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****** NEW AS OF 12/22/1998 ******

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****** SAMPLE ENTRIES ******

   Jon Smith: Cartoon:Character[episode title if non-regular]
   Jon Smythe: Superman:Clark Kent/Superman
   Joe Blow: cop #1/thug/father/banker[guest episode title]
    (alter egoes/secret identities & multiple-minor-guest-characters use / as a separator)
Sub-cartoons like U.S. Acres are denoted with two colons:
   John Smith: Garfield::U.S.Acres:Bo, Eek!Stravaganza::Klutter:Cop

Cartoons, specials, animated movies, live series (television), live movies, and commercials are all separated into their own categories, as well as personal information, related notes, theatre, radio, miscellaneous info, and credits whose categories are unknown.

****** HELP ME!!: ******

GENERAL: Anything with a question mark is info that needs verifying.
GENERAL: "UNKNOWN" means I need to know if it's live/cartoon series/movie
GENERAL: I will take submissions of pictures of any of these people!!!!!!
WOULD LIKE: ANY cast list of a show not listed, esp Exo-Squad
HELP ME: Are Quack Attack and Quack Pack(see C Adler) the same show or not?
HELP ME: Alyson Court's entry has several problems... (search for "Alyson")
HELP ME: Is Ranma 1/2 only a series or are their also movies? (see Ian Corlett)
HELP ME: SPIDERMAN: Are 14 there or 15 eps to the "Sins Of The Fathers" story??
HELP ME: PRIMETIME BEDTIME CLASSICS: Is this an animated series?
HELP ME: RUSSIAN FAIRY TALES:        Is THIS an animated series?
HELP ME: CARMEN SANDIEGO:   Is it Humberto Oritz or Ortiz???????
HELP ME: Is    Barbara Stewart's last name   stEWart or stUart??
HELP ME: Is       Bill Conrad==William Conrad??  Hard to say.
HELP ME: Is      Nick Jameson==Nick James??      I am inclined to think yes.
HELP ME: Is      David Sherry==David Sterry??    Could be a typo.
HELP ME: Is     Heather North==Stefanianna Christopher?  Did she change names?
HELP ME: SIMPSONS: Who played hitler in Whacking Day & Bart Vs Australia?
                   ...It is either Hank Azaria or Harry Shearer...
HELP ME: Who is "Beltina"? Does she have a REAL name or is that it,like "Cher"?
HELP ME: What A Cartoon! has a "couragous dog" toon. What's it called?
TODO:       Aeon Flux episode 8 ("Ether Drift Theory" with 'the habitat')
TODO:       The Critic voices (from episode guide)
TODO:       Tick episodes: Vs. Dinosaur Neil,Vs. El Seed,Vs. The Breadmaster

****** THE KEY: ******

ACRONYM:                 TAS         = The Animated Series
SHOW NAMING CONVENTIONS: Batman:TAS  = old FOX 90s Batman series (WB)
SHOW NAMING CONVENTIONS: Batman:TAS2 = new WB  90s Batman series (WB)
SHOW NAMING CONVENTIONS: Spiderman   = Adventures Of Spiderman 1990s series

 If a title is in quotes, then the colon or comma is part of the title
 Also, episode names I made up myself are put in quotes.
 To avoid confusion, I don't make up episode names with colons or commas.
 EXCEPTION: Reno,Nevada -- it's obvious these two go together without quotes
 - Example:  "Tiny Toon Adventures:How I Spent My Vaction":Wade Pig
 - Example:  Showname:guestcharactername["Made Up Episode Name"]
 - Example:  Showname:charactername["Real Episode Name,With a Comma"]

 ? indicates uncertainty, either next to the name, character name, cartoon
 name, episode name, or other information, depending on just exactly where the
 uncertainty lies.  I always put thought into where I place a question mark.
 I can ALWAYS use help ANYWHERE there is a question mark!!!!!!

 / indicates multiple minor guest roles, which would look like this:
     John Smith: Superman:cop #1/cop #2/thug[episode name]

 / also indicates a superhero or a person with more than one name, which would
 look like this (notoice how there is no episode name because this character is
 a regular--thus allowing a slash to mean two different things):
     Jon Smith: Superman:Clark Kent/Superman,
     Batman:Bruce Wayne/Batman

****** LINKS: ******

SHOWS: Gargoyles Voice Actors
TALENTS: The Christine Cavanaugh Page
The Rob Paulsen Page
The Jeff Bennet Page
Becky Noll's Toons/Charlie Adler page
GENERAL: The Voice Actor Page
Kristy Borkes's Voice-Chasers Page
(not covered here)
Dragon Ball Z Japanese Voice Actors
Hitoshi Doi's Japanese Voice Actor Page

****** NEW STUFF: ******

NEW: King Of The Hill KH-312, The PJs, Dilbert
NEW: FEATURES: one-click image gallary,search engine prettied up a tiny bit
NEW: now have every Spiderman:TAS set of credits, new Batman & M.I.B. episodes
NEW: Angry Beavers, Johnny Bravo, misc other shows, Superman
NEW: DATA OVERHAUL: removed trailing commas from all lines
NEW: Stressed Eric, Dexter's Labs, Cow & Chicken, Double Dragon, Alyson Court
NEW: many Iron Man and Fantastic Four episodes,       Tenchi Muyo In Love movie
NEW: some Cow & Chicken,Johnny Bravo,Cartoon Sushi,Duckman,Daria characters
NEW: some Iron Man,Men In Black:TAS,Celebrity Deathmatch,Spiderman,Cartoon Sushi
NEW: Beavis & Butt-head Do America, some Silver Surfer,Rugrats,Fantastic 4
NEW: Garfield On The Town special, tons of new Batman/Superman specials
NEW: DATA OVERHAUL: no more multiple credits per line
NEW: DATA OVERHAUL: last names listed first now,     instances of ".." expanded
NEW: DATA OVERHAUL: movie/show title subtitues expanded, 80 col limit abandoned
NEW: PowerPuff Girls:[Crime 101], Paul Winchell:Wacky Races,        Matt Frewer
NEW: Kevin Bacon, Snorks, many pics
NEW: Dexter's Lab,   F Stiller,   K Lenz,   Real Jonny Quest:[Undersea Urgency]
NEW: Johnny Bravo/Cow & Chicken, Mask, Real Jonny Quest, Duckman, Smurfs, Spawn
NEW: IMPROVED SEARCH ENGINE, now helps you out in situations
NEW: FEATURES: view by letter/quarter/new,  shows images,  1 & 2-pass searches

****** OFFLINE USAGE: ******

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Using this file offline is much easier than getting on the net every time you want to know something. I have now provided instructions and a utility so that one can easliy query this file for specific information. Perhaps you've noticed that each person's name is on EVERY line. There is a reason for this. That reason is GREP. Grep is the UNIX tool I use with this database to find things without "manually" looking for them. Grep prints every every line that contains the text you are looking for. One could type "grep garfield voices.htm" and get a listing of all the Garfield voice actors. One could also type "grep welker voices.htm" and get the list of everything Frank Welker has done. Check out the offline viewing instructions and the GREP usage instructions for the full information on this feature.

****** CONTRIBUTORS: ******

- Marsha Crenshaw (http://www.marshacrenshaw.com/): herself
- Tony Daniels   (address confidential): himself
- Dick Rodstein  (address confidential): himself
- April Winchell (address confidential): rare info straight from the industry
- Carolyn Sawyer (http://clint.sheer.us/carolyn) (my wife): many
- Becky L (my mom): many
- Vic L (my dad): many
- The Voice Actor Page (run by voices@fuzzy.com): some 800-1500 lines of data!
- Geraldine Clarke (gerclarke@earthlink.net): *FULL* Tick/Monsters list, etc
- Becky Noll (http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/2491): Adler, many
- Kristy Borkes (http://www.voicechasers.org): many
- Christina Dilworth (http://www.phoenix.net/~dilworth/doc.htm): many
- Dave Oranchak (smeghead@vt.edu): many many HELP MEs, Aeon Flux
- Angie Winterbottom (Angie.Winterbottom@durham.ac.uk): many
- Jodey Kaminski (jkaminski@earthlink.net): Clark,Berger,Belushi,Sorkin,Harnell
- David Fleming (utsumi@firefly.prairienet.org): J. Hale, Capt Simian, etc
- Lomeli Guzman (GUZMA020@Cerritos.edu): E Riders, S Moon, Batman discrepancies
- Jane (JSchoff40@aol.com): Man-Bat, Mulgrew, etc
- A Huang (ahuang@prodigy.net): Gargoyles Guardian/Tom discrepency
- hoffmanc@why.net: a few Dragon Ball Z voice character names from his webpage
- Kevin (http://kelvin.seas.virginia.edu/~kds2u/home.html): Mirth, VA URL
- Paul Barber: Scooby Doo theories RE: Heather North/Stefanianna Christopher
- M. Henderon "Bureau 51" (mhenderson@pei.sympatico.ca): Germ-Girl, Data Nully
- Havey Cash (doc@x-net.net): Alyson Court
- 2Supergal (twosupergal@hotmail.com): Christopher Daniel Barnes
- Bill Baker (x93baker@wmich.edu): yes there is a Dukes Of Hazzard anim series
- Rachel (from Colleen Killorn's account): Addams Family father name(Gomez)
- David Minter (dminter@owb.mindspring.com): Burt/B.J. Ward discrepancy
- NutSoRama@aol.com: Marsha Clark