Sunday, February 13th, 2000

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You may have to scroll down a bit to get to the first honeymoon pics. Note that they are in reverse order.

Our honeymoon was in the beautiful flashy city of Las Vegas!!

We got some pictures with a digital cam we'd never tested before, so they were mostly kinda blurry. It was a Creative webcam/digital cam (both) so it's not the greatest webcam, and it's not the greatest digital cam. But it was $150 which is pretty cheap for that kind of hardware. It was my birthday present to Carolyn; I wasn't going to give it to her until February 23rd, 2000. But when she couldn't find her camera when we were packing to leave, I figured I'd give it to her early.

We have also scanned in a buncha stuff. Click HERE to see 3 postcards we scanned in (will open in a new window). They are pretty awesome looking (better than any picture we could take). Click HERE to see all the different shotglasses we bought while there. Click HERE to see our Borg pics.

I broke this honeymoon recount into one slow-loading file per day. If you still use a slow 56kbps modem connection you might want to open up the next day's file before reading the current day's file. That way when you finish with one day the next will be loaded already.

It all started Sunday February 13th, the day after our huge party. (I apologize to anybody we forgot to invite but odds are if you weren't at the reception you didn't hear about it.) We pretty much spent alllllll day getting to Vegas, so this first set of pictures is pretty boring. Us at the airport and stuff like that.

[Clint's ticket there -- really American West Airlines] Nothing interesting really happened until we arrived.

It was a 5 1/2 hour plane ride.

We were really bored.

They played the movie "Anywhere But Here".

But despite all the pain of traveling, by bedtime we were in our hotel room in Vegas.

[Carolyn's ticket back]

Clint on the plane[Clint]

Carolyn on the plane[Carolyn]

Clint at the airport
(departure times in background)

Carolyn at the luggage claim rack.
Clint had never done that before.
You can already start to see some of Vegas's flashiness.
[Carolyn @ luggage claim rack]

Finally there...

We finally got to Vegas. Upon arrival, it took about an hour of waiting in a line of hundreds of people before we could get a cab. The people were filling up in line faster than the cabs could take them away. Seemed like major failed economics. And all the rental car places at the airport wanted $60/day for a car so we got a taxi (we ended up paying $20/day when we got a car someplace other than the airport). It was just one of those situations where it payed off to suffer a little bit. Not a great first impression, but oh well. One woman was loosing it, whistling very loudly, yelling at the airport workers to do something about the unfair line progression, etc. She had the whiniest voice I'd ever heard so she was a perfect advocate. It was hilarious.

We checked into our hotel room around midnite. Actually more like 3AM EST. (Vegas is in the Pacific time zone, Clint had thought it had been in the Mountain time zone.)

We decided to walk around and go out and see what the city has to offer on foot. It was nice being able to walk into the front doors of the casinos (drivers always get put into a self-park parking lot and you end up entering into the casino via some really weird back entrance).

We were actually right next to the Riviera, one of the 15 or so major hotel/casinos on the Vegas strip.

We walked down the street and passed the Riviera and Stardust.

Carolyn @ Stardust

(in front of the Dream Car Rental place)
[finally in Vegas!]

Clint @ Stardust[big purple hotel]

After passing Stardust, we finally decided to actually go inside one and went into Westward Ho becuase of the huge sign saying $.99 27-ounce Margaritas. Also they had a $.99 3/4-lb. hot dog, which neither of us could finish.

In fact, Clint was unable to eat another hotdog the entire week. The thought made him ill.

We finally got to gamble a bit. this only constituted loosing during the first night. Later on, Clint got a handle on things and could manage to win about $15 from every casino we went to -- always playing the "Wheel Of Fortune" slot machines.

Finally we left, and went into Stardust for like 5 minutes.

We were pretty damn tired. Since we had at now (technically) "seen the town", sleep was the next logical step.

We walked back to Villa Roma and crashed in our room (#247).

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