

In the beginning there was nothing,
And the founding members said:
    "Let there be Theta Zeta.  And it
     Shall be a cool place to be, and
     everyone will want to be there."
And so it was, and the founding
brothers were very, very, very pleased.
θZ House
26H Terrace View.
(who knows who lives there now)
(For comical directions, click here.)
WANTED: People to scan in their pledge books so they can be posted here.


In 2009, a Theta Zeta facebook group was created. Join it here: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=65010123631


As of 2009, many new pictures were recovered. Some may only be viewable in the facebook group due to privacy requests, but I have posted many to my personal flickr account here:
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The Brothers

If you're not on on this list, please let me know.
Does anyone have a founding brothers list?

Abul, Azad (aazad@vt.edu??)
Alander, Christian (christian_alander@hotmail.com) (as of 6/15/2000)
Amrhein, Tanya
Bain, Abby
Beasley, Mike (in northern Virginia as of 2001)
Boaz, Mike
Bonham, Stephanie
Brown, Doug (Doug_B93@yahoo.com) (as of 7/2010)
Brown Stevens, Nancy (founding brother) (sunflower@infionline.net as of 12/2003)
Brunson, Chris (chrisbrunson@automatedlife.com) (as of 12/2007)
Bullington, Richard (rbulling@obscure.org)
Burnette, Brad (founding brother) (burnetteb@cylabinc.com as of 8/16/2001)
Canario, Carlos (ccanario@ghostmail.net) (as of 1/31/2002)
Cardo, Becka (rcardo@vt.edu)
Chung, Sam (goodchild2@hotmail.com) (as of 6/27/1999) [uses yahoo msnger] [ICQ#15542417] [pictures]
Colestock, Cameron (ccolesto@vt.edu??)
Cooper, Dan (dcooper@vt.edu) [ICQ#3749327] [pictures]
Dauchess, Lenore (thraven@erols.com) (as of 6/27/1999)
Diaz, Christian (chriggy@yahoo.com) (as of 12/2006) (R.I.P. 12/17/2015)
Diaz, Shannon Katz (shankatz@aol.com) (as of 12/2006)
Dillehay, Beth
Durham, John (porkstock@yahoo.com) (as of 9/14/2005)
Emery, Chris
Farrar, Amanda
Hanners, James (jhanners@hotmail.com) (as of 10/31/98) [ICQ#27530651]
Harmon, Allison
Harris, Corrie
Hart, Aaron
Hitchcock, Jenny "Smeg" (jhitchco@vt.edu)
Howard, Wayne (whoward@vt.edu) [ICQ#29472891] [also on Yahoo] [pictures]
Hoyt, Lauren (laurente@msu.edu) (as of 6/2004)
Kibler Rojas, Kari (on facebook) Kiefer, Christine
Knapp, Margaret (mknapp@ohimaine.org) (as of 2/2010)
Kowalik, John (old email:jkowalik@vt.edu)
Kuhn, Jeff
Laurent, Ehde (laurente@msu.edu) (as of 7/2004)
Lehrer, Gretchen (glehrer7@aol.com) (as of 5/16/2000) (formerly glehrer@vt.edu)
Lin, Sheng
Lip!nski, Carolyn Sawyer (CarolynCASL@gmail.com) [ICQ#3640270] [pictures]
Lip!nski, Clint (ClintJCL@gmail.com) [ICQ#3630258] [AOLIM:ClintJCL] [pictures]
Marley, Jessica
Matney, Calvin
McCorquodale, David (dave.mccorquodale@gmail.com) (as of 8/2009)
Mill, Lee
Moore, Darren (darrenmoe@yahoo.com) [pictures]
Mullins, Rob (robmullins@hotmail.com) (as of 8/2002) [pictures]
Owen, Mickey [Radford chapter]
Phipps, Charley [picture]
Pliska, Tom "Bus Stop" (tpliska@carolina.rr.com) (as of 11/2005)
Polk, Dave "Flipper" (stagedolphin@msn.com) (as of 7/18/2005)
Popovich, Nicole
Ray, Anthony
Reed, C. Jane (aka "M.O.M." for Mom and Mistress Of Massage) (seejanereed@yahoo.com)(as of 4/2004)
Rice, Lee (founding brother)
Roberts, Toby (djtopcat1@yahoo.com) (as of 6/15/2000) [pictures]
Rollins, Chris
Rose, John
Rowe, Meghan (bchhokie1@aol.com) (as of 4/20/2000)
Rowlett, Tony
Sangmeister, C.J. (cjinsf@yahoo.com) (as of 12/2/1998)
Sawyer, Carolyn L (CarolynCASL@gmail.com) [ICQ#3643270] [pictures]
Sears, Pris (founding brother) (sears@vt.edu) (as of 5/1/2000)
Shuey, Susan (goodvibes@erols.com???) (as of 4/20/2000?) [ICQ#13370809??] (in northern Virginia as of 2001)
Silcox, Joe
Spaulding, Greg (gspauld@yahoo.com) [ICQ#3917065] [pictures]
Stauffer, Molly (fezgirl@hotmail.com as of 8/2001)
Swanson, Steve
Tap, Kristi
Tapler, Eric
Wang, Ching (sighted in northern Virginia as of 2001)
Weaver, Ben (beweaver@vt.edu) (iso n myspace)


Wanted: Pledge Book scans.

MasqueRave flyer. Can anyone tell me what year it was from?
Click on it to get the big (12 meg) version.
Here is a tee-shirt that was being worked on by Dan Cooper:
[Theta Zeta]
This is a cheezy GIF (formerly .BMP) I made in 2 minutes for an θZ Windows background:
[Theta Zeta Windows Background]
And here is the same thing, touched by Vicky Sawyer.
[Theta Zeta Windows Background by Vicky Sawyer]

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