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Final Voting Results (5/12/94)

  1. [VIEW RESULTS] - Who would win in a fight?
  2. [VIEW RESULTS] - Who would win in THIS fight?
  3. [VIEW RESULTS] - Who would you vote for?
  4. [VIEW RESULTS] - Who is the prick?
  5. [VIEW RESULTS] - Now that the new semester's started and Bill Clinton will be president,
  6. [VIEW RESULTS] - What do you think of Clinton being elected? <courtesy: Scout>
  7. [VIEW RESULTS] - What is your major?
  8. [VIEW RESULTS] - Of those who said "other major", who is a business major?
  9. [VIEW RESULTS] - How many hours are you taking?
  10. [VIEW RESULTS] - Do/Did your parents pay for your college?
  11. [VIEW RESULTS] - Assuming you lived off-campus, do/did/will your parents pay for food?
  12. [VIEW RESULTS] - Assuming you are off campus, would your parents pay your security deposit?
  13. [VIEW RESULTS] - Assuming you go to college, do your parents pay your phone bill?
  14. [VIEW RESULTS] - Do you like Beavis And Butt-head?
  15. [VIEW RESULTS] - What do you do at 4:25 in the morning?
  16. [VIEW RESULTS] - For demographic purposes, pick the correct one. [Alias is confidential!]
  17. [VIEW RESULTS] - What is your Purity Test score? (500 question **ONLY**!!)
  18. [VIEW RESULTS] - Purity Test Time: Have you ever been in a threesome?
  19. [VIEW RESULTS] - What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
  20. [VIEW RESULTS] - Who wants a plane ticket to Jamaica and 5000 pounds of weed?
  21. [VIEW RESULTS] - Have you tried marijuana?
  22. [VIEW RESULTS] - Have you tried LSD?
  23. [VIEW RESULTS] - Do you drink?
  24. [VIEW RESULTS] - What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
  25. [VIEW RESULTS] - Is watching people suffer fun?
  26. [VIEW RESULTS] - Which word do you consider most offensive?
  27. [VIEW RESULTS] - How much shit would you eat for $1 Million? (50k interest@yr!!)
  28. [VIEW RESULTS] - Which do you like better: farts or Mighty Mouse?
  29. [VIEW RESULTS] - Is Chocolate Milk milk?
  30. [VIEW RESULTS] - Do you like PUMPKIN Pie?
  31. [VIEW RESULTS] - I was going to put a voting question here, but I decided not to.
  32. [VIEW RESULTS] - Thing thing thing, thing thing thing thing thing?

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